A Free Nation…. Not an Aristocracy, Dictatorship, or Oligarchy


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Priceless. We have been overrun by arrogant bureaucrats and career politicians, who have been bought and paid for, that want us to forget who their employer is, and that we are a free people, a free nation — not an aristocracy, dictatorship, or oligarchy. Do not infringe upon my natural and God-given liberties and rights, these being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the ability to defend my ability to do so. Time to rout OUR representative Constitutional Republic of usurpers, thieves, and wanna-be dictators. May freedom reign! Happy Independence, not Dependence, Day!-

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  • Kapt Blasto

    Alright, on that same token….if this Government is as despotic as you say it is, when it comes to eliminating gun ownership and bullet capacity….then why would we want that SAME GOVERNMENT to have power to FORCE unborn babies to BE BORN, so that this Government might have a chance to corrupt them WORSE than they themselves might be…..

    Let’s take a look at SEX-SELECTION abortions…Everyone HERE on this page abhors the idea that people would abort GIRL babies, in favor of making BOYS…or even, vice versa…. What would happen if the LGBT community, who mostly believe in the concept of a “gay gene,” and certain members, (who might also be gun-rights advocates, like yourselves) believe it’s time to “save the unborn GAY baby,”

    and these members inside the LGBT community, will take steps to overturn ROE, figuring that they’ll do it, with even faster results, (through Hollywood and the Media…and with their protesting abilities, shown from the AIDS/HIV epidemic…)

    than….what the Pro-Life community’s attempting to do, (with the “chipping-away” measures, at Women’s clinic facility regulations, performed at State-levels, with the hope that being thrown into the Federal Courts by the Pro-Choice community, would get the Pro-life justices to overturn Roe.)

    What do you suppose an LGBT entry into this “race to save the unborn” will cause the race conditions to look like?

    Will one short the other out? Would it cause STAUNCH PRO-LIFERS, seeing the LGBT entry into the race, to become PRO-CHOICE,or at least straddle the fence, leaning toward a “Goldwater in Winter of his life” viewpoint, of things……?

    And…how fast would one wager upon the speed of the change, if this set of conditions were to ever come about?

    • Goengo

      Even after reading your comment twice, I still find it to be rambling and incoherent. As far as I can tell, you support abortion and the LGBT community, and are against the Second Amendment. I could be wrong, though, as it is very difficult to untangle your message.
      You would find that those who are pro-life are exactly that – it does not depend on the circumstances. We are pro-life regardless of how others feel. If the LGBT community wishes to join us, we would celebrate that, as it would increase the numbers of those who understand that life is not to be thrown away in favor of convenience.

      • Kapt Blasto

        Why is it that because I don’t jump on your bandwagon, parrot your party line, and only limit arguments to maybe two or three narrow points of view, points of view that reveal your sheer EVIL….

        …then you want to label things I say as “incoherent and rambling”

        That’s what I want to know…

        Perhaps maybe YOUR responses tell a TON MORE…in how LIMITED you seem to be….

        (Don’t want to even think about that one, huh?)

        And in reading your response, Geongo…you seem to ADVOCATE THE CHIP! The Godforsaken IMPLANTABLE HUMAN RFID CHIP!

        You’re truly sick!

        So now you’re telling ME, that I should embrace the CHIP? What? As if the CHIP is a “God-send”? Are you out of your mind?

        And you want to talk about “wristlets?” OH MY GOD!

        Now, you want to talk about “pro-choicers” actually being racists, because of personal views of Margaret Sanger…but, who do you suppose this WRISTLET will actually be brought to bear upon anyway?

        Well? And you actually think, for just one minute…that this WRISTLET won’t somehow morph into IMPLANT tomorrow…

        I’m going to tell you something, Buddy…

        When I walked into the store one day, I didn’t know I was going to buy a whole big-ass refrigerator for my mother in law, to match the one I bought my wife….

        And when I found out I was…I was lulled into thinking that I was “only going to pay for HALF of the Cost” and they would come up with the other half…

        (Yeah right….My Mrs came up with the other half out of the checking account.)

        But here you are, zoned out by the matrix…..or worse yet, you’re a Rockefeller plant….because ROCKEFELLER wants to implant the chip into everybody…

        And this is what makes it truly sick, knowing where shite is coming from, when I recognize how the talking points flow out!

        And if you’re so damn “personally opposed” to this…then why does the main idea you’re banding ending up sounding like it’s
        “Pro life, pro-chip”

        Because it looks like you’re advocating PRO-LIFE, yet turning a willing blind eye toward those who want to use that law to ABUSE….

        because if that’s where you’re headed, buddy…then life won’t be enjoyable….it’ll be a sentence!

        Life….without PAROLE!

        I don’t live inside a prison planet…and you ain’t going to be MY WARDEN or PRISON GUARD….anytime soon!

        • Goengo

          I’m sick? Not only that but actually “sheer evil”? Sorry, Kapt Blasto, but you are sadly mistaken, or you are unable to read. Those words better describes you. I called your post rambling and incoherent because it is. It is impossible to tell what your point is other than an abhorrence for RFID chips, which I ALSO oppose. I never said that you should embrace the chip – only that the MANUFACTURER of the chip would ADVOCATE for its use. Everyone with half a brain would know that someone who manufacturers something would want it to be used! “God-send” was YOUR term, not mine.

          Also, I never made the argument that being pro-choice made one a racist. If you read my post again, you will clearly see that I said that your REASONING was as twisted as believing that pro-choice is the same as being a racist!

          You also said “Why is it that because I don’t jump on your bandwagon, parrot your party line….” What party is it you believe I belong to, Kapt Blasto? Other than saying that I am pro-life, I don’t believe I named or implied any political party.

          And if your wife lulled you into buying TWO “big-assed refrigerators”, that speaks to YOUR intelligence -not mine – my friend. I still don’t see how that relates to the topic at hand.

          And finally, you say that, “But here you are, zoned out by the matrix…..or worse yet, you’re a Rockefeller plant….because ROCKEFELLER wants to implant the chip into everybody…And this is what makes it truly sick, knowing where shite is coming from, when I recognize how the talking points flow out!”
          Interesting that you seem to feel that I’m “zoned out by the matrix or a Rockefeller plant,” when it seems that you have TRULY zoned out on something or another. Tighten the screws so your head stays on tight; you are truly in danger of losing your mind.

          • Kapt Blasto

            I already LOST my OLD mind a long time ago…and got an even better one, thank you very much, Goengo…

            You seem to subscribe to the same reasoning, that former MN Gov, former Bush HHS Secretary and STAUNCH Pro-life Advocate Tommy Thompson stated on CNBC-TV, back in April, 2011, when he advocated usage of the RFID CHIP on BABIES at the Nursery.

            Now, he was talking about the wristlets, Goengo…and now so are you….

            So let me guess….you want to force women to have their babies, and then you want to “protect” those babies by RFID CHIP “wristlets” that tomorrow will turn into implants out of convenience and necessity…..

            But there’s not a whisper of conferring CITIZENSHIP upon the unborn, from you either….not very many people up on here professing the Pro-life side ever do that…and I expected as much, you see…

            “personhood” is more appealing to the Pro-life sensibilities….not necessarily full blown CITIZENSHIP, with Rights guaranteed in the Constitution that the STATE has to honor…just “personhood” (Citizenship has to wait for the Birth Certificate to be conferred….)

            Problem being is, Goengo….we already recognize “persons” here…We call them, when we find them without any papers…Undocumented ALIENS….

            Now, what would a “pro-life” law supposedly handle things, when its coupled with an immigration law that you want as well?

            Can you guess what the Government, that you want out of your doctor’s office, and out of your Gun Ranges, and out of your boardrooms, and your life….(except when it comes to the Ladies’ babymaking abilities, then you want your Government right there!) WILL DO when it gets wielding both the HARDLINE IMMIGRATION law you want, as well as the HARDLINE “pro-life” law you want as well?

            (Go ahead and say i’m “rambling” if you like, Goengo…go ahead!)

            You saw what happened with Elian Gonzales? Armed Feds took him back to CUBA, taking him from his Aunt’s arms….right? (didn’t agree with that, I’ll bet…) He could have been an American. huh?

            Picture that same scenario being played out all over America, in every bedroom, and every house….

            Because Government recognizes “persons” that don’t have that Birth Certificate, as “Undocumented Aliens…”

            And the way things are going….you really want a law that tells you whether GOVERNMENT can determine WHERE they say, YOU actually start or end, regardless of whether the Birth Certificate that says you’re a Citizen that has rights, is conferred or not?

            So, in other words, the Birth Certificate that says you’re a Citizen now gets to be circumvented,

            because you want Government to say where you start or end?

            Or is it when they slap the “wristlet” upon the hand….that Government can then say you started life upon planet earth?

            And what happens when Government feels that taking the wristlets off…you STOP being a person that Government recognizes?

            Oh yeah, Goengo…there’s more to the story than what you just merely want to focus on, for sure!

          • Goengo

            Why didn’t you respond to my comment instead of going off on tangents again? Clearly you were unable to refute the arguments that I made.

            You also jumped to some wild conclusions about what I believe on all sorts of different topics….all of which is garbage.

            You made assumptions that I:

            …am in favor of mandatory RFID’s

            …oppose citizenship (even for American babies, according to what you wrote!)

            …that a child who has not yet received a birth certificate is considered an “illegal alien”

            …want “the HARDLINE IMMIGRATION law”

            …that I “want out of your doctor’s office, and out of your Gun Ranges, and out of your boardrooms, and your life….(except when it comes to the Ladies’ babymaking abilities, then you want your Government right there!) WILL DO when it gets wielding both the HARDLINE IMMIGRATION law you want, as well as the HARDLINE “pro-life” law you want as well?” (Wow! I want all that, and in one sentence. no less?)
            Of all of those are presumptions on your part. Of all of those topics, I commented on only one, and I made it clear that I opposed mandatory RFID’s. I have no idea where you came up with all these other “facts” about what I believe in, but I presume it came from the mind that even you admit you lost a long time ago.

          • Kapt Blasto

            excuse you, but I did refute you.

  • Jus Fidus Libertatum

    Kapt Blasto, your arguments make no sense at all to me. I’ll take them in the order you made them:
    First, the government cannot “FORCE” a human baby to “BE BORN” anymore than it can force any other animal to be born, nature is quite capable of that with very few exceptions. Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that “we were endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Up until the majority SCOTUS opinion in Roe v. Wade in 1973 it was understood that the unborn children had as much right to life as their Creator gave them.

    Second, I don’t believe that anyone who is truly pro-life would be against any member of the LGTB community wanting to save unborn babies whose mothers were considering terminating their pregnancy through abortion if they believed that the unborn baby had or might have a “gay gene”. Pro-Life means just that PRO-LIFE, the opposite side of pro-life can only be realistically called “pro-death”, not pro-choice to be intellectually honest.

    Have you noticed that vast majority of those born post Roe v. Wade are Pro-Life? They have very good reason to be, because they realize that they might very well have not been born had their mother decided that carrying a baby to term was “inconvenient”?

    In closing, I grew up having been given the knowledge that IF I fathered a child outside of wedlock that I, not the government, would be responsible for helping to raise that child. I was also taught that abstaining from sexual intercourse before marriage was the ONLY way to unsure that I could NOT impregnate a girl. Along with that I was taught Natural Law, a.k.a. The Moral Law and understood that the intentional taking of innocent life was murder. Law is the safeguard of freedom (it goes without saying that the law has to be JUST in order to safeguard freedom).

    I was taught that by good parents as well as in public schools.

    • Kapt Blasto

      Well, now isn’t that SPECIAL? Why does this little comment makes me want to pat you on your little head, and say “Oh, aren’t you so cuuuuute?” and want to pinch your chubby little cheeks?

      Revelation 22:13 has it written that Jesus is the Beginning of Life…no one else, Nothing else…and NO WHERE ELSE….can that “beginning” be…

      Know what that means, “Mr. Natural and Moral Law?”

      “Mr. I-can’t-understand-what-he’s-saying-so-I-label-him-incoherent-and-rambling-to-ward-off-others-from-actually-thinking-farther-than-I-can-because-it-frightens-me-to-think-farther-than-my-own-nose-so-I-don’t-want-anyone-else-to”???

      Means that Government, with the FIRST AMENDMENT, can’t be compelled to say where the “beginning” truly is…for if they did, they’d be violating the “Church and State” separation as outlined by Madison….

      And if Government placed “The beginning” at somewhere ELSE than what Revelation 22:13 has it written that it’s placed

      ….then not only would Government be “establishing a religion” with the UNBORN as a collective FALSE GOD for Government to consider compelling US to worship, with Government as the FALSE CHURCH…

      then as our representatives, they’d be making us declare that SOMETHING ELSE other than JESUS has to be GOD, because of a FACET of God was declared to be something else other than JESUS himself!

      And by design…efforts to make Government declare (if not completely outright, because they’re actually clever with language to hold sway…)
      that “sperm fertilizing egg” must be the beginning of human life…and not JESUS…

      then you’re basically saying that HUMANS (wearing the BADGE) can know better than GOD HIMSELF where to draw the line!

      You want the CREATION of CREATION of the CREATOR, to be CREATOR/Arbitrator over YOU, and the rest of your life, and your progeny…

      You basically want the STATE to be controller over you.

      And here, down below, I was debating with your friend, an apparent Rockefeller plant, over his embracing of the MARK OF THE BEAST, and how he wants to implant it into everyone!

      My take on you is…..You’re more worried about the SEX…that you’re not having. And you’re wringing your gonads over whether THAT GIRL or THAT OTHER GIRL is “getting it,” (because they aren’t getting it from YOU!)

      And that pisses you off, doesn’t it? “Mr. Natural and Moral”

      It’s the feeling of POWER that you think is being robbed from YOU, that causes YOU to respond in the way you do…

      But then again, Who am I but someone just being “rambling and incoherent” huh?

      Why don’t you and your rockefeller buddy down below….or maybe he’s a Koch brothers plant, or he’s a Soros plant…whoever he is….go off and play with yourselves…

      we REAL conservatives can tell shite from shine-ola.

      And buddy…you’re shine-ola!