NRA’s Gun of the Week…

Jan Morgan

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NRA’s Gun of the Week…
Although I wouldn’t be caught dead with anything “pink” in my collection, I’m sure it has appeal to some women, especially teens.
Of course it comes without the pink as well… 😉

A nice addition if you are looking for a pistol caliber carbine that accepts your favorite pistol caliber mags. – © JAN MORGAN

Details and specs:

Whether you’d like one for home-defense, just want to have some fun on the range or still pine for the good ol’ days, – when your rifle and your sidearm took the same ammunition – you can appreciate a pistol caliber carbine. Today we’ve got one that goes a step further – it accepts your favorite pistol-caliber magazines, too.

Based out of Canandaigua, New York, Just Right Carbines was formed in 2009. Its founders had one mission in mind: to engineer a simpler, more reliable and more flexible carbine in center-fire pistol calibers. The gun I’m holding, simply called a Just Right Carbine, is the result of their work. It’s a straight blowback-operated, semi-automatic, pistol-caliber carbine with a telescoping 6-position collapsible buttstock and free-floating quadrail forend.

To learn more about Just Right Carbines, check out this video below, hosted by Associate Online Editor Shawn Skipper
Technical Specifications:
Caliber: 9 mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP
Barrel Length: 16¼”
Overall Length: 30¼” collapsed, 33½” extended
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Magazine: Can accept appropriate Glock or 1911 style magazines (model dependent)
MSRP: $599
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  • zrick01

    I need one of those for my wife, and one for me.

  • DL Hancock

    I would gladly buy one for my wife. She uses mine now, so having her own would be a great addition. However, I did buy her a pink 12 ga Reminton 870 youth model (20″ barrel)shotgun

  • DL Hancock

    Geeze, I just read the calibers. I would love to have one in 9mm and be able to use the 33 rd mags I already have.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Call me old fashion but it just is not as good as Berrett M 468 the AR 15 type rifle that fires Remington 6.89mm rounds the Springfield M1A1 new versions have a more attractive stock or the rare AWC tech G2 bullpup handy light weight portable rifle fires 7.62mm NATO round. As for the M 468 it should be adopted by our military and naval forces using the same bolt carry and receivers as the M 4 and 16. But with one shot one kill capability due to more powerful and available 6.89mm rounds. The M 468 could even be the new squad automatic replacing four classes of weapons making supplying our troops easier. Still it looks handy enough but over priced.