No Privacy… No America


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Without privacy, what value is America?

If we are not secure in our private communications with each other, then what value is “security”?

If we cannot hold close to our hearts our most private communications of passion with those we love, what value is “privacy”?

If we cannot be confident in the communications of our plans and visions of enterprises we plan to build with those we trust, what value is “free enterprise”?

If we cannot share our deepest convictions and beliefs with others whose trust we value, what value is “freedom of belief”?

Without protected privacy, what value America?

Clearly, without privacy protected by our 4th Amendment, each cornerstone of the modern, free society is of zero value. With the treason of our government against its citizenry, there is no liberty. When we allow on-going, indiscriminate assaults on our communications and thoughts, there is no free nation.

To be sure, this is not simply an issue of treason on the part of one man, this is an issue of institutionalized treason on the part of our “representative” government. Privacy is a bedrock tenet upon which America was founded and without which it ceases to exist.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 “Thoughts on Liberty”

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  • mathis1689

    The US government doesn’t believe in privacy except for themselves. As far as we little peons are concerned they think we should just shut up and do as we’re told and then tell them thanks for abusing us.

  • Stands and is P!##ed

    With what is going on now in Washington, D.C. I as a Veteran of multiple wars feel like Congress and the White House are collectively spitting in my and every other Veteran’s face. Our president has already shown his disdain for our service by apologizing to a never ending array of communist and jihadi scumbags. I hope America will wake up and understand that regardless of what Kris Kristofferson rhymed for them “freedom isn’t free”. My brothers in arms and I paid for it, some with blood, sweat, and tears; some with broken bodies and pain in old age, some had that rascally Uncle of ours cash the check for up to and including one life. It is time American citizens need to say Enough! Think you can slumber along? Wrong! You owe all these Veterans who paid for you! Freedom isn’t free! Pay up! Stand up and demand accountability from these thieving clowns in Washington, who couldn’t recite their oath of office if they were sober and not drunk from spending this country’s fortune.

  • agbjr

    “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

    James Madison

  • darrell5280

    My plan is to start every phone conversation with a personal evaluation of anyone listening in with a very nasty evaluation of the top man that may want to hear of my opinion of him and his administration.

    • Wayne Bennett

      So whats your point blank eval Darrell. I can’t wait for for it.

  • dndvaughn

    Hey, Obama’s ‘Flunkies’. Tell your boss to kiss my Ass!

  • higgy01

    The so-called president and the rest of the clowns in DC that are not in the least upset about NSA spying on Americans with no justification. They are upset because we now know about it. Not one person can justify NSA monitoring and recording every phone conversation and e-mail of every citizen within the USA. To make matters worse any low grade analyst can, without any approval needed, review those conversations and e-mails. This situation is worse than the worst days of the Stalin tyranny in Russia.