Sessions Warns Senate Poised to Vote on Immigration Bill “NO ONE HAS READ”

A top Senate Republican sounded the alarm ahead of a major test vote on Monday that could clear the way for passage of a sweeping immigration overhaul, saying the chamber is about to vote on a bill “no one has read.”
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who for months has been fighting against the bill, accused the Senate of rushing to vote on the legislation amid a late push to modify it. At issue is a border security amendment being touted by supporters as a bipartisan compromise that could attract a large majority.
But Sessions accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of cramming the amendment into the rest of the “1,200-page” bill with the goal of advancing the legislation late Monday afternoon.
“The Majority Leader’s motion will stifle amendments and accelerate the vote on final passage before anyone has vetted the modified legislation,” Sessions said in a statement.
Sessions took to the Senate floor on Monday afternoon to complain that the updated language was only filed Friday.
“This is exactly what happened with ObamaCare,” Sessions said.
Reid, meanwhile, declared that “the immigration bill will pass with Democratic and Republican votes.”
Tensions were high ahead of the vote, which is technically on the amendment itself. Reid needs to gather at least 60 votes to advance toward final passage, possibly before the holiday recess. Some conservative Republicans acknowledged the bill is likely to pass the Senate, but warned that the House is another matter.
“It’s dead on arrival in the House,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said on Sunday.

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  • oildance
  • len

    This is the way business is done now with these UN-Americans we voted into office along with their boss THE LIAR IN CHIEF.

  • MaranathaMark

    Do you think!… It’s over 1,000 pages long, NONE OF THEM KNOW WHAT ALL IS IN IT!!! It should be illegal for any congressman to vote on a bill that they haven’t read completely through! It should be illegal for any bill to be more than 10 pages long!

    • Douglas Moore

      I agree! So let’s get to callin’ these jokers on the phone! Jam the lines and more than once. I’m with ya!

      • MaranathaMark

        I’ve call my senators with mixed results: Rand Paul’s office answer the phone and respectfully acknowledged my position and said they would pass it on. Sen. McConnell has refused to answer his Washington Office number for the last 3 months – “all lines are busy due to high phone traffic!”! I might buy that spill once or twice but every time I call for over 3 months!?!? Yeah Right there, Mitch! And he is up for re-election in 2014! Unbelievable, in one way, but completely believable and expected in another!

      • rosie46

        I have been doing that. Though unfortunately Reid is one of my senators and he is Obama’s puppet in the Senate. Heller;s office, the other one, just takes the message, though he responds in letters (good for him, but a vote for this bill erases all points he has built up).

    • jenniewalsh

      Check out DownsizeDC.org. They have a “Read the Bills Act” and also a “One Subject at a Time Act”

      • K

        Done! and Done!
        I just signed them.
        Thanks for the links

  • MaranathaMark

    Every one reading this, should call their Senators, if they vote for it and ask them if they read the whole bill before they voted on it, and if they are honest and say they didn’t then blast them for not reading the legislation they are voting on!!!

    • Hoodoo H

      You betcha!!!

  • bless2live

    Everything that is done by this regime is disigned to murder America, everything!

  • Ed

    Too many lawmakers vote on bills that haven’t been fully read much less understood! So, just who do they represent beyond their own interests?

  • coastx

    Proof of FABIAN SOLIDARITY on the corrupt practice of fraud legislation what true and actual purpose is socialist communitarian mission creep and simultaneous collapse of US domestic and economic infrastructures, and AKENHATON, sitting in the White House, is laughing his 2400 year old mummy ass off!

  • marineh2ominer

    If we get ambushed again with another Obam-ass care atrocity we are still regreting every damn American in the country needs to go to DC with BLOOD on their mind , or get their asses when they come home and make them regret their actions with a PHYSICAL demonstration of our wrath . I have been calolin all weekend and today and they are turning a deaf ear and ignoring our calls , Burr and Hagan of North Carolina both need strung up if they vote for any of this trash because NO one wants it except the Mexican government and the communists that want to see this republic destroyed .

  • Hoodoo H

    Everybody that votes for it needs to be primaried/recalled.
    I DID.

  • jenniewalsh

    Jeff Sessions stands staunchly against the EVIL ONES and their bills in the Senate. He seems to have a gift of searching out and recognizing deceit and treachery. I would NOT trust for a half of a second, ANYTHING that has Schumer’s, Durbin’s or Menendez’s names on it.

  • jenniewalsh

    PLEASE pray for all the congressmen who are standing up for freedom, justice, truth and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They seem to be outnumbered in congress and are possibly in danger for their very lives. The secret members of the Kingdom of Satan do not like to be opposed in their evil agendas.

  • gpo1913

    I don’t believe they know how to read.

  • TexRancher

    We have a dictatorship as evidenced by the Senate’s actions! Someone is ordering these TRAITORS to vote on something they know nothing about! We, the people will pay the price. Our country has been invaded and those responsible to protect against that not only refused to honor their oath of office, but actively worked to protect those foreign nationals who are part of the invasion now occupying this country! That’s TREASON!
    We saw the same thing with Obama’s healthCONTROL bill! So we’ve been there, done that and we are seeing cratering before our eyes, yet we’ll still be forced to pay for it!
    GTG + Grand Theft government!
    Keep a list of these traitors, we’ll need it!

  • robert1407

    So, what is new? Most of these idiots have been trained in the School controlled by the Federal Board Of Education (propaganda) and can barely read about “see Spot run”. So just why should they, as most of the Voter can not read of think about 4 grade level anyway. That is why they vote these corrupt crimnals back into office over and over again. That goes for all the Political Parties and their hacks.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Their is something wrong with congress when the senate passes a bill with even bothering to read it.

    • To that end, the rules need to be changed…so that no one can claim that (s)he has not had a chance to read the bill, the rules should be changed so that there is a waiting period before being allowed to vote on the bill. I’d have it as follows: 1 day for the first 60 pages, and 1 additional page for every 50 pages or part thereof after it. As this bill clocks in at 1,922 pages, that would be a 39-day waiting period.

      You need to read a bill to find out what’s in it.

  • stratman51

    I can cut it down to two sentences:
    1. Put up a REAL wall to the South, close all of the borders; land, sea, and air.
    2. Enforce the laws already on the books.


  • These friggin DUMB A$$ COMMIE IDIOTS that want to, as old Nancy P put it, “pass the bill so we will know what’s in it”. The radical liberals in charge need to be “put out of commission” ASAP, so we can save what’s left of America. Where’s Seal Team 6 when we need them ??? Is it 1776 … again ???

  • Kent2012

    Kenyan boy’s supporters in the senate and house are very fond of passing bills that require a wheelbarrow to move and demanding that the vote happens before anyone can realistically have an opportunity to find out what communist inspired surprises are lurking inside…..can you say “affordable health care bill” ???…

  • randy

    Really, seriously, these Washington ASS MONKEYS are going to pass ANOTHER bill without knowing what disasters are hidden in it ? We need to have militia march on Washington and take our country back.