Worried About Big Brother? What About LITTLE Brother With Access to INVADE YOUR LIFE?

Jan Morgan

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As I watched NSA hearings today, I listened to the NSA reps talk about how there were safeguards in place to prevent abuse of their surveillance privileges. I knew I could no longer be silent about the truth behind surveillance rights and just how easy it is to circumvent the system to invade our lives.
I was stalked because safeguards for Government surveillance are inadequate. If this happend to me, it can happen to YOU.

NSA surveillance to prevent terrorism is one thing, but how would you feel if someone in your local law enforcement agency had the same kind of access to your private cell phone, email, social media, and gps locations?

I was told by a local level law enforcement officer that he and other officers are circumventing the safeguards and abusing equipment and surveillance privileges in their agencies for personal reasons that have nothing to do professional investigations.
This access is being used to stalk women, check on their wives, and gain information on personal enemies.
It is unconstitutional, illegal, and will lead to a police state in this country.

How do I know this is occurring? I know, because I am a victim of police stalking and the officer was foolish enough to reveal to me how he knew what was in my text messages, the photos stored in my cell phone, actual private conversations I had on my phone, and emails.

I am sharing this today because the nation is in the midst of discovering just how much of our personal lives our federal government has access to through data mining. How would you feel if you knew local and state law enforcement might have the same kind of access?
Apparently there are safeguards in place that are designed to prevent abuse of the system, however, wherever there are human beings, there is corruption and if there is a way to circumvent the safeguards, the corrupt will find it.

Here is my personal story.

There was a period in my life that I had absolutely no privacy…. I wasstalked by someone in law enforcement and was helpless to stop it. This person in local law enforcement stalked me using surveillance equipment he said was available to cops in the police department building where he worked.

This person bragged to me about how a number of local police officers were accessing the system in place within their agency to check on who their wives and girlfriends were talking to, what they were saying in the phone conversations, the content of their text messages, what they were sharing in private messages in their social media sites, the photos in their smart phones, and where they were at any given time using gps in their phones.

He told me he could find out anything he wanted to know about me, my phone conversations, my texts, and even the photos in my phone.

I would never have believed it except this person was constantly repeating to me word for word, what I was saying in private conversations between me and my friends on my own personal cell phone.

He told me what I was doing in my Facebook private messages, my emails, what and who I was texting and the content of those texts, as well as what photos I had in my personal cell phone. He would ask me about specific photos he said were in my phone and who I took them for.

If that’s not bad enough, he said he put my vehicle description in the system and was able to pull up every location my car had been over the past few months and access video from cameras set up outside of participating businesses. He would ask me where I was on a specific date, then warn me I better not lie because he had accessed video through cameras of participating businesses and already knew my exact movements on any given day. He did have the information. He said businesses throughout this country have video cameras mounted on and inside their buildings. Most of those businesses allow law enforcement access to those cameras and what they record.
He described in detail the fact that my car was in a parking lot of an eating establishment on a specific date. The cop said there was video of me and a male friend walking me to my car. The man got in my car and he and I proceeded to sit in the car at the restaurant and have a conversation.

The cop then berated me about what took place in the car. He wanted to know why we were sitting in the parking lot so long…. What were we doing? The cop said because of the heavy rain, the camera could not show what was taking place inside my car.
The man in my car was a close friend whose father had died several days before. I had met him there after church that night and the restaurant closed before we were finished talking. That is why we were sitting in my car….. simply to continue the conversation.

The cop then proceeded to harass the man through nasty private messages in social media and email.
I had another male friend, very close friend who was harassed repeatedly by the same cop.
The officer told me where and when the man’s vehicle was at any given time, where he gassed up his vehicle and what convenience stores he stopped at during a recent drive.

This man lived in another state. He was sent threatening text messages.

In order to have peace, I decided life would be easier if I did not have male friends until I could find a way to stop this abusive bullying of my friends and get out of that town.

This ranking law enforcement officer, charged with serving and protecting the public, was abusing law enforcement surveillance equipment to stalk me, and harass anyone who he felt threatened his chances of establishing a relationship with me.

He was under the mistaken impression that I would be impressed with his power and ability to spy on anyone in this country.
I was not impressed… I was enraged.

I felt violated and wondered how many other people local cops were spying on, abusing the privilege of a system that was designed to track criminals and terrorists.

This officer even told me he had to go to the office after hours to get into the system to do his “surveillance” of me because otherwise, it would raise eyebrows and be questionable. He said other officers would wonder why he was spending so much time in that particular system.

I told him there should be specific log in requirements, court approved subpoena’s with a docket number that must be given, and no one should ever be able to access that kind of system without at least one witness to verify who and what was investigated.
His response to my rage was “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you don’t have anything to hide.”

That is not the issue.
Of course I was not doing anything wrong. There was absolutely no justification for anyone in law enforcement to be tracking anything I do and the fact that he admitted abuse of the system made me even more enraged. He bragged about how many cops had caught their wives by using the system accessible to their agency.

This invasion should not only enrage the general public, but it should be terrifying that any citizen can have that kind of access and power.
This is not the NSA. Its not the FBI or CIA… This is local law enforcement with access to equipment that allows them to invade your life.

I contacted my cell provider, AT&T and complained. I told the representative that someone in law enforcement admitted to me that he was accessing my phone from his agency. He was stalking me.
I pay for this phone. It is in my name. I did not understand why AT&T would allow access to my iPhone photos, texts, email, and locations without my permission.
The AT&T rep told me that the only way police can access my phone to that extent is with a subpoena .
She checked to see if there was a subpoena on my number/phone. She said there was not. She said the only way anyone could access my phone without a subpoena is through the National Security Agency.
My question was: “Do local law enforcement officials have access to NSA surveillance systems? “
She could not answer my question.

I contacted the FBI about my concern. I had the option of filing a report and launching a full-scale investigation. At that time I had to live in that town…. It was a small city and I knew cops stick together.

While I might be able to bring down an officer, there would be long-term implications that I did not want to deal with from vindictive cops who are like a brotherhood.

I let it go. I moved to another city as soon as I was able. The stalking continued and likely still does today.

I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as privacy now in this country.
I do not text or email anything to anyone that might embarrass me should it become public.
I do not have discussions with people in Facebook private messages that I would not say publicly because I know those messages can and are accessed at will by those with the privilege to do so.
I live my life wondering when or if my stalker is going to go off the deep end and come after me.
This is one of many reasons I am always armed, LEGALLY… well trained, and am an NRA certified firearms instructor. I am prepared.
I am always conscious of my surroundings.

I now know what it feels like to live in a police state.
It is not a place I thought we would ever be in this country, and yet….
We are already there.

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  • Curt Naeve

    I agree with you completely and you have my sympathies for this abusive invasion, but I do have a couple of questions:
    Where was your voice when George Bush signed this abomination in 2001?
    Would you support Barack Obama spearheading repealing it?

    • Curt, I was very naive about The Patriot Act. At that time, I was like so many other people in this country who watched 3000 people die as a result of 9/11 and was willing to allow the government to do what they had to do to stop future attacks..
      I have since then, become wise about the fact that those of us who are willing to sacrifice liberty for the sake of security deserve neither and can very easily lose both.
      I am not a George W. Bush fan. I voted for him twice, but did not like many things he did including the government bail outs.
      I have since been very outspoken against the Patriot Act as well as the NDAA.

      • Hoodoo H

        Thank you for your position, Jan.

      • Hal

        Jan, I wasn’t so nieve; when I heard of the unPatriot Act and DHS all I could think of is Nazi Germany and the Gestapo; I warned people; no one would listen; should I say i told you so? Listen to the Founders, never trust government with power. EVER!

      • Curt Naeve

        Jan, Strange that you use the word naive as that is one of the more polite epithets cast at those of us who protested BEFORE the act when it might have done some good. It’s also interesting that you ducked my quest about supporting Obama should he attempt to repeal it because you and I both know that the conservative press would climb over itself to scream ‘Muslim terrorist lover’ at anyone who tried.

      • Victoria Bingham

        We were all naive.
        For 10 years I believed it all. Though I was a DOD intelligence analyst, I did not apply analytical skills to 9/11 until 2011.

        Then in 2011, I examined 2001.
        The deductions that I was drawn to brought me to tears, and to my knees.

        Today I know for a fact, that the only difference between people who believe the US government report of events of 9/11 2001, and the truth of what happened that day – that our government in the persons of George Bush (and his handlers) henchmen such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld et al, and the agencies of the FBI, NSA, CIA and so on, all set up 9/11 as a modern day ‘Pearl Harbor’ with the specific agenda in mind of bringing the Patriot Act and other heinous assaults on the Bill of Rights, into existence with no argument from the American people. The evidence is irrefutable.

        Until the people of the United States take the time to examine the facts, and release themselves from their preconceived notions, the ratcheting up of the abuses will continue.

        There will be no stopping this juggernaut. God alone can help us.

    • Becky

      Opposing Obama does not mean unwavering support for everything Bush did. I cannot speak for Jan but I can say unequivocally that I oppose the Patriot Act. And if I had to guess I would say Jan opposes it too.

      Those who are willing to give up liberty for security will have neither. Plus, it is not just a right under the Bill of Rights for me to protect and defend myself and my own, it is a God given responsibility which I will not allow the government to take from me.

      • Curt Naeve

        My question wasn’t do you oppose it now, my question was ‘where were you before it was enacted?’, which your silence then would indicate that as long as it was rich, white, Republicans usurping civil rights you were fine with it.

    • J-M

      Where was the Democrat run congress and senate when this bill was signed by GW? They made it up and took it to him and the ninny George signed it. Who has more culpability? You are dreaming if you think that Obama is going to repeal it! He has taken the ball and RUN with it! It’s worse than ever now. President Obama SIGNED the Patriot (uniting and strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) Act Sunsets Extension Act of 2011. He LIKES the stuff that’s in there. Please read Maxine Water’s D-Ca remarks on the shocking scope of what Obama has done with the law.

      • Curt Naeve

        Of course Obama won’t act to repeal it, neither will any other president. The conservative press [like this column] will crucify anyone who attempts it so thanks to George W. it will be with us forever which was my point.
        BTW, the self proclaimed author of the Patriot Act is Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner REPUBLICAN Wis. but thanks for falling back on the tried and true method of blaming Obama for Bush’s errors, it’s nice to know that revisionist history is still working for you.

  • Shane

    You make it sound like this officer was never held accountable. Isn’t that like being raped by someone you know, not telling anyone, only to allow another woman to be raped by the same man?

    • Shane this officer was never held accountable. I have a feeling, as a result of my writing this article, he may just show his face and come after me again… only… this time, I am prepared.
      My purpose in doing this article was not to go after him. … it is to expose a much larger problem … a flawed system that needs to be addressed.

      • Hoodoo H

        And…the flaw cannot be rapaired soon enough.
        We ARE living 1984.

      • Shane Hawkins

        But you have his information, right? Could reports be files with the FBI now to hold him accountable, or at least put a spotlight on him? There could be, and probably are other women he is victimizing. Men like this don’t stop unless they are stopped. Just because you are well trained and prepared does not mean his next victim will be.

        • Shane, the problem is , according to him, a number of officers are doing the same thing he is doing… Once again.. this is not about him… it is about a flawed system that needs addressing.

  • J-M

    There’s more. If you buy a house it includes language that the “owner” of the note, usually the federal government through FNMA can come and examine their (not your) house at any time. It’s to protect their (not your) investment. There are “health” related people who want to access your interior to check and make sure the “environment” is healthy. It’s all about protecting your health… The GPS in your phone CANNOT be turned off so that law enforcement can use it. It says so right in the instruction on the phone. It’s for your safety. Your car, at least new ones, are going to be equipped with “smart” technology which will communicate with the new road signs along the highway. They are toying with an “impaired driver” technology where your car will demand that you prove to it that you haven’t had a beer before it will start. Who knows how that information will be used? I don’t even drink, but the technology angers me! Your tv will be able to watch you as you watch it. Your washing machine and light bulbs will be able to track your movement within your house. Didn’t you wonder why a light bulb which costs FIFTY DOLLARS APIECE won a contest for an “inexpensive” bulb? That’s because this wonderful bulb has surveillance built in which makes this bulb a DEAL with all the electronics in it! RFID tags in your license, jeans, passport, credit cards, purse, boots etc. The police are all using some kind of license plate recognition unit which scans every single license it passes and runs it through a data base. Yet *I* live in a city which has the third worst car theft problem in the country. So what are they using this data base for? “Smart lights” are being put up all over, diguised as an ordinary street lamp, which can identify your walk and listen to your conversations. They say it’s to prevent crime… It never stops.

  • Larry Benton

    you’re brave and passionate about you beliefs.I have worried about people tied in with muslims bothering you,but never thought about locals.God be with you

  • Joe1938

    Re “there are safeguards”; Day in, day out, hackers prove there is no such thing as safeguards.

    • Hoodoo H

      Liked it better when everyday things were done with paper or a phone call.

    • RedMeatState

      what safeguards are there against sociopaths?? Especially ones in positions of authority with access to equipment??

  • Preppers & Patriots

    We are very outspoken. One day “those in authority” may come to our home. I pray that God shields us from this happening because I will not be a victim nor will I allow anyone to tear me from my family… my ticket to a better place is punched. That removes fear. God will show them more mercy than I will. We are a Free People slowly being chained… willingly allowing “Public Servants” to place the shackles on us. We fight amongst ourselves as our children’s future has been all but obliterated. Jan, your story is one of millions and I am sorry anyone has to experience the “powerlessness” you endured. God Bless.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Things are getting creepy breaking into peoples mail, phones and now computers no wonder people have gotten so paranoid.

  • billygeturgun

    Velcum too Amerika comrades! And it only gets worse from here.

  • TruthSeeker

    Tried to post on FB but it wouldn’t let me. But I wanted dto say thank you for your story, it was very brave to come out with this story.

  • Steven Thomas

    I am so very sorry for you having to deal with this.

    To share an experience of mine… I had a friend that was a police officer in my town of 30k… He told me one time, jokingly, that if was on patrol and saw a pretty gal that he liked… he would pull them over with some made up on the spot excuse. I guess the look on my face tip him off that he made a mistake telling me that. Because after I looked at him like he was a low-life scum that he was… he recanted saying he was ‘just joking.. just joking”.

    This was… about 6 years ago. Never had anything to do with him after that night.

    He was ‘let go’ from the police dept a few years later and went to another PD. However, a year and a half ago.. his (at the time) girlfriend ended up shooting herself in the head in his home. He didn’t report it for 6 hours to the local police dept that he was working at. He’s still working there while the state police investigate. They were called in when an anonymous tip was called in that there might have been a conflict of interest with the locals investigating. (I’m screwing up some of the details I know.. but.. can’t be more accurate without looking them up and I’m on my cell at work .. and it sucks).

    I guess the reason I share this.. is… I really believe you should do/say something.. and make a big stink about it as best as possible. This guy was/is a pos in my book… and your guy sounds about the same… There are some good folks out there that are in law enforcement that are always willing to do the right thing.. just need to get in contact with them. (if you want more details.. I can send you a link later if you like when I get off work)

  • LibertyDwells

    It works both ways. Every conversation should have been recorded. Every message he sent saved and filed. Video shot from your home or car or even from your person. Any “repercussions” from other locals should have been met the same way. Letting these psychotics get away with this emboldens them to go even further and abuse more people. The only correct response is to crush them aggressively via technology and the legal system.

  • gt

    People in small towns, as well as large communities, throughout this country are
    threatened daily by abuse from the police and local government authorities. Like you, I have been victimized by such corruption. And many of us have a horror story to tell. There is absolutely little safe guards against such corruption, other than the use of “grand juries”. All Americans should be on guard against corrupt governments, always remembering “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If you are ever the victim of such corruptions, ask to get on the agenda of your local grand jury to testify. If you feel the prosecutor is involved in the corruption request that he leave the grand jury room and ask for a special prosecutor to be appointed by the grand jury. American has got to start fighting back against corrupt government, and the grand jury is our final step in the system of checks and balances set up by our forefathers of this nation. Above all serve on the grand jury and take command of your government, remembering the prosecutor works for you. It is the people’s grand jury, not his grand jury. Failure to make adequate use of the grand jury is the reason why there is so much governmental corruption in the U.S. today. I leave you with this thought: Thus saith the Lord: “My people perish because of the lack of knowledge.”

  • Juan Cabano

    Jan I don’t think you’d have anything to lose by going after this scum. I mean look at what he has done to your life. Arm yourself with some great lawyers and go after him and his job. And include the city for they are ultimately responsible for his actions as thier employee. I love your site and love reading your blog. Keep holding your head high and stay frosty.

  • Anon

    The only common enemy is the sociopath, and this is a story of a powerful one. 🙁

  • Jim28thReg

    The only safeguards you have against this activity is the weapon you have at hand – the willingness and skill to use it. Thousands have had so called orders of protection and been murdered anyway. The only – ONLY protection against a determined stalker is your determination to stop it.

    • Guest

      The ones Jan is using. Namely, concealed carry of your own personal firearm.

  • David

    Thanks for sharing with us your comments and experience. Your article was linked on Bnet News at http://www.bnetnews.com.

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    End Time Prophecy – Part 1 of 4
    (Audio Only)


  • Josh Witt

    That honestly truly puts this into perspective for me. It seems like being raped by the government with no voice to stop it.

    • Josh Witt

      By the way do you think they’re checking up on this story? If so I’d like a refund on that crappy excuse for a speeding ticket!

  • Charlotta Jones