The Grime, Slime and Crime ALL Leads to Obama


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The Obamatollah’s persecution of American citizens didn’t start with this IRS scandal. The skinny socialist has been doing things ‘the Chicago way” in a full court press since before he came to public office, and with the exact same crew from the Shitcago cesspool of corrupt Communist-y organizers that are with him today. This is the man who released his opponents’ sealed divorce records to run him out of the race for Senate; he was losing to his that Republican candidate, and would have lost that Senate election, until that dirty episode. That was the only way The Obamatollah could win that election.

And we all remember Joe the Plumber, right? Well, how many remember that AFTER his random encounter with ObeyMe in September 2008, the one that gave us a glimpse into the black hole we find ourselves in today, the government and media worked together to release Joe’s tax information? A now former government contractor, Brett A. Gerke, who served as the IT Director for the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, was the perfect person to rummage through the State police computer network to retrieve personal information about Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher. And you don’t think that happened by some ‘rogue’ IT Director, do you? Who wants to bet the ObeyMe camp reached out to him to get the low-down on Joe, then leaked it to the press to release it to the public? They wanted people to know that Joe owed the IRS a couple thousand dollars, and they also investigated whether he had a full plumber’s license or just an “associate plumber/contractor” license. He was investigated and harassed like some kind of sex offender, just for making an offhand remark that “’spread the wealth around’ sounds like socialism.” (H/T to Michelle Malkin who, at that time, released Gerke’s full name and home address http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/15/not-even-a-wrist-slap-for-snoop-who-violated-joe-the-plumbers-privacy/)

As I said above, this whole persecution of Americans for their religious, moral and political beliefs started BEFORE ObeyMe got elected the first time, and has only accelerated since. Yet, the AP had no problem with it until he bugged their phones.

Plain and simple: This is how Obama won the November 2012 election—through voter fraud and stonewalling on conservative 501c applications so they could not register and rally people to vote like all the groups of gimmedese and gimmedats did. He is an illegitimate president.

It is way past time for Obama to be removed from office—preferably escorted by Marines while in handcuffs for crimes he has committed to get into office as well as while he has been in office.

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  • foxxybey

    The messiah in chief could care less about freedom as he is the next anit-christian idiot on the scene, a no good SOB from hell his mother screwed anything walking, ask those who went to Hawaii U and says it all a drunk slut who had her child in Kenya, a little stupid slut who didn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground, and her son is everything she believed in. His grandmother was there when the demonic ass arrived. A Hitler want to be, hates Jews and Christians with all his dark soul, a Bastard a pretender who want’s to be the next little god on earth, you elected him, the dead, the welfare queens and racist anti-white idiots so live with him and burn with him in the lake of fire you satan loving idiots.

    • Walt Wills

      foxxy, you nailed it – outstanding. We reap what we sow

    • It’s almost over

      Foxy, you need to open up more. Quit keeping things inside. Express yourself. It heals the soul…!

      Great freaken post!!!!

      • foxxybey

        Thanks It’s almost over and Walt Wills, once in awhile I have to say what it is, makes me feel good to tell the truth. God Bless Both of You:

  • foxxybey

    If it is evil you know it is of satan and obozo is satan’s son, a bastard who came on the scene, illegal and from Kenya, never went to school where this clown-in-chief said he was from, the simple. stupid and dumb want a hand out, not a hand up and he captures those who get, screw this messiah-in-chief, send him to Kenya with no paddles that goes in circles and says but, I am god.

  • marineh2ominer

    And there he is ! No one doing anything !

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Corrupt politician, since day one. I saw this coming before his presidential run, since he’s from such a scummy city, and not an American citizen either.

    • USMCret

      I saw it too the corrupt personality of a socialist with as god complex and he should be arrested ad escorted by the Marines that stand guard and shipped to GITMO and water boarded so we can get him to reveal the records he has been hiding for the last 5 years.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Barack Obama is cleaver but if he wants anything positive in his second term he needs to remember leadership is a privilege. That those who leads are more important than his career and if they are troops battlefield success is more important than both.

  • gepops58

    I would like to hang a 40×80 photograph of the arrest of ovomit by ARMED MARINES on my wall if these folks would get off their collective butts and do their damn jobs


    I suggest that The House of Representatives prepare Articles of Impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder for a start. If nothing else, it would show how serious we are. Holder is Obama’s fire wall and is the dupe that is running the cover-up to protect him. If he is impeached,…Obama cannot pardon him. Read the Constitution. If he is charged and is convicted, he will go down the river and bring the whole house of deciet down! Please email or write all of your Representatives in the House. In the Senate, it would only take 20 Democrats to go along with it, and they are so mad they would do it.