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“Congress shouldn’t just look at nonprofits that this administration gave a hard time; it should also look at ones that have cozy relations. The contrast is striking.

…The House Energy and Commerce Committee just launched a probe into Sebelius’ fund-raising, which may be illegal and is certainly grossly improper. But the first questions should go to the IRS in connection with the nonprofits:

When Organizing for Action submitted its request a few months ago to be a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt group, just like the Wetumpka Tea Party of Alabama, did it receive an 88-page questionnaire in return? Did IRS agents in Cincinnati, Washington and California demand it turn over its list of donors?

Enroll America started as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt group in 2010, the same time conservative groups began to face obstacles to IRS recognition. What information did it have to provide? Did anyone ask about its board chairman, Ron Pollack, whose own Families USA nonprofit was intimately involved in passing ObamaCare — a law that helped the group’s revenues soar from $4.3 million in 2010 to $11 million in 2011?

Politico reported these ties months ago. Has any IRS official shown an interest?

The Politico article began, ‘Several former White House staffers have found a new way to promote ObamaCare: They’re spending millions in secret corporate and union cash, and they’re harnessing grass-roots tactics to some of the biggest names in the health-care industry.’ That’s why Obama’s ace from the Ohio ground ops campaign has a new job. And why Pollack told reporters that Enroll America ‘is going to be run like a political campaign.’

When will IRS ears prick up over these friendly relations between big business, big nonprofits and national political officials?”

Their “progressive”, Marxist, leftist, “ends justify any means”, illegal, look-the-other-way, abuse of power, totalitarian, illegitimate electioneering, racketeeting, colluding, un-American modus operandi is very clear.

From unions to education to non-profits to the media to the IRS, to the State Department, the HHS, DOJ, DOE, and to the POTUS and SOSOTUS — traiterous, collectivist, crony corruption.

The only solution to this cluster-dysfunctional evil in our midst, given obvious patterns and clear actions, is impeachment, prosecution and imprisonment if we hope to save our Republic. Else, welcome to Amerika.

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  • ADRoberts

    The silence is deafening. Little from the media compared to how much wrong is happening. Nothing from the Democrats. Little from the Republicans. If it were not for Tea Party members IN the Republican party, kicking their shins, we probably would not hear or know anything.
    Conspiracy? YES

  • Robert S Moulds

    Tax forms are so complicated and they are written in legalize a language unto it’s self they could use it in a conspiracy and get away with it.