UNMASKING SUPERMAN, PART ONE: Why the “Man of Steel” Should Offend Every Freedom Loving American


About the author: John Kirkwood is a son of Issachar. He is a Zionist, gun-toting, cigar-smoking, incandescent light bulb-using, 3.2 gallon flushing, fur-wearing, Chinese (MSG) eating, bow-hunting, SUV driving, unhyphenated American man who loves his wife, isn't ashamed of his country and does not apologize for his C ... [read 's FULL BIO]

There is nothing more un-American than a “Man of Steel” who is a walking, breathing breach of the fourth Amendment; a drone with a pulse who sees all, keeping watch over the helpless herd and whose main impetus to frustrate his adversaries is sheer and utter brute force. He dons no cape – but an iron curtain. In the age of the Superman, the most needful thing for any freedom lover is a fistful of Kryptonite!” – The Parson

Is Superman really the perfect embodiment of the “American Way”? Has Clark Kent masked his true identity while mainlining fascism to the American people? Why would two young Jewish boys from Cleveland on the threshold of the Third Reich birth a saga of a “man of steel”?

It’s time to peek beyond the cape.

Riddle me this, Superfans: Who is Superman’s father?
No, it is not Jor-El or Jonathan Kent? Nor is it Jerry Siegel or Joe Shuster. The father of Superman is Friedrich Nietzsche.
If you search the phrase “Man of Steel” at Rotten Tomatoes, the top two results will be Warner Bros. upcoming movie about Superman and a 2006 History Channel documentary on Joseph Stalin. This is not a coincidence. Clark Kent and Uncle Joe are both worthy personifications of Nietzsche’s tyrannical wet-dream. In the beginning, this was the plan.

Superman first appeared as a short story entitled “The Reign of the Superman” in a fanzine – Science Fiction: The Advance Guard of Future Civilization #3.
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first conceived of Superman as a villain – bald and telepathic with a penchant for world domination. Siegel would disclose in a 1983 interview that this first conception was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s outline of the Übermensch (Superman).

Even in FDR’s America, capitalism still reigned and to sell their character, Siegel and Shuster would refashion Superman into the bespectacled hero with leading man looks, a cape and super abilities.
An orphaned alien, corn-fed with good old fashioned “American values,” Superman, now Clark Kent, would act as a shepherd to the lost sheep of humanity – leaping tall buildings, impervious to bullets, and employing x-ray vision and a gamut of other world capacity. And of course he’d hide his identity with a pair of glasses and a press pass.

Of course nothing screams “American Hero” like the mention of a “journalist,” – a vocation that ranks with Americans somewhere between venereal warts and chain-saw enemas.
Imagine David Gregory as an alien from another planet hiding behind the White House press badge to preserve both his secret identity and “truth, justice and the American way”? No, really, imagine it. Imagine it without milk coming out of your nose and the uncontrollable convulsions of common sense and stark realism. Sure, and Bob Schieffer, Katie Couric and George Snuffleupagus are all members of the Justice League! The only thing worse than Siegel’s choice of a journalist, would’ve been to pen Clark Kent as an IRS employee.
Reporters, who according to their own polling are 80% godless and by about the same percentage Obama supporters, fit quite nicely with a leftists understanding of the journalist: a being less interested in purveying truth and accurately reporting the facts and more inclined to “changing the world.”
Let’s forego the geek dilemma over “Can you be a Superhero if you don’t have super- powers?” and cut right to the quick: judging a superhero or any myth for that matter is best done by peeling back the cape and looking at the underlying worldview. Would you be surprised to find out that Siegel and Shuster were two left-leaning cheerleaders of FDR’s New Deal who first penned their fascist Frankenstein as a social activist to fight for social justice?
Even his superpowers, upon closer inspection, are at swords point with the “American Way.” As a matter of fact, if you asked the American people what they think of full body x-rays at the airport, drones over our cities and government eavesdropping of citizens sans a warrant or judges approval, they respond with about the same enthusiasm as a man facing a colonoscopy from Freddie Krueger.
Would Americans be more accepting of the nude x-ray if we sprayed an “S” on its outer shell; would they welcome the drone if we robed it in a scarlet cape?
And I guess fathers, husbands, and boyfriends are to be just fine with a “hero” who can see their daughters, wives, mothers or girlfriends naked. We can be content with the fact that he only thinks of Lois Lane in that way. Really, just trust him.
And humanity must submit to the Kryptonian equivalent of “jus primae noctis” because, frankly we have no choice. If you don’t want him looking ladies, then walk around in a lead burka with a Kryptonite chastity belt. But really, who are you to question the integrity of the “man of steel”?
The Nazi’s gravitated toward Nietzsche’s theory of the Superman and filled in the ellipsis that was left undeclared – That not only was there an Übermensch (Superman) but also an Untermenschen – “inferior humans” who could be dominated, enslaved and as a final solution, “evacuated.”
“I will teach you the superman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?
What is the ape to man? – A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the superman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment …” – Friedrich Nietzsche, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”
In the Superman myth, humans are either victims or villains who realize only a shallow existence. They are sheep to be herded, sheared or coddled by the state and protected by its mechanical shepherd that can see through walls; an ant-hill in the hands of a curious boy.
One of the “tells” in literature is “how is wealth perceived and explained?” In Batman, Ironman and The Green Hornet, wealth is neutral and can be used for good or evil: the love of money is the root of all evil but wealth itself is also an instrument of righteousness.
The heroes themselves are men of means whose generosity in philanthropy is only outweighed by their investment in criminology; a storyline that jives with both a Christian and a capitalist worldview. Not so in Superman.
Superman’s main antagonist is not Adolf Hitler, though he did battle with the Nazi’s, nor is it a creature from outside this world, though he’s had his share of scrapes with E.T. as well, but a businessman. Lex Luthor, the evil head of an evil corporation is the chief nemesis for the Übermensch.
So let’s recap; the world’s supreme Superhero – a journalist, tells us that the greatest threat to humanity is a business man, a corporate leader. A narrative that reeks of Occupy Wall Street and is the very perspective that makes up the backbone of righteousness in Superman was the expression of wickedness, personified by Bane in the last Batman movie.
Never mind Lord Acton’s maxim about power, forget the founders counsel about concentrated power, and completely ignore the fact that the 20th Century was bloodier than the previous 19 because of rogue governments killing their own people; we must allow our Iron Shepherd to crush the businessman. Well click your heels together and shout “sieg heil,” – (I think that’s Kryptonian for “hallelujah.”)
To paraphrase James Madison, “All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree – especially those spawned by Nietzsche who wield x-ray vision!”

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  • Bk

    What an over thought load. Superman is entertainment and even written as always trying to help people not rule them. I could go on, but I won’t waste my time.

  • Destry

    I actually find this article offensive. It mostly based on an extremely distorted view of a fictional character whose primary mission was to do good for other people and rescuing them from precarious situations. The author of this tripe is trying far to hard to read into the Superman character something that doesn’t really exist. Kirkwood needs to find something truly constructive to do, but it’s possible he suffers from a form a delusion.

  • clark

    Didn’t bother reading that whole bullcrap article. It’s Superman, created by some Jewish guys, based on Moses. Take a breath…. Barry didn’t make this movie. Enjoy it for what it is…. an escape from real life.

    • Ohio patriot

      Therein lies a good part of the problem. How many do you know today, especially 30 and under, who view the almighty tv set as gospel? I know quite a few. And that is being reinforced by all this nonsense called “reality tv”. HUH! that is the most horrifying crap on the airwaves. How about survivor — that has absolutely NOTHING to do with true survival. It is nothing more than a contentious game of lies, deception and corrupt politics. So much for reality. I know, there is more to it, but this is the beginning of what our society sees as “REAL” – when it couldn’t be further from real.

    • granny

      Poor child……mommy didn’t buy you any comics while you were supposed to be growing up. Our super heros kept us all entertained. We didn’t have computers to sit on all day and play killing games. You are a racist and a liberal, and no doubt a muslim believer. Bet you want an excape from your life, but please don’t jump off the bridge till I get there w/ my camera just to prove you have no wings.

  • Good grief. Superman was conceived of at a time when journalist actually had integrity and loved America. And his original motto was that he wanted to “Defend Truth, Justice, and The American Way.” And at that time most Americans were hard working patriots who didn’t expect to sit on their lazy butts and collect government entitlements.

    • foxxybey

      Santa, hope you don’t mean the elderly who worked years and invested our hard earned money into SS or a retirement just to find out the government didn’t do what they were suppose to with our money and now tell us we are about broke? SS isn’t a entitlement but a investment that was mishandled by a wicked and corrupt government that now has obozo-care to destroy those who should be getting the rewards of our investments with death panels, wow, suck a great country? Not anymore with a Nazi in the White House.

      • Certainly not foxxybey,
        Those who have worked hard and have had their paychecks skimmed by the Social Security Administration deserve what they have earned. Those who have paid into the system and those who have risk their very lives in the military and have served our once great nation deserve their benefits, be they social Security or V.A. benefits.
        But all of these lazy, able bodied folks who sit at home making welfare babies so that they can draw more and more benefits from the government don’t deserve a dime. There was a story come out just last week about a woman in Florida who swam the Rio Grand over 20 years ago and has never worked a day on U.S. soil much less paid a single penny into out tax system. She has given birth to and raised seven children on Government housing, food stamps, and welfare cash from the government. Now she’s fussing because she wants to file for Social Security retirement benefits. RETIREMENT FROM WHAT? She retired to the good old U.S.A. the day she entered our country illegally.
        And right now Obama is putting up billboards in Mexico promising free food-stamps to all who want to come here. All because he knows that they will be given the right to vote and that they will vote for Democrats in order to get more free stuff at the expense of hard working Americans who are having a hard time making ends meet.
        WHAT’S UP WITH THAT???

        • foxxybey

          Good comment Santa Chuck, gives people a idea where the problem is. God Bless Friend:

        • Rattlerjake

          It’s pretty simple. Our country is overrun with freeloaders, and we will soon be in the fight of our lives to vanquish tyranny. With at least 20% of the current population being freeloaders, (about 70 million) and at least another 20 million mexican illegals, it will be the duty of every legal gun owner in this country (when TSHTF), around 150 million, to take out one freeloader and/or illegal, then on to the eradication of socialism. These people are no different than the criminal thug who enters your house to steal or cause you bodily harm, they just use government to do it! Bloodbath? You bet, but if you think there is another solution you are sadly mistaken. We’ve already seen in the past that the freeloaders, libturds, and illegals will stop at nothing to get their way; you better be prepared to kill or be killed!!!!

        • Ohio patriot

          What’s up is Nikita Kruschev’s prediction of 1959 and 1960 that communism will prevail and our country will be turned through our children and and our children’s children. What better way to take over than brainwash the children thru Hollywood with “heroes” that seem like heroes, but are something more sinister in reality. I never quite thought of superman in this light but it does make sense. And why the new “remake” with steel suits and horrific vience? Remember the story of the camel putting his head in your tent to get warm. Before you realize it, you are outside and the camel has taken over the tent. And it happened so indiscriminately that you never saw it coming. Guess what, the camel is in the White House.

          • Douglas Moore

            That’s why I’m not a hero worshiper. The only hero I worship is Jesus.

        • axer351

          face the facts. SS was never funded and the money was spent on super structure and services that the people received. It was spent on you.

          • Actually the Social Security fund is almost bankrupt because the funds collected have been squandered by the government to fund welfare for people who have never paid their fair share into the fund. People like the lazy and the illegals who are draing the fund dry.

          • granny

            What school did you graduate from? Must have been the jail cell that you were pinned up in. SS was supposed to be there upon retirement, which was put there by us. They spent the money as tho it was a slush fund & it was never replaced. They sure as heck did not spend it on me & your super structure means you know not what you are talking about.

        • granny

          Love your story. Read about the illegal (wetback) that collected on our system to raise those fatherless children. No doubt they were put thru school on our tax money also. BOZO is trying to ruin our country. As a muslim he would like it if we are all killed. In another story it was stated that between the illegals & the muslims that they are killing 12 of we legal citizens per day. Do we dare go to Mexico and burn down his billboards?

      • Mutley46

        foxxybey —- I believe Superman was conceived before FDR pushed forth his Social Security upon the unsuspecting people. And if you do not wish to receive a retirement check then please do not do so. I would be happy to take your share. As for SS being mishandled by a wicked and corrupt government —- that would be that Liberal scum from Texas who went by the name of Lyndon B Johnson, the man who conspired to become President by having his boss bumped off by the mob.

        • foxxybey

          I invested the money expecting a return, so not a hand out. A city in Texas found a way out and invested the same amount of money in a private firm and now get retirement checks in the thousands, so Bush was right and the left was wrong again. It was Johnson who raided SS funds to fight a war and was a problem, now the administration is the same, screw those who work to buy the votes of the dumb, blind and stupid. I get very little but enough to keep fighting for real morals for Christ.

      • axer351

        you lie. you knew the money was being spent. You SS account is NO different then a Christmas saving account that you never put money in and you know it. You where paid with roads bridges and services so quit you lies.

        • foxxybey

          Where were you educated at, your dumber then a rock, SS was a private account until LBJ had the senate open it up so he could fight wars with it. I also put money into railroad retirement account at about 16% of my pay and SS raided that account also, maybe you think you were paid with roads and bridges but, I paid for that out of my lic. plates each year idiot, so quit you socialist BS axer351, rocks are smarter then you are.

          • granny

            Forget axer…..he goes on other sights and shows his ignorance. He is non-white, illegal, & sits in a jail cell while we pay the rent. Explanations do him no good…..no brain……..

          • foxxybey

            Thanks granny, this guy is as stupid as anyone I have known on all the sites I go on. God Bless granny:

        • granny

          Why they give you guys computers in jail is beyond reason. You are lacking in brains otherwise you wouldn’t be in jail. Which only proves you are not white, have been collecting on the freebees, The thing that gave you away…quote..”YOU WERE PAID W/ ROADS, BRIDGES AND SERVICES SO QUIT YOU LIES”….unquote…… Quit you lies……wow…..how uneducated. Illegal (& non whites) love jail.

  • Harley

    Wow, I never thought of it in those terms but I must say that the terminology is right out of Zarathustra!
    The insight about how wealth is treated in myth is mind blowing and explains my preference for Batman and Ironman. Bravo! Well done!

    • Bruce Vain

      Batman rules, Harley!

  • Fran Witz

    Brilliant but troubling! I already promised my sons that we’d go.

  • Raven 1st Btn

    I still like Superman but I totally understand the authors point.

  • Slick

    Would love to hear this guy debate Steve Deace! I’m on team Batman!

  • slimsummers

    Lex Luthor was just your garden variety “Mad Scientist” type until he was recast as a white collar criminal around 1985. Superman has been written by literally dozens if not hundreds of folks since his creation, each with their own take on the character, many conflicting with what has gone before. DC Comics explanation for this is there are an infinite number of universes, or a “multiverse” and the Superman killing bad guy XX in issue 456 was the Superman living in Universe 479B/2, not the one in the current story featuring a very live bad guy XX. Recently, the writers have swung back toward him being a Mad Scientist type.

    S&S took the story of Jesus (“They can be a great people if they wish to be Kal El, they simply lack the light to show them the way. …. why I have sent them you, my only Son”….) and gave him a sci fi origin based on Moses mother sending him down the river in a basket (spaceship) to be found and adopted. Yes, their first draft had him as a villain (who they later apparently based Lex on) and about all they recycled into Superman was the name.

    • Thor

      They did not base him on Jesus, they were Jews. Moses was like the birth but you’re rewriting history to say Jesus.

      • william

        But they understood Jesus and his teachings. Being Jewish does not necessarily mean being ignorant of Christian theology.

        • slimsummers

          Exactly, who was sent to earth by his Father and raised by a working class couple? Who could perform miraculous feats like fly or walk on water? Who gathered a group of people around him that shared his ideals and helped him fulfill his mission? If S&S didn’t intentionally base Kal El on Jesus, they sure did a great job of it anyway! The movies especially ran with it.

  • splooshman

    Superman is a fantasy, a comic strip. He embodies everything that is American like hope, faith, justice, freedom, honor and integrity. The fact that he is nearly indestructible reflects what once was the the Iron Will and Determination of Americans to fight for freedom against all adversaries and against all odds. To turn Superman somehow into a Communistic figure demonstrates how small the brains are of some people these days and so blind by their own ‘enlightened’ views they can’t see the truth nor the bigger picture. Do we really need to attack Superman? Really? I mean, who cares!!! I’m more concerned about REAL enemies, tyrants and traitors. We have enough battles to fight without waging war on a fantastic comic book character. This is just one more distraction we DON’T need.

    • Sandy Stern

      Funny that you used the term “iron will” to express your thoughts about America. Might help if you read Mein Kampf or at least watched the History channel. Sheesh.

      • william

        Oh come on!. Iron will is a metaphor for people resisting with all their power those that try to subjugate them. why must you attribute that term to Hitler’s vision. He used the metaphor too, only in an evil way. It is just words. What matters is the context in which they are used and applied. Just check out the movie “Iron WIll”, about the young man who competed in the Iditarod.

        • splooshman

          Thank you! Well said….

      • splooshman

        The problem with some of you is you want to read something negative into everything these days. It’s a metaphor. It’s like saying “we actually have a spine.” Not everything relates to Marxism. LIghten up just a tad and go attack a Progressive Communistic Senator instead of wasting time on Superman! wow….

    • Rose

      No myth is “just a fantasy,” the author may be taking this a little too seriously but fir a guy who is so amped up about a critic of your fantasy,you seem to be taking the myth too lightly!

      • splooshman

        Superman is not MY fantasy. I’m just saying he’s a fantasy, a storybook character. Wow… is this all you guys have to do today? Go call a Senator and bitch about what’s really going on and get over Superman already. Geezzzz!!! As far as taking it too lightly… what the heck are you talking about? He doesn’t exist. He’s a figment of someones imagination. Yeah, I take that pretty lightly.

        • Rose

          For a guy who takes it lightly, you just don’t shut up! You’re all over this post. Compensating for something?

        • granny

          Great post. As you can see tho Rose is a liberal (no brain). She is out of touch w/ reality. Nerds are like that, so pay her no attention. Did you ever notice how liberals love to argue about anything & everything.

  • Edg1

    I see the character Superman a whole different way. As a literary metaphor for the Biblical Messiah. Here to vanquish evil wherever it’s to be found while teaching Morals, Ethics and Values.

    • granny

      Wasn’t it great reading all those comic books back in the days. I saved them all & made a hefty somje when I sold them. Superman was great but he also made me big bucks. Cujos to all those heros.

  • Thor

    Funny how no one here is discussing the point about his powers and the bill of rights.
    Sounds like the same people who are defending the NSA. Trust them! Not for me, I’m with James Madison.

    • Bruce Vain

      Great point Thor; most of these guys probably just looked at the picture – you know how Superman fans can be!

  • Marine mom

    Never tug on Superman’s cape!

    • Douglas Moore

      Unless you’re using a kryptonite cape tugger.

  • Kal El

    Jor El forgive them for they know not what they do.

  • Jeff Scott

    This is the biggest load of hogwash I’ve read in a long, long time. As a ‘reporter’ you should be publicly flogged and beaten with a keyboard until you’ve decided to pursue a more fitting profession, such as a village idiot.

  • william

    Lex Luthor is an evil businessman, but not every businessman. His main goal is power at the expense of anyone who gets in his way. He has no morals or ethics. He uses murder, stealth, and any other means to get his power. It is fantasy and is not intended to belittle honest businessmen and industries. He could also have been portrayed as a politician with the same results. Let your rage go, Jim, it is not worth it.Superman has not hurt our culture one bit, but espouses equality, honesty and willingness to sacrifice for the general good. Take a deep breat before you hyperventilate over it.

  • James E Davis

    Someone needs a big bowl of “Stop trying to find monsters where there are none”.

    • splooshman

      Amen brother! These people have nothing better to do apparently.

  • Bruce Vain

    Hey SuperSaps: you all have your undies in a bunch because when you were little you ran around with a red towel around your neck. Kirkwood’s right, but he’s not the first. Frank Miller, the greatest comic genius of all time, pretty much came to the same conclusion when he wrote THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. In DKR, Superman was a fascist tool of the state, and the Dark Knight and Green Lantern stood up to him!
    Best Graphic Novel ever written!

    • mike

      *Green Arrow not Green Lantern.

  • Scott Allen

    Okay, I thought the conservatives actually used their brains and knew entertainment when they saw it. This article is as bad as any stretch piece the left has come up with. Time to unsubscribe from this list.

    • splooshman

      Scott, this is definitely not Conservative thinking. It’s lunacy run amok from the left. The author should be flogged with a wet noodle. He’s clueless to be sure.

    • granny

      Only the liberals are brainless. Conservatives always know when liberals are brainless…….malarky comes out of their mouth.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Superman is just a comic book character they even have a soviet superman so what. campus chaos sorority girls verse zombies two of the three girls Britinny and Page are lesbians but read it. Xenosoic tales is far feach dinosaurs ruling the earth 600 years in the future but I still read it. If you want true blue heroes they are the ripping friends a happy parody of super heroes. As for Friedrich Nietzsche while it’s encouraging to hear that morals are created by lesser people to keep their betters down it worth noting he died of syphilis. Really test ones faith in social Darwinism while believing god and morals are a fraud any thing to avoid church.

  • James Maxwell

    Remember it was just a short time ago that the so called “Man of Steel” aka Superman
    relinquished his United States Citizen to become a “Citizen of the Universe”. In so
    doing he relinquished any and all support of the United States and its citizens forever.
    It was a political ploy that will come back home to bit them in the Alpha Sam Sam
    before it is over. I used to buy Superman items for my great grandkids but will not
    longer do so. I fully expect to see him in Arabic costume before long belching
    alla ak beer across the desert sands.

    • slimsummers

      He quit being a US citizen because he was “tired of having my actions construed as instruments of US policy,” Heck, with Obama as Prez can’t say as I blame him!

  • Skip Stein

    Give me a break for goodness sake. More political correctness coming from the Right now? Superman is a COMIC BOOK hero, not real. Not a political statement. What the hell is wrong with TRUTH, JUSTICE and the American Way? All this bullshit analysis is ridiculous. Let US and the kids enjoy a great action flick. Sounds like you haven’t even seen the most recent re-boot? It is a FUN romantic version of an American Classic. Hell, he even gets ‘in the face’ of the spy drone over reaching government when he downs a drone that was trying to track him! YEA, you GO Superman!

    John Kirkwood must have had a very repressed childhood! Never read a comic book or fantasy? Get a LIFE and enjoy a bit of FUN!