Palin Throws Down the Gauntlet on Primary Challenges to Rubio

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has the most influence among conservative voters in Republican primaries, told Breitbart News on Tuesday that Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) should be primaried for their support of the Senate’s immigration bill.

“Conservatives are getting ready for the 2014 and 2016 primaries. We have long memories, and there will be consequences for those who break campaign promises and vote for this amnesty bill,” Palin told Breitbart News. “Competition makes everyone work harder, be better, and be held accountable. This applies to politics, too. No one is ‘entitled’ to anything.”

She continued, “Rigorous debate in competitive primaries allows candidates the opportunity to explain their flip-flops. So think of contested primaries as a win-win for politicians and their voters.”

Palin responded to Breitbart News’s request for comment about an interview she did earlier on Tuesday with John Gibson on Fox News radio in which she said Rubio and Ayotte “turned their back” on voters and should be primaried to be held accountable. Rubio and Ayotte will be up for reelection in 2016.

“Marco Rubio has blatantly flip-flopped on his position on immigration, on amnesty, and border security,” Palin said to Gibson, before noting the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill he orchestrated would reward law breakers and give President Barack Obama “a victory in his mission to fundamentally transform America economically.”

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  • kitdfohs

    This lady has more balls than Obama and his entire administration. It’s a shame the GOP establishment paired her with that idiot McCain. She can do this country more good than all of this bunch of liberals and RINO’s.

    • Joseph Jr Vanchieri

      She will be strong no matter what path she takes. Citizens get fired up when she speaks because her stance doesn’t change. I am sure she was promised a lot from the GOP when she paired with McCain. She was lied to and her and her family was hung out to dry. One thing I know is if she ran for a Senate seat in my State I would vote for her in a millisecond. As for President I am not sure I would wish that on her and her family again. Yes I would vote for her then also.

  • Beach Dawg

    Voted for Rubio vs. Christ in his primary and for Senate too. I’ll be voting for his opponent in the primary next time and should he win the primary for the Libertarian in the General.

    • flasawdust

      me too, beach dawg…..me too

  • Hoodoo H


  • agbjr

    Sarah Palin is a true Constitution-abiding All-American. Just her name alone makes liberals cringe! Shout if from the mountain tops and across the plains from coast to coast: SARAH PALIN! That popping sound is liberals’ heads exploding from sea to shining sea.

  • CommonSense

    I like Sarah, BUT, if you didn’t know that being paired with McCain the traitor would be bad for both you and America, what makes the future look so great to you with her in charge?
    WE, USA, America needs a kickbutt American that will ram it so far down the liberals throats without any AND I MEAN ANY Compromising of Conservative Values, PERIOD!
    Where is that person, man or woman, any color and the ethnic background of a Red White n Blue American!
    Someone who Boldly challenges the 3 branches instead of just watching the parade of liberal crap go by.

    • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

      Do you SERIOUSLY want a serious answer? In addition to Sarah Palin, have a CLOSE look at Michele Bachmann AND at Allen West AND at Ted Cruz.
      Very smart VERY CONSERVATIVE folks with AMERICA running rampant through their veins.
      And no, NO Ran Paul. Period

    • proofreader

      At the time that McCain asked her to be his running mate she did not know the real John McCain and only thought of him as a Hero someone who underwent torture and even turned down being sent home from the Prison Camp because his fellows were not offered the same opportunity. He stood beside George Bush when people were turning against him so this was a point in his favor. I believe next time around Sarah Palin will go her own way and will not have to do what McCain and his stupid advisors say to him. Sarah Palin on her own is a force to be reckoned with and I hope many people come to understand this and will go to her side. At some point Sarah Palin will have to pull away from McCain, she might decide to do this gently or she may speak out against him quite vocally. The Establishment will always be against Sarah Palin and those like her who hold the same principles. After all the Establishment is out for themselves and their power structure and Sarah Palin endangers that. At some time in the future the question will get asked of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others like them, “Just what does President Obama have on you and why are you letting him get away with it?” This question is being asked in some quarters now and it will gain momentum in the future.

      • NickFortune

        I truly believe that McCain was supposed to lose that race, that was the only way Obama would be guaranteed to win. Romney took his time choosing from among popular people from states that would bring in large numbers of voters. McCain chose Sarah Palin who was unknown and Alaska would not be influential in bring in a lot of votes.

        • MARYANN33

          I agree McCain was a pawn so Obama would win.

    • NickFortune

      The opportunity for Palin, a virtual unknown, to become VP, why should she have turned it down? Sarah became well known through that experience, and increased her ability to influence people. I had to laugh when Obama supporters said that Palin had no experience, like the “community organizer” did? Sarah Palin was mayor and then governor; without people clearing the path for her like they did for Rosemary’s second baby, Obama

  • jdangiel

    Grahamnesty and a few others need to be primaried, and then voted out. There are probably four to six top Rinos in the senate and as many in the house, that if removed, would solve a lot of problems going forwards, and put any remaining ones on notice.

    • NickFortune

      forget about waiting for a primary there should be a recall RIGHT NOW, like they’re doing with McCain and Flake.

      • MARYANN33

        Tell me more…Have they begun a repeal of McCain and Flake???? Wonderful news if true…

  • SargintRock

    Gotta love this gal! She has more “True Grit’ than the whole pack of thieves in the District of Criminals! And she’s “washed in the Blood” to boot. I’d trust her over Obummer any day of the week!

  • Wumingren

    I fear that the RINO elites running the GOP will give Rubio the nomination for a presidential run, making moot any question of primarying him in a Senate race. People had better be looking to block his run for president as well.

    • disgusted demacrat

      He’s does not qualifiy parents were not natural born citizens..

      • NickFortune

        I keep hearing people say that Rubio doesn’t qualify. If Obama qualifies ANYBODY qualifies.

  • Juan

    Sarah Palin is what this country needs! She should run for the presidency and once she is elected she should be president for life! Once in she should issue an ultimatum to ALL deadbeat liberals! Office holders and lazyass welfare recipients alike, 72 hours to get out of the United States and go to mexico, africa, france or whatever country will have them! Not just liberals but socialists and muslims too! Anyone who isn’t a friend to the United States Constitution and 2nd Amendment need to get out!

  • Formerparatrooper

    I would vote for Sarah any day against the likes of Obama, Clinton (the Liar) and Marko Rubio (the turn coat).

    • afanaglenn

      The liberal press really did the job on Palin, not only before the election but after as well. A good person with morals, just what is needed in Washington DC, a city built in deceit since the days of Lincoln.

      • MARYANN33

        Can we repeal the civil war?????

    • chaindrive1953

      former paratrooper what unit was you in and where? also a former paratrooper 509th airborne.

      • Formerparatrooper

        1st. 501st. 101st. Airborne Ft. Campbell 1993 -1995

        • SargintRock

          “Take two salt tablets and drive on!!”

          • Formerparatrooper

            “ALL THE WAY” You got that right!

    • MARYANN33

      As would I…

  • Doug

    I hope when they say secure the border that they mean the FL border from cuba also.

  • michael g

    I wouldn’t vote for Palin and McCain can take a hike to. they all need to go.pretty much.

    • audry peele

      go back in your hole

  • Zepp

    I liked Rubio til this. His political career is over

    • disgusted demacrat

      Yes and his new job will be “Hey Cabanna Boy” over here!!

  • rey

    Palin is the man!

    • MARYANN33


  • disqus_HcGccV0t4I

    Makes one wonder what the present administration has on him.

    • NickFortune

      You’re right, that might explain all this irrational behavior. It’s been claimed that Chief Justice Roberts was extorted into voting for Oamacare

  • marineh2ominer

    We need this lady in the White House , , why can’t we get her there , Hilarity wants a woman in the Oval office in her lifetime , we should give her Sarah Palin to repair all the destruction her husband and Obam-ass has done to the nation .

  • bless2live

    Only in America would anybody have to put up with these retards in the White House and Congress! Vote to vote these retards out to dry pasture!!

  • junkmailbin

    at least the flying witch is not after my arse

  • Larry Knight

    Rubio will not be getting two votes from my household!

  • higgy01

    I’m happy to read Mama Bear is back in the fight. She was the only reason I voted for the senile RINO McCain. As far as Rubio goes; he has been the biggest disappointment of the decade so far. His lies have destroyed all his credibility.

  • afanaglenn

    There is good reason why politics is such a dirty business. These people are in it for gains in personal wealth. May have been ego at one time, or a want and concern for the American people. As a result, elections have attracted crooks in numbers, the present bunch seemingly the worst of all in recent history. The amnesty bill is one of the best examples. This group would kill their own grandmother. Wait a minute, Obama just did that, by proxy.

    • BarbaraSlater

      You hit the nail on the head. I’ve believed all along that the greedy SOB’s don’t want to rock or spill the gravy boat they are riding on…insider trading, illegal donations, etc.

  • yup

    This chick is Bat-shit insane normally… but shes right on this

  • Fischenbach

    Should add McCain and Flake, both (R) from Arizona, who have failed to listen to their constituents and voted for the 2nd worst piece of legislation to come out of DC.

  • J. Brown

    Some RINO should mention to Rubio that the MSM has already neutered him so forget any further runs for any thing. The water trick was a killer, now he imagines the illegals will make nice and line up to pay their back taxes for requalifying as legal immigrants.
    Sleeper cells are alive and well in America.

  • Larry

    Whatever, im sick of seeing lawyers trying to run the Country. Allen West and Ted Cruz

  • Nikita63

    In 2008, she should have run for President, not McCain who has become nothing more thyan a senile old man. and been listened to. ,Her detractors call her a gun totin’ Granny and other miserable and derogatory epithets but, she has more moral character, more courage ansd is more honest than ANYONE in either party currently in government. If she were to run for President in 2016, i would not hesitate to vote for her, American citizens, the English language, the repeal of Obamacare, the Patriot Act and The NDAA and put leashes on the federal agencies like DHS, CIA, FBI, ATF and the NEA. SHE would likely do all of this. and, she would not be indecisive about how to treat our enemies; especially the Muslim world.NO aid would be going overseas at all and THAT is the way it should be until we resolve our debt issues and close the borders to ANY but preferred immigration with the condition if you come here, you TAKE citizenship within a specific time or be DEPORTED.

  • Marco was a young Jedi seduced by the Dark Side of McCain/Graham into believing the Imperial Senate would solve everything equally for all. Little did any of those fools know that the Senate gets abolished by a darker sinister evil of Emperor Soros and his henchman Darth Barack backed by his army of Homeland Security and black shirt IRS. Life imitates art more than the other way around !! Ayotte, thought she was someone until she was swept away with a finger of the Leftist power, history will make only a minor footnote of her as one of the useful tools used by the Obama Empire. Real heroes and patriots, unknown probably even unto themselves at this moment, will rise up soon and fight back against this dark cloud of destruction.

  • Scott Daves

    Marco is being blackmailed just like Roberts was … has to be the only answer..

  • JohnMcIntyre

    Some flip flop Senators can be primaried in 2014. Cornyn for instance in Texas has a conservative announced primary opponent. Palin-Cruz for 2016 would be a great ticket. God Bless America and Jesus is Lord! Respectfully; John McIntyre

  • Rubio seems to have done a back-slide. Early on, he said he is not eligible to be POTUS/VP, because he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Later he seemed silent on the subject, then appeared to be willing to be considered for VP. WHAT GIVES?

    Oh yeah, the Constitution of the United States of America was mothballed by Amendment 14.

    See http://www.DirtyUncleSam.com

  • MaranathaMark

    Palin is the most fear conservative out there. She is the stuff Progressive nightmare are made of. She make the Socialist’s and Marxist’s blood run cold at the mere thought of her running for any office, much less president, which is why the Lib. Media pull out all the stops to try dump mountains of dirt on her. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee could soon get a taste of “the Palin Treatment”.

  • poptoy1949

    Three cheers for Sarah !

  • Eric Brockmyre

    The liberals have to demonize and destroy the credibility of the most dangerous candidates, in order to more effectively promote their fundamental change of America to a socialist state. With the weak talking heads who rule both parties, and the misinformation promulgated by the media, the average American has a difficult fight. Imagine a politician who has the guts to speak off-teleprompter and answer the questions, coupled with Americans who are voting for what is best for the future of our country,not just trying to gather immediate votes or stuff for their own specific wants. That would be refreshing. Imagine the Democrats not falling back on name-calling (i.e.bullying)

  • Lowell

    Rubio apparently sold out. I hope he was rewarded well because if we can get any simulance to a honest election he will be competing with illegals for what jobs there are.


    Rubio is so misguided.