The Larger Threat Behind Obama

It is very sad that America’s first black President will be judged as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive President in our nation’s history. He could have bridged the racial divide…. Instead, he fueled growing hostility.

He was elected, not once, but twice by a population of people who voted on the color of his skin rather than the ability of this man to lead an exceptional nation.

Yet, Barack Obama and his plans to destroy this country do not frighten me nearly as much as the sheer numbers of people who voted for him.

Those people are either clueless, lazy entitlement leeches, or haters of a true Constitutional Republic….. which makes them all, enemies of the country built on the foundation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. – © 2013 JAN MORGAN/ JANMORGANMEDIA.COM


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  • vet

    Because of him I doubt there will ever be another black president let alone a muslim.

  • shoemama

    It IS sad!
    After the stock market fell in 2008, most people who know anything about politics, knew that Obama would be the next president. I, being Republican, wasn’t very happy about that, but I WAS GLAD that the racial barrier had been breached. I worried about his inexperience, but hoped for the best. Up until THIS president, I had always felt that Democrats and Republicans had basically had our country’s best interests at heart. I’ve followed politics since 1960. (NO, I’m not naive. Nobody is lily white and power got to a lot of politicians. I don’t think anyone before, PURPOSELY tried bring the USA down.)

    THIS president is different, however. Not the color of his skin, but his basic BELIEFS. He thinks this country needs to be brought down: that the USA doesn’t deserve to be a world leader! He wants us to be just another nation that “spreads” its wealth around. A third world country…so what??? He believes the MUSLIMS should rule the world! (although I do wonder what Michelle would think of having to live under Sharia Law!!)

    IF we can get rid of Obama, it is going to take a long time to undo the damage he has done. I’m sure there will be other black men and women who will lead this country some day. We will ALL rue the circumstances which gave rise to a man like Obama.

    • Michael DeAmicis

      The had under Sharia law. Thatis rich. I would pay good money and a lot of it to have that happen. They would burry her to her neck and tass rocks at her. Maybe then she would have an ounce of respectfor my flag.

  • Robert S Moulds

    He is not worst president the United States ever had Jimmy Carter was worse. Jimmy’s drunken brother sided with Arab rulers against Israel. Jimmy had Andrew Young ironically a 1960s civil rights activist and Henry Kissinger negotiate with apartheid South Africa. The changing of minority only 13% of the population the whites only 5% the total population and 8% of the blacks could vote)ruled Rhodesia to a Shona Stalinist Zimbabwe where they killed of revile N mebelie tribe. Jimmy authorized the use of American troop lucky not used in a 1980 student uprising. Jimmy failed in operation eagle claw costing the lives of 4 American service men. Jimmy did all tis damage in only four years. So Barack Obama has a way to go before he is the worst.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      Wow; I’m aware that a lot of folks were displeased with Carter, but you’re ranting doesn’t even make sense.
      This article is about Obama being the first President to ever purposely tear down this great country.
      You’re ranting is a carbon copy of other liberals; take a few facts and figures, throw them around, add in some garbage, spew them forth like a revival preacher, and sound like a fool.
      Carter, even if ineffectual, didn’t try to purposely destroy this country. He was a God Fearing man, who just wasn’t ready for the corrupt back-stabbing of Washington DC. His actions on the world stage have to be levied against the ideologies of his time, not against the ideologies of today.
      Was Carter a failure? Yes. Did he purposely try to destroy the USA ? No.

  • guest

    “It is very sad that America’s first black President will be judged as
    the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive
    President in our nation’s history.” by you and the crazy right wingers that read this blog. But you don’t speak for all Americans, as much as you’d love to. Most inept and wasteful belong to W. Most corrupt and subversive belongs to Nixon. Most destructive: Hoover. And the divisiveness in today’s politics has as much (or more) to do with the Republican opposition that Obama.

    And funny that blackness is now a political asset (even though there are still only two blacks in the Senate, and one of those was appointed). But keep in your little conservative thought bubble. The rest of the world will move along just fine.

    BTW (before all the hate gets spewed), I did not vote for Obama. Just capable of independent thought not driven by ideological hatred.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      I too, did NOT vote for Obama.
      However, I can see a lot more truth in the article, than I can in your statements.
      It is clear that you are an Obama lover; Just as I am an Obama hater.
      During the election, I told people that they needed to get past the “person”. They needed to look at the bigger issue. They would simply be voting for BIGGER federal government, or SMALLER federal government.
      It is clear that my speeches went to waste.
      What comes next? Simple:
      When diplomacy fails, war follows.

      • guest

        The only SMALLER government choice on the ballot in 2012 was Gary Johnson (whom I voted for). You were fooling yourself if you believe Romney was a smaller federal government option. When was the last time the federal government shrank under a Republican administration? They talk the good talk, but look at the actions – every single one of them over the past three decades (including the beloved Reagan) oversaw tremendous growth in federal government. Meanwhile, who is the smallest government spender since Eisenhower? http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/05/24/who-is-the-smallest-government-spender-since-eisenhower-would-you-believe-its-barack-obama/

        But go ahead, believe whatever you want to believe. Facts are such tedious things.

  • Sue

    Lets not forget that he committed fraud in winning the last election. There was even fraud in the first one too, but not as much. People started waking up to his evil deeds and he knew even though they didn’t want Romney, they wanted Obama less.

  • David

    Our children are being brainwashed by the very school system that is supposed to be educating them .PLEASE Watch the U tube video, Agenda: Grinding America Down, They are using our own school age children against us to further their Progressive Liberal (Communist) Agenda. Please watch & share, If we do not act soon all is lost.

  • marineh2ominer


  • barbarabarbara

    “He could have bridged the racial divide…. Instead, he fueled growing hostility.”

    The above statement in the article is glaringly true. Now, I have come to believe Obama’s skin color has something to do with his ineptness and hatred of America, after all.