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My support of the 2nd Amendment is widely known; and it has little to do with ‘hunting rights’ or even ‘resisting an oppressive, tyrannical government’. It has more to do with protection of life and property — you know, that old notion of protecting your family. Being the one who ‘stokes the fire and stands guard at the mouth of the cave’. All politics are local.

This summer may be heating up – and it has nothing to do with ‘Climate Change’. It has to do with an ever-increasing racial tension that has been fomented and even encouraged by this current administration.
In order to ‘fundamentally change’ the country, Barack Obama needed first to divide us all. Divide us into different economic groups, religious groups, social groups… and ultimately, in order to ram through his high-tax, highly restrictive and over-regulated economic policies, he needed to divide us by race. Obama needed something to blame for his failures (other than his own incompetency) so he early on blamed ‘racism’ for his troubles.
It was racism that prevented Republicans from getting on board with his agenda. It was racism that was responsible for his sagging poll numbers.
It was racism that fueled the revelation of the numerous scandals plaguing the administration: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA snooping, IRS targeting, Syria missteps, Egypt floundering… on and on…

Yes, it’s a stretch to pile ‘racism’ onto the growing ‘Scandal-O-Rama’ heap… but that’s not heavy-lifting for this biased and in-the-tank-for-Obama mainstream media. No sir. They’re the smart ones, dontcha know. Trust them, they’ll explain it all for us Luddites in flyover country. And they’ll use really simple words so we don’t get headaches, too! Words like ‘tolerance and diversity’…and ‘quantitative easing’ …and ‘economic development initiatives’.

Thank the good Lord for the Chris Mathews’ and Rachel Maddows and Polito’s… and NPR’s… without them we might actually start to take President Obama to task for stunting our economy and damaging our world standing so miserably. Without the careful, incisive breakdown of how the president’s trampling of the Constitution is actually good for our growth as a semi-free, Neo-Socialist European model of global-intellectual evolution… well, we might actually start to think that it’s actually a prudent and advisable notion to pressure Congress to start impeachment proceedings. His actions over the last five years certainly justify it. Oh, wait… I forgot, we can’t impeach him — he’s an African-American. That would be ‘racist’.
Very soon, maybe tomorrow or the next day, there just may be a very large and explosive event happen in this country. Obama and his minions have set the stage for it. There is a jury trial verdict coming. And there are large forces out there who are preparing to make things very ugly. With the racial divide he has engineered and the class-warfare hatred he has fomented during his term in office, President Obama has set the stage for inner-city chaos and societal breakdown. The charges are set… all it needs is the spark.
Many vocal Liberals are already predicting it – Jamie Foxx even said it. If George Zimmerman is found to be not guilty in the Trayvon Martin trial, there will be widespread violence and rioting. Now…I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer…but to this observer…that sounds like a threat.
The word ‘Dhimmitude’ is generally reserved for religious tactics. It’s refers to a group intimidation by Muslims on non-Muslims to force their will upon non-believers. But this is what vocal black leaders are spreading with their predictions (threats) about the outcome of a racially-tinged trial verdict in Florida. The message is clear: Send the defendant up the river or there will be hell to pay.
Most of us remember the L.A. riots of ’92 after a very unpopular jury verdict in the Rodney King ordeal. Thugs took to the streets and tried to burn the city to the ground. Some 50 plus people were killed, hundreds of other injured and lost their homes and businesses. White people were targeted and beaten…and killed…for no reason other than they were white. Last I checked, that was called murder. And it was blind racist hatred that fueled it. And by the way — When was it deemed to be racist only if it was white-on-black racism? So… black-on-white racism is, what… ‘reparations’..?
Bullshit – racism is racism is racism.
Now. I wasn’t there on the night of Trayvon Martin’s death. I only know what I hear as the testimonies conclude in the trial. The police had released him and determined him to be within his rights under the ‘stand-your-ground’ laws, as self-defense and in fear of losing his life. And the D.A. was not going to charge him with a crime…until there was such public outrage from certain elements of the community who insisted it to be a race thing. A Hispanic shoots a young Black man – hey, it’s got to be racism. Florida judicial system yielded to the pressure… and Zimmerman was arrested and charged with murder.
But but but…. I thought that by electing our first Black Prez… it meant we were beyond all that stuff. No…? Not so much…?
Was George Zimmerman justified in firing his weapon that night? I don’t know. I wasn’t the one getting my face bashed in and head pounded into the sidewalk. He may have been able to just crawl away, and heal his wounds, and just call it an ass-whoopin’. Or… maybe he felt he was losing consciousness, thought Martin was going for his gun, and he really did fear he was going to die that night.

When I was training firearms out in Nevada, our instructor would painstakingly enumerate the tactical, legal and ethical ramifications of finding yourself in a gun fight. This, as we were training to become highly competent and capable with the use of deadly force with a firearm; we were carefully schooled in what consequences awaited once we made the decision to pull that heater out and deploy it.
Believe me, all the things that follow a shooting, from the possible criminal charges, to the legal issues and the civil trial and the loss of community standing; not to mention the deep emotional impact on you, your family, the community… hey, the very last thing you ever want to do is pull your weapon and discharge it.
The founder of our school used to ask us, after knowing all that can go wrong once your pull your gun out… What would you be willing to endure before doing so? Would you endure an insult to your manhood? How about an insult to your wife? Or your kid? Would you take a punch to the face… even a broken nose? And knowing you could pull out a gun… could you just walk away? Diffuse the situation with an apology, even though you’re harangued as a pussy? These are questions we all asked ourselves… and ask ourselves any time we’re armed.
I’m sure George Zimmerman right now wished he’d walked away that night. That is… if he could have. There’s an old saying, “It’s better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six.”
California’s own Maxine Waters popularized the chant among her constituents, “No Justice, No Peace!” And this mindset resulted in a conflagration in Los Angeles in 1992 with over 50 deaths.
It’s a sad tragedy that a young man was killed that night in Florida. But it would be a sadder tragedy if a segment in our society – outraged over a jury verdict — took to the streets in a lawless, murderous, and yes, racist rampage of revenge and destruction. And if, God forbid, that were to happen… then our president has blood on his hands.

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  • George Washington

    and a known thug, asking for what happened that night.

  • hangman57

    Why does the prosecution always show a picture of Trayvon when he was 12 years old? Trayvon was 17 years old and weight almost 200 pounds . He also was arrested twice for assault ,once he attacked a Bus Driver and a homeless guy.

  • Jed54

    Like the photo… 1+1=2

  • falling321

    My feelings about Trayvon are apparently the same as yours, he was a drug dealing thief and aggressive thug, but he had just turned 17, weighed about 160 pounds and was 6’3″. Unfortunately for the defense I happen to have a son who is 6’3″, weighs 152 and could take down three men twice his size! And Trayvon looks a LOT more muscular than my son who has long lean muscle mass instead of those bulky muscles. We don’t have to exaggerate Trayvon’s stats, he was a vicious young man with a huge chip on his shoulder and his real age, height and weight were quite sufficient for him to attack Zimmerman.

  • The Judge

    No Great Loss Just another druggy out of the way and the only reason they are making an issue is our dumb president is BLACK……

  • Ken Jones

    Obama already has blood on his hand, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and how many more!

  • IHateLibs

    Letum Riot. WE’ll find out how much a Nappy head Bleeds

    • FaMiNe

      Such statements help no one other than those that wish to further foment racial division and those that wish to destroy The Second Amendment. Please, engage brain before releasing fingers and refrain from such foolish phraseology. Or is it your intent to create more hate and division?

  • marineh2ominer

    I don’t live in Florida , but I would sure like to meet any racist black rioters face to face and wait for an excuse to do a legal self-defense maneuver on them I like to call a ” ZIMMERMAN ” !