Over 1000 IRS Employees Misused Government Credit Cards… Wrote 325 Bad Checks

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed in a recently released audit report that in fiscal years 2010 and 2011 more than 1,000 Internal Revenue Service employees misused government charge cards issued by Citibank.

The report said that during the two years in question agency employees sent Citibank a total of 325 bad checks written on personal accounts that had insufficient funds to cover them, that agency officials with top-secret security clearances had their charge accounts suspended for failure to pay the balances, and that the IRS had a tendency of being “overly lenient” in disciplining those who misued the cards.

Despite the more than 1,000 IRS employees who misused the charge cards, the inspector general’s report found that the IRS did a “generally effective” job in controlling its employees use of the cards.

“We found that the IRS was generally effective in implementing travel card controls,” said the IG report. “However, in some instances controls were not implemented effectively, which increased the risk for misuse and resulted in some travel card misuse going undetected.”

The report, which is dated April 18, 2013, was released on May 29.

IRS employees who misused charge cards included an executive-level official, a criminal investigator, and multiple employees with security clearances.

“We found that 15 cardholders with either secret or top-secret clearances had their travel accounts suspended due to their failure to pay outstanding balances,” said the IG report. “Two other cardholders with secret and top-secret clearances presented NSF [non-sufficient funds] checks to Citibank for payment of their travel card balance.”

These were not the only IRS officials who wrote non-sufficient-fund checks after passing government background checks.

“In addition,” said the inspector general, “94 cardholders serving public trust positions requiring moderate and high-level background checks wrote one or more NSF checks, and 36 had their accounts charged off [written off as a loss by Citibank] due to their failure to pay outstanding balances.

“For example,” said the IG, “a tax compliance officer wrote seven NSF checks in FY 2011 while occupying a position that required a moderate-risk background investigation.”

The inspector general determined that the IRS had detected most, but not all, of the bad checks that IRS employees sent to Citibank. “Our analysis of the NSF check control review for FY 2011 found that the IRS identified 110 (99 percent) of 111 of the NSF checks that we identified during our review,” said the IG report. “However, during the FY 2010 NSF check control review, we found that the IRS did not identify 77 (36 percent) of 214 NSF checks due to errors in extraction. This occurred because the IRS did not select the correct NSF code in the Citibank transaction data.”

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  • rosie46

    I thought writing a bad check, particularly seven bad checks, was a crime. I guess it is unless you are one of the privileged federal employees, particularly IRS, who seem to be doing the dirty work for this administration. Would any one in private industry still have their job if they did this?

    • FedupandReadytofight

      I don’t know what jurisdiction this would fall under (state, federal) ? In my state, it is a crime, if you do so knowingly (if you new your account had insufficiant funds and you wrote the check anyway).

  • Sagebrush6

    GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan ‘looking into’ why IRS agents train with AR-15s

    Posted on: June 12th, 2013

    On Tuesday, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., said on Twitter that he observed IRS agents training with AR-15s, and is investigating the issue, Twitchy said.

    “A few weeks ago when I toured a DHS facility I saw #IRS agents training with AR-15′s. I’m looking into the issue now,” he tweeted.

    “It’s bad enough that IRS agents have been targeting conservatives. It’s even worse that they plan on hiring 16,500 new agents over the next few years to enforce ObamaCARE. Now, it seems the Obama Administration is turning IRS agents into soldiers for some reason,” said a post at the Liberty Crier.

    The revelation comes as members of the House are still investigating the agency’s handling of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.
    Does this mean the IRS is planning on collecting your income taxes door to door like King Edward (alias Longshank) ?

    Read more: http://patriotoutdoornews.com/6695/gop-rep-jeff-duncan-looking-into-why-irs-agents-train-with-ar-15s#ixzz2W8W1L6JM

    • Sean H.

      ” – Any and all IRS agents carrying weapons and/or attempting to enforce an unConstitutional (so called) law called ObamaCARE should immediately treated as Criminals at the door!” IT does NOT Matter if it’s written as law on a piece of paper if it is unConstitutional. If it is unConstitutional it is NOT a Legal Law and the American Citizens Must wake the hell up and understand that and treat it as such.
      Arming these IRS and other Federal agents and adding so many DHS agents is for no other reason than as obama’s NAZIS and Anyone that is awake should already know this.

      Hitler turned ordinary Citizens into his NAZIS and whether those people were obeying orders or, just doing their job or not, they were still Criminals. American Citizens will have a rude awakening about these Agents if/when they come knocking at the door if we don’t recolonize them for what they are.

      obama is preparing for Martial Law on American Citizens and Arming all these Agents is his way of preparing without it getting too much attention.
      American Citizens that do not have guns, should seriously consider buying some ASAP and as much ammo as possible.

      “We the People” MUST be prepared to fight back because, “ALL” WILL be lost if we don’t!
      What is coming is no joke. It will be the end of our Freedom and Liberty if we don’t fight and IMHO, “We the People” MUST be prepared to fight to the death as our Founding Fathers did, or, we won’t have anything left to live for!

      Always Remember;
      The Constitution is The Supreme Law of The Land

  • ADRoberts

    Unable to pay their own bills and keep their affairs in order. I guess that is why they work for the government.
    Do you suppose that these criminal actions would be considered worse than outing the illegal snooping done by the Obama adm by Snowden. Of course. Failure to pay your bills and fraudulent use of cards is just hunky-dorry as long as it brings the country faster to bankruptcy. But telling on the illegal NSA snooping? That is the WORST thing a person could do. Especially if you are a TYRANT.

  • pysco

    Bouncing checks, is a good enough reasons to deny, a Top Secret clearance.

  • Wumingren

    Al Capone was brought down by the IRS for failing to pay income tax on his ill-gotten gains. The IRS agents whose accounts were written off by Citibank should have to pay taxes on their ill-gotten gains. Failure to do so ought to be grounds for landing them in the slammer.

  • GrizzlyIX

    Above & Beyond having their security clearance revoked for theft of GOV funds, WHY AREN’T EACH & EVERY ONE OF THESE THIEVES UNDER ARREST? ! ? ! ?

  • Rattlerjake

    This is just the IRS … of the thousands of other agencies and hundreds of thousands of other government employees, including military, and contract workers who are issued government credit cards, what do you think the tax payers are losing? Remember, the government also has to cover the NSF fees, late fees, over limit fees, and interest!

  • bless2live

    Just think what they did to their country, if they ever had one! A act of war on America and using our federal goverment moneys (tax payers hard earned moneys) to sustain their federal crimes of thievery! They are the employess of the federal goverment that the American citizens placed into position! Our leaders in Congress are one in the same! They all need to be proscecuted and pulled from their elected positions! No shame ,un American congressmen thieves!

  • Randy G

    What DID they expect? Government people always spend money they don’t have.

  • James Maxwell

    Abuse and misusage of a Government Credit care carries a stiff penalty, under the
    socialist bottom feeder in the White House it will get you promoted and a pay raise.
    After all he can not have any underpaid government workers on his payroll. Since
    they work for him and not for the American Tax Payers they see not wrong in what
    they do. Bad checks, just pay them off with the Tax payers money and then when
    found out laugh about it. Who’s going to do any thing the DOJ? That a laugh since
    they are just as corrupt.

  • brian

    As a former governemnt employee, I can tell you that the misuse of the card is a common thing through out the government. This would include everything from using it to secure, not to purchase, hotel rooms or car rentals for personal use to charging an entire personal vacation on it. I was late a couple fo times on paying the bill because the government was late in reimbursing me and I did not thave the $2000 to pay the bill. So Citibank had to wait until I got my money.
    It doesn’t surprisse me that some of them wrote NSF checks. Check out the elected politicians and how many fo them have wrote NSF checks or have filed multiple bankruptcies… And we wonder why Congress cannot balance the country’s budget? They can’t balance their own….
    Those that wrote the NSF checks need to be prosecuted as the law allows. And the misuse of the creditcards dealt with according to the severity of the misuse..

  • granny

    Everybody start working for the IRS. Write bad checks. You will not go to jail. Well of course they give you a “get out of jail” free card. Its called “Monopoly”, which is the government’s IRS way of doing things. Wonder what they have to do to get those jobs, oh right,…..you lie….be either liberal, illegal, or a muslim…. know that the tax payers will pay for your mistakes…. & love the President.

  • daveveselenak

    What is going on for some time, like 2008, has been REPARATIONS! It’s called get “revenge” as the Muslim-Marxist had spoke of while campaigning in 2012! Watch TV, you will understand!

  • raygun

    Sounds like a lot of double talk and bull s**t to me. These DIOTS that can’t control their high paying lives and crooked expense accounts need to be FIRED or PUT IN PRISON. If an average hard working American stiff tried the same thing, they would string him up to dry.

  • Robert S Moulds

    The IRS employees who wrote bad checks should be fired and arrested if need be at least have them audited after being fired.