The New Obamacare BOMBSHELL

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The Obama administration has just dropped another health care implementation bombshell.

In a 606-page regulation, issued the Friday after July 4, the administration announced that income and employment verification in the state-run exchanges in 2014 will be based on the “honor system.” That is, the state exchanges will not be required to secure independent verification of the household incomes of the applicants, nor will they have to track down whether or not applicants were offered qualified coverage by their employers. On both counts, the state exchanges can simply accept whatever is claimed by the applicants as accurate, and then pay out subsidies accordingly.

This announcement is another indicator—as if we needed one—of the complete fiasco that is Obamacare implementation.

The application process was not supposed to work this way. The administration has had three and a half years to build the “data hub” that was supposed to be the repository of real-time income information that the state exchanges would tap to administer benefits. The Department of Health and Human Services has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on contracts and federal personnel to build the data hub. Now, at the eleventh-hour, in a regulation they hoped no one would notice, the administration announces that, due to the large amount of “systems development” work necessary to pull this off (you think?), the verification system they were telling everyone for months would be ready on time is now, well, not ready on time, with no prospect that it ever will be operational.

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  • Lori Rutledge

    They will use your tax return to verify income. If any subsidy was paid by the government, they will 1) keep your refund (if any), 2) send you a letter that you owe.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    It doesn’t matter if Osamacare works, it doesn’t matter if hospitals or doctors get paid, it only matters that those that refuse to work and those who enter the country illegally can continue to receive government benefits and healthcare on somebody else’s dime. The Democrats need the “brown vote” to stay in power. Without bleeding the country dry they will never have enough money to buy all of the brown votes.

    • rivahmitch

      Actually, there’s not enough even if they do . That’s the thinking behind the Cloward-Pivens strategy to “overwhelm the system”. Once they succeed, there will be a new revolution. The only hope is that it won’t be the one they want. Semper Fi! KTNN!

      • R. Futch

        SEMPER FI My friend .

      • ADRoberts

        And you can bet that all those people who have lied for decades to get ADC, food stamps, Section 8 , and welfare are going to suddenly tell the truth? Of course not. They will apply for the money, get the checks and then go spend it on drugs, alcohol, and …….well, just use your imagination. And the taxpayer will pay some more.

      • Shawn O’Loughlin

        Good thing for us that OUR side has the hardware and skill to use it, whereas theirs has punks with stolen pistols and little ammo. 😉

      • jenniewalsh

        http://apathetic-usa.com/ Anyone interested in knowing the Cloward-Pivens Strategy to destroy America, can learn it at this link.

    • AttMore

      The “demonRats” want buy their way out of Hell….IMHO.

  • juswonderin

    If a person does not have any tax returns & living in a senior apt that is subsized, what would be necessary to pay what a letter says one would owe? I guess I’m not understanding your comment. I know of many seniors living in subsidized housing that are very poor. Where would that put them? Does anyone know the answer to that?

    • J-M

      In jail for tax evasion.

    • Whackajig

      Are these folks poor due to stupid mistakes they have made? Did they fail to save for retirement? Is it the obligation of the makers to fund the stupid errors of the takers? I feel for anyone who is poor due to circumstances beyond their control, but I have no sympathy for the welfare rats, the lazy and stupid.

      • juswonderin

        I’m sorry that I did not have the opportunity to “save” ANY money while raising my son as a single mother as my sorry husband took off & was a womanizer. He left me with all the bills due, no child support, no insurance for my son or myself. I had to work 2 jobs & that meant 12 hr days. However, my church helped with the bills & brought groceries to us and I had to move in with another single mom with 3 kids. I failed keeping up with my son, due to my long work hours & he got into drugs & booze, but for God’s protection, he never got into trouble with the law & joined the Marines after he finished HS. By that time, I was having to move from job to job, again with no insurance. Finally, I was hired as a receptionist & was there for about 15 yrs and the computer system was updated & I couldn’t get the hang of it because I’m number dyslectic & was making too many mistakes & was fired. Now I’m on soc sec only as income & cannot find a job, but I’m not on disability, thankfully, but I’m barely making it, even with subsidized help with my rent. Most of the people in my bldg is very poor & had not the means to save for our retirement. Now, we’re left out to dry since the gov’t has robbed the soc sec funds for decades and I did pay into for most of my working yrs & now Obama is taking our medicare that we’ve paid into for many yrs, inflation does not help, little or no food stamps, rising cost of gas for an 11 yr old car, medical issues, meds. I know we need a different tax program, like the flat tax or fair tax, but I just don’t think we elders can survive with it. BUT, it looks like we ALL will not survive with the way this administration is killing our form of gov’t & taking away our freedoms day by day, unless ofcourse the rich can afford to hoard the needed supplies to sustain their families. It’s a much scarier America now than I think it was in the past & has ever been! I’m not a political person, but I do understand that Socialism & Marxism & Communisim will remove any and all good from our beloved America. It IS NOT good to live off the gov’t & it’s certainly NOT what most people think it is! It’s NOT FREE, for anyone other than those that can work, but won’t work. There are more young able bodied people on every kind of program there is! The soc sec office is fill with young people trying to get onto disability, AND, they are getting it & so are the illegals now, and we have all the illegals that will reap the harvest of ANY help that we seniors have; thus we will be robbed again alongside of every LEGAL & natural born American! God bless the USA!

  • RPW

    Don’t we get it YET? This whole thing is designed to get everyone on subsidies (national health care) That IS socialized medicine! Why would they want verification, when they really want as many as possible dependent on government health care or government subsidies to pay for their health care. Once that is accomplished they will tell everyone at the next election that Republicans want to take their health insurance or subsides away.

  • mardo123

    A Health Care Bill was passed. BY CONGRESS. If these yoyo’s keep adding and changing then the ORIGINAL manifest THEN IT is VOID. IT IS NOT THE BILL PASSED BY THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES. Obummer take your mish mosh Socialist/Communist/Muslim crap to the garbage heap. The so called health care program is DEAD!!!!!

    • TheDoktor

      Ah, well said! But the Left lives in their Unicorn Utopian World where they do whatever they want and the dickless RINOs do NOTHING to stop them.

      Logic? Reality? Truth? That went out the window 5 years ago.

      • John

        Five years ago? The lefties have left logic, common sense, facts and truth in toilet more that 100 years ago. It has just gotten progressively worse. The snowball is now the size of the moon and is rolling at near lightspeed.

  • mathis1689

    Obamacare/Commiecare was never designed to be anything except a tool to convert this country into a Marxist/Communist dictatorship. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a complete fool or else very highly delusional.

  • Rob

    No worries. I’m not going to comply anyway, so whatever delays they suffer might as well be a hurricane in Fairyland for all of me.

    • TheDoktor

      Ditto that! If they put me in jail THEN I’ll get good health care FOR FREE!

  • J-M

    Obamacare isn’t about health care. It’s about collecting more taxes. OBVIOUSLY we will not be getting “affordable care” as the premiums continue to skyrocket. What it DOES do is make health care unaffordable to yet more people, so they can have their tax returns swept up for non compliance. The deck is stacked, there is no escape, just like their will be no “affodable care”.

  • Karl E. Peters

    Of course, the reason is likely that amnesty is slower in coming than they hoped and they must find a way to qualify all those legally unqualifiable people in order to help them eat further from our table!!!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    boehnor and the RINOs knew all of this when nasty peelousy was the speeeekur, yet they did nothing but mouth platitudes to lull the unthinking masses back to sleep.

    boehnor is the biggest problem this nation has.

    The house could stop 100% of any and all implementation……. except for the boehnor roadblock.

    • Liberty1776

      You are pretty right about everything, except I think ALL of our government is the problem, not just one person they all work together and they all know what is going on. Not one person in the white house or congress can plead ignorance.
      They all need to go and we need to start anew!

  • Dr. Death

    I am dying a slow painful death. After being run over by some screwball in a BIG SUV, I arrived at the ER room DOA. They stuck some chest tubes in me, and hit me with the paddles, blood shot out of the chest tubes four feet on each side. Now, seeing that all my insides have been flattened like a pancake, nothing works very well, so they gave me about six months max. I’m confined to a wheelchair, and for an ex off-road motorcycle racer, that’s slow death. I have Kaiser healthcare, and I hope to hell I’m gone before this Obamacare BS makes this even worse (if that’s possible). If I had the guts, and the ability, things would change rapidly in the great halls of democracy in Washington. Consider yourselves lucky, you crooked bastards. And someday I’ll see you on the other side, and your actions will doom you to that place where you don’t need to worry about cold weather.

    • mhgoats1

      And you are not the only one in such conditions. They forget that those willing to die for a belief will not do it for promises of 72 virgin pigs, but will do it to right a wrong.

    • Rosie46

      I doubt if you will see them where they are going, unless you are looking down on them from your home with our Lord.

  • agbjr

    “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?”

    James Madison

  • Nadine

    His whole administration has been a BOMB!!!

    • Joe Lettieri

      NO $HIT!

  • ktuncia

    It’s not about the how the individual mandate affects individuals. It’s about the money Big Business is going to pour into Democrat campaign coffers because this delay gives them time to cut the hours of actual citizens in favor of hirng new immigrants that don’t carry the individual mandate penalty. New immigrants; should the falsely named Immigration Reform Bill pass, will be able to work 40hrs a week for 10 years before their citizenship is “completed” and the penalty finally kicks in. Consequently, this delay is a big payoff to Big Business to the tune of $3000 a year per employee at least for 1 year and quite possibly for 10 years. All while actual American citizens get hosed. Wages will be lower, taxes will go up and unemployment will rise along with inflation. This is democrats selling out the middle and lower class and betting on Big Business money instead.

    • Liberty1776

      If Amnesty passes, we will all be ID tagged, with personal info, health,bank,drivers lic.,schooling and so on with the National ID program they conveniently snuck in there and dont tell us.
      No one said anything about that not even Repubs., which means they are all in it for the same thing they just play bad guy good guy, to make it look good to the public.
      The entire government needs to be abolished by the hands of Patriots and renewed with those who care about our Freedoms and Liberties.
      Hear that NSA, I think we the people should march by the millions in DC and beat the schitz out of every single rep in there then boot their azzes out to show the next in line what they should watch out for when they do not keep We The People at their best interest!

      • Whackajig

        I agree that we need action, but who will step up to lead us? Who will take his ball bat and club the wrongdoers?

    • Whackajig

      70% of all the federal income tax collected comes from the top 10% of the taxpayers. 86% comes from the top 25% of the taxpayers. You whine about the middle and lower classes, but tell me what they contribute anyway? Looks to me that they are not carrying their share of the load right now.

  • TheDoktor

    “Organizing for Healthcare”?!?!?
    Seems like Obozo’s people spent much more time creating that damn logo than they did the data base for “verification” for qualification for the POS “health care” they are foisting upon Americans.

  • Joe Lettieri

    I hope all you morons who voted for this piece of $hit get yours!!!!!Talk about dumb,this country takes the cake.Did you really believe all the lies?

    • John

      Do you really believe that he won. no way when you consider who did the counting. George Soros, they caught thousands of machines that were rigged and the demodorks got the media to do a major hush up so we the people didn’t revolt then. Now it comes to armed bloodshed.

      • Whackajig

        Do you intend to fire the first shot? Heap big smoke but no fire.

  • Reggie Cowan

    Wow! No oversight. I see Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in the future.

  • allessior

    That’s just wonderful. I love Obaacare. Now, if I am reading this correctly, I can use either my employer-provided healthcare plan AND get subsidies. That means that the “subsidy pot” will run out of money within the first week because EVERYBODY will going to the exchange-subsidy office to “get theirs”, because we know how well the “honor system” works in places like…ahem…New Jersey. Way to go all you Obama supporters..more corruption, I guess the way you like it.

  • fcsuszka

    ROFL CGU Oh dear wait a minute while I wipe away the tears of laughter. Another government POS program that has more loophole than Swiss cheese? Well of course. No verification? Wow… How many people will see that and jump on the wagon and rape the system like they do with welfare and the rest of the “free” programs being offered by our government. What kind of cheese is this? It’s obvious Obama care is a worthless junket that is being pushed on the American people just like the rest of the trash. We the people have to suck it up and bend over while our elected officials sodomize and expect us to thank them for doing so because they know best. Hey why not. Obama and his clam zoom off to his birth country to the tune of millions and eat high on the hog while the rest of us suck it up, scrimp and save if we can. Something is wrong with this program and the American people are too blind to see it or don’t really gave a darn. Maybe it’s a toss up between the two.

    I’m proud to be an American but with the leadership we have I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe I should give up my citizenship and become an illegal. I’d get more and would have to work so hard to get it. Just falsify paperwork, sit on my duff and let the checks come rolling in. HA! I don’t qualify for anything I haven’t worked for.

  • James Maxwell

    The military has several acronyms that are not printable but accurately describe
    omarxist care and his disaster. One is FUBAR, and it says what it will mean to
    the American People whose states try to implement it. The death panels will be
    in full forces to kill off American faster than the abortion mills of planned murder
    of the unborn do.

    • juswonderin

      When the senior citizens begin to be euthanized, there should be more for those that are younger & taxpayers, and your time will come as you get older also. They will probably put us all in a mass grave so the gov’t won’t have to pay for funeral costs! I do not have finances enough to pay for a funeral, nor does my son or family! It costs too much to die, LOL!

      • James Maxwell

        What younger TAX Payers, all the dammed kids are sitting home letting
        mom and dad support them. Once we are gone who will be working
        to pay the bill and earn a living? Even grave diggers need to get paid
        and no one is hiring any more. I heard a rumor they just gonna drop
        us in the Grand Canyon till it fills up.

  • cfrench1

    The reaction to this “problem” is hysterical. This isn’t a glitch, it is the way it was ALWAYS intended to work!! They just want everyone on the government dole. It’s part of the master plan.

  • Swiss Guard

    Fellow Patriots.. do what I did and at least ‘drop out of sight online’, there is a way to regain total privacy online (VPN) and protect yourself from the prying eyes of the Feds.

    Go to: http://www.digitalsafe.privacyabroad.com — the bottom line is people are vulnerable in this current ‘data war’ that’s taking place in the U.S., because of ‘location of their data’. My 4th Amendment Rights have been restored concerning ‘online communication’, and I am fully protected under the ‘Swiss Federal Electronic Data Privacy Law’! American ex-Patriot Owned & Operated, located safely outside of the U.S. and completely immune to all the govt data-hacking that’s currently happening in our country via the ‘U.S. Patriot Act’… again that’s: http://www.digitalsafe.privacyabroad.com >> go there and find out how you CAN BE PROTECTED & REGAIN YOUR ONLINE PRIVACY. Compliments of Swiss Guard

  • Sagebrush6

    The liberals are depending on the IRS (as in SS) will burn you just in case.





  • Jim28thReg

    Makes one wonder just who is the biggest traitor – tha S.O.B. and cohorts that wrote this or the other slime that passed it.

    Either way the whole mess is illegal and should simply be tossed in the trash just like the dead-heads in D.C. .