NBC’s Sharpton Plans Protests in 100 Cities

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During MSNBC’s 11 am hour, above a chyron that read, “More Marches, Protests Planned in Coming Days, Weeks,” MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton said that he and his National Action Network are “mobilizing” protests in 100 cities.

Sharpton made clear that the protests were meant to pressure the Justice Department into taking legal action against George Zimmerman:
“Well, I certainly think it is going to be on those that now feel that this verdict makes a lot of people vulnerable. The reason that people in the civil rights community, including [Sharpton’s] National Action Network, is talking about these hundred cities that we’re mobilizing this weekend, is not just questioning a verdict but, saying a precedent is now set where the Justice Department must come in.”

NBC’s Sharpton was one of the first people to turn the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin into a national news story back in March of last year. In the run up to the trial this year, Sharpton has used his primetime MSNBC program, “Politics Nation,” to demand Zimmerman be convicted.

Sharpton achieved national fame in 1987 as the face of the fraudulent Tawana Brawley case and during the Crown Heights Riots, where his role as an agitator is believed by many to have resulted in the mob violence behind the stabbing death of a Jewish scholar visiting from Australia.

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  • yennikcm

    Sharpton = DIRTBAG

    • Andyman12910

      I’ve always wondered as (George Carlin once commented) . . “why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are always part of the problem and never the solution!” And to put “reverend” before their names is utter blasphemy and literal slap in God’s face!

  • JT1964

    What a poor excuse for a human being.

  • Shane

    Sharpton is a race-baiting scumbag and MSNBC is a disgrace for hiring him. Zimmerman had a fair trial, get over it libs.

    • Andyman12910

      Amen to that! And you’re right . . . PMS-NBC is an utter disgrace! I’m surprised they’re still on the air!

  • JHW

    What a lousy POS racist. Time to push back.

  • wallpent

    Sharpton is no better than the KKK. He cultivates racism for profit and gain. The case of Zimmerman is over; but Sharpton wants to cultivate more racism to fuel the fire. Then he will get reimbursed or paid by the Civil Rights Commission for these kangaroo protests. Then if more people die; he will care less. The predominantly black people of his church and radio station will ignore this cultivation and lift him to a grandiose scale. They should listen to Herm Cain, Alan Keyes , Walter williams and dr Ben Carson. These are the ideal black people that blacks should hold to a higher regard.Cultivating racism was wrong by the KKK and it is wrong for Al Sharpton. I would want god to have Sharpton loose his voice.

  • rockyvnvmc

    It sounds like this ‘Race Baiter’ ought to be arrested, himself, for Inciting to Riot !
    If it weren’t for Obama-Holders’ Dept. of Justice sending a ‘crew’ down to aggravate the community, (on the Taxpayers dime) Zimmerman would have never even been falsely charged, with 2nd degree Murder or even with Man slaughter. This was , obviously an act of Self Defense, as the Police immediately recognized, to begin with.
    BTW; Neither Floridas’ ‘Stand Your Ground law or their ‘Castle Doctrine’ ever came into effect, contrary to the medias’ false claims.
    In Fact, the media completely dropped the ball, in this instance, as well as a plethora of others, by concealing the Facts and pushing a ‘Racist’ agenda, in order to sell more commercial time to advertisers.
    Whatever happened to our ‘Free Press’, watchdogs, here in America, anyways ?
    Just one more case of the ‘Progressive’ elements (read that to mean Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Corporatists, et., al.) subversion of America.
    Google ‘The Communist Partys’ goals for America’, to see just how far along they have come, in subverting our form of government, in exchange for theirs.
    Former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev once bragged, that America would become a Socialist Nation , without a shot ever being fired….
    Where’s the ‘House Un-American Activities Committee’ when we Need them ?

    • Kent2012

      the clown went to florida a while back demanding a trial when the top cop investigating the incident said “no”. These racist clowns and their buddies in the WH, kenyan boy, trayvons daddy, and eric von holder, minister of justice and gun sales, leaned on every politician in Florida from the governor on down and got their trial and as is typical with the guilt tripper gimme jerks, they are not at all happy with the result……..

  • Phd Marty

    Simply put, only ignorant idiots would march in such a protest. The only people who see this as a racial incident are only listening to a poor excuse for media, MSNBC. I still wish to know what exactly Sharpton is a rev of, stupidity and violence? Anyone who has looked at this with any bit of truthfulness can easily see that the media is the biggest culprit and this makes sense as Sharpton must have convinced someone of even less common sense to even report the story in such a misleading fashion. I have no idea why anyone with the most minimum of intelligence would even allow MSNBC to be received on their television. I have it locked out on mine! Sharpton just isn’t very.

  • USArmy1181

    The clown prince of racism. Why is he still on TV? Oh wait, he can be as racist as he wants and the media won’t do anything because they are cowards.

  • Dan Michaels

    Al Sharpton lives on racial division. He makes racial issues where none previously existed. However, he is not alone in that mindset. I actually hear a talking head on HLN network that telivised the whole Zimmerman trial state that the results of the trial is now the legalization of killing of teenage black males by the police and whites. When told Zimmerman was hispanic her response was this….”the hispanics are the new favored race in America, we blacks are now no longer important.” Yes, she was a black woman. How do you have intelligent conversations with people with predisposed mindset that all black victims are innocents. The jury system in the Zimmerman trial worked. I watched it on HLN daily. Heard the testimony of witnesses, not talking heads opinions. I heard from witnesses who were there and from experts in various fields of foresnics and evidence analysis. Most of those preaching hatred and encouraging violence are simply wrong and it will only deepen the divide and reactions to violence or worse. How is it that the jury system worked just fine in the OJ case, but in the Zimmerman case the decision was a travesty of justice. Let the jurors speak, although I’ve read they’re being threatened for thier safety as well. That to me is outrageous. Heed the words of Travons mother. Or doesn’t her opinions count now that the Sharptons and racists are getting the press.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Sharpton will not be happy until our cities are in flames and our streets are running in blood. Where is his outrage when 500 or more young blacks are killed in Chicago every year by other blacks? Where is his outrage when whites are killed by blacks? Hate crimes only work in one direction? And now with Eric Holder adding more fuel to the fire by conducting a witch hunt when the FBI already conducted an investigation and found no grounds for civil rights charges. This regime has done so much harm to race relations in this country in 5 short years that I truly fear for our young people of all colors. They have created an atmosphere of hate and disrespect and to what end? Someone in Congress needs to step up and end this regime before they end this Country as we know it. Obama and Holder both need to be impeached, tried, convicted and jailed for what they have done before it’s too late.

  • Of course the great hope is in the riots he causes he will be the first one to die.

    • WerewolfVm

      Problem with that the blacks will turn him into a Martyr.

      • I understand the problem. However sooner or later it becomes a balance in whether or not its better that they are done in by exactly what they have created.

  • TomH135

    With Sharpton etal, what is the need for a trial?
    Why waste the taxpayers money on a jury, judge, or any court actions at all?
    Just ask Sharpton or Jessie Jackson or any one of the other black “Leaders”, what verdict they would give to the person they WANT to be guilty.
    Is it any wonder, why he or any like him, begin the antics they are trying now. Has he had any of the “feel good training” so he can be a more accepting person?
    After all, he is the picture of the “racial problem” he claims to help the black population fight. Yep, fight….almost to the point of wanting the “Rodney King like”, riots to get what they want. Whether its a verdict he doesn’t like or any movement he and those like him would split a county, a city, a state or even the country.

    Give it up Al….the way the verdict came, was from Lady Justice, you know her. The blindfolded Statue of Lady Liberty, holding the scales of justice and the sword. The sword to deliver swift and proper judgment if the accused is found guilty.
    She gets to decide a persons fate…….not you Al…..not you.

  • RedMeatState

    Sharpton wants a lynching and MSNBC is gonna help him!!

  • WerewolfVm

    Sharpton should be arrested as well as the leaders of the Black Panthers Party for trying to start riots across America! Where are you DOJ Eric Holder? Turning a blind eye to this as well again?

    • RedMeatState

      Holder is the first that should be arrested.

    • Andyman12910

      Are you kidding? lol . . Holder is just as (if not more) corrupt then they are!

  • interestedobserver2

    Isn’t there some kind of rule about journalists using their positions for political purposes and personal gain? Wouldn’t NBC be liable for any damages or costs that result? Actually, I guess the question is silly — if journalists had any kind of ethics regulations, none of them would be in the business today.

    • Kent2012

      those rules only apply if you are a Republican or white….

  • Melissa Gall

    Hes probably doing this because a cause he took up didn’t turn out how he wanted it to, and now he feels silly and has to go with it till it dies so he doesn’t look even more silly.

  • Timndella Barrier

    Al, doing all he can to keep racism alive and well. POS

  • okitree

    Anything for a buck, eh?

  • Lily Hyatt

    This Same lady Did the exact same during the election with Her rants about Muslims . This how she AS All both left & right Make there living doing the exact same thing ! She has no room to judge

  • USPatriotOne

    Old Al buddy is the one that should be held on Civil Rights violations…!!!

  • GreatdaytobeanAmerican

    So I’m sure he’s going to raise a ruckus about the 2 young WHITE men, murdered in Jacksonville, who had a “Free Zimmerman” sticker on their car, as well-right? I mean, it was certainly a hate crime, racially driven. Surely he’s not prejudiced against them, is he? Yeah, I know; I don’t believe that, either.

    • Kent2012

      their deaths will swept under the large rug of political indifference…only those events that enable the communists in the WH to use as smoke screens, covering their other anti American activities……………

  • IHateLibs

    Sharpton should be waiting on the Gallows, for all the Riots hes started

  • Jim

    I am tired of this racist getting publicity by the propaganda media. He sure is making a lot of money stirring the black pot.

  • astrojohn

    Just one more reason for me to carry…just in case…

  • voncile fullwood

    they both make me want to throw up looking at them

  • gsreagan

    OH S**T !!! Old Al is going to protest and march in a city near you/us. Maybe we can be ready for him and his minions/zombies. Let’s not disappoint the lame stream media and not make a ruckus in an anti-protest march. Come on down to Texas when the August mid day temps get 100 *F or better. That will test your will.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Did any one notice that chicken neck on Sharpton, it looks like he may have AIDS and if so he wont be making ten cities much less a Hundred. All the Black Racists are trying to get the Stand your ground Law repealed for one reason and one or two reasons only, To many Black criminals and Black Racists are being, caught, killed and stopped in the commission of serious crimes! They also know that most old people can’t out run them and know many are afraid the Black criminals may shoot them in the back and that is why all the black racists and criminals want that great law repealed! Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, Waters and Thompson like most Black Criminal Racists want laws that might catch their Black friends or kill them in a commission of their crimes repealed and in the case of that Criminal Trayvon and even though all those black Racists and assorted criminals wearing there criminal looking Hoodies with that criminals [ Trayvon’s ] Picture on it was not killed because of The Stand your ground law, but instead only because of Self Defense only and I guess that is the next law the Black Racists will want repealed to help the Black Criminals and assorted Racists. Obama and Holder sure like those Black Racists! Did anyone notice the Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings and his wife at the Big Black Racists Meeting in Orlando? N A A C P. I’m sure glad I’m not a white Deputy working for him, your job sure wouldn’t be safe! I wonder if Black People and Black Deputies would feel safe
    if we had a White Sheriff who attended a Local KKK meeting. Wonder if the Sheriff has invited the Black panthers here yet?

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    I wonder if the two God hating Homo.’s above are still having sleep overs at the White House and does Michelle know about it?