Florida Governor REJECTS Protesters Demands to Call Special Session on Trayvon Civil Rights Act

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A spokesman from Dream Defenders, the activist group that has been occupying Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office, said that the governor met in the state Capitol with leaders from the group at 9:00 PM Thursday night. The nearly hour-long meeting ended in a stalemate, and the sit-in protests will continue.
Gov. Scott listened but did not agree to the group’s demands for a special legislative session to consider “The Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act,” which includes an end to police profiling and the repeal of the “Stand Your Ground” law.

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  • Old Ga Dawg


    • ADRoberts

      They are not concerned with the whites being killed by blacks ALL ACCROSS the nation right NOW.

  • Jim

    Obama and his state run media has done a great job of hiding what has really happened. Also these protestors have been indoctrinated by the liberal schools to believe what they hear from the media. The naacp, jessie jackson and al sharpton along with obama are all racists.

    Thank you Governor for holding your ground. I have your back covered with many million of other people. Do not give in.

    • ADRoberts

      When you have jurors who admit that the LAWS did not indicate that Zimmerman was guilty, what are you supposed to do. They continue to portray that Martin was a helpless little boy who was attacked by a profiling mean white man, WHEN Zimmerman is not white at all. Martin was a burglar. Martin was a thug who was out at 3 in the morning in an area where many burglaries had already occurred. Martin turned back and attack Zimmerman. Martin had Zimmerman on the ground and was trying to kill him with his fists. Martin had the ingredients for a special mix of skittles, Arizona watermelon aid and cough syrup —-designed to make a person VERY AGGRESSIVE. For what purpose? So he could beat someone to death.
      So this is the attempt to make it illegal to defend yourself from attacks by thugs.
      Conclusion: If you are attacked and have to kill the attacker, you might as well be ready to fight the police right there. Because the white haters are going to STUFF you no matter what you do.

  • Only one thing left for Scott to do. Take out the garbage before it piles up.

  • Shutter

    Arrest the protestors for disturbing the peace or hindering official business. If it was a Christian group or Tea Party activists, it would be all over the news and the would have been forcibly removed already.

  • bigiron44

    George Zimmerman would be dead if he didn’t defend himself…..

    • john4637

      But that is cool with the mammy jammers!

  • Devasahayam

    Rick Scott has more stones than entire 0bama maladmin!

    • john4637

      Scott is a RINO sellout, got my vote one, that’s it shitbird!

      • Devasahayam

        Still, that doesn’t negate my comment — Scott is as bad as Donald Ross Getty (whom Albertans were glad to see step down in favour of Ralph Klein), 0bama is like having Paul Abigal Rose (one of the perps of 1970 October Crisis — and hasn’t shown any remorse for it) as PM!

      • Aristophanes

        Examples, please. Do not make a statement like that and expect people on this site to blindly believe it. You are on a conservative site, not a liberal site. We want facts.

        • ADRoberts

          The fact is that he lives in that state. He knows what Scott is doing. YOu, obviously, don’t

  • pissed off conservative

    i am so sick and tired of these racist blacks i cant stand it anymore..the lame stream media has not said a word about white folks getting beaten to an inch of there lives,a couple men have been killed by blacks since last Saturdays verdict in the Z trial..you hear nothing about the 2 black teenagers who shot a WHITE BABY IN THE FACE AND KILLED THE BABY last yr in Knoxville TN.. a white male was beaten to death a few days ago by some black teen thugs in the name of travon martin..you know what,im a god fearing christian patriotic American,i don’t like violence but im at the point now where i say f you black community..you wanna riot and hurt whitey in the name of travon,i say bring it on,come on to my hood and see what you get.. and our great POTUS is fanning the flames of hatred he is pure EVIL.. and so is jessie highjack son and the honorable REV [YEA RIGHT HE IS AS MUCH OF A REVERAND AS I AM] AL SHARP TONGUE..THEY CAN ALL GO TO HELL .. these racist dividers of our country..AND F HOLDER TOO

    • Ross R Blankert

      The point of all this is to get black people to go out and riot so they can send in the troops and take total control This has to be done in the big cities. If they kill a bunch of thugs that are burning the black businesses, then this would be a bonus.

    • Thundercrush

      Ninja style tactics needed…take em out quietly…leave em in alleys or in their own cars or out of sight and let em find em…with a note… “yours is coming”… Bands of anti protestor groups…bring em down one hit at a time… If they block your car…then bounce em with it… If they try to get into your car…put a bullet through the car door or your roof…let em know you will shoot their asses.

    • Ken

      Good comment pissed off conservative. I’am locked an loaded and waiting for the wave.

  • junkmailbin


  • Kenneth Duncan

    So what happened to the 2 black teenagers that shot the white 13 month old while he was sitting in his stroller.

    • Thundercrush

      If you go to the Dreamer’s website, they are actually trying to say the momma shot her own child in broad daylight herself…now you wanna talk about bullshit dreaming…

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      They were Black killing a White Baby so to Obama,Holder,Sharpton and all the black Racists no crime done!

  • paintinc56

    45% of black crime is committed against “white” victims. Black mob violence is in epidemic proportions, every time you hear the elitist, white apologist media say “youth” or teen violence it is code for mobs of blacks beating, robbing & vandalizing.
    These occupiers are PAID agitators, put in place to keep the white racist rhetoric going in the media & the White House. IF a white president & Attorney General displayed open RACISM & stoked racial VIOLENCE do you think the media would LIE, COVER UP & SPIN for them?
    Meanwhile the IRS accessing the tax records of REPUBLICAN political candidates & conservative donors is GONE from the “news”, just when the scandal is reaching all the way to the White House, what a coincidence. Keep the brain de ad masses focused on trumped up racism charges against an Obama voting, white Hispanic while the Marxist messiah continues to flout our laws & Constitution.

    • john4637

      Carrying my Walther again, great piece never malfunctions. Hope I don’t get sucker punched by some “BOY” (get it) I may be forced to use it.

  • john4637

    He Guv, mighty white of you. If you had control of your states attorneys we would not be here today. What are your intentions for Angela Corey, Fl. State Attorney now under indictment for framing Zimmerman. You bunch of cowards!

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Waiting on Corey to go on trial!

  • Lowell

    Don’t know a thing about Governor Scott but looks like he does have a back bone.

    • FedupandReadytofight

      Scott is a piece of crap !

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        He did right in this case!

  • White

    I’m a white male and I was driving in a black neighborhood. I got pulled over because I was white. I was profiled and I got busted. I was up to no good. It happened a long time ago. I had no business being there. So yes profiling works. Like it or not!

  • Linda O’Roark


  • Tim’n Kim Durham

    They want to end the vary law that helps them. Since over 80% of the people that claim this law as a defense this would put more blacks behind bars…..hmmmmm maybe that’s what they wanted in the first place:?

  • Wayne_1958

    Governor, Do not bend over for obama or holder or their paid protesters/rioters. Lock them up or if they get violent use whatever force needed to put an end to it !

  • john4637

    This is supposed to be a country that stands by the “rule of law” not the rule of the mob! If this is going to change, then let it be by civil war, and get it over with. I for one will not be dictated to by a minority led by a dictator! That all changed with the Magna Carta, I wonder if our American mob even knows what that is!

  • onebigelf

    Arrest them for trespass, Handcuff them and drag them off to jail. Prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

  • Virgil Ferguson

    Governor, thanks, and don’t be swayed by this bunch. This prez just wants to divide this country. What he really wants is an excuse to declare martial law, confiscate guns, and declare himself Ayatolla of America.

  • AtomicRat

    Stand Your Ground should be implemented in ALL 50 States. That way all of us God fearing White Americans can legally defend ourselves against these racist black bastards that plague our country like a pack of rats, and prey upon decent hard working citizens trying to survive this oppressive regime of our so-called government.

  • Saroni Kellogg

    Thank you Governor Scott for standing your ground! Please continue to do so. You’re a beacon of sanity in this asylum that America has become. We need more like you! I pray you will do everything possible to protect the right of all Floridians to stand their ground as well.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    The only people who have a need to fear the Stand Your Ground law are the criminals who attack others for no reason. If you notice it is mostly Black Racists and a hand full of Low life White people who met with the Governor and called for it to be repealed and it’s the same criminal types stomping and marching too. Why didn’t the Governor have these criminals locked up for trespassing? When they refused to leave at closing time they were breaking the law as Black racists are known for! If you never want the Stand Your Ground law used on you mind your own business and don’t attack other people!

  • Mike Warren

    Let’s see how long it takes for him cave. Probably not long. Obama-Soetoro is in Jax, FL today, so he should straighten this Governor out pretty fast. The FEMA Camps in FL are open, armed, staffed and ready for happy campers. The Gov. won’t give up his personal multi-million dollar mansion for justice to live in an Obama-Soetoro camp. This is the new America – to hell with justice and constitutional rights. This is all about money and power and to Hell with the people.

  • Reelman1946

    Since O’Reilly lit up the race hustlers we have been subjected to a flood of topic-shifting, blame-shifting and twisted logic to deny the reality of the black family’s demise plus the self-inflicted bad black moral choices!!!

    • Mike Warren

      Wrong. This started with your illegal Kenyan immigrant Obama. He started the racist bullshit and the illicit Left wing anti-American Main Stream Media backed him and then got all you people worked up. You need to stop making it into something it isn’t. In this case it was self defense. Bang and a Hispanic/Black/Caucasian Neighborhood patrolman who was doing his job shot a black attacker. If you don’t like the justice system you have a choice – be a decent law abiding citizen or pay the price.
      Oh, by the way the demise of that black family was soothed with millions of dollars in their pockets.

    • Mike Warren

      Read this.

      Black Neighborhood Watchman Kills White Teen Boy: The Black
      George Zimmerman You’re Not Allowed To Know About (video)

      CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. Does the mainstream
      media in America have an agenda in the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman case?
      There was certainly a media influenced uproar surrounding the case; why didn’t
      they pay as much attention when a black neighborhood watchman shot and killed a
      white teen boy? This is the story…

      Click here to read, “Black Neighborhood Watchman Kills
      White Teen Boy: The Black George Zimmerman You’re Not Allowed To Know

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    It sure makes sense that all these Black racist criminals want to be sure that Florida citizens will be helpless when they want to commit crimes, sure glad Governor Scott told them the law would stand. Boy these criminals sure have their nerve wanting laws repealed so they can run wild robbing and attacking Florida’s citizens! I also find it funny that Trayvon’s mother throwed him out out of her house several times just before he was killed while committing new crimes, but sure shows how she lied about her Sainted Criminal Son!