U.S. Gives Saudi Airlines “Unrestricted” Access to American Skies

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Fifteen of the 19, 9/11 terrorists who hijacked and crashed American planes killing almost 3000 people were from Saudi Arabia.
So…. what does our government do in response to “protect us”… We get TSA and the home country of the terrists gets unrestricted access to our skies.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have signed an Open Skies agreement that will “permit unrestricted air service by the airlines of both countries between and beyond the other’s territory.”

The agreement means Saudi airlines may fly from any point in the kingdom to any point in the United States, and that U.S. airlines may fly from any point here to any airport in Saudi Arabia.

The deal was signed May 28 in Jeddah by U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James B. Smith and Dr. Faisal bin Hamad Al-Sugair, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Director of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

“Saudi Arabia is a valued and close partner of the United States,” Kerry Humphrey of the State Department’s Bureau of Economic & Business Affairs told CNSNews.com. “This agreement not only reflects the excellent state of our bilateral relations, but also promises to facilitate further development of those relations with regard to tourism and trade.”

But in announcing the Open Skies Agreement, the State Department said the deal will benefit businesses and travelers “while preserving our commitments to aviation safety and security.”

According to the State Department’s most recent report on global terrorism, “During 2012, the Government of Saudi Arabia continued its long-term counterterrorism strategy to track and halt the activities of terrorists and terrorist financiers, dismantle the physical presence of al-Qa’ida, and impede the ability of militants to operate from or within the Kingdom.”

The State Department says full implementation of the Open Skies agreement with Saudi Arabia will take place over three years and will be monitored to ensure that each country has completed the required domestic legal measures.

Per the agreement, the seven airlines will be permitted “unrestricted” access to US skies and airports for the purpose of international travel and shipments. They will not, however, be permitted to service domestic flight routes within the United States.

The United States has over one hundred identical agreements with foreign countries. Saudi Arabia is the last country on the Arabian Peninsula—after Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, the U.A.E, and Qatar—to sign an Open Skies agreement.

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  • jmac731976

    Qatar has two of them apparently

  • Katie Sansone

    No Jan, the “US” and Americans do NOT give those idiots free reign of OUR US skies, but “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” and his dictatorial czars sure are doin’ it!
    WTP need to “short out their power” and give them a “BLACKOUT”!

  • David

    How many Americans will fly to Saudi Arabia for vacation? This is mainly a way for more muslims to get over here to stay.

    • Greg

      Exactly “David” The intent is to flood Muslims (obama’s Muslime Brotherhood) into America with NO intent to leave again. This “Saudi Airlines “Unrestricted” Access to American Skies” is an OUTRAGE and must be stopped!
      This was completely the work of obamination, period.
      If/When the SHTF, “We the People” Patriots, will have a lot of work to do in order to cleanse America of all the infestations over the last 100+ years.

  • HongryHawg

    Maybe they’ll use their own planes when they crash into the White House.

  • JoaquinDeadf

    Obama= Muslum Brotherhood

  • Steve

    Where’s our REPUBICAN CONSERVATIVES on this??????????????? They are just as guilty for sitting on the sidelines!

  • junkmailbin

    noe the coward moslems can make money hosting jihad flights to washingtom

  • gepops58

    I reckon next we will hear of syria or iran or muslim brotherhood air ways to travel unimpeded to our friendly sky’s however they won’t stay friendly after this happens

  • Robert S Moulds

    While Saudi Arabia is a rich country it is a repressive country that rarely allows non Muslims to visit. While the United States is a liberal democracy and the richest country. In any case who wants an airline that won’t let stewardesses wear miniskirts,hot pants and go go boots or pumps. I for one don’t.

    • YellowJacket2

      Robert:America is a Republic. Not a Democracy. There is a very important distinction between the two. I realize that it’s easy to lose track of that fact when everyone in our news media and in our classrooms keeps pushing the Democracy label.