Feds Shake Down Farmer for Free Raisins

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A California raisin farmer is facing bankruptcy for defying a law requiring him to give the government a portion of his raisin crop without compensation.

According to a Washington Post report, Marvin Horne, 68, stopped giving the government his raisins in 2002 and now “owes the U.S. government at least $650,000 in unpaid fines,” in addition to “1.2 million pounds of unpaid raisins, roughly equal to his entire harvest for four years.”

Horne violated Marketing Order 989, passed during the Truman administration, “a federal regulation meant to solve a problem from the era after World War II, which created the national raisin reserve. The program gives the U.S. government a heavy-handed power to interfere with the supply and demand for dried grapes” and takes “away a percentage of every farmer’s raisins” without paying for them. The law has been described as one that gives the government the power to operate a cartel.

The government can save the raisins, sell them to foreigners, throw them away, or even feed them to animals — so long as they are off the domestic market.

The Post notes the government can “use those proceeds to pay its own expenses and to promote raisins overseas” in addition to paying for overhead. And in one recent year, the program generated $65,483,211, and all of it was spent. Horne described the program as the “rape of the raisin growers” and said it made him feel like “a serf.”

Brian Leighton, Horne’s lawyer, argued the program was unconstitutional because it “violated the Fifth Amendment clause against private property being taken without just compensation,” since it was “basically theft.”

The case ultimately reached the Supreme Court in June, and “the justices unanimously ordered a federal appeals court in California to take a new look” at Horne’s claims.

“If we lose, we’re bankrupt.”

read more at The Washington Times

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  • Liberty1776

    WTF, the Government cannot do that, unless of course the farmer owed money in back taxes or something. Otherwise that is complete BS.
    This government needs to be cleansed, every last one and a new government putin its place by law abiding Constitutional loving individuals.

    • mathis1689

      Fully agree. Where to find them is the issue.

      • Liberty1776

        LOL, that is easy in the deepest blackest slimiest hole you can find, when we are all looking for them!

      • Rattlerjake

        I bet this raisin farmer would volunteer. That’s what we need, is normal, everyday, working people like the founding fathers envisioned. Instead we have lawyers, lawyers, and more lawyers, as well as career socialist politicians. It’s time for the new war and the zimmerman trial may well get it started!

        • Buzzd1

          I didn’t even read this til after I posted…
          I guess we’ll be running mates, so at least we have that part worked out.

        • mathis1689

          Thomas Jefferson was right about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants. I wish it was not that way but things surely do seem to be pointing in that direction.

      • Buzzd1

        People like me, a normal everyday citizen, with a few functioning brain cells and a healthy understanding of common sense need to be put into office. Who wants to be my campaign manager?

        • mathis1689

          I’ll try but can’t promise good results!

        • Wayne Bennett

          unless your as good as Mike Lee,Ted Cruz or Rand Paul,I’d sit this one out man and just help those boys kick some liberal ass as much as possible. If you are that good,welcome to the club and where can I sign up to help?

    • CommonSense

      The gov’t also can’t force U to buy health insurance, can’t take stock shares, replace CEO’s, kill ambassadors, lie cheat steal and on and on, BUT THEY DO!

      • granny

        If 60% of the people refused to the health insurance there would not be a darn thing they could do about it. The healthcare was put into effect for some extra freebees for those that believe they can just live off our taxes forever. They will soon find out how much it will eventually cost them. Hope employers soon wise up & tell the gov’t the health insurance is what those employers/employees bargain for. There will be nothing left to bargain for except higher wages.

    • granny

      Mr. Colt & Mr Browning would be a good start. Its in the Constitution.

  • mathis1689

    The US government-the perfect example of complete evil paired with complete stupidity.

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      Obama is involved in theft.

      • mathis1689

        The entire federal government is involved in theft all the way up to their eyeballs. He’s just the biggest thief in the bunch.

        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

          How true.

  • Ross R Blankert

    Well, now they will get no raisins. The government grows nothing. The government produces nothing. The government collects and spends other people’s money without their permission.

    • Liberty1776

      This government is a tyrannical succubus over extending in every way that is unconstitutional!

  • Newhon63

    We are hearing these out of the blue obsolete laws that were passed a long time ago when they were passed for a specific reason and was never taken off the books after the reason was long gone. Now they use them for what amounts to servitude of an American citizen.

  • bless2live

    and in the meantime they continue to rape and lie to America!

  • HongryHawg

    Why is he the only farmer “raisin” Hell? Or, by being the first, a new “wrinkle” in government greed has been brought to light?

    • granny

      Because the other raisin farmers just paid & did not want the hassle. Those farmers should go into another line of produce, or start making wine. That would mean more money……most of DC are winos.

  • George

    this law should have been taken off the books right after the war ended. In fact it never should have become law in the first place. I could , maybe have seen it than, but not now. Now it’s is all about control of everything, even our food. Our government will now try to take control of all our food and make everyone dependent upon them to fed us.

    • Paula Revere

      Since March 9, 1933 (Roosevelt), the US has been in a state of declared national emergency. There are now in effect 4 presidentially-proclaimed states of national emergency: Truman, Dec 16, 1950, and Nixon, Mar 23, 1970 and Aug 15 1971. All these giving force to 470 provisions of federal law, and delegate extraordinary powers to the President. I highly reccomend reading GOOD TO BE KING, The Foundation of our Constitutional Freedom by Michael Badnarik.

  • VChristine

    The absurdity of the law, is one thing, but for the feds to enforce it today defies all possible explanation. We give some people free money and support who pay nothing into the kitty, but take from others in an entirely arbitrary system of robbery.
    If civil rights and the vote for women had their day, the elimination of this archaic and abusive law needs to as well. Let’s see Congress step up to the plate.

  • profchuck

    And the liberals assure us that a big powerful government is a good thing.

  • CommonSense

    I have a 1934 “Popular Songs” mag that has a logo inside the cover that says, “Anno Domini 1934 – IN FDR WE TRUST”, which was then and is now too much trust in the Federal Gov’t. We are surfs on gov’t turf.

  • laker1

    Stymie will cause an interruption in the nations food supply soon. He will state that we can’t have 2% ( farmers) of the population in control of the nations food supply. Thus he will nationalize all farmland so everyone can have a free shot and food supply. He will issue worthless US Treasury Certificates to the farmers for their land. You know just like he did for GM, Chrysler, the Banks, student loans, No more private property. You say no way. So who is going to stop him? No one has stopped him from unconstitutional acts so far.

    • reggiec

      I heard he signed executive orders to do all those things and also seize anything you have set aside to prepare for a disaster. All he has to do is declare a national emergency and everything you think you own goes under his control.

  • vanguard7

    Isn’t this the equivalent of “double taxation?”

  • Mark Lauer

    I’ve heard of this before…where was it…it’s on the tip of my tongue…oh,yeah! THE SOVIET UNION!

  • silverfox

    There is a day coming when farmers stop farming for the world and only for there family. The government will come and communities will raise up. The start of h%&&

  • coastx

    Nullify. Use the constitution, but don’t go idle.

  • Jeff Noncent

    Are you kidding me? Or is it a joke

  • If that’s not the perfect example of the consequences of putting the camel’s nose in the tent.

  • Jim28thReg

    WHY hasn’t this come to light before? How many others have been going through similar thefts that no-one has heard about yet? Besides the phoney income tax . Our government has brought a shame on the people of this country.

    It’s time to begin to ignore their make believe courts of admiralty drop the phoney drivers license tax and all the other thefts dictated by the DC puppets.

  • sandraleesmith46

    No ” basically” to it; that IS outright theft! What other word fits? If they were paying for those raisins, it would’t be, but to simply TAKE a portion of a man’s crop, without due compensation is just plain theft!

  • phil

    That just proves the fact that once the government passes a take away or give away program ( with property of others , dollars or other possessions) on a temporary basis , it becomes perminamnt. They always take they never give back.

  • granny

    Looks like the USA has been screwed over for decades by our so called gov’t (politicians that promise everything but only take what is not theirs). We certainly realize that we have no “friends” in DC. Now they are forcing us to a war w/ politicans, muslims, illegals, & ni**ers. Reagan sure had the gov’t IQ down to a “T”. Now of course we have the worst Prez that this USA has ever had. That includes the turncoats, the dirty dozen. We have a few fighters, but they can’t do the job alone. I would not walk 10 steps to greet the fatherless (you know what that makes them) to greet them.

  • Stealth

    You know what?? EVERY farmer should STOP farming…and when the people up-rise AGAINST an evil/tyrannical government…..

  • Brenda

    Well, it’s now happened. We are now the USSU (United States Soviet Union). Government taking crops/produce without compensation. They pass bills through one house and the other house changes the name and purpose of the bill under the original bill number and no one says anything or maybe they just don’t catch the deception. We continue to hear of these things but WE THE PEOPLE do nothing to stop them. Maybe it’s time for farmers to stop selling their produce and let everyone go hungry.

  • reggiec

    If you want to really get mad, read the supposedly revamped farm bill and all the regulations, subsidies and special carve outs for even members of Congress that have never personally planted anything in their life.

  • rightsman

    The government of the U. S. does not operate within the confines of our Constitution. If one were to read the Constitution for the United States of America, one would find that it operates only on the government, and not on the people.
    The people are not the object of, nor are they subject to the Constitution. It was written to subject the government to the will of the people.
    Too many have been misled into believing that the government was granted unlimited powers by the Constitution. That has been brought about by the education system of our nation. Too many have been taught to believe our rights come from a government.
    Among the natural rights of men and women written about by the founders of this nation in general, and Thomas Paine in particular, is the right to the fruits of our labor.
    Peace, Robert Walker

  • jenniewalsh

    Grand theft on steroids by an extremely evil government. Pray for all the evils of the criminals in government to be driven back into themselves for their own destruction.

  • Dennis

    THIS SOUNDS SO RIDICULOUS. I thought this must be a joke…so sad to find out that it is not and is another example of runaway govt

  • william C

    Why wasn’t this stupid law repealed years ago? Better question – how many other cash crops is the government allowed to take a portion without paying for it?

  • marineh2ominer

    He would be vindicated in America , unfortunately he now lives in ameriKa .

  • detroitheat


  • madmemere

    WHAT kind of a law allows the government to “steal” from US citizens? If this was crafted in the days of Truman (the buck stops here) than it’s PAST TIME to repeal it and I do mean NOW. And “throw” this case OUT of court!

  • Neal Gaylor

    That’s our wonderful NAZI government for you!

  • Neal Gaylor

    And for all you cops and military people out there who will follow orders to fire on American citizens, you’re all just a bunch of NAZIS also!!!

  • ron

    ray thats funny obamas involved in theft look how he gave the stimulas to his pals for green energy and the unions just wait till they get paid back more theft from the taxpayers