Supreme Court Strikes Key Part of Voting Rights Act!

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A major victory today for state sovereignty and the power of the citizens!
The Supreme Court neuters federal power by striking a key part of the Voting Rights Act!

FINALLY… the United States Supreme Court actually does its job to balance the power….
The striking of this section of the Voting Rights Act puts states back in control of elections in their states and removes the power of the corrupt justice department.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department can no longer block states from requiring voter ID or any other regulations the states put in place in order to ensure the integrity of the election process..

President Barack Obama said today he was “deeply disappointed” that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the Voting Rights Act and called on Congress to pass a new law to ensure equal access to voting polls for all.

“I am deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision today,” Obama said in a statement, saying the action “upsets decades of well-established practices that help make sure voting is fair, especially in places where voting discrimination has been historically prevalent.

The Supreme Court gutted a key portion of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, ruling that Congress used obsolete reasoning in continuing to force nine states, mainly in the South, to get federal approval for voting rule changes affecting blacks and other minorities.

In a 5-4 decision with the court’s conservative justices in the majority, the court ruled in favor of officials from Shelby County, Alabama, by declaring invalid a section of the law that set a formula that determines which states need federal approval to change voting laws.

Writing for the majority, conservative Chief Justice John Roberts said the coverage formula that Congress used when it most recently re-authorized the law in 2006 should have been updated.

“Congress did not use the record it compiled to shape a coverage formula grounded in current conditions,” he wrote. “It instead re-enacted a formula based on 40-year-old facts having no logical relationship to the present day.”

The coverage formula therefore violates the sovereignty of the affected states under the U.S. Constitution, Roberts said.

One of the most closely watched disputes of the court’s current term, the case centers on the civil rights-era law that broadly prohibited poll taxes, literacy tests and other measures that prevented blacks from voting. In the 1960s, such laws existed throughout the country but were more prevalent in the South with its legacy of slavery.

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  • GOOD! Anything which disappoints BS-Barry is automatically on the list of good things, until proven otherwise!

  • grantmyass

    a little step back to sanity, where does the federal govt get off tellling the states that they can’t check for voter fraud???

  • Hoodoo H


  • dufus

    Obama is disappointed as the dead voters can’t elect someone like him again.

  • marineh2ominer

    Up YOURS Eric Holder you criminal SOB !

  • junkmailbin

    now they need to strike down another abomination of teddy kennedy, the great and wonderful civil rights act of 1964. this act declares that it is ok to discriminate against whites but not blacks. equal under the law means just that


    Anything that “deeply disappoints” Oshama makes me just so very happy, happy, happy!

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Great! This means that states, at least the ones not completely communist, can now block the illegals from voting and hopefully get rid of the duplicate/dead/non-human votes for the communist party. Very surprising since the SCOTUS usually only gets the most left-leaning of judges confirmed.

  • dmbunce

    First bit of good news in about 4 and a half years! Now if we could just get rid of all the rigged voting machines.

  • rikker45

    are they talking about voter intimidation from the new black panthers?

  • Joe Lettieri

    Every time our great leader opens mouth a flood of excrement comes out.

  • TexRancher

    Obama is disappointed that it is now a little bit harder for him to benefit from voter fraud!

    States can now clean up the voter rolls of the dead and felons. Maybe even prevent multiple voting by individuals ex. St. Lucie Country, Fla with a 141% voting.. Or maybe Philadelphia, Pa. where 59 districts did not register one vote for Romney. Statistically impossible. At least now, an honest effort to clean up voter fraud can be made without Holder trying to sue States that dare to try it!
    Sorry about that, Kenya Boy!