Spiking the Obamacare Football ?


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Guess all that shaking down the insurance companies for funding and assistance in promoting ObamaCare didn’t work. Now Sebelius is hitting up the NFL (see link below). Hmmm … guess we now know what all that “concussion” chatter was about a few weeks ago.

Seems to me the NFL has been whipped into line by the administration: Support our health care train wreck and maybe we’ll lighten up on you. Seems to me the NFL is buying some time before the HHS starts investigating all those head injuries. Or, perhaps the NFL and/or all the team owners, are afraid of an IRS audit, ay?

When Kathleen Sebelius says, “… the most daunting aspect is that people still don’t know enough about what’s going to change in the law and don’t have enough information — still have some misinformation,” she’s full of it…

The people who ARE paying attention, are the people who DO pay taxes, and they know all too well why they don’t want this intrusion into their lives.
The NFL had better understand that it is the people who ARE paying attention and who DO pay taxes that ARE the ones who PAY for tickets to games, foods at concession stands, memorabilia at the stadiums, season tickets, etc. The Obama administration is looking to use the NFL (and the NBA, by the way) to push their propagandist misinformation to the know-nothing, low information, gimme-dese, gimme-dats ObamaPhone crowd.

I’m no big football fan, but it seems to me that the tens of millions of Americans who are, had better start firing up the phone lines to the NFL.
They need to get the STRONG message that if they so publicly and vocally get behind this ObamaCare monstrosity, if they agree to let themselves be used to spew the ObamaCare spin through the TVs in millions of homes of football fans who only care to watch a game, they can kiss everyone’s a** goodbye.

Fans should not buy any more NFL licensed product EVER again; and should end their subscriptions to the. NFL network on cable. The NFL is SUPPOSED to be entertainment and a distraction from the mess this country is in– and NOT be a part of it. It is NOT supposed to get in bed with a government program that the MAJORITY of Americans don’t approve of and had rammed down their throats.

How dare the NFL allow themselves to be used as a socialist ObamAlinksy tool. If this comes to be, I can tell you one thing for a FACT: The NFL will stand for “Not For Long” in my house.

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  • lonestarlet

    The author is spot on with her assessment of the govt trying to get the NFL involved in funding Obamacare. Perhaps they will be the first to refuse to have anything to do with it; perhaps not. But it would be a noble move for this day and time. Otherwise, prepare to lose your fan base – something that several teams cannot afford at this time.

    • loriboxer

      Thanks, lonestarlet. And of course, what a joke it would be if the NFL DOES get involved in that there is not one single NFL player who will be affected by ObamaCare. Every single one of them will get the medical services and attention they need, when they need it, no matter the cost, no matter the place. They can afford it. ObamaCare will be for we ‘little people.’

  • foxxybey

    Will turn off any game that any of the ads run on and no football gear for my family, let the NFL suck wind.

  • tahoeax

    The first time I see any indication that the NFL is supporting Obamacare, I will cancel the NFL channel, and there will be NO NFL football in my home for a year.

  • hankthetank

    I will not watch, or go to any game of any sport that goes alone with Obamacare;

  • Lori is correct and the NFL will definitely stand in my home as “Not for Long”

  • Robert S Moulds

    Using the NFL and NBA is cleaver marketing for universal health care. If Barack Obama really wanted cooperation from the American people he should have been honest about the cost and the possible use of sales tax in the first place. It is the lies that cost him credibility proving Krauthammer right.

  • It’s almost over

    This corrupt administration will throw some money or a tax credit or two or three their way and the NFL and all the other crapy sports owners will fall in line just like they’re supposed to. People of America you don’t get it do you…this once great country is gone. Stop acting like theres still a chance for goodness sakes. If we didn’t have this Information highway we call the Internet none of us would know a thing that’s going on right under our noses. This has been going on for a long time and it won’t stop just because you stop watching a sport.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Wow, I like your articles, Mrs. boxer.

    No relation to the despised & corrupt socialist Boxer in California, are you?