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They say if you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it. This is a tactic used by liberals ad nauseam. But to take it further, if you change the conversation enough, people will be confused, and eventually, they will stop paying attention, if they ever paid attention to begin with.

Liberals are notoriously uninformed and easily misled. Just ask one of them to name our vice president. They can tell you who Snooky is, or what happened on any of the latest reality television programs, but they are completely clueless about matters that affect our nation and lives daily. They are just what the media made them, and what they allowed themselves to be made into.

There has been so much bad news out of Washington DC that people are becoming immune to it. What has become of the Benghazi tragedy? Has the IRS been held accountable for their illegal and unconstitutional targeting of conservatives? Have the businesses who were harmed, according to the Jan Morgan documentary, Rampant Injustice, seen justice served or their property, illegally seized by an out of control government agency, returned? Has President Obama or anyone in his administration been called to task for the Fast and Furious operation? Does anyone even care that the NSA is using the “authority” of the federal government to spy on us? Who gave these agencies all this authority anyway?

In his bid to be elected, and then reelected, Obama promised the people of America that his administration would be the most transparent administration in the history of America. Nothing has been further from the truth. Congress and activists nationwide demand information and Obama’s administration actively works to circumvent them to achieve their own goals, irrespective if the will of the nation. But do we hear about it? Depends on where you get your news. Unless you are watching Fox News (and they are not always on top of things either) or reading conservative blogs and websites you are unlikely to hear much on the illegal activities of our government officials, unless, of course, they are conservatives.

The transformation of America began long before Barack Hussein Obama decided to enter politics. As I have written about before, Communist Party USA put down roots in America in 1913 and they have been pushing their agenda ever since. Read the tenets of the Communist Manifesto and then look at our universities, unions, liberals, and the push to take God out of our lives completely.

Since Obama threw his hat into the ring to run for POTUS we have been trying to find out where he came from and who he is. This has been a daunting task, as it seems that someone out there wants to hide that information from us. But we do know that his mother and grandparents were communists, and that his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist as well. Many conservatives don’t believe that Obama has it in him to accomplish his goals on his own. The more information we glean about his history, the more I wonder who is behind him. By all appearances he has been groomed for this role.
Think I’m being too harsh? Fine.

Consider the following.
It’s interesting to note Obama’s work experience and the company he has chosen to keep over the years. After graduating from Occidental he is credited with working for Business International Corporation, often described as the “left wing of the ruling class”, for about a year, and then at the New York Public Interest Research Group. BIC was very supportive of Gene McCarthy’s bid for the presidency. It is also interesting to note that McCarthy met Che Guevara in New York in 1964 to discuss relations between Cuba and the US. Seen anyone wearing Che Guevara shirts lately? And while NYPIRG touts itself as a non partisan group, they were heavily influenced by Ralph Nader. Nader is noted for his environmental activism. Both McCarthy and Nader ran for POTUS five times.

Two years after graduating from Occidental Obama was hired as a director of the Developing Communities Project on the south side of Chicago where he worked as a community organizer for three years. In mid 1988 he took an eight week vacation to Europe and then to Kenya.

Are you asking yourself how a man who has been in the professional world for all of five years, and who came from the humble beginnings he is so fond of telling us about, is able to take eight weeks worth of vacations on two different continents?

Upon his return Obama entered Harvard Law School. Since we are not able to review his transcripts we have no idea how qualified he was to enter Harvard. By the few accounts we have heard whispers of, Obama would seem to be average, at best. He became the editor of Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year and president in his second year. Some have indicated that he deserved neither and did nothing substantial in those roles. He worked as an associate in two law firms in Chicago during the summers. After graduating from Harvard in 1991 he returned to Chicago where he took a two year position at the University of Chicago Law School as a Visiting Law and Government Fellow. He then taught Constitutional Law there for twelve years. One must wonder what he taught in those classes given his obvious disdain and utter lack of regard for the Constitution.

It was in 1995 that Obama was contracted to write a book on race relations that evolved into his personal memoirs, Dreams from My Father. What had he accomplished at that point that merited interest in this man’s memoirs?

From 1993 to 1996 Obama worked as an associate at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a Chicago law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, then of counsel till 2004. Being “of counsel” is not a position within the firm. You might think of him as a consultant. His law license became inactive in 2007.

Obama ran successfully for the Illinois Legislature in 1996 and served as a State Senator until 2004. He voted “present” 129 times, a measure that allows a legislator to save themselves from the political pressure of taking a stand on an issue. In fairness, this only accounts for about 3% of his votes during his career there. But it also says he was looking ahead. It’s the cowards way out.

Obama ran for Congress in the 1st Congressional district in 2000 but lost the primary to Bobby Rush. In 2004 he ran successfully for a US Senate seat, where he served until 2008. That win came after Republican nominee Jack Ryan withdrew from the race in light of sealed divorce documents with unsavory accusations from his ex wife being unsealed and released to the press because of pressure from the Obama camp. That dirty tactic was hitherto unprecedented in American politics.

With two terms in the Illinois legislature and one term as a US senator, Obama decided it was time to run for the highest office in the world. He had no outstanding accomplishments. His foreign policy experience was not even equal to Sarah Palin’s, who was excoriated for her lack, though she was running for the #2 office, not POTUS. But Obama was welcomed into the arena with the kind of zeal usually seen in twelve year olds at Justin Bieber concerts. The media drooled over this hero who would prove to the world that America is both accepting and progressive, that we are the cool kids in the world who welcome all types and celebrate all kinds of diversity. Obama was the 21st century Fabian, the Muslim Allen Ginsberg who would lead America down a new path. Hope and change were the order of the day and the media was only too glad to promote the fundamental transformation of America.

Little did we know that the changes he had in mind would lead to the police state we now reside in. If you relied on MSNBC or CNN, or the plethora of liberal leaning media outlets who helped create the Obama image, you certainly were not aware. But the signs were there. The books he wrote alone should have indicted him. Instead, voters across America turned out in droves to vote for the cool guy. And then he received a Nobel prize. What?!?

At this point Obama has served one full term and is well into his second. Throughout these years he has enjoyed unprecedented support and ardor from the media. This once venerated profession became the superstar building moguls of the rising star known as Obama. I can still hear the chants. Obama, Obama, Obama…. Misty eyed liberals clamoring for their idol, glowing smiles of unadulterated adoration pinned to their faces. Chris Matthews got a tingle up his leg and Chris Rock adopted Obama as his dad.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 3.24.19 PMEvery time I see Bob Beckel or Alan Colmes defend the Obama administration I have to wonder what has become of the profession once known as journalism. But the worst part of it is not conservatives who know the score hearing these worshipers extol the virtues of this virtue-less man, it’s the fact that I know there are millions of sheeple out there who will believe everything they hear from these purveyors of misinformation, and that they will turn out in droves to vote for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others of their ilk time and time again. And while scandals abound, the media does its best to cover for Obama, to change the course of the conversation, and to avoid, at all costs, delving into his past or his associations. In for a penny, in for a pound. They have created the monster and now they must stand by him no matter what he does. Facts and truth have no bearing.

‘Scandal? I don’t see no stinkin’ scandal. You’re all racist, hateful conspiracy theorists.’
Don’t bother to throw your pearls before swine. Legion has entered the hoard and they are bound for destruction. The media will lead them all off the cliff. And they’ll go over willingly, big stupid grins painted on their faces, chanting Obama’s name, not realizing that he isn’t their savior until it is too late. Let’s just hope they don’t take us down with them.

Diligence, my friends. Stand fast and cling to your God and your guns. We need both, more now than ever.

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