Lawmakers See Snowden as Leaker, not Hero

Lawmakers in both parties Wednesday said they do not view Edward Snowden as a hero, as the NSA leaker reemerged with new charges against the government and defiant vows to fight extradition.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), a Republican with a long history of championing whistle-blower protections, said Snowden “surely isn’t a hero” and should be prosecuted for what intelligence experts have said is one of the most serious leaks in U.S. history.

“I don’t know exactly the law and I don’t know the extent to which he violated whatever law is there, but he’s got to be prosecuted,” Grassley said.

Some maintained Snowden did the country a favor by publicizing previously unknown domestic spying programs and should not be considered a traitor, though they stopped short of declaring him a hero.

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  • Snailmailtrucker

    Lawmakers See Snowden as Leaker, not Hero

    Maybe that is one of the reasons why the American public has a 11% approval rate for the Lawmakers !

  • foxxybey

    I see a hero for removing the secrets of our own government against it’s own people, they are the rats and need to be behind bars, the sooner the better both leftwing nut jobs and RINO’s who want to be the masters of the plantation of all races and colors.

    • ADRoberts

      Notice how the mumbling, stuttering Pelosi claims that the “cyber” leak was a violation of the Patriot Act and should be prosecuted.
      SHE GOT CAUGHT. THEY GOT CAUGHT. And now they want to punish the guy that outed them. LOL There is more and more determination to OUT the traitors called Pelosi, Grassley, etc for what they are. TRAITORS.

      • foxxybey

        Pelosi, Reid and Obozo are the real enemies of the U.S. along with every left wing Nazi in the government with the help of the clone’s who are RINO’s who hate freedom and the Constitution and all need to go, the sooner the better as they have become like the Nazi’s of old. If it is immoral they are all for it, if moral couldn’t see it before their blind eyes.

    • Whackajig

      Keep Snowden free, jail or execute our lawmakers.

  • ADRoberts

    The arrogance of these congressmen. Are they saying that they KNEW about the massive illegal information gathering? Then they are the traitors. They can read. They know the Constitution that they SWORE to uphold. There is NO WAY that Snowden is not a hero. He revealed the illegal actions of the government.
    As to claims that the snooping HAS stopped many attacks already, I don’t believe it. Why would they need information from me. I am not a terrorist. But the net they cast covers THE ENTIRE NATION. And that means that no matter how much they claim they succeeded, it was NOT WORTH THE LOSS OF FREEDOM.
    Shut them down. Fire ANY congressman who believes that Snowden was not a patriot for his actions. After all, they have NO ARGUMENT that he did it for ANY reason except to STOP their illegal actions.
    PS We already know from the IRS scandal that even supposedly good programs ARE abused when you have evil people in charge. How much more will this collection of information be abused by these wicked people.

    • Whackajig

      Stopping attacks? Chitfire, the Ruskies flat told us about the Boston bombers twice and the bombers still prevailed.

  • Peter Furman

    How perverted,how absurd for Grassley to condemn a man when by his own words he doesn’t know the law,the covert taking of our Constitutional Rights or much of anything else as his Long term in a corrupt,dysfunctional political system that has led America into class warfare,Bankruptcy,dependence on others for the enormous debt service we cannot pay and the collapse of the Constitutional Republic he is bound to uphold.

    So,it’s a crime do disclose tyranny,it’s a crime to alert the People that they are being betrayed,spied upon,victimized,abused by the very people they elect to make foreign and domestic policy and enforce the Constitution,the Law as it is written!

    We try and teach our kids to have honor,tell the truth,be strong,have respect,work hard and get ready to “compete” to achieve the American Dream turned Nightmare.

    The system has failed and the crimes,the lies,the lack of one effective policy foreign or domestic by those who “don’t know anything” is an affront,an insult,a crime,the legacy of these “empty cans” and the myriad of like minded tyrants America has enabled for the past 50+ years!

    • carolchristine

      I agree with you and so do many other Ameicans.

  • Randy131

    When was the last time you’ve read the Declaration of Independence, or more specifically the last sentence before all the signatures? Here it is for your revue and remembrance; “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” This young fellow who blew the whistle on the NSA’s illegal operation of spying on all American citizens without cause, has pledged the same to all Americans, in the response to the oath to the US Constitution that he was required to take, as all those who were collecting this information on all American citizens also took, but violated and broke that oath. That young man was living in Hawaii with his girl friend, making $200,000.00 a year, but gave all that up to become a fugitive for reporting the usurpation of the 4th Amendment to all those who were being violated and spied on without cause, and fulfilling that oath he took to the US Constitution. What the NSA was doing was illegal, no matter how many laws Congress may pass allowing the illegality to take place, it still violated the 4th Amendment in the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights, which is the superior law of the land in the USA. That young man definitely put his life, fortune, and sacred honor on the line, and for what, the American people’s rights under their US Constitution and it’s 4th Amendment. Now those who were breaking the law of the land and usurping and violating the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment, are demanding their pint of blood, and the prosecution of this young man’s payless effort and sacrifice to protect the American people from these immoral and lying men, who forsake their oaths to the US Constitution just to maintain a job, to the disgrace of all the American people. Benjamin Franklin stated that, “Any people who would sacrifice their rights for temporary security, deserves neither and eventually will lose both.”

    Some Obama administration lapdogs and some gutless members of Congress have claimed that what Snowden has done will get Americans killed, but that remains to be seen. However we already know that Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, and many other Americans wounded in those attacks. It is also claimed, by the relatives of the Navy Seals killed in the Afghanistan helicopter crash, that Obama and Leon Panetta got their loved ones, that were Navy Seals in that helicopter crash, killed, by publicly announcing who killed Bin Laden, which they claim the helicopter was downed by an Afghanistan suicide bomber, trying to kill those Navy Seals in retaliation for them killing Bin Laden, instead of a rocket grenade, as was reported by Obama’s people, and those Navy Seal relatives are now in a law suit against the Obama administration to release all information pertaining to that helicopter crash, which the Obama administration has refused to do, and is apparently covering up something, besides all the other Obama cover-ups.

    • hankthetank

      I MY SELF THINK EDWARD SNOWDEN IS A HERO, ALSO WIKILINK, IWAS GLAD HE TOLD OTHER COUNTRY’S WHAT WE WERE SAYING ABOUT THEM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. they will try to use Snowden as a patsy;!!!!!!!

      • Randy131

        I totally agree with you except on the Wikileaks situation!

      • carolchristine

        I do too. But they(government) and the corrupt news medias are doinng their best to destroy him to take the heat off of them.

  • John Hart

    PBS Frontline ran a story on this more than five years ago. They interviewed people who monitor the calls, people who were there when NSA took over floors in central switching facilities and diverted everything to equipment ready to put in place a few months after 911. Voice recognition software re-routes conversations with key words to operators who transcribe the conversations and put them in peoples dossiers.

    All he’s done is remind sleeping people what’s already been revealed.

    There’s no reason to fear GOVERNMENT SNOOPING unless it’s taken over by evil men and useful idiot Lawmakers know there’s no danger of that.

    Don’t you feel safer with a government bureaucrat breathing down your neck?

  • JJM123

    Of course they want him prosecuted, after all what a huge embarrassment that they allow such dastardly unconstitutional deeds to occur.

  • granny

    Give Snowden a medal. Just love leakers & whistleblowers that tell what the BAD politicians are doing. We already know that the politicians are liars, back stabbers, & privately tell each other ….”to hell w/ what The People want”. Too bad we put them there.

  • Valentine Day

    Americans see lawmakers as criminals and Snowden as a key witness.

  • Whackajig

    What did Snowden leak? Are our lawmakers so stupid that they don’t think the bad guys being spied upon, know that we are spying on them? Do our elected officials actually believe that the chinese and the muslims etc. don’t know we are seeking info about them?
    I have mixed emotions, but I believe Snowden exposed more of the abuses of power by our government because he has shown that surrveillence intended for our enemies has been used on American citizens.

  • foxxybey

    Amen, can’t trust those who were elected anymore. God Bless Friend:

  • John Phillips

    Snowden is a traitor. He has compromised the security of American citizens for his own gain.

  • Rich K

    Didn’t we always suspected something like this? anyone heard about the
    new Mozilla app that plays Dark Side of the Moon when a site is being
    watched by the NSA? kinda neat and it plays on this one continuously
    lol…Go ahead, look what I’m watching not worried

  • Robert S Moulds

    Snowden is a traitor he put his own star power ahead of the safety of his fellow Americans overseas.

  • James Maxwell

    Whether Snowden is a Traitor or not remains to be seen, it will depend upon the
    information that he divulges to our enemies. As for him leaking that the government is
    illegally spying upon American Citizens that is not debatable. They have violated the
    U.S. Constitution that they seem to have little or no regard for unless it suits their
    purposes only. They do not consider it a crime to violate the right of American Citizens.