U.S. Says Deadly Mers Virus Could Affect National Security

As Saudi and U.N. health authorities report new infections from a troubling new respiratory disease, there are concerns that the approaching Hajj – the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca – could increase the risk of spreading the virus as pilgrims return to their home countries.

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Meanwhile the U.S. government, in a notice published in the Federal Register Wednesday, declared that the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV, or simply MERS) could potentially “affect national security or the health and security of United States citizens living abroad.”

Saudi Arabia is currently the undisputed center of the scare.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the majority of the 55 confirmed MERS cases – 40 infections, 24 deaths – have occurred in the kingdom, while two deaths each have been reported in Britain and Jordan and one death each in France and the United Arab Emirates. (The fatalities in Europe were linked to visits to the Middle East.)

Infections also have been reported in Qatar, Tunisia and Italy.

The notice published in the Federal Register Wednesday said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has determined that “there is a significant potential for a public health emergency that has a significant potential to affect national security or the health and security of United States citizens living abroad.”

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  • HongryHawg

    Not only do we have to worry about the cancer in the administration, we now have to worry about a deadly disease from muslim brethern. Real Americans just cannot get a break these days.

  • Mary2333

    Well, if the government uses this to require vaccinations it will be time for civil disobedience!

    • mhsnider

      I wonder if our own government came up with this virus in our CIA secret labs????

  • gatorbait88

    maybe ”ALLAH OOP”is not so merciful…….

    • GrizzlyIX

      OR INFALLIBLE! ! ! ! !ROFLMFFS-IAO! ! ! !

  • DouglasDauntless

    Because our Scientist created it and put out into the World to see how many people it would kill. With OK from B.O. and FDA. The B.O. Regime wants to kill as many Americans as they can. It’s called zero population, Why do you think we have Obama Care, it’s not to cure anyone it is to murder every one by law. I call it Murder Inc.

    • vladilyich

      A friend of mine returned from Saudi about a month ago with bad cough. I started coughing about a week ago, right after our local hospital diagnosed him with MERS. I was planning on returning to the U.S. at the end of June, so I called the Department of State about border inspection. I was told that the only way I would be allowed into my country of citizenship is with a hospital form declaring me symptom free for three months. Any border patrol or ICE agent that tries to detain me and prevent me from going home will probably not live out their shift.

      • Clint

        Some times we are living in, huh?

      • Sunnydaze

        While all the uproar about this virus may be true and it may even be true that our own government created it for nefarious reasons but it’s attitudes like yours that’s going to spread it to the rest of us. If you’re willing to eliminate border guards for trying to keep you from getting home you’re sure as hell not going to worry about the innocent people that will be infected on your way home because you are already symptomatic. That includes your own family that you’re apparently willing to infect.

        • mrsgunnut10

          Absolutely Sunnydaze, you are right. When I came home from Thailand, Southeast Asia, in 1969, I went thru a varity of Medical Tests before I could go home. If I failed any of them, I wasn’t going home until I was cleared by the Base Hospital. All went well and I was free to go. The only caution that they gave me, was not to give blood for , I believe it was three (3) years, even though thet said I was “Clean” . TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • ralph Langer

      Douglas Dauntless[above] & all Americans.: Approximately 1-2 yrs ago I saw LIVE on c-span de-population [USA] meeting w Katherine Sebiluis DR Emanue [ROMS brother & others in the small group.] DR: E said he has a plan on how to de-populate the USA. . Government has a injection . If we announce there is a new Virus in USA & everyone must be Inoculated. within 3-6 months all INOC will be DEAD. The problem will be the Mass Burials needed. I am NOT crazy & I KNOW what I saw & heard. Many months later I went on U-Tube. found the meeting [ I think I typed in DE- population or something like that. I searched for a long time until I found the meeting I speak of. & part I am describing was deleted & DR EMANUAL then called for a break in Meeting . I swear to GOD, my children & grand children this is the TRUTH. This article brought what I saw & heard up again & into my memory bank.I have told a few people about this. I KNOW most who read this will not believe what I have said. the Proof has been erased BUT I cannot be the only person who had seen this. I am in Great health NOW. If the wrong people see this I may be short lived. PS I was in shock & could not believe what I was seeing & hearing at this meeting [maybe 10 people there]. any FBI agents reading this contact me. Im not hard to find. .

      • Clint

        I just had a visit with my VA physician who offered me a vaccine for “shingles”. Up to that point I didn’t know there was such a vaccine. I took the shot after many questions to the doctor who said it was both effective and safe. All of a sudden, I’m not at all sure I made the right choice. Tomorrow morning I will tell my wife to watch and if anything should happen to my health in the immediate future, she should be aware that it is possible that my demise was caused by our benevolent government. Long live the progressive, collective state. Not. My question is, what happened to the United States while I was not looking. I remember now why we are to be ever vigilant.

        • Tami Hope Dycus

          I have seen signs at our local Walgreens for the “shingles” vaccine. so your doctor was telling the truth that their is one,. rather it works or not or is something other then it what it claims to be I don’t know. I also don’t know anyone personaly that has taken it.

          • Clint

            Thanks Tami. I no longer trust my government any more than I would trust a Diamondback rattler. Thanks again for the info.

      • DouglasDauntless

        I believe you because that is what Obama and Sebiluis, and Emanuel are about. I call it Murder Inc. by Obama’s law. I have known this from before Obama was elected. The only people they want are going to be their slaves are the Mexicans and the Blacks, all the white people will be put to death.

  • daveveselenak

    Oh come on, really, can any sane thinking person believe a word out of this communist regime? It’s coming, forced innoculations and the sheeple will baa, baa, baa as they line up! This NWO regime will get rid of the peons in a slew of ways as they are a burden on the resources that belong to the NWO elitists! It’s that simple!

  • ADRoberts

    Do you suppose that God will bring judgement on the Muslims with the death of hundreds or thousands.
    What effort do you suppose Obama will go to to save those violent faithful muslims?

    • Cincitiger

      G-d will bring the Muslimes down and their so called allah will be impotent to do anything about it,

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Does this mean any muslims/terrorists that go home to the terror epicenter can be blocked from ever returning to the U.S.? I hope so.

    • wishonastar

      No ovomit likes muslimes here…so he can be with his ‘kind’

  • Clint

    If it stays in Saudi Arabia? I can live with that.

  • agbjr

    Is there any way to make certain this virus is contracted by Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, and their fifth columnist minions?

    • Sunnydaze

      You’r kidding right? There probably really is a vaccine and they’re the only ones that will get it.

      • agbjr

        I don’t kid when the matter is cleansing OUR Republic of Marxist sonsofbitches.

  • The Quadfather

    And just when Obama just granted unrestricted travel in US airspace for Saudi airliners.

    • Larry Q.

      Indeed! Sure looks like that was intentional to allow unrestricted access to bring the Mers Virus into the U.S. via Saudi Arabia perhaps also intentional was the ”
      National Security” part of the subject heading.
      If obama is successful and a Mers Virus breakout happens here in the U.S. it would give obamaination another excuse to call for Martial Law in the U.S. and continue his Violation of the American Peoples Constitutional Rights by using that excuse to act like he’s “Just-Trying-To-Help-People”.

      This is ALL About establishing a NWO and they are Attacking us from every angle with multiple ideas, none-stop.

  • wishonastar

    I do not hang around muslimes, so I will not worry. This looks like a good thing to me! Time for ovomit to get visit his saudi friends again.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Should they be treatment or unlikely a cure for the virus it will probability from a western country and Islamic fascist will hate our liberal democracy. Even though it was medicine from those countries that saved them. I guess that makes us the better people for what it worth.

  • dmbunce

    I know of a product that will stop this virus. My doctor told me about it after antibiotics wouldn’t work on me. This remedy is so simple people scoff and laugh. If you want to know publish your email. I will tell you all about it.

  • Timur

    I don’t think Mers would be that big of a deal if we just deported all Muslims and blocked the others from coming! Does anyone know how this disease got started? I’m guessing some sort of Muslim bestiality comes into play.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Obama is just looking for something or some reason to declare a National Emergency anyway – IS THIS IT ??? TSgt. USAF Retired

  • cptcoors1

    martial law coming…it’s covered in obamacare…you remember, the law that wasn’t even read before it was enacted…it’s one of the surprises that we couldn’t see until it was passed…

  • GrizzlyIX

    M.E.R.S., HUH? ! ? GOD has SPOKEN! ! ! !

  • jenniewalsh

    The Satanic Illuminati organized crime syndicate is always hard at work in their secret laboratories, coming up with new parasites, bacteria, viruses and other deadly microorganisms to cause suffering and death to humanity.

  • doug63

    and our ambassador to Saudi Arabia just cut a deal so that Saudi Arabia has (unrestricted access) to the USA. just send sick Saudi’s all over the USA. Kind of like a suicide bomber but a million times worse.