IRS Buying Spying Equipment: Covert Cameras in CoffeeTrays and Plants

The IRS, currently in the midst of scandals involving the targeting of conservative groups and lavish taxpayer-funded conferences, is ordering surveillance equipment that includes hidden cameras in coffee trays, plants and clock radios.

The IRS wants to secure the surveillance equipment quickly – it posted a solicitation on June 6 and is looking to close the deal by Monday, June 10. The agency already has a company lined up for the order but is not commenting on the details.

“The Internal Revenue Service intends to award a Purchase Order to an undisclosed Corporation,” reads the solicitation.

“The following descriptions are vague due to the use and nature of the items,” it says.

“If you feel that you can provide the following equipment, please respond to this email no later than 4 days after the solicitation date,” the IRS said.

Among the items the agency will purchase are four “Covert Coffee tray(s) with Camera concealment,” and four “Remote surveillance system(s)” with “Built-in DVD Burner and 2 Internal HDDs, cameras.”

The IRS also is buying four cameras to hide in plants: “(QTY 4) Plant Concealment Color 700 Lines Color IP Camera Concealment with Single Channel Network Server, supports dual video stream, Poe [Power over Ethernet], software included, case included, router included.”

Finishing out the order are four “Color IP Camera Concealment with single channel network server, supports dual video stream, poe, webviewer and cms software included, audio,” and two “Concealed clock radio.”

– See more at CNS News

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  • Ellen’s Political Corner

    This is a no brainer. To spy on the potential whistle blowers within.

  • Hoodoo H

    Wholy Crap Batman!

  • James Crawford

    I didn’t see a size 14 pair of biker boots listed as on order…for kicking the ass of this purchasing agent.

  • Fr Jim Rosselli

    Maybe Mr. Boehner will declare critics of the program to be traitors.

  • Centurian2010

    Wonder what would happen if a citizen bugged or spied on the IRS. I suspect a lot of jail time. So why do they think they can get away with illegal spying?

  • foxxybey

    Satan is alive and well on planet earth and these people prove it each and every day.

    • K

      “foxxybey” – wouldn’t that suggest that Satan is possessing these people and making them do his bidding? Which would mean the IRS Agents wouldn’t be guilty of any wrong doing because, they could claim that they were possessed by the Devil (Satan) at the time.
      I prefer to word it as; These IRS Agents have, of their own conscience, of their own decision, chose to do such Evil things to other Human Beings that would make Satan proud of them. I doubt Satan has to possess people in order to get them to do Evil things.
      Let’s not give Satan the Credit. Let’s call the IRS Agents what they are, Voluntarily Evil People.

      People decide all on their own to be Evil, possibly because, they are very weak minded and choose to be Evil over Good . . . Weak Minded by “going along to get along” . . . Peer Pressure, Perhaps.


      • Whackajig

        Did God or the democratic party make them weak?

      • foxxybey

        I don’t disagree K, as man is born with a sinful nature and satan can work in that area of a persons life. Man is a sinner by birth and by choice. Satan is the author of sin, a liar from the beginning as proved in the scriptures and used 3 temptations before Eve, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, couldn’t pass any of them up, as the fruit was good to look at, would be good to the taste and then to be just like God, knowing both evil and good. Those who don’t have a personal relationship with God are subject to those three sins by choice and by nature. Satan does get blamed for things that men and women choose to do and he doesn’t deserve all he gets credit for, during a thousand year rule of Christ on earth, many will be against Him but, they can’t blame satan because he is locked away during that time. Just some thought’s on the subject.

  • JoanLauterbach

    Is this for real or just another Hollywood movie?
    What can the American LAW ABIDING citizen to to get rid of these who are out to destroy America from within????

  • David

    Is Obama wanting a revolution? He’s damn close to having one.

    • Whackajig

      Many cowards babble about a revolution, but there do not exist the individuals with the balls of the founding fathers.

    • carolchristine

      Yes, that is the idea. That is why he wanted Martial law during peace time.

  • Ross R Blankert

    It is illegal for the iRS to spy on taxpayers. You have to get a court order in order to record an interview of an audit. Don’t know what this one is for but I bet you are not going to find out.

    • Whackajig

      An action being illegal has never stopped ovomit as of yet.

    • carolchristine

      Since when is this administration going to abide by any law? They have proven time and time again that they are above the laws of this land.

  • Whackajig

    Oh here Mr Patriot, just use this tray for your lunch today.

  • Jeff Horton

    Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! DON’T FALL FOR THIS TRAP, STAY THE COURSE AND STICK TO BENGHAZI. HILLARY IS ENJOYING THE DIVERSION. And we were at the brink of finding out where Obama was and Clinton. Plus who gave the stand down order. What did Snowden have to gain. Was he paid by the democratic party to bring this out by a Clinton aid? Why did this come out now? this has diverted the media and with the democrats help to agree. How bad the spying on us is. Why is that have we taken the eye off the ball. 2016 isn’t far off and this can drag out past 2016. So I am like Paul Revere or the Texans Who Yelled Remember the Alamo. I say in the same voice Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! Remember Benghazi Attack !! DON’T LET CLINTON OFF SO EASY STAY THE COURSE.

    • K

      VERY GOOD POINT “Jeff” and it has indeed diverted attention away from the
      Benghazi Attack and WE should NOT allow ourselves to be diverted away from that atrocity. We should make sure HILLARY is brought to justice over this matter! We should ALL make sure this does not go away because, something else happens.

  • carolchristine

    When is this going to stop? We need a total overhaul of this corrupt government we now have.Instead of going after the real terrorists,they are treating the American people as terrorists or enemies. Of course the DHS considers veterans, Christians , tea party members, and just plain conservatives as enemies of the USA. Just who is the enemy here? I think it is the you know who.!!!

  • Robert S Moulds

    Eric Holder should start taking into his shoe, Hillary Clinton could be agent 99 though she’s no Barbara Feldon and Barack Obama can be the chief with a cone of silence. The democrats have a remake of the TV show get smart they could even have John Boehner as Ludwig Von Siegfried.