A Florida Man Uses Gun to Save Wife and Baby From Home Invasion by Multiple Intruders

Jan Morgan

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2.5 million times last year. Americans brandished a firearm in order to defend and preserve life.
In most of those cases, the trigger was never pulled.

The government, federal or state, DOES NOT have the authority to remove or hinder this God given right to defend life.

The 2nd Amendment was NOT a right given to the citizens FROM the government… (always remember… what the government gives the government can take away)

It was a mandate TO THE GOVERNMENT that the citizens are born with this right and the it SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

In Melbourne, Florida, a man is more than thankful that he had a gun and the skills to use it in order to save the lives of his wife and baby.

Police say the man, home with his wife and baby, shot and injured one of at least three intruders who broke into his Pepper Avenue house late Wednesday night
According to Melbourne police, there were three or four males — in their teens or early 20s — who broke into the home and tried to rob the family.
The homeowner, then shot at the intruders, striking one of them in the arm.

The family’s dog was also injured, but no one else was hurt.

The suspected injured intruder was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center.

Police identified two of the intruders as Bobby Culler and Leonard Valentine. Culler, who was shot, was arrested on charges of having an outstanding warrant. Valentine faces charges of armed burglary and violation of probation.

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  • Douglas Moore

    I hope the dog heals okay.

  • Roger Ramjet

    Here’s how we deal with would-be home invaders! My brother is a cop and he bought everyone in our family one of these. He swears by them and we love it and many of our neighbors even got them. Better to be prepared!

    • Chained

      Never advertise you may have firearms.

      • astrojohn

        …so I suppose an ADT sign should also come down? it’s just as easy to cut a telephone line…

        • Chained

          Exactly why help criminals do their job. No one needs to know whether you have firearms, a dog or an alarm system. It’s no one’s business but yours. Why make it easier to be attacked. Criminals hate surprises btw. Let them break in then blow their low life ass back out the door with a 12ga. This country has become totally pussified and PC limp wristed so let the derelicts come then kill them.

          • R Wing

            I’ve pulled my gun one time at my house. It was on an ADT salesman who went off the deep end when I shut the door in his face. Hey, he woke me up. Got very verbally abusive and I finally got my gun just to have it. Then he dared me to use it on him. I’d never buy an ADT product. A few months later there was a report on TV of a man who was a salesman, (they didn’t say who for) but was going back to houses and robbing them. He apparently shot someone and was arrested. The photo of him looked like the guy I dealt with.

          • Chained

            A dog and a gun are the best deterrents against home invasions.

          • Clint

            If they are dumb enough to choose to break into my home then they need to be removed from society. You thought I was going to say gene pool, didn’t ya? ;<)

          • STEVE

            Chained i agree completely as it was said ” kill em all ” MARINE

        • Larry B, Cates

          Alarm systems don’t have to be hardwired to a telephone line. Mine uses a cellular connection, no telephone line needed. Also I had one of those human target signs but removed it just because of the reason posted above by Rich. Intruders will get no forewarning, that might be used against me, anymore at my house, other than the alarm system signs. One last point: a sign of this nature shows an intruder that you will have a gun inside for protection, so now, being aware of this, if he still chooses to break in, you can bet he will come/be prepared to shoot back!



        • Chained

          yeah I’ve seen those signs before

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      I’m betting Obama the Jew hating, America hating
      bi-sexual muslim does not like these signs. Who
      cares what this demon thinks.

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      One more thing, love the sign.

    • Va_guy

      so if you have to defend your family some Angela Corey type will use that sign as evidence that you are blood-thirsty and waiting for an excuse to shoot someone down

      • Rich

        I have to admit I’ve considered this point myself. As we have just witnessed, every little thing can get studied and used against you if you were to have to defend what you did.

        • Rich

          But I DO love the sign though!

    • Jay Menard

      Roger- where did he buy these signs?

      • Roger Ramjet

        readytodefend.com see below, I think they have some discounts for law enforcement and homeowners

    • jenniewalsh

      GREAT IDEA! Where can one purchase these signs? Someone could make some big bucks selling these.

      • Roger Ramjet

        To all the comments –

        So I asked my brother about the ‘advertising firearms’ comments and he
        said “BS You’re advertising you’re not afraid and you’ll USE a gun
        most people don’t have the guts to post one of these signs”.

        About “no one needs to know if you have a dog, alarm,etc” that’s just plain stupid, UNLESS you have the attitude like chained “Let them break in then blow their low life ass back out the door with a 12ga” That kind of attitude is what convictions are made of.

        A warning high voltage sign, it’s a warning. if someone sticks their hand in a electrical box and gets shocked, they were stupid. We think the same common sense applies here. It’s not malicious or aggressive, it’s defensive. If they stay out, no problem. If they don’t, they’ve been warned. He ordered them direct from the manufacturer http://www.readytodefend.com and said they give a 10% discount to LEO’s and home owners associations.

        • Chained

          Sounds like you are trying to push some sign sales RR. I’ll stick by what I said as that is the smart thing to do. Do not advertise! It’s stupid. Why did you have to ask your brother anyway? Can’t you form your own opinion?

          Your analogy of an electrical box warning is lame and different than your home. That’s more for a liability and insurance reasons. Not everyone understands the hazards of electricity but most everyone understands theft, breaking and entering, assault, unlawful entry etc as against the law. Why should someone want to post a sign that states–warning entry not permitted, if you enter you will be shot. He already knows that he could be shot and killed if confronted by the homeowner during a break in and if he proceeds and gets shot and killed then they were stupid.

          If I construct a 10ft fence around my property with a gate that is locked should I need a sign that says no trespassing or beware of dog? No, it’s implied and common sense. If a criminal breaks in your home it’s already implied he doesn’t belong there and you have the right to defend yourself from the intruder including killing and many states have enacted a castle doctrine just for that and keeps from being sued civilly. Even the bible states that you have a right to defend your home and property with deadly force. Like I said I see no reason to advertise what you may or may not have in or around your home. It just gives an adversary an edge.

          • Patrick Henry

            Princeton NJ. Electric train substation. fenced 8′, sign posted electrical shock hazard. DUMMY CLIMBED FENCE got electricuted arm blown off, sued and won……… The fence should have been higher was his reason. so much for your common sense logic.

          • Steve

            Just dig a hole !!!!!!!!

      • Dave T.

        Unfortunately, If you did protect your home and family with a gun, The police and prosecuting attorney would use the sign as evidence of premeditation for the murder of the intruder

  • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

    The police didn’t arrest the victim for defending his family?
    I’m shocked. It’s obvious the victim is not an Obama groupie.

    • Brian Niles

      give it time. Zimmerman wasn’t charged for a while either.

  • Al

    He should at least get a marksmanship medal & free box of ammo!

    • Rich

      Probably needs to go to the range more. (Guilty of that failure myself) But I’m not sure where someone would find the ammo to give the guy! lol

  • Maximus Max

    “That door was locked for your protection. Not mine.”

  • John Hikel

    Please help spread this message. I sponsored a petition to remove 189 legislators from the New Hampshire legislature and to hold them accountable to the people whom elected them.
    This isn’t liberal or conservative, D or R, or about guns. It’s about elected officials violating their oath and holding them accountable to the People and voting to diminish or remove rights enumerated in the Constitution must end no matter the party. This was a self defense bill, not a “gun bill” that removes rights by statute. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks.


  • gregzotta

    No description of the suspects in the story. Why is that?

    • Cheri Flanigan

      Most likely, because they are not inner city black men. Because if they WERE; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and ACLU would be screamin’, “RACIAL PROFILING!!!” They’d be all over CNN and MSMBC (intentional “typo”) talkin’ about how these poor kids were simply lost, cold and hungry. You know: “..their knock was barely even audible because they were so weak from near starvation…” and “All they really wanted was something to eat and drink, and a fireplace to warm their chilled little bones, etc”; when they were startled and then ATTACKED by some Crazed Aryan Skinhead -type wh charged them screaming “The N Word” and other expletives (with very predjudiced undertones). Sound about Right?? *sigh* Oh yeah!! THEN B.O. would interrupt “Regularly Scheduled Programming” to throw a TANKER of high octane on the match and talk about the 4 nephews he never had an that he imagines they would have looked Just Like These little Misunderstood Choirboys. Yeah…I just threw up in my mouth a little on THAT one!

  • Paladin67

    I have no idea of the race of the family that was attacked, but this link is of a local newscast showing one of the intruders in the backseat of a police cruiser. He is, how shall we say “not white, or white/hispanic or hispanic”.. and because, as stated below, sharpton or jackson, etc are not involved, my uneducated guess is that the family is also “not white, or white/hispanic or hispanic”.. again, these are guesses..


  • Peter Johnson

    Should’nt the attorney General be made aware of this incident?..

  • detroitheat

    Must be blacks or illegals, the intruders you notice they didn’t mention what the color of their skin was ?