Senatore Ted Cruz Calls for IRS to Be Abolished

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is a conservative’s conservative, and the IRS’s rampant political favoritism has brought him back to one of this signature campaign issues: getting rid of the tax collection agency for good.

‘In recent weeks the IRS has admitted to unlawfully targeting conservative groups, and trying to silence the president’s critics,’ he says in a Web video launched May 27.

Federal legislators, he says ‘need to make sure it never happens again. It’s time to abolish the IRS.’

‘The senator has spoken about this since his campaign,’ Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told MailOnline.

‘He believes that our tax code should be simple enough that there would be no need for an agency like the IRS,’ Frazier said. ‘This is an issue of principle.’


REad moe at Daily Mail

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  • Michael Lyons

    abolish the IRS……..AGREE!!

  • carrita campbell

    abolish this gregarious overbearing money wasting party wasting department. go to a flat tax and all will be solved. send the irs and obama and congress to the marianias trench forever – money wastage to the nth degree.

  • agbjr

    Not just abolish the IRS but REPEAL the Sixteenth Amendment which made the IRS possible.

    • gene1357

      Repeal it, yes. Or, expose the fraud of it’s ratification! Google “The Law That Never Was”

    • dmbunce

      Abolish the IRS, obama, clinton, muslims, reid, pelosi, etc.etc.etc.

  • David

    Agreed. I bet this lRS crap goes all the way to Obummer

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.sen ted cruz,ok you got the talking part well covered.when can we the people,expect the walking part to take place{example get it done.theres a investigation for this,and theres an investigation for that.but then that’s all that ever happens.you politicans are very good at covering the talking parts.how about getting the walking parts well covered

  • foxxybey

    The brown shirts in the IRS are the foot soldiers for the Nazi dictator in the White House, along with the DHS and other agencies controlled by Hitler reborn in the White House and Kenya. Send the Hitler back to Kenya on a raft and disband all these brown shirt agencies right away.

  • goconnelljr

    REPEAL the illegal Sixteenth Amendment

  • mhsnider

    He is the ONLY one in DC that has the balls to say this. Any other on the right talk about the IRS is all about making the rules easier to understand, take away so of their power, etc; You know that those that don’t want any changes are the ones pulling the strings from behind the curtins. These so called elected reps are all guilty of treason and should be arrested, tried in court and when found guilty then shot or hung.

  • Russ Creel

    Abolish the IRS and go with a flat tax across the board!

    • Anthony Rivieccio

      ?a sales tax or a tax for workers? I would think that a federal tax added to each states sales tax, remitted directly to the departments whose budgets we’re supporting would be an appropriate way to save us lots of money vs. the wasteful way the IRS currently operates – and simplify things greatly for all of us, allowing us to be more productive.

      • Russ Creel

        I should have been more specific. My thoughts were regarding income tax. Sorry about that.

  • DALE


  • Lorraine E

    Bet if the voters, whose taxes pay for the IRS, were allowed to vote (a real vote – not
    one which is totally fraudulent) as to whether they wanted to continue to fund the IRS, it would be ended now. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our elected ‘representatives’ were about doing the will of the people? The IRS was created by our ‘representatives’ and they can defund it and end it. Please Senator Cruz do everything possible to end the IRS.

  • gene1357

    The 16th amendment was a fraud. Free Americans would not likely have given up the protection that the Constitution provided against such a tax, and the oppressive invasive agency that imposes it.
    Repeal the 16th Amendment,! Or, better still, expose the fraudulent proclamation that it was indeed ever passed. Google “the law that never was”, and read the facts about how it happened.

  • gene1357

    Income tax / IRS = unlimited credit card for Congress.
    We don’t pay the income tax, it is confiscated from our pay before we get it.

  • Valentine Day

    The 16th Amendment (Fed income tax) was never ratified by the correct number of States, so it’s not even a legitimate Amendment. Further more IF it were ratified it provides for an ‘apportioned’ tax and since the Federal income tax is not apportioned then it is not even legal according to the illegal 16th Amendment. The only reason we pay the Federal income tax is because if we don’t people with guns show up at our front door to punish us (this is called extortion). If you want to learn more and understand the truth on this matter then go to you tube and watch the free movie ‘Freedom to Fascism’. And for goodness sake learn the truth about the Federal Reserve, a monster that has been robbing you since 1913. Wake up America, please I beg you turn off the stupid game and wake up, before you lose the Country God gave you.

  • gene1357

    I just noticed that the URL on Patriot Update is “invalid”, and “unsubscribed! In other words it is non-functional! I had to Google the headine to get here.
    Just a week after the Administration got the power to monitor the internet.. Imagine that. “Cruz Calling for the IRS to be Permanently ABOLISHED” link disabled!!

  • Anthony Rivieccio

    That would be the best thing that could happen to our country right now – along with dissolving DHS, FEMA, and the ATF. Of course all of that would be quite likely to happen if we were to Enact Term Limits NOW ! ! ! It’s out patriotic duty to self govern !! After all it is way of our country – support the United States of America – Preserve the historical political turning point of mankind – the God given freedom to self govern – Down With Tyranny Once and For All – Enact Term Limits Now ! Then we can finally chase the UN off to an island somewhere along with diplomatic immunity.

  • HongryHawg

    Cruz just keeps hitting them out of the park. I hope he gets something significant done before he’s hit out of the park by hit men.

  • mtman2

    FAIR TAX!!! One time only on new items that are not essentials. No income tax but if you buy any ‘new non essentials’-[cars, entertainment, luxury items, recreational things], not food, medicine, childrens clothing + others that will qualify. Details should be judiciously considered. States would get a -small%-to collect this national sales tax, volume would be lucrative for each state coffers.

  • richcarro

    It’s very refreshing to hear someone in Washington DC come up with a great idea. This would never come out of the mouths of the old guard of Washington DC.

  • marineh2ominer


    • Guest

      we have to change that – we are not the Homogeneous States of Fascism.

  • TStan

    The FairTax will abolish the IRS and transparently provide for our operation of our federal government on OUR terms. If you’re not sure what it is, or think it’s the same as a flat tax (far from it), I urge you to visit the FairTax website and learn first-hand why the FairTax will transform our country in many positive ways that all Constitutional Americans can appreciate – and we could do it by January 1, 2014. The bills are in the House and Senate, so after you get to know it, call your reps and senators and urge them to sign on as co-sponsors – and if they don’t, vote in someone who will. Let’s save this country! God Bless America.

  • Mike Rich

    Why not use a sales tax? The merchant would deposit taxes collected into the govt account at the bank. No income tax. EVERYONE would then be paying their fair share, and the IRS would be obsolete.

    • TStan

      I couldn’t tell for sure from your comment, Mike, but you’re describing what the FairTax is – a sales (or consumption) tax that replaces all other forms of taxation, not just income. And yes, everyone that purchases new goods will pay the tax (citizen, tourist, non-citizen, etc.), and that’s a much larger pool of people than income earners. And, because manufacturing and service providers wouldn’t pay taxes on what they sell, they can (and will thanks to competition) remove the taxes embedded in the price of their products. This is projected to lower the price of a given item enough to offset the national sales tax, so purchase prices are estimated to stay about the same. Also, nobody pays any tax on purchases up to the poverty line. Easy to collect, and easy to account for after it’s collected. Businesses will flock (back) to our shores, so the jobs outlook also greatly improves. It’s right in front of us, but it’s also up to us to scatter the crooks and elect people like Ted Cruz that want to serve on behalf of the public and not themselves. Sorry to carry on, but I hope some of you look further into the FairTax and spread the word.

  • Chris Fostel

    Although it was 30 years ago and might be different now, I remember the Pennsylvania flat income tax. You took the total income reported on your W-2, wrote that on line 1, multiplied by a percentage, wrote that on line 2, wrote the withholding tax from the W-2 on line 3, compared the numbers on lines 2 and 3, saw that they were exactly equal, signed the card (not a cumbersome 10-100 page form), put the card in the mail, and then did absolutely nothing. There was no refund, no underpayment, no foolishness, no government incentives to change behavior for or against anything. It was a great system. My jobs took me away from PA. I hope they kept their uber simple tax code for individuals.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Ted Cruz has a point a government service is only as good as it’s employees and so the IRS has become a running joke. They need stop favoritism and waste or be seen as useless and thus fired.