Rubio Uses Bible to Justify Support for the Gang of 8 Immigration Bill

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) cited “Biblical compassion” as a reason to support the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill. Rubio told CBN that he supports the bill because “[o]ur faith has always been about compassion and it compels you to do something.
“Now, we have an obligation to be responsible to our country and not do anything that hurts America but also our faith calls us to compassion. If you took compassion or the principle of compassion out of the Bible, it would be in tatters because it’s all over the place.”

Though Rubio argues for the idea of “Biblical compassion,” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) wrote in an op-ed at the Los Angeles Times on Monday that the contents of the bill make it so flawed it has little to do with compassion of any kind. “The so-called Gang of Eight immigration plan now being considered by the Senate fails to live up to every major promise made by its sponsors. Far from improving the immigration system, their 1,000-page proposal would exacerbate many of its flaws.
It would dangerously undermine future enforcement while imposing substantial burdens on taxpayers and taking jobs and pay from U.S. workers.”
Rubio went on to claim in his interview with CBN that it was the evangelical rank and file–not the preaching elite–who are behind the efforts to push the Gang of Eight immigration bill through. “I think the biggest change hasn’t been in the pulpit. It’s been in the pews. The folks who are attending church who maybe five years ago felt differently about this issue now they’re worshipping next to an illegal immigrant family, now they’ve met someone who’s in the circumstance so it’s one thing is when eleven million is a statistic. The other thing is when one of those eleven million is your friend, a human being you now know.”

But evangelicals who support the Gang of Eight bill are vulnerable to the charge that their effort is largely top down, manufactured by a select evangelical elite who have been funded by billionaire atheist George Sorosand his National Immigration Forum.

One member of the evangelical elite, Lynne Hybels, co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church, a Chicago area mega church, recently served as a spokesperson and voice for the Evangelical Immigration Table, a George Soros front group that does not even exist legally.

Now that the full Senate has begun debate on the merits of the Gang of Eight bill, the spotlight will continue to focus on the competing perspectives among evangelicals. On one side are the well-funded evangelical elite who support its passage. On the other side are rank-and-file traditional evangelicals who oppose framing the political argument for the bill in ways that sanctify its supporters and demonize its opponents.

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  • Mike_Travis

    Wrong again Dubio. Our faith is personal, NOT an obligation of the government in any way shape or form. Besides, there is nothing in the Bible requiring us to break civil laws so we can show some misguided compassion. Where is the compassion for 50 MILLION murdered helpless babies in the womb? Not from the stinking politicians! Where is the compassion for the 12+ victims murder by ILLEGALS in America DAILY? Not from the stinking politicians!! Where is the compassion for the millions of Americans out of work because ILLEGALS took their jobs? Not from the stinking politicians!!!

    Dubio and every politician who advocates giving citizenship at any time to ILLEGALS is breaking the law and should be punished accordingly!

    • Agree completely. People are, or can/should be compassionate, not the government. When the American citizenry is called upon we answer with a huge outpouring of compassion, whether financial conditions are good or bad doesn`t matter…Americans stand up for each other! These 11 million are not Americans. They are criminals and should be treated accordingly.
      But Mike, didn`t you know that (tongue in cheek) illegals merely take jobs that Americans wouldn`t do?
      Thought Rubio might turn out to be better than he has proven to be…too bad.

  • Tired of the same old crap

    Dubio has learned the dirty politics of washington fast. He lies out of both sides of his mouth nearly as fast as the owebomb tells his pinocchio tales. He tells the illegal aliens that legalization comes first and then border security but when he is speaking to conservatives the opposite is his theme. Border security and then legalization. Conservatives KNOW that if legalization ever occurs border security will NEVER happen. Dubio has sealed his fate as a lying politician in his first term in office. No one, either Corruptocrats or RINOs or conservatives will ever trust him again. even the government has certified that deporting illegal aliens will (only) cost 134 billion dollars for one year, but keeping the illegal aliens here in the US will cost 94 billion dollars year after year after year. In slightly more than one year we can rid ourselves of the parasites that are taking the lower paid/skilled jobs from our own minority populations and putting them on welfare.

    • It didn’t take ( Flake ) of AZ. to change colors either, his name should read ( .FAKE )

  • Ron

    I see a lot wrong here and I don’t think anybody has put a finger on the problem. First off I want to talk to an illegal. I want to ask him/her why they want to be in America. That should bring an interesting answer. Just think, why do you want to be in America? If the answer is a proper one, then why not come the legal way. It might take a little while, but at least it is legal. The other answer is shaking. Jobs so we can send the money back to Mexico plus we get everything free. There is no answer close to: I want to be an American. So, my way of thinking is that obama, and congress, have it all wrong. Just rambling. What is the real reason illegals want to be here?

  • Rubio is turning out to be a RINO, liar, hypocrite and an overall phony. I hope those Tea Party people that helped him get elected have learned their lesson. He apparently was not vetted very well and has turned out to be a major loser.


    • carolchristine

      Well they tried. It is hard to predict who is going to stick to their principles and not get taken in by the Progressives on both sides. It is a shame. This gang of 8 is just a bunch of nonsense.

  • Ron Powell

    In case Rubio hasn’t read the bible it says “Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s” which was telling the people who were complaining about the taxes at that time that they were compelled to obey the laws of the land. Obviously the illegals haven’t obeyed the laws and we owe them nothing.

  • bless2live

    The 3/4 dozen gang! ha! Mr Rubio seems to be a changing from what he said he was! I just wish the 3/4 gang would just ride off into the sunset and keep riding and riding and riding and……………………………..

    • Clint

      That would be 2/3 dozen gang not 3/4.

      • bless2live

        you got me on that one! ha!

  • Rubio’s credibility is now below OBozo’s – for me. What got into this young man’s mind? Or has he always been a RINO with no conservative principles?

    I guess he really is just one of Rove’s RHINO Crew (#RRC).

    • atchafa

      I think the Democrat party has threatened Rubio. I was thinking about him for president but now i wouldn’t vote for him for anything not even dog catcher.

      • I really think it was Karl Rove that convinced Rubio to pander to the middle & Hispanic vote. Rove has NO CLUE … is bad mojo for GOP/Conservatives.

  • Mark D. Millat

    this is all about the Latino vote both sides. This will hurt the poor US citizens as letting 11 to 20 million people in will take job away from working poor Americans and will drive wages down for US citizens. Three US
    President have deported illegal aliens. WHY? to free up jobs for the US workers

    Last President was Eisenhower who deported 11 million and why did he do it. For the good of the country. Not what the political hacks do now it’s all about staying in power. wake up America we are going down the tubes… Vote to change the direction we are heading in,

  • 2duane

    Looks like its time for Rubio to stick to matters of Florida ONLY. He needs to stop trying to force the American public to except people that break our laws as being ‘good’ subjects for citizenship. Lets keep our eyes on ppl that want to dp things within the established American laws. No amnesty of any type should be given to those that want to break the law. Cpmgress did that once in 1986. And what good did that do? N A D A… What about those people that have been willing to fill out all the correct paper work and take the time to follow the laws? Those are the ppl we want in our country – Not more law breakers. God knows we have enough of them – both legal & illegal in out nation.

  • Omar

    Compassion. I agree. That is why we feed, clothe and provide shelter to those that have committed crimes against us. We are compassionate. The illegals are illegal because they broke laws. Otherwise they would be legals. We should feed, clothe and shelter them during their incarceration and then with much compassion place them on a warm and safe bus with a snack and water bottle that will carry them south of our border. All extremely compassionate.

    • rosie46

      Just send them back with what they came with and do it immediately. Then invoke border enforcement — how about if we put those drones and our returning military to good use. Maybe Rubio can be their escort home.

  • Phaenius

    Glossy Christians who do not READ the Bible, that ONLY
    brings legitimacy to their doctrines, are a plague both to the nation and to
    the assemblies.

    It is clear in Luke 3 when John the Baptist is confronted by
    three classes of people desiring what to do, having repented, that the people,
    not government, sell whatever and do their own charity. The other two classes were government folk,
    the soldiers that PROTECT not persecute the people and the tax collectors that
    take ONLY what is owing from the people.

    Government is NOT to do charity, and in fact it cannot.

    Government is a gun, a sword, a force that is only
    legitimate when protecting the LIVES, LIBERTIES, and the POSSESSIONS of the
    people, and provides an umpirage between competing parties among the people.

    Charity is the English word translating the Greek word AGAPE
    that was coined for a special type of love only God and Christians can have,
    and that is basically UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

    Governments steal from the people and then distribute their
    largesse along with mandates, strings, CONDITIONS, and overt and covert demands
    for political remuneration.

    Governments can’t be blessed for their giving, but the
    people can, and government stole that opportunity from them. Any system of theism is not
    “religion” for religion is but the outward manifestations of being of
    whatever Worldview sporting this or that deity.
    The Christian lifestyle deemed religion is but to do charity and to keep
    unspotted from the world. This is the second reason why the usurpation of
    government into the responsibilities of the people amounts to a REAL
    church/state scandal in that it is government entanglement in religion. (Continued)

    • Phaenius

      (continued from above)

      This goes also for education. Governments are not suited to deal with
      education, and public education is proven to be a failed experiment when
      extracting God and Bible out of the studies.
      You see American freedom is called LIBERTY, or the freedom to do that
      which is right in the sight of God.

      Why does GOD have to be a part of American Liberty? Thomas Jefferson took much of his philosophy
      for writing the Declaration of Independence from John Locke who destroyed the
      concept of the Divine Right of Kings, Biblically, and inserted a legitimacy of
      government by being the instrument to assist the people to stay ALIVE, for it
      was GOD (according to Locke in his Second Treatise of Government) who put us on
      this earth TO LIVE, and for us not to quit our station early, and since suicide
      is NOT Liberty, according to Locke in that same work, but LICENSE, then we do
      NOT have a moral right to kill ourselves, and in that we do not have such a
      right, then that is something we cannot delegate to another, arbitrarily having
      life and death rights over us, this being….UNALIENABLE or INALIENABLE. We therefore have unalienable rights to our
      innocent LIVES, LIBERTY, and POSSESSIONS, all necessary for the citizen to stay
      alive with assistance of governments which PROTECT these rights. Therefore GOD is part of the formula for
      AMERICAN freedom called LIBERTY, and LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE allows each of us to
      settle in our hearts whether or not to be fools (Bible definition of a fool is,
      THE FOOL SAYETH IN HIS HEART THERE IS NO GOD) and of the spiritual communities,
      which is closer to that in our Bible, or if not Christian, which will be able
      to find in their belief system the tenets closely emulating the Biblical
      virtues. In other words there will be no
      religious persecutions and only the religions (also the founders concept of
      denominations) that are not deleterious to innocent life are actually
      legitimate religions. In America, even
      the Catholics behave, and of the world, American Catholics are the best and
      many excellent patriots enjoying Liberty of Conscience in reference to
      political things.

  • Derek Wey

    How is it compassionate to tell most of Mexico that if you want a better life, move to the USA? How is that compassionate on us to admit such a huge number of needy uneducated people that we cannot possibly take care of? How is that compassionate to the native seniors who built this country who are about to retire and will have to do so on a system that is being drained to the breaking point to talk care of the illegals? We cannot accept even 1% of the world’s poor and down-trodden. If we accept this number, we will become a 3rd world country. The culture we have is far from perfect, but it is worth preserving, and we cannot do that with 11 million who will marry another 11 million (=22 million) who will then come to the USA and have 5 kids each. That’s 11 million couples X 5 = 55, 000,000 increase in population in 6-10 years. (Our current population is about 300,000,000. Do the math!!! We’ve never seen growth in those digits. You want to force that on us??? You’re as insane as you are a traitor to this country. You don’t understand the first thing about this country. You’re another empty suit, sir.

  • Robert Allen

    I believe your just plum dumb. Anything can be justified with a fible mind. There is only one question to be asked, what does ILLEGAL mean? If the truth hurts so be it.

  • Rubio started off his career on the right foot, but them McCain, Graham, and Scumer led him to the progressive Kool-aid and he drank it! Too bad, because in the words of Marlon Brando, “On the Waterfront”, He coulda been a contender.” American workers have lost 2.5 MILLION job paying jobs and these butt-heads want to give amnesty to 11-20 MILLION ILLEGALS, yes, ILLEGAL! They snuck across our border with no papers! They helped smuggle drugs into our country. They turned parts of our Southwestern border areas into landfills with their garbage. Now you want them to take more jobs away from American citizens??? Illegals snuck across the border and killed, or injured American landowners, destroyed animals and crops, and property on their way through, and you MORONS in D.C. want to REWARD them??? We, the PEOPLE, will make sure and keep track of those who dare to vote for this insult to America, because there are TWO, count em, TWO big elections coming real soon 2014 & 2016! Take a look around your office while you still have time left Marco, and think about what could have been.

  • Charity is NOT the Governments to give. it is each person’s to give.
    OBozo & the DOJ prefer to grant status to those breaking our laws, than those who obey them.
    Remember the family from Germany (I believe it was) that came here LEGALLY so they could home-school their children? DOJ decided they needed to be deported – for what we believe is the OBozo’s/DOJ’s disdain for home-schooling?
    This POTUS/Administration & Rove’s RINO Crew (#RRC) are NOT interested in the well being of illegals. This is ONLY about votes & “winning a demographic”.

    Rubio has no clue how to be a Conservative.

  • poptoy1949

    I was wondering if this Marco Rubio Bible Based Compassion extends to everyday AMERICANS that are out of work and need jobs? Or does that belong to the group that says that Charity starts at home first? Marco baby, you are beginning to sound confusing…….

  • junkmailbin

    he must go to one of those feel good dying churches like many. No the bible does not say that.
    It may say treat strangers fairly but does not say to give up you country.

    Anybody remember the strictures about marring non Jews in the bible??

    No where does it say give up your country to foreign invasion, give its wealth to those who come to take, and treat the interlopers better than your own citizens.

  • Common Sense 101

    Immigration must be done legally. Secure the borders and put the people here illegally in the back of the line behind the people who are lawfully trying to enter. Christian pew warmers are not suppose to compromise or enable wrongdoing. Common law is balanced with justice and mercy, not just mercy. Other countries throw aliens in jail as spys but a merciful solution is to put them in the back of the line and require them to enter legally. If they will not do that do not expect them to be law abiding citizens.

  • chaloner

    Stupid RINO!

  • kds

    Rubio has been OBAMASSFIED and wants his illegal south of the border scum to support him.

  • rosie46

    Anything that the Congress produces that is 1000 pages should the shredded and start over. How about a ten-page bill so people will know what they are really doing. Remember Obamacare — “pass it so you can see what is in it.” This will be the same way.

  • Susan

    Rubio—don’t sell your soul to the Devil. You know the Rule of Law and Character is essential to a Free Republic. This Leftist “plan” to destroy this country and erase its borders and LAWS for the NWO—should scare the hell out of you, and any kids you have—they will be treated as the”useful idiots”, just as you will be, and your “people” will no longer have a place to run, when the cartels not only control their country—but the USA/world.

    You are working with extremely demonic people…..who care only for power and sodomy.

    We need educated, mature voters, who won’t think with their genitals.

    • Whackajig

      Why can’t men vote?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Rubio has lost (or sold) his integrity, and it doesn’t look as if he’s going to get it back.

  • Whackajig

    Rubio and Christie = traitors or rinos.

  • Reelman1946

    Marco the gullible…get out while u can…wash the bold lying socialist stink off before its too late…realize now the arrogant apostles of utopian secular socialism are bold liars who smear, demonize and make fantasy promises…its what they MUST do because they sell naturally toxic policies that have rotted nations for decades.

    Wake up Marco…they will lie then lie about lying…pull away from the socialist tar baby!

  • Thor

    Rubio has gone rogue… in a bad way.

  • billkline

    Lets START with compassion for our beleaguered, downtrodden, abused unemployed AMERICANS! Or compassion for our beleaguered, downtrodden SLAVES that used to be middle class Americans!

  • granny

    The Rubios of the GOP are really going beserk. Rubio is also an illegal numb nutz. One of these days they will all get their just desserts. Now I have decided that I will vote for neither party but wait for a worth while person to run against these insane monsters that are sitting in our WH.

  • Reelman1946

    Marco the Gullible drank the RINO/dimdem/media kook-aid…hey Marco, back off while u can…the stink of the bold lying apostles of socialism are using you…never trust those thugs ..enforce CURRENT LAW! There are no excuses when u give 1.3 billion to aid Syrian rebels or Egypt or some otter thug cut nation…seal our border that has allowed illegals from 27 countries in…there are NO excuses!!!

  • Jim28thReg

    My goodness what a stupid man. How in the world did this guy manage to live this long?

  • ProudTeabagger

    Rubio you had such promise. I wouldn’t expect another term in office if I were you.