FBI Requests Florida Police Not Return Gun to Zimmerman

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The FBI has asked authorities in Sanford, Fla. to not give George Zimmerman back his gun after he was cleared of all charges in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a Department of Justice official tells Fox News.
The report may serve as further confirmation the Justice Department is taking seriously its investigation into whether or not to pursue a federal civil rights case against Zimmerman, after Attorney General Eric Holder said in an address Tuesday to the NAACP that his department would “consider all available information” before deciding whether to move forward.
The Sanford Police Department told the Orlando Sentinel Thursday that evidence released earlier this week to the agency has been placed “in a hold status,” pending the Justice Department investigation.
The items include all the evidence collected by the agency in its investigation of the fatal shooting, such as Zimmerman’s gun, Martin’s clothes, cell phone, the bag of Skittles and beverage found in his pockets, the newspaper reported.
Amid pressure from the NAACP and several Democratic lawmakers to pursue Zimmerman, the department expanded its probe Wednesday by setting up a public email address asking for any tips or information regarding the case.
The department also held a conference call with civil rights leaders on Monday.
The conference call included DOJ officials, along with representatives from the FBI and federal prosecutors. They spoke to civil rights leaders from Sanford, Fla., as well as others from around the country.
The call was convened by Tom Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division.
A Justice official told Fox News that both the conference call and the email address asking for tips and information are fairly standard procedure when dealing with a high-profile investigation such as this one. The department has used such tip lines in the past, including in a probe last year of the Albuquerque, N.M., police department.
Some attorneys and analysts have cautioned that Holder would have a difficult time bringing a civil rights case against Zimmerman, particularly since the investigation so far is thought to have turned up no evidence or claims that Zimmerman exhibited racial bias.
Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Martin who was unarmed. His attorneys argued that he shot Martin in self-defense, but the case sparked an outcry because Martin was black and Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic.
Meanwhile Thursday, protesters who set up camp in the state Capitol building earlier this week finally got to meet with Gov. Rick Scott and urged him to push for the repeal of Florida’s “state your ground” law and to take steps to combat racial profiling.
In a conference room near his office suite, Scott met for nearly an hour with seven leaders of the protest, which began Tuesday. They described their frustration about last weekend’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin and their own experiences of being racially profiled.
Saying the 17-year-old’s death happened on Scott’s watch, the protesters renewed their request that the Republican governor call state legislators into special session to repeal the law which justifies the use of deadly force when a person’s life is in danger.
“There has to be a comprehensive approach to make sure every child in Florida can feel safe again,” Gabriel Pendas told the governor.
Scott, who said he had spoken earlier in the evening with Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, instead said he would call for a day of prayer on Sunday for “unity.”
He also urged the protesters to talk to local legislators if they wanted to change state law and offer them examples of why they believe it may lead to more violence.
“If you believe stand your ground should be repealed tell them why,” Scott said.

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  • The FBI of course has already run through Zimmerman through a ringer and he came out clean. Zimmerman needs his gun back in case Martin or one of his fans decides to stop by.

    • Godisreal

      Actually, you are wrong. Zimmerman is an accused child molester. He is accused of molesting his six year old cousin. Google it! Now don’t you feel smart?

      • I feel smart by not looking at something stupid. For instance if he had it would have been brought up by Holder and Obama. Now dont you feel stupid?? you should.

  • Patriot502003

    They are violating George’s constitutional rights. Case is closed. All I can say is “have gun, will travel.” I would be happy to provide George with security for a pittance! He also has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The investigation should be into who the cowards are that are threatening a man that the courts (and the evidence) say are not guilty. Pathetic! By the way, the talking heads are saying that the jury found George Not Guilty but Not Innocent. If you are innocent UNTIL proven guilty, how can that be?

    • Patriot

      No one is ever found Innocent! It’s always Guilty or Not Guilty. That’s because that’s what the finders of facts attempts to determine.

      The only place in this country where you are guilty until proven guilty is with our a-hole friends at the IRS!

      • Patriot502003

        Missed my point totally. Lady Justice says, “Innocent UNTIL proven guilty.” How can that mean anything but if, one is NOT GUILTY, he/she is innocent. We are on all cylinders when it comes to IRS.

        • Patriot

          It’s simply a matter of semantics. What I offered is the legal description of legal findings. You are right in what you say, but you will never find a case where the Defendant is found innocent. That’s just how our judicial system works.

          • Patriot502003

            OK, let me be REAL CLEAR. I am well aware that there is not a verdict of innocent. Was a cop for over 30 years, plus O’Mara made it clear in his closing that IF there was such a thing as an INNOCENT verdict, the jury should check that box. You are a hard man to get through to. I don’t think that we will be sharing lunch together soon. Thanks for your response anyway.

          • Patriot

            Hey, let me be REAL CLEAR. No need to cop an attitude. I didn’t respond to you because I was looking to get into a pissing match but apparently that’s your intent! Did I insult you perhaps? I reviewed my post and obviously I didn’t.

            Forget to take your meds friend? If I’m not mistake your the one who used the word innocent. Not sharing lunch? Don’t think so. I’m selective in the company I keep. I guess you won’t fix my ticket then. Oh well. Mental stability is requirement number 1. I’d say, your apparently a hard man to get through to. I at least have both oars in the water and I know the direction I’m heading in. I wonder if theirs a full moon out tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Patriot502003

            You are just another loser, sir. Masking yourself with a great handle and nothing else. The battle of wits has ended as you are totally an unarmed man. You = CINO (Conservative in Name Only). Give us a break. Understand that I have effectively blocked you on my “no more bs” list. Enjoy the Trayvon rally, scumbag.

          • Patriot

            F-off a-hole troll.

            “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

            -Abraham Lincoln

            Oops, to late for you loser! You bring nothing to the table but your snarky a-hole uncivilized mouth! You reap what you sow!

        • Dan Moore

          Knock it off, both of you.

      • Dan Moore

        Knock it off you two.


    Please cite which law applies to not give George Zimmerman his firearm back. He needs it now more than ever with these black terrorists marching around looking for him.

    • Patriot

      They want him in the same position they want all of us in. Unarmed, Defenseless and dependent on them!

  • erasmas

    The police in Florida have no reason or right to keep Zimmerman’s gun. He was proven INNOCENT, you federal Dweebs—–time to wake up, or is the lack of oxygen at your rarified heights addling your senses?

    • Godisgood

      Not guilty and innocent are two different things!

      • Patriot

        Right! Unfortunately!

      • Aristophanes

        Did you post the same comment about o j simpson?

  • ToniStimmel

    The governor should tell the FBI that he’ll try to forget that they made such an uncontitutional request in hopes that at sometime in the future they’ll return to their previous status of a law enforcement agency from thier current status as USAG henchmen.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The Kangaroo Court is in session.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    It seems the that people are determined to punish Zimmerman for something he didn’t do. It makes me sick when I don’t see goverment officials saying that since he was found inocent that they should let it go. Of course Obama and his DOJ butt kisser are going to make this stretch out as long as possible to see if they can use this to take away our rights to own guns.

    • Godisreal

      Maybe someone should shoot and kill your underage loved one so you will know how it feels to suffer! A maniac with a concealed weapon is dangerous! And as far as his innocence is concerned, that was not proven. The jury decided that there was not enough evidence to convict, idiot! You and all the other second amendment loving people that have laid the blame on a dead teenager will regret it when you find yourself on the other side of that concealed weapon.

      • Patriot

        Personally, I would rather have someone shoot and kill your underage loved one and that you find yourself without the ability to defend that child. Hey you dirt-bag, you should keep a civil tongue in your head if you want to be treated with any respect you fricken a-hole!

        You have a copy of Zimmerman’s psych evaluation report do ya?
        Oh, you just like making disparaging remarks against people. I would suggest that your the maniac. I would bet that Zimmerman has accomplished more for his fellow human being than you will ever do.

        Your such a smart ass numb-nut hateful troll why don’t you post it here so we can all take a gander you hateful troll?

        I suspect you know what country you’re living in do you not?

        There is no such finding in American Jurisprudence as Innocent.

        Your either guilty or not guilty. Fortunately, Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. The jury found a lack of evidence and could not convict a-hole. I for one would like to find you on the other side of a concealed weapon. What’s with all the hate worm or did you just blow in to do a little trolling? No go molest your children if you have any.

        Oh ya, don’t bother responding. I’ve already placed you on my Excrement list!

      • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

        If someone shot and killed one of my underaged loved ones it still wouldn’t have any bearing on this case. And just because this guy was 17 doesn’t make him an angel that was murdered in cold blood. And yes he was found not guilty because he wasn’t guilty. You can twist it anyway you want in your mind but it still won’t change the facts that If someone was pounding your head on pavement and you feared for your life then, unless you have a death wish, would have done what Zimmerman did. It doesn’t matter if he followed Martin or not that is not breaking the law. The minute Martin started beating Zimmerman, Zimmerman had a right to protect himself. Do you think that if Martin had been 18 it would have made a difference? And why should you want someone to shoot and kill one of my underaged love ones because I disagreed with you. If you believe God is real then I suggest that you ask him to guide you and ask him if wishing someone would kill one of my underaged love ones is really the way to show someone fairness or to make a point. I will pray for you. I will never regret supporting our second amendment that is what keeps us free. Besides I always carry concealed when I am out. But if you are a liberal then none of what I said will make any difference. And if you are just afraid of gun then I suggest that you get out and learn to shoot to get over your fear.

        • justathought

          Very well said.

      • Nadine

        Who said he was a Maniac! SEE, this is how this crap starts…assuming & listening to the MSM!

        • Aristophanes

          I have a daughter-in-law who is liberal and she is infecting my youngest grandson! He was telling me that martin was assasinated! I told him what really happened. She was upset that he was found not quilty. She had heard the 911 tapes on msm and believed it. I told her to listen to the real 911 tapes and she would hear entirely different call than msm played. This is why I am so worried for my country – because of lemmings like this.

          • Nadine

            And the schools are not much better in what they are teaching our kids! We have to vigilant & find out WHO is teaching what! Do they have HISTORY in these schools anymore! I’m disgusted with this internal takeover of CRAP! Yes, teach them the FACTS!

      • Michigan_REB

        There was no EVIDENCE Zimmerman committed anycrime. There is plenty of evidense that Martin was shot while commiting a crime assaulting Zimmerman. Al this punk hand todo is keep his hands to himself and he would be home getting high instead of being shot.

  • Shutter

    Zimmerman’s gun was unconstitutionally confiscated to begin with. He should get his lawyer to sue the Florida police for violating his civil rights.

  • Chris

    Based on what law or statute? As obumbum said “we are a nation of laws…” He left out the part where he selectively enforces or breaks them.

    • Patriot

      They’ll probably make up some story claiming it’s evidence!

    • Nadine

      BOY…you got that right!

  • BigUgly666


  • Carl in SC

    The law enforcement in Florida should ignore the Chicago criminals at the DOJ and FBI under the chief of them and return his gun. He obtained it legally, learned proper use of it and used it properly in his volunteer job as watchman only after he was being pounded by a big teen (not the small 12 year old the media still uses) intent on doing serious damage. Before he jumped on Zimmerman he told his friend Rachel Jeantel that he was going to give Zimmerman a real dose of “whoop ass” and that means a really bad beating. You tell me one of any one black man who was being pounded near to death wouldn’t do the same as Zimmerman. BTW I think I remember BHO saying you don’t take a knife to a gunfight, so I’m guessing BHO would have a gun.

  • robert

    and we the people,who are the real government.demand the police due return the gun to Zimmerman.and we the people demand the fbi be investigated for this unconstitituional action,and we will be watching this travesty of mis justice very closely.including the head racist a/g holder,and his ineligible boss ovomit

    • Michigan_REB

      Investigate OBAMA and Holder. leave zimmerman alone.

  • Concerned

    Buy him a exact duplicate then DOJ, shoot you spend more money on coffee at Vegas conventions..Also get him a AR and a Shotgun…your stiring hate toward him and wont be there to protect his family and him.

  • Patriot502003

    Pam Bondi has the right to deny their request.

    • Patriot

      Right, Floridians should be setting the phone lines on fire with their contempt at what they are trying to do!

  • TexRancher

    The guy was acquitted, is not under indictment so give him his gun back Holder! You have no right to obstruct its return you RACE BAITER!

    • Michigan_REB

      Holder and his boss should both be on trial for murder in the death of The border agent and the multiple mexicans killed by guns they lost track of in fast and furious.

  • foxxybey

    That is just wrong, he was found not quality and should get his gun back and holder needs to get his head out of where the sun don’t shine, a race baiting idiot.

    • Patriot

      George looks like a “quality” guy to me? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • foxxybey

        I’m with you Patriot which the Nazi’s would get their act together,

      • Michigan_REB

        I’d trust him sooner than Obama and Holder.combined

    • Michigan_REB

      Holder is the one that should be investigated. Zimmerman is a free man hi was found not guilty end of story. too bad we can’t say the same for Holder and his boss Obama both are guilty in the deaths of a border patrol agent and countless mexican and americans with their fast and furious mess. Where is the rioting mobs and the demand for justice? And as long as we are talking about civil rights what about Zimmerman’s civil right to not be attacted?

  • Anonymous Patriot

    Just saying that aloud should cause any NORMAL, reasonably intelligent person to pause and say “Wait, that’s not right….”

    “…to repeal the law which justifies the use of deadly force when a personโ€™s life is in danger.”

    Someone is trying to kill me…..do I really need to try to figure out the best way to not die while making sure the CRIMINAL ASSAILANT isn’t roughed up or injured? Here’s an idea for making sure the assailant doesn’t get hurt……..HAVE THEM STOP TRYING TO INJURY AND KILL OTHER PEOPLE!!

    Seems so easy, stop being a criminal.

  • Godisreal

    Zimmerman is not an innocent person! He molested a six year old! Google it!

    • Patriot

      I heard you had sexual relations with your brother too! Google it!

      what rocks are you people crawling out from under today or is it just a full moon?

    • Aristophanes

      Just out of curiosity (I know, you don’t know what that is), I did google it. Found nothing. Nice try, though.

  • Henderson

    If any Gunshop wants free advertising they will offer a free gun to Zimmerman,it will make them a lot of grateful customers

  • Michigan_REB

    The department of injustice should spend it’s time and manpower on investigating Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Reid, Pelosi, schumer, and their puppet master George Soros.

  • mcw

    They only took the gun he used on travon! You know he has more then one. Most law abiding citizens do! George if you don’t have another one go buy a couple if they say you cant file a lawsuit! Your not a criminal!

  • foxxybey

    Tell the FBI to take a long walk off a short pier, the jury spoke and they investigated him and found nothing racist, so they are the lap dogs for the Nazi in the Half White, Half Black House.

  • Randy131

    Since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges in the trial that the Sanford Police Department had confiscated his gun as evidence, doesn’t the law require the Sanford Police Department to return all George Zimmerman’s property that they had confiscated for evidence when he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and not to keep it, sell it, or give it to other parties, that have no right to confiscate George Zimmerman’s property without official charges of wrong doing and judicial assent? The FBI, nor the DOJ, have the right to confiscate anyone’s private property, without first filing official charges against them, and attaining judicial assent through a search warrant or other judicial methods. The FBI had no reason to take George Zimmerman’s private property, and the Sanford Police Department had no right to give George Zimmerman’s private property to the FBI, without criminal charges being brought against George Zimmerman and a judicial warrant allowing them to confiscate private property of an American citizen. George Zimmerman and his lawyers should sue the Sanford Police Department for not returning his private property, for it is their responsibility to do so with the type of custody warrant they used to obtain the private property in the first place, and there is no law allowing them to do what they did, by giving it to a federal agency without proper official charges being filed against George Zimmerman and with judicial supervision through a judicial warrant.

  • James Kroeger

    That’s alright George Z…there are plenty more where yours came from!

  • robert1407

    Why? The FBI is a Federal Agencies and has not authority here. I know that they are only doing the Great Snake Oil Salesman’s bidding. If they really want to stop murder of the thousands each year the FBI should investigate the Uncontrolled Petty Bureaucrats of the FDA which approves thousands of poison drugs( for profit) that kill each year and also approves thousands of poison toxins to be laced into the foods you eat. Toxin filled foods that make your child sick in mind and body. Yet, NO ONE will say anything.

  • Dan Moore

    The Buckeye Firearms Association has collected money to get Zimmerman a new gun and has forwarded the entire amount collected to his attorney.

    “To our surprise, this effort went national and we collected more than we thought we would. So we stopped taking donations, made arrangements with Mr. Zimmerman’s attorney today, and will forward 100% of the money immediately. His attorney assured us he will forward proof that the funds have been received personally by Mr. Zimmerman.โ€ ~ from Buckeye Firearms Association letter