Stars and Liberals Boycotting Florida for Trayvon… YAY! Time to Plan a Florida Vacation!

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A number of celebrities are following in Stevie Wonder’s footsteps and plan to boycott Florida in protest of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” laws. The list, which was first reported by AURN’s April Ryan and credited a “a source close to Wonder,” includes the likes of Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna and Rod Stewart.

Wonder announced his intention to boycott any state with “Stand Your Ground” laws after a jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the 2012 Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman did not invoke the “Stand Your Ground” defense in the trial.

“I decided today that until the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again,” Wonder said at a concert in Quebec City. “As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.

Florida is not the only state with “Stand Your Ground” laws on its books — at least 23 other states have similar provisions providing varying degrees of legal protection to those who use force in perceived self-defense.

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  • Joeblk

    they’re idiots…acting without thinking.
    Sacrificing women and children and black owned buisnesses to honor a dead guy..

    • JHW

      A thug who got what he deserved.

      • sybil115

        Dislike!!!!! A young black boy….Noone deserves to die like that….You people r very pitiful!!!!

        • JHW

          I don’t care if he was white. Play the race card if you want like the libs are good at.

        • NukeWaste

          You are a fool. He deserved far worse than he got. I wish he lived through it, was charged as an adult, and became Bunkmuffin’s love toy. Notice that you said,”A young black boy”. Is that a racist comment. YES! It is! Sign yourself up for social retraining. All young criminals deserve to be recycled. Irrespective of race.

      • JHW

        The guy was not a saint. He was 6-2. The lib press covered for him. He had nude pictures of under age girls on his cell phone. He was on drugs. Lets not make him out to be something he was not. If he would have not went after Zimmerman he would be alive to day. Zimmerman had every right to see what he was up to. He was checking out the neighbor hood. This is not about color like the libs want you to think. I would not feel any different if he was white.

  • Buckhalt

    Well that’s good news as we do not want the so called stars & Liberals in Florida nor do we want their evil made money!! Keep their sorry butts in the left coast & stay away from our somewhat decent states.

  • Charles K Johnson

    I live in Florida and we don’t want those people coming here. Those people are pretty stupid,MR Zimmerman did not use STAND YOUR GROUND. We hope they keep their word. That only leaves them 27 states for them to visit. I would not walk across the street to see any of them. I hope the other 27 states pas STAND YOUR GROUND laws.

    • An American

      I hope they keep their word too but I wouldn’t count on it. After all, Alec Baldwin and Whoopie Goldberg promised to leave the country after Bush got elected and we still have those two idiots in the US.

      • I’m For Jesus

        No one wanted Whoopie. She had to stay here.

        • sybil115

          Speak for yourself…Your name is I’m for Jesus….u should b ashamed

  • Lewtheprof


  • joey

    Nice!! We just planned a september vacation because of all the publicity. Thanks guys, I forgot how many good times of my life were spent there. Cant wait!!

  • MandaLynne

    We need to flood these performers with emails demanding that they cancel all their shows/tours/recordings in any state with a Stand Your Ground or Castle Doctrine law. Call their bluff and prove them to be the hypocrites that they are.

    • al Collins

      Call their bluff by refusing to buy or listen to any of their music, demand our right to boycott their music, demand it be removed from our local radio stations, etc…

      • MandaLynne

        Agreed! All Stand Your Ground states should boycott them!

      • Sunshine5676

        Best one I’ve heard yet, count me in!

  • Timndella Barrier

    HEY..Does California have a stand your ground law? Because we have a LOT of liberals here that we would like to go somewhere else. This could be a good thing.

    • MandaLynne

      Yes, they do. You can Google Stand Your Ground States and get a full list.

    • ArizonaConstitutionalist

      NO!!! As a NON-Commi-fornian, WE DONT WANT THEM EITHER! you keep them! or send them to Russia or something.

      • An American

        I usually recommend North Korea for those socialist that hate our capitalist society. Perhaps starvation, concentration camps, and genocide will wake them up.

  • ‘Stan Waters

    I sure as hell hope that those that are being ‘boycotted’, stop buying their trash music altogether. Hit THEM in their pocketbooks. And hey, FLA is known to hold some great beach parties……..BURN THEIR MUSIC on super beach fire!

    • NukeWaste

      Oh, no you don’t! Steve Dahl had a big disco record bon fire back in 1979. Too many of us got sick. Right before the riot.

  • shadow59

    Yipeeee I am going to Disneyworld…..

  • Elaine Blazosek

    best laugh I have had in months!!!! do they really think anyone cares??????? and best of all, do they even know this case was NOT a stand your ground case??????? THEY ARE DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!!!

  • stel

    Good. I’ve already boycotted Rochester, NY for Christopher Cervini. Never heard of him? Of COURSE not. Look it up.

  • stel

    Perhaps some of these hypocrites should read up on Christopher Cervini, because I think they forgot to protest his murder.

  • Ronn Anthony

    They are UGLY as sin! I cant believe that’s the new face of America.

  • Kevin Martin

    Can we get the remaining states to BOYCOTT THEM???

  • Michele

    I hopethis back fires on them. I didn’t like them before and never will. If you don’t like Florida laws, too bad. And we should care? Florida doesn’t want you here anyway. If I didn’t already live in Florida, I would definitely take a vacation there. Florida will not back down for you. You are a bunch of losers.

    • Tomrad

      I just booked my trip to Key West! I’m glad I won’t be running into jay-z and kanye! Stay strong Fla! I’m a New Yorker but I love your state and can’t wait to be one of you in the future! Let me tell you that there are many NYers that back you guys 100%.

      • violater1

        I am a 55year resident tjat says take some of tje porch monkeys from the State and you elite basturds suppprt tjem!

  • Aaron , New Zealand

    they don’t give a crap about that kid , they just see a bandwagon to jump on…friggin joke, how many kids have been murdered by blacks before and since, none of them have raised this much ruckus…. just another agenda for the black rascist gimme more money for doin nuthin attention grabbing porch monkeys.

    • Allen Goforth

      Don’t hold back Aaron, tell us how you really feel.

    • wdfg

      Holy crap!!! I havent heard 70s racism in a while

    • Tomrad

      Right on Aaron!

  • Julie

    oh cool. that means it will be safe. i’m in.

  • triangle whip

    Well here are the names that don’t like us. FL aint the only state Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys , Jay z Florida Boycott, Jay z Kanye Florida Boycott, Justin Timberlake Florida Boycott, Kanye West Florida Boycott, Madonna Florida Boycott, Rihanna Florida Boycott, Rod Stewart Florida Boycott, Stand Your Ground Laws, Stevie Wonder Florida Boycott, Zimmerman Verdict,Entertainment News If ya know more post it up

    • Sunshine5676

      But it’s ok for a black guy to shoot a white baby in the face that killed him, all because they wanted to rob the mother, who fought back.. Where is the out pour and justice for this precious child. Why NO media coverage on this horrific crime???? Maybe these celebrities should read and rally around this tragedy and give their money to support these families of such senseless killings. God only knows they can afford it.

  • Rick1556

    They must not have heard how well that worked for Jim Carrey!!! ROFLMFAO!!!

  • Gina Scott

    Don’t get mad at them …be mad at George.

    • Tomrad

      You mean THANK George!

  • Seriously?

    Who really cares. I wouldn’t be going to Florida, or anywhere for that matter, to see any of them anyways. Let them have their tantrums…..


    Hey you “celebrities” do your research and then boycott every state that has a “Stand your ground Law”…..I would love to see it happen

  • Gina Scott

    See what you did George

  • ken

    SeeeeeeYaaa don’t let the door slam you all in the ass. You will not be missed. In fact we are thrilled all of you stay away. Good riddens

  • w.calame

    Kanye West, R. Kelly & Jay Z going to boycott any place that has stand your ground laws. Wow. Let’s petition to make this federal law!

  • FlCraCKER

    If they own a home at Star Island please feel free to abandon it and leave the state permanentlly.

  • Kenny

    This is becoming a communist country, every law that protect our right’s can not be taken away, that what Hitler did and the rest is history. Those who boycott Stand Your Ground Laws should be boycotted also, give them a taste of there own medicine.

  • irishrebel1113

    So there’s 23 other states as well as Florida, making the grand total 24. That’s 24 states, almost half the nation that these absolute asine morons will not be infecting with their brain dead idiocy. Did they even watch the trial? G. Zimmerman didn’t use “Stand Your Ground”. None of these idiots cared when OJ was acquitted of murdering two white people but GOD FORBID a black boy get shot for getting physical with Zimmerman, everybody loses their damn minds. Blah, blah, blah again with the race card. It’s so funny to me that these people are the ones who claim racism is alive and well yet they’re the ones who actually encourage racism by their selective media knowledge.

    • sybil115

      You have just done the same….

  • naturecoast

    all the states with stand your ground lawss rise up and quit buying anything from any artist or actors, athletes and entertainers who decided s to be the judge and jurry of stand your ground. which WAS NOT used in this case for you uneducated actors . musicians and athletes as the defense they used SELF DEFENSE, not stand your ground, and frankly I live in Florida too, so stay out really don’t want race-baiters like yourself here anyway.

  • RR

    Show how ignorant these people are. They’re Band Wagon Jumpers….

  • Florida lover

    What great news!!!! The young people of Florida won’t be subjected to their vulgar, vile lyrics that degrade women, America, God and anything that is decent in this country. Keeping that trash out of your state is enough to pass stand your ground laws across the country. Stevie Wonder is such a “has been” that no one cares if they ever see him again. I love Florida and will feel much safer now that these thugs and their entourage are staying out of Florida.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    No more Usher, Kenya, Jayz, and Rihanna? What ever will the people of Florida do without that kind of trash coming to their state? Stevie, how can you be so blind? You want to stop performing in almost half of America? Your loss, not ours.

  • Julie

    Well, this is a good way for us to find out which celebrities are against us and for the obama dictatorship so that this way we will know which celebrities NOT to waste our money on by watching their movies or buying their CDs

  • Paladin67

    Looks like little stevie will be retiring soon… racist pinhead… Is he boycotting chicago or detroit where the black on black crime has skyrocketed?

  • Jessie Walker

    Outstanding… That many less hoodlums coming to town….

  • Tomrad

    The best part is that the only people who would care about these
    “artists” (losers) are the ones that were out in the streets
    “protesting” (rioting, looting). What a joke these people are! These are
    the very people that have caused the morals of our country to decline and have gotten rich doing so. Good riddance you bunch of BS-ing A-holes!

  • mike

    leave our country we don’t need you without money good americans don’t nrrd you disbarred from our site

  • Tomrad

    Hey does anyone know if their is a fund for George Zimmerman that I can donate to in order to help him get on with his life (if that’s possible) after all these race baiting liberal cowards put him through all this bullshit? If there is please let me know and everyone should send him money and show how many supporters he has! Or we can all go out and riot. Nah, let’s send him money like civilized human beings!

    • sybil115

      If u have so much money, why don’t u donate to a fund that matters…There r plenty of them out there….

  • reggiec

    Jumping up and down waving arms and shouting!!!
    Hey California has a “stand your ground law”.
    Does this mean all those liberal idiots in Hollywood will move out of state? Maybe all the lefties will move out too. At least the ones from out of state might stop visiting.

  • Tomrad

    So they estimate that there were a couple of thousand people at the NY city George Zimmerman – trayvon martin verdict protest last Saturday where jay z and kanye west showed up. Well according to the newest census (2011) there are 8.245 MILLION people living in NY city! Sooooo, if my math is correct, that means 8 Million 243 thousand people were either ok with the verdict or they just don’t give a s**t!…Just saying.

  • Ronald Hinton

    So far — so good..

  • Sickofliberals

    Fuck’em. Who cares. Jay-z and Kanye have about as much combined talent as my left nut anyway. Stevie who?

  • Quinny

    Good boycott fl, the child killing state! Music has a big voice!

  • Doctor T

    Takes a different mind set to be a good actor or musician. One that leaves critical thinking behind.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Boycott the celebrities who are boycotting Florida because of the Stand Your Ground law. Many states have that law.

  • Dalton

    Oh please nikka, make your threats a promise and follow thru!

  • yankg

    Maybe I can get a really cheap condo on the beach.

  • pysco

    Who really gives a flying “F”, about what these stars say or do ? None of them are particularly good Americans anyway..

  • Shadow_58

    That’s absolutely “Great”. All you bastar*s, Please stay out of Florida, the local citizens will be much happier.

  • JHW

    Time to boycott the racist movie stars.

  • Bullet Bob

    Why does ANYONE care what the Hollywood morons think? Focus with me on this one! These people PRETEND for a living. Just saying.

    • sybil115

      Because they bring tons of money to your state , like it or not!!!!

  • Forusanow

    If only people would boycotte the artists concerts, not buy their music. Zimmerman was proved innocent. Martin used racist term. Get over it. We should blame our society for making young black males think that it’s ok for them to do anything they want. We need to blame the parents. We can’t blame everything on slavery. We need to take back America. We need to elect officials that feel that way. We need to start punishing people who are committing most of the capital crimes. People like sharpton need to go somewhere and quit preaching racism and hate. If 70 some percent of the most violent crimes involve young black males, we need to start concentrating on getting these people in jail and stop the problem. It shouldn’t be racial profiling if it’s a confirmed problem and it needs to be stopped.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    All these Black racists have done the state of Florida and everyone living here a great favor. They are all Black Racists who are also very stupid too! The Idiots are boycotting the State over a law that was not even used over the death of the Black criminal Trayvon, so it seems theses Black Racists criminals are Backing criminals and of course some of them like Jay Z are themselves criminals and seem to be trying to protect themselves later when they too commit crimes later and want people left with no protection! We do not need these Black Racist criminals in Florida and for sure stupid criminals who claim to boycott Florida over a law that has nothing to do with what they claim to be Boycotting Florida over! Jay Z and many of the other Black racists are drug addict criminals and not wanted here! Zimmerman killed a longtime black criminal who was killed when he attempted to kill George and he wont kill or commit any more crimes!

  • violater1

    Guess what! Floridians give a big rats asss! Make it a permanent boycott you racist porch monkeys!

    • sybil115


  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Who cares if these dopes come to Flordia or anyother state for that matter. There concert tickets are way to expensive to start with and they will not be missed. That is the problem with these type of people they think they are all that and it will be the end of the world if they don’t grace us with their presence. They need to get over themselves.

    • sybil115

      You all say that, but I bet the officials in Fla that matter will care….Its all about money people, like it or not!!!!

  • Jack

    Standing my ground against anyone of any color that sees fit to attack me or mine is my right as a man! I live in Alabama. If you don’t like it, get the hell out!

  • CurlyTheAmericanInfidel

    Yu peeps are sooooo stupid, moronic, idiotic. whichever word one wishes to use. I live in Texas. We have the Castle Doctrine. I don’t think many people here will lose much sleep since you’re not coming here. You PROMISE not to come to Texas, remember that.

  • gsreagan

    Let the elite “entertainers” boycott the states. Those states will be better off because of it. Keeping the hollywierd elite at bay will be a plus. Only the idle elite can act stupid. I wonder who’s financing their little tantrum? All we can do is ignore their protest and boycott their movies.

  • Chris

    So these jerks are staying out of Florida. Enjoy it while it lasts, great citizens of Florida, that’s like a turd refusing to enter your swimming pool.

  • FCS

    Several years ago the NAACP boycotted South Carliona because they had a Confederate Battle Flag on the capitol grounds. The people of SC appreciated their boycott because a lot better class of people came to SC and they got more visitors then ever.

  • Joe Canejo

    None of these has beens or wannabes named in the article get any of my attention or money now.

  • foxxybey

    If they had a Zimmerman day, I’d fly down just for that but, really don’t like the state so would leave the next day.

  • Gina Williams-scott

    Meth heads.