House Votes To Stop Homeland Security From Buying Ammo Until DHS Explains Need For Large Purchases

The House late Wednesday voted to stop the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from entering into new contracts to buy millions of rounds of ammunition until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reports to Congress on the need for the ammo, and its cost.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) proposed an amendment to the DHS spending bill for 2014 that would require the report to Congress before it can pursue plans to buy 1.1 billion rounds of ammunition. Meadows said the speed bump is a necessary reaction to news of the huge purchase, which alarmed many Americans and prompted conservative groups to suspect that the government was stocking up on the rounds to fight citizens.
“Given this large purchase, the American people and members of Congress rightfully had concerns and questions,” Meadows said. “This is a responsible amendment which ensures that Congress and the American people are aware of the necessity and the cost of ammunition prior to entering into new contracts for procurement.”
Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) said the amendment was unnecessary based on his talks with DHS officials. Carter said the department has since admitted that its ammunition needs are not as great as first reported, and said the department is pursuing a bulk purchase to keep the costs down.

Carter also rejected speculation by some that there are ammunition shortages around the country because DHS is buying it all, and said the Meadows’s language would interrupt the regular procurement process at DHS. But Meadows pointed out that his amendment would not interrupt current Homeland Security contracts to buy ammunition.

The Meadows language passed late Wednesday night in a 234-192 vote.

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  • FAAQ2

    What better way to control firearms then to buy all the available ammo – leaving none for citizens..


      It’s much much deeper than just that.

  • Mary2333

    So DHS will give a bogus reason and buy the ammo. If there is no approval by Congress and no restrictions this legislation is worthless. It is throwing the public a bone.

  • gemini34

    The DHS will just give us more lies. Somehow, I just don’t believe our government any more.

    • If Obama’s mouth is open, a lie if flowin.

    • angelique48033


  • FAAQ2

    Oh yeah I’m sure that Obama would like Nothing better then to declare martial law across the US – denying the civil rights for all citizens- so that that he can suspend the constitution and then serve a 3rd term – much like Hitler accomplished back in the 30’s. I have never been more fearful of my government then I am now – but what they don’t understand is – You don’t want a civil war with 100 million gun owners – basically the largest standing army in the world. And since blacks and hispanics are outnumbered and outgunned they best be sitting back and shutting up – or we will be denting somme primers – two to the chest and one to the head for each and every dirtbag !

    • doug

      why waste the scarce ammo, one to the head is plenty !!!


        one shot one kill

        • ALL AMERICAN

          That is of course in self defense only.

      • FAAQ2

        2 to the chest 1 to the head – I have plenty of ammo !

        • Jeremy Champlain

          ill rob you first if shtf =). never admit you are stocked up….

          • MontieR

            come ahead dipweed IF I don’t get you my wife WILL, if she doesn’t one of my six kids WILL.

    • MarkEntry

      Well, you had me with you until you lumped all Blacks & Hispanics with dirt bags. There are actually a lot of Blacks & Hispanics who don’t like the fact our country is being destroyed by Obama. I’d prefer that more spoke out against Obama, like Muslims should speak out against terrorists who hide behind Islam. Obama is employing one of the oldest dirty tricks & getting away with it. ‘Divide & Conquer’ works best when destroyers get people to see their fellow citizens as it’s “Them, against us”. We must all reach out to one another in the name of liberty & reaffirm the US Constitution as the best & healthiest way to regulate our nation’s body of government. Let all pray the Lord enable all Americans to receive the Word, & wisdom that the Lord graced this nation with, before we turned to ways that men think right. But, lead to death, like abortion. We must reject institutionalized theft from those who have. Ask a poor man for a job. We used to congratulate those who were successful. For this gave us hope we could get up the hill, too. Now Obama rewards failure, & brings out the worst in men, like spite, malice, & envy. We must unite in removing extortionist agencies, like the IRS, that overtax, are used to punish patriots seeking to stop misleaders, & lie about being agents of evil. We see how those who aid & abet evil are rewarded with promotion to jobs that allow them to be even more abusive & destructive, like the new IRS head of The Unaffordable Healthcare Act. There’s hope when the House of Reps finally speaks out about Obama using our tax dollars to fund & arm his private army, like Hitler’s Stormtroopers. But, collaborators who aid Obama in winning his revolution don’t seem to have heard of the SS, & how they eliminated those who brought Hitler to power, once the revolution was won. Sadly, we must repeat blunt language & remind collaborators that Nazi’s, & Communist both see citizens who help them destroy their own freedom as “Useful Idiots”. I applaud your goal of liberty, & ask you include, “& justice for all”. Thank you fellow Son Of Liberty for your patriotism on this day we remember D-Day & the price our fathers paid for our freedom. Now, it’s our turn to keep this nation free. May God once again bless the US,

      • FAAQ2

        Mark I didn’t lump ALL blacks and Hispanics in as dirtbags. However – the highest rates of murder occur in areas where blacks have the majority – Detroit – Wash DC- East LA – ! The problem is Obama has increased the welfare/food stamp rolls from 32 million to 47 million – so Obama can have minorities beholding to him – and thus the increasing possibility of a race war – which is what Obama wants.. Obama and the democraps have always rewarded failure – welfare- food stamps- envy- tossing out religion- and patriotism . Look at Detroit – democrat majority government has turned Detroit into a very large get to – more than 1 million people have fled Detroit – being filled up my muslims .. The evil is already here – it is called the Obama Administration..

        • Justsomeguy151

          BULL. You DID lump in blacks and Mexicans, like we all love this POS in the White House. There are just as many if not MORE whites that LOVE that treasonous criminal. Either get off yr bigoted high horse or stay off our side. Libtards are bigoted enough w/out someone claiming to be a patriot acting just like them.

          • FAAQ2

            151 – I am not a bigot – I hate everybody – especially clowns like you – A Libtard – hardly.. 151 – does crips and bloods- ms-13 mean anything ?? – And the whites who love Obama are just draft dodging scumbag retards !

          • Justsomeguy151

            I’m only a clown because yr a POS bigot who acts EXACTLY like the Libtards he claims to hate. KKK, Nazis…does that mean anything? Whites that worship Obumma are just moronic traitorous idiots…like YOU.

          • FAAQ2

            hahahahahahahaha You are a fool !

          • Justsomeguy151

            Its not funny that yr an ignorant hypocritical POS.

      • MontieR

        Time for talk is OVER.

      • FAAQ2

        My premise was Obama has created his little army of welfare recipients
        and illegals with amnesty to support him – just look at the last election. Why do you think Obama started this amnesty program – to bring more minorities to his side. The blacks for the most part support Obama `because they think he is “their President”. Obama then gives subsidies to Black farmers to the tune of billions of dollars. This abuse of entitlements by Obama was for one thing – support for when he decides to start the “race war” (which by the way he has already planted the seeds of.) When the SHTF Obama is betting on that forces he created to back him when he decides that the Constitution is no longer needed – he will instigate a incident to start it all off. But the problem is – blacks only comprise 20% of the population – hispanics maybe another 12-20% – these are the people Obama is counting on to fulfill his plan so that he can be President for a 3rd & 4th term.

        Obama surrounds himself with commies- muslims and others who don’t believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights – supported by Soros – Obama wants to bring the USA down – to make us more of a 3rd World Country and not the leader of the free world . So believe what you want – but when the “war” starts – you will then find out what Obama has been creating – his own Army – Blacks & hispanics – not a bunch of liberal white people (who by the way – don’t believe in anything other than their little liberal causes). So it will be the millions of gun owners who will step up and fight.

        Now we turn our attention to the massive ammo purchases by Federal Agencies – when have you heard of the Social Security Administration getting into gun fights? The Obama plan for gun control – if you can’t control firearms – then control the ammo no ammo- no guns.

        That is my premise – if you can’t see the forest for the trees – then politely get on the train car to the concentration camps .

        Obama wants to control us and he does that by creating welfare recipients and illegals who get amnesty.

        As for minorities and crime – just look at the major cities that have a minority majority – the highest crimes rates in the Country – Detroit-Wash DC-Chicago- NYC- LA , Mexico has the highest murder rate in the World

        Some incident occurs and minorities riot – killing- burning property- thus the call for martial law – just like the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing – the suburbs of Boston were locked down – basically martial law was declared until the bombing suspect was caught.

        I don’t trust Obama as far as I can thrown him – he does not believe in the Constitution or Bill of Rights – he supports socialism (Obamacare) and would like nothing better then to see the USA become the USSA – and if you fools can’t see that – then don’t coming complaining to me when it all hits the fan.

        Now as you can see I didn’t lump all blacks and hispanics into one bag of dirt- but there are still millions of them that will head the call to arms – when Obama decides that he can destroy this Country from within. If you don’t think that Our Government doesn’t lie -cheat and steal- just look at past history..

        • Justsomeguy151

          “And since blacks and hispanics are outnumbered and outgunned they best
          be sitting back and shutting up – or we will be denting some primers –
          two to the chest and one to the head for each and every dirtbag !” ZERO mention of gang members here, its ALL about ethnicity. People of ALL ethnic groups have been betrayed by BOTH parties and stupid bigoted divisive tactics like yours serve THEIR purposes, to DIVIDE.

    • L-Boogie-X

      Your ignorance is mind boggling.

      • FAAQ2

        better to be ignorant then a dumbasss know it all ! bite me !

  • gatorbait88

    Everywhere I look suddenly ammo for most hanguns are scarce….this should be a no brainer…..I guess NObama feels he can’t stop the lawful from owning weapons so he figures to allow the taxpayer funded Government to buy up the ammo.What could be the justification for this?……I’m really not a follower of conspiracy paranoia,but as my dad always told me”if it smells like a turd,it usually is……..

    • angelique48033

      How totally DESPICABLE Obama and all his goons are!!! >:( What else can one say to their never-ending garbage!!!

    • Justsomeguy151

      If by “conspiracy paranoia”, you mean the federal govt has been passing legislation that violates the Constitution, stealing our rights, bankrupting us a nation while waging endless war, then yr right, its just “conspiracy paranoia”. DHS doesn’t answer to Congress, they are illegal unconstitutional creation.

  • Lowell

    Meadows is looking out for American Citizens.

  • Stealth

    Rep. Carter…is an obvious ‘ass’ who is in the ‘pocket’ of the libs….

    • Jackmystery

      He voted against any new firearms laws. And was for open carry in Texas. Might want to check up on you local reps before saying ignorant comments.

  • TraitorhaterD

    Carter sounds like a obama lover. Sure he’s not democrat?

  • YellowJacket2

    It’s about time the Congress woke up and did something about this. It will be interesting to see if they have the stomach to pursue this or if the wimps like Carter will derail this long overdue investigation into the Department of Homeland Security. Let them know that we’ll be watching this development closely.

    • MSgtMike

      Let’s find out where they store all this ammo and do a security check.

  • This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to Congressman Amodei today:

    The Bona Fide needs rule of federal contracting requires that the Government shall only purchase the supplies needed in the fiscal year it is required.
    * DHS has a two year stockpile of ammunition (in excess of this fiscal year’s need)
    * DHS is making multiple large sole source (AKA No Bids) contracts for ammunition, over and above the 1.1B rounds IDIQ contract, stating urgent and compelling needs—these are non-competed contracts for more than 10M rounds for an unstated urgent and compelling need—this is contracting fraud
    * DHS is purchasing ammunition that has no purpose in federal law enforcement
    – .22 caliber (small game rifle ammunition)
    – 12 gauge shotgun #8 (small bird, birdshot)
    – 7.62X31 (Russian AK-47 ammunition)

    • Rick

      7.62×39 is Russian AK-47 ammunition. other than that great letter!

    • Jeremy Champlain


    • rascaltherat

      Not doubting you in the least but, where are you getting your info on the type of ammo they’re buying? A link would help. You’re correct, the ammo you speak of, other than the 7.62×39, has no purpose for military use. .22 is pretty much useless in self protection unless you are a great shot (hitting vitals), or can unload several rounds through a semi-auto. .22 is very scarce because it’s cheap, although it’s price has gone up about 40%, and it’s better for target practice because of the cost. 12 gauge is abundant, just go to any sporting store and you’ll see what I’m speaking of. Most stores are out of most ammo, but not shotgun shells. 7.62×39 is everywhere, and still very inexpensive. About .35c per round avg.. Now the 5.56/.223 ammo is still scarce, and it’s the most used in military apps., so maybe that’s why the scarcity. Although a whole bunch of AR-15, so-called “assault” rifles, have been sold in the past year to the public, (more than ever before). I think mainly because they are fun to shoot and they look cool. Also, I think they are more of a fad and “in”, because of the fact that they are considered notorious. And the gun banners are targeting them the most.

      So, enough for my pedantic rant. Could you please provide a link to these stats. The only ammo that I’ve heard of they are hoarding is the .40 caliber JHP for pistols, to the tune of 1.2 billion rounds. .40 is still out there but hard to find. If you find it, it’s usually FMJ, and JHP is far and few between.

      The DHS claims it’s purchasing this ammo for target practice. Horse$#!t. You don’t use hollow point ammo for target practice. Target ammo is FMJ or soft point lead wad-cutter. Hollow point is too expensive to go plinking with, although the government doesn’t care of costs, because WE are paying for it.

      • Craig Vrana

        They are probably trying to cut down on lead in the environment due to EPA regulations. That’s the ONLY reason I can see for JHP purchases.

  • angelique48033

    THAT’S like shutting the barn door AFTER all the horses get out….. Uh, they ALREADY * h a v e * BILLIONS in LIVE AMMO, more than enough for the OVER KILL of every single American!!! Does Congress have the authority to force them to give up all that ammo that they plan to use on all of us who DARE to oppose Obama’s radical Left/Islamic agenda!!!

    Telling them they can’t buy any more ammo is like telling the Defense Dept. they can’t by any more ICBMS….We, like Russia, already have THOUSANDS left over from the cold war….How many are needed to TOTALLY destroy the earth???

  • Ross R Blankert

    They already have billions to spend on ammo and are loaded up and ready to kill everyone man woman and child in the USA three times.

    • crossbowsrule

      NSA is probably using this forum to compile the primary targets. Good luck with that.

  • susan5042

    Carter rejected ammo shortages around the country??? Does he live here??? haven”t seen 22lr since Dec..

    • chiefatk

      I questioned Carter via email several months ago about this same subject. I never got a reply or confirmation of my email. I have come to believe he is leaning left and has become a big RINO. It seems that he only addresses subjects that might enhance his career. Maybe its time to replace him.

  • Dan

    “Carter also rejected speculation by some that there are ammunition shortages around the country because DHS is buying it all” Oh REALLY???!! anyone tried to buy a box of 22lr lately? Or ANY ammunition for that matter!

    • Fuh-Q

      Actually, yes. I bought 22lr, 7.62×39, 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .40S&W from Walmart yesterday and today. Ammo is coming back. Quit whining.

      • Guest

        Bull Shirt !

    • rascaltherat

      Yes, ammo is out there. .22 is hard to find because it’s cheap to shoot, and there are quite a few Ruger 10/22, Marlins, and Savages, and M&P15’s out there too. Fuh-Q is correct, ammo is coming back and the prices are coming down a little too. The high cap mags are also back down to just above pre-scare prices. Unfortunately, I think ammo price is going to be like gas prices. $3.50 per gal. is ‘normal’ now. What used to be .30c per rnd for 5.56/.223, is now .50c-1.00 per round. .50c is lucky to find. The new normal.

  • Rob Pobe

    About time– maybe now the tracks back to Sen Feinstein and NYC Gov Goldenbloom will show in the snow and prosecutions for violations of the Sherman Act follow (ala Hunt Bros silver buyup)

  • rsolid

    Don’t tell me there is not shortage. Tried to buy any lately? (EVERYBODY) is out of stock !!!!

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Unless they make DHS cancel any current contracts for ammo and return their current overstock from their huge stockpiles to the venders for a refund, this bill does nothing, but at least we know SOMEONE in government has heard our concerns.

    • SilverHairedSaint

      unfortunately this bill has to make its way through the Senate and then (assuming Reid lets it through) Obama will need to sign it. Considering that he and Holder and the rest of his Chi-town thugs want to arm DHS as their personal army. Obama likely won’t sign. Well, maybe if he can get approval for the UN Gun Ban treaty, he might sign it. One way or another he wants us to be disarmed, either by removal of our weapons or removal of our ammo.

      • Shawn O’Loughlin

        You’re probably right.

  • Clint

    Good, now follow through.

  • fantastikal

    all I know is when I go to my local academy they told me there was NO handgun ammo, that the shipments came on tues and friday and there is a line by7:30am for a 9:00am opening. At 1 box allowed per person, it’s usually all gone by 10:15-10:30am.

  • SilverHairedSaint

    Good, now maybe there will be some ammo available for the rest of us.

  • Kilmarley

    “Carter said the department has since admitted that its ammunition needs are not as great as first reported, and said the department is pursuing a bulk purchase to keep the costs down.”

    When has any government agency done ANYTHING to keep “costs down?” Anyone smell a “mis-speak” here????

  • soldiersmom1000

    Well, for the moment, thanks, I’d like to believe this is not a whim…

  • marineM4shooter

    Osama Bin Lyin, has his muslim agenda of no guns. Its no secret at all. I WILL GLADLY GIVE UP MY GUNS WHEN HIS “REAL” BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT AND MADE PUBLIC.

  • Tammy Noble


  • Rip

    Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) obviously hasn’t tried to buy ANY type of ammunition lately. Most areas of the southeast, have not seen regularly used ammo on the shelves since before Christmas.

  • Robert S Moulds

    The house did the right thing by stopping home land from buying more ammunition. It created paranoia among conservatives, wasted money and put our military forces at risk. If the ammunition does not match the guns used by our military forces they could have been an ironic ammunition shortage the next time America went to war.

  • Who the hell is this Carter? Guy must have his head buried deep in the sand to believe anything DHS tell him. I bet he also believes the border is more secure now then ever.

  • marxwj

    How pitifully stupid. They have already explained themselves several times to Congress. This is just more pandering to idiots.
    The Defense Department and DHS both buy from a limited number of suppliers that make ammo almost exclusively for the government. Rounds sold to the public are made by different companies. Get a life people.
    Besides, DHS doesn’t have enough agents to attack the public at large. If that were going to happen, they would just use soldiers and the ten year supply of ammo they already have stockpiled across the country. They have many more trained soldiers with much bigger weapons than DHS will ever have.

    • the great kazoo

      The military wouldn’t turn their guns on the people. Whichever idiot gave that (illegal) order would probably be shot by his own troops, or end his career in leavenworth prison.
      What you anti gun weenies don’t understand is that the vast majority of your “confiscators” are gun people too.

  • marxwj

    “With more than 200,000 employees, DHS is the third largest Cabinet department, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.”

    CBP: Approximately 70 percent of the CBP ammunition is used for quarterly qualifications, mandated firearms training, advanced firearms training, as well as testing and evaluation. Twenty percent of the CBP ammunition is allocated to maintaining CBP’s operational posture. This includes rounds for duty use, as well as for maintaining CBP’s special response teams. The remaining 10 percent is dedicated to maintaining ammunition reserves at both the national and local levels.

    FLETC: All FLETC ammunition is purchased, distributed, and used for law enforcement training. No ammunition is allocated for operational or other use.

    NPPD/FPS: FPS allocates 1,000 rounds of ammunition per firearm per year for quarterly qualifications and training, to included advanced firearms training exercises, as well as ammunition to support law enforcement operations.

    ICE: ICE allocates 1,000 rounds of ammunition per firearm per year for quarterly qualifications and training, to include advanced firearms training exercises, special response team training, and ammunition to support law enforcement operations.

    TSA: Approximately 21 million rounds of TSA’s current inventory are reduced-hazard, lead-free frangible training ammunition, which is used exclusively for training. The remaining rounds are duty ammunition, which hare used for both training and operational purposes. Overall, approximately 35 percent of TSA ammunition is allocated for operational use (qualifications and duty carry). Fewer than 100,000 rounds are used for other purposes annually, including firearms testing and evaluation.

    USCG: USCG allocates its ammunition inventory for Non-Combat Expenditure Allowance (NCEA) and ship-fill purposes. The NCEA, available for both shore units and cutters, is used for training and for non-defense operations including maritime law enforcement operations. USCG ship-fill allowances are specific to cutters and are designed for use on defense operations.

    USSS: USSS plans to use the above mentioned ammunition for training, research, and operational use as needed to maintain professional firearms proficiency. Based on a review of recent historical data, USSS plans to allocate approximately 60 percent of the ammunition for training, 38 percent for operational use, and 2 percent for quality control testing of all ammunition and function firing of all new and repaired weapons.

    The contracts are for a maximum amount of potential ammunition they could purchase, not for the actual amount purchased. They go through a little over 100 million rounds per year, 3/4 of it for training and qualification and the rest for operational use in law enforcement. Since they are awarding a 5 year contract, and they don’t really know if all these companies will stay solvent that whole time, they have built in some fluff to make sure they have an adequate supply into the future.

    • marxwj

      DHS responded to Coburn in a letter and indicated their purchases were actually going down. DHS points out that 148 million rounds of ammo were purchased in 2010, with that number going down to 108 million in 2011 and 103 million in 2012.

    • marxwj

      The legend for the various agencies mentioned are as follows: CBP=US Customs and Border Protection; FLETC=Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; NPPD/FPS=National Protection and Programs Directorate/ Federal Protective Service; ICE=US Immigration and Customs Administration; TSA=Transportation Security Administration; USCG=US Coast Guard; USSS=US Secret Service.

  • marxwj

    If the government were really going to invade the US, whatever that means. Then why would they use the roughly 100,000 armed DHS agents using small arms when they could use the 1,500,000 armed military with large and small arms, and drones?
    Please tighten those tin foil hats and get back on your medications, please.

    • the great kazoo

      Because they fear a mutiny if they try.

      • marxwj

        You do realize how stupid that comment is, don’t you?
        Most of DHS are ex-military and law enforcement. Why would they fear one group and not the other when they are all the same group? Besides, what can 100,000 DHS agents do in a country of 300,000,000 people? I don’t care how many bullets they may have.

        • the great kazoo

          I’m guessing you have never served in the military, or even had a good knuckle & skull fight. (?) I have. So between the 2 of us, only one knows what he’s talking about. (hint: it ain’t you).
          There’s a small percentage of douchebags in every bunch, which would warrant concern for turncoat tyrant wannabes.
          ALL military & law enforcement swear an oath to protect the constitution. The ones who have no honor are wise to fear the vast majority who do. And that is why they fear a mutiny if ordering their men to fire on American citizens.
          If I have to explain it any further than that, then its probably beyond your grasp.
          You’re right about one thing tho – they wouldn’t ever have enough guys. But they do have too many bullets. This is why barney had to carry the bullet in his pocket.

          • marxwj

            You sound like someone that always wanted to get into the military but was rejected. If you really served, you would know that the first thing they hammer into soldiers is to follow orders and think later. We don’t train our troops significantly differently than any other nation, yet there have been many cases where soldiers have taken up arms against their own citizens. Heck, we did it during the Civil War. Our troops created and guarded internment camps where thousand of Asian looking citizens were imprisoned during WWII.
            Of course, even if you don’t want to believe that, my original argument holds. How is it that current soldiers are no threat, yet former soldiers serving as law enforcement are a threat? They all had the same training, all swore the same oaths, all work for the same government. How is it that one can be so threatening with a few handguns and bullets while the other with nukes and tanks and missiles of all sorts is not a threat? Your argument holds no logic at all.

          • the great kazoo

            Just as I thought….
            It went right over your head.
            See ya in the funny papers :)~

          • marxwj

            Yes, your wit is impenetrable.
            I work with the military all the time. I can tell you that 90% of them will follow an order without question, and perhaps regret it later, perhaps not. “Just following orders” may not be a valid justification in court, but it doesn’t stop you from getting shot, or beaten and arrested.

          • the great kazoo

            Pull my finger…

  • Jack

    Do not be surprise that there will be a false flag attack that will be blame on people,that do not like this goverment and yes that don’t agree with this President will be blame for this.For those who own bullets that were bought by Homeland Joke Security . Those
    bullets will be used on all those people who do not like this President and this goverment. Yes even for the dope idiots that voted for this man .You to will be with the people who don’t agree with this President have a good time at the nice fema camps .Where you will be

  • dewey

    All politicians are professional liars, but even with the large ammo purchases on hold it just means the ammo will sit in the warehouses waiting for future delivery; it’s already earmarked. Why would DHS have a need for that much ammo?

  • dewey

    I’m curious as to where all the ammo that is being purchased by the govt. is being stockpiled at. That is where I need to be shopping.

  • TERRYtas51

    We all must stand together , That is what they want , is us to fight with each other, find common ground unite

  • poptoy1949

    Wow! I am surprised that John Boehner let this go through ! Something good has come out of the house…..finally. I am a staunch Conservative but I have no use for our present Speaker.

  • Mr James

    Do not Trust our Gov’t!!!!!!! Thats why I retired!!!!!!! Trust only your family training from your old kin people and Jesus. Our liberal leaders will betray all of us. Texas leaders still have honor. You must believe me and vote to eliminate these liberal cronies. Please trust these statements I declare if you love the LORD and your country. They are coming to get your guns first then your soul then your children. Love you all. Change your laws back to free gun usage etc starting with state and local game laws state and local gun laws etc Please start being active now and don’t just lay back and take it anymore for your childrens sake and our country. These leaders work for us and are paid by us. Fire your liberal leaders now at all gov’t levels if they differ. Please Christians! Onward Christian Soldiers marching off to ___

  • Tsunami

    Only the right to bare arms… without ammunition.

  • the great kazoo

    The question isn’t why do the cops need so many bullets, its why do we need so many cops?