State Dept.: Oops… We Lied.. Kerry Was Yachting During Egyptian Coup

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On Friday, the State Department admitted that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his yacht off of the coast of Nantucket as the Egyptian military took over the country from elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi. Originally, the State Department denied the report from CBS reporter Mosheh Oinounou that Kerry was aboard the “Isabel” Wednesday afternoon. The State Department said that Kerry was working “all day” on Egypt, and State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki – the same Obama campaign worker who once claimed that the campaign knew nothing about Joe Soptic – said that the CBS report was “completely inaccurate.” That despite multiple tweets, reports, and even video of the Kerry motorcade getting stuck in traffic.
On Friday, Psaki said that Kerry was “briefly on his boat on Wednesday.”
In other words, the American people were directly lied to about the whereabouts of the Secretary of State as a coup took place in one of the most strategically important countries in the world – a country where the President of the United States chose to launch in foreign policy in 2009, where the US embassy was overrun in 2012, and where the Obama administration planted its flag with the Arab Spring in 2010. Only an administration completely secure in its control of media spin could pull such a stunt.
Psaki added, “Secretary Kerry has been working tirelessly around the clock since he returned from his 10-day trip and there has not been a moment where he has not been focused on doing everything possible to communicate with his team in Washington and in Egypt, within the administration and with his counterparts around the world.”
Location of key officials during national security situations has been a repeated problem for the Obama administration, which still refuses to explain where President Obama was on September 11, 2012 as the US consulate in Benghazi was under fire and Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered.

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  • rascaltherat

    No way! The state dept. lied to us?? I refuse to believe this garbage. They’ve NEVER lied to the U.S. citizens ever!! Even when the consulate in Benghazi was attacked because that evil filmmaker bashed the beautiful, peaceful, loving, tolerant moslems. The obamma administration lied too?? No freakin, way. The king would never lie to us unwashed, racist, bigoted little people. I’m getting really tired of the media and the racist crackers constantly accusing the White House, DOJ, NSA, IRS, State Department, and a slew of other acronym bureaucracies of lying to the public…….

    • voncile fullwood

      you don’t have to listen turn off and you don’t have to read comments either

      • Butch Harlow

        That was sarcasm I think.

      • Chris Monroe

        that’s right. resistance is futile. just bend over and take it. quit whining and just listen to roger maddow, et al.

    • J. Brown

      Fine parody, thanks for the moment of joy.
      What could JFK have done anyway? He was jet lagged and needed the relaxing moment.

      • RPW

        The problem is that their first instinct is to lie even when they could have simply admitted that John Kerry was on his boat and in phone contact about the situation. This administration lies about everything, (fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA looking at all Americans). They tell us over and over, “we will investigate and get to the bottom of it” So what became of the investigation of fast and Furious, Benghazi? Isn’t interesting that the FBI director doesn’t even know who is involved or in charge of the IRS investigation? The answer is simple, there probably never were any investigations.

        • J. Brown

          RPW, Lying has become the norm and as with the IRS the underlings “imagine” what their supervisors want and we end up with runaway skullduggery. Now they have to act humble and search for a person/organization to blame for their deception. In this combination lies their stated belief that we are not aware of their misdeeds. Can you imagine how far we would have come if the dreaded “right wing” didn’t interfer with BHOs plans for us?

        • yankg

          If the directer of the FBI didn’t know who was the lead investigator in the IRS scandal, he needs to be fired. He is simply not doing his job. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the private sector if he did such as that.

          • RPW

            Your right he would not last 5 minutes in the private sector but he’s not in the private sector, he’s working for Obama and Obama doesn’t want any investigation that will lead back to his administration, (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting to suppress the conservative get out the vote effort). This Federal law enforcement investigation director is doing his job the way his boss wants me to do it. The director is the one who would have assigned the chief investigator to this case that he boss publicly stated was a priority. Your telling me that it’s reasonable to believe that he doesn’t know or is inept, if your right then why hasn’t he been fired??? No sir, the obvious reason that he can’t name those in charge or involved in the IRS investigation is because he has been told not to investigate the IRS. You are either blind or you are working for this administrations misinformation propaganda arm.

          • Nadine


  • jtak101

    The entire Obama administration has a very bad habit of taking care of problems at their leisure…Benghazi, we’ll just watch and see how it plays out..IRS scandal…Hmm, didn’t know anything about it….Egypt rioting,,,I’ll be a the Yacht club with my sugarmama……same story…different idiot in charge.

    • catman

      F swiftboat pos

      • ADRoberts

        Can you say COWARD?

        • violater1

          May I add to that treasonous treacherous coward very much like bitch hanoi jane fonda!

        • Antogeny

          Traitor, and gigolo?????

    • Chris Monroe

      “sugarmama” lolz.

  • James Maxwell

    Well at least we know where he was, we still do not know where Omarxis or
    billary was at during Benghazi. Wonder if we will ever find out that little tidbit.

    • hfr49

      We know where he was. He was in bed getting a good nights sleep before he flew out on a campaign trip the next morning. Shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. That’s why he didn’t even have anymore phone calls with his staff. Needed his beauty rest.

      • J. Brown

        The beauty rest has failed!

    • voncile fullwood

      he was on the campaign trail to busy out getting his voters and Hilary was to busy with her girlfriend deputy chief of staff,oh I forgot I’ll give out her name Huma Abedin this is from her mouth

  • Kenfeelingold

    These guys never seem to be around when it matters. Subsequently, they seem to know nothing until they’ve read it in the newspaper. There used to be something called “plausible deniability”, but these characters have taken that to a whole new level. What a crock!

  • Earl L Nelson Jr.

    Does it matter where they are during a crisis? They wont do anything anyway.

    • Butch Harlow

      The farther away the better!

  • Liberty1776

    The whole F’n government is one big lie! They all need to be terminated

    • violater1

      With exreme prejudice I might add!

  • Work2SnowSki

    Leading from behind as always.

  • ADRoberts

    He is just following the example of his boss. YOu need to be sure you are vacationing when a crisis occurs so that you will be able to deny ANY responsibility. Just ask Kerry about Morsi’s involvement in Benghazi? “I KNOW NOTHING” LOL (One of the attackers was shouting “Don’t shoot. Morsi sent us.” But Morsi is a protogee of Obama. The are fellow Muslim Brotherhood pals. Surely he would not attack the USA, even if he did say that we are THEIR enemies.

    • shunts

      you remember Hogans Heros Sgt Shultz He was Always saying I KNOW NOTHING… I know nothing.. maybe thats where obummer got it from smoking joints and watching tv…what a laughable joke he is…High paid dog catcher and his lackeys…. Doesn’t anyone know voodoo or something to make him just go away… never to be heard from again…

  • Drik

    Well, good sailing days are rare, and the Middle Easters are always going to be fighting.

  • junkmailbin

    same thing with hilary except she was bearded and that made her to busy

  • HongryHawg

    I’m sure the administration didn’t want him involved and basically told him to “get lost” while the coup played out. There can be no other answer. I doubt very seriously that someone trying so hard to make his mark would go sailing during this very important incident. At the very least, he would try to appear engaged, even if there was nothing he could do. Nobody wanted him around, in the way, pretending he knew what was happening and offering faux solutions. Only room for one pretender on the world stage.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    Isn’t it amazing how this adminastration is vacationing all of the time.

  • 99magna

    Obama was feverishly following SCOTUS with regard to DOMA but can’t be bothered over Benghazi. Internet goes down on Air Force One so he scrambles for a phone to keep up. Makes for a great big WTF about this mans background. Benghazi is a big yawn, “don’t bother me I have a fund raiser in Vegas tomorrow, handle it”.

  • Nikita63

    Kerry was a lousy Naval officer, a lousy Senator, A lousy liar and dishonored himself by dishonoring a whole generation of American military who served far more honorably than ever he did. Why would one expect he would be responsible as Secretary of State when he was NEVER responsible in anything he has ever done and so, fits the mold for all of Obama’s appointees.; yes men and totally inept and incompetent and then consummate liars! (Or those who represent them.) We are far ahead of the game if we choose to believe NOTHING the government says, especially, THIS ONE! Remember when Kerry Swore he was not evading the taxes on his yacht in Massachusetts , BUT got caught berthing it in Rhode Island to do JUST THAT? That, my friends is the quality of your government and how they use the tax dollars YOU pay for trips to Africa costing millions and yachts for Yahoos. Don’t start the revolution without me!

  • Rich

    It won’t be long when we will see the Premier come on all TV networks and explain there has been an interruption in the nations food supply. We just can’t have 2% of the population controlling our food supply. Thus, I am nationalizing all farm land and issuing worthless US Treasury Bills to the farmers as payment. You know just like I did for GM and Chrysler, the banks, and college loans. We will now have wealth redistribution and everyone will be able to get their fair share.

    • Chris Monroe

      sounds plausible given his track record.

  • Randy131

    This is the ‘Vacation Administration’, as Kerry plays on his million dollar yacht, Hillary would party in the night clubs of all the countries she had to visit as Secretary of State, and Obama takes multiple multi-million dollar vacations every year, and an article came out last year that proved Obama spent more time on vacations than he had working on policies to create jobs for the American people, despite that he claimed he was going to put jobs first with his administration. Kings and Queens wish they could live as opulent as Obama and his family does, while the American people suffer in a supposed ‘RECOVERY’ from four years ago, that has less people with jobs today than when Obama became President, and Obama has decreased the USA’s ‘Workforce’, people of working age with or without a job, to lower than it’s been since 1979, in order to manipulate the ‘Unemployment Rate’, so it doesn’t look as bad as it really is. What a country, and what a people that are dumb enough to elect this fraud Obama as President twice!

  • 65bubbles

    Well, can you believe it, we have another Hillary Clinton. Lies, and all. Plus, just like the Commander in Chief, vacationing on our dime. If he has been working so hard like they say, how come he didn’t have a clue this might be about to happen. Funny, since the rest of Americans pretty much figured it out.!

  • Joe Lettieri

    Lying garbage.The government of the USA is comprised of FILTH!!!!….Republicans and Democrats.They will get theirs,sooner than later I hope.

  • Joe Lettieri

    And the media in this country is a DISGRACE !!!!!They havent the slightest idea of what uncontaminated news is.

  • pysco

    What the State Department, and CBS lied ? Tell me it isn’t so. Whats new about the State Department, or Kerry or CBS lying

  • ezekiel22

    This is a story that never should have been. I mean what is the big deal as to where Kerry was during the coup in Egypt? I realize the importance of Egypt in world affairs today. Everyone and their brother knew the coup was coming as the military said so. So why would the State Dept. lie about Kerry’s whereabouts? This is like the old saying; “Old habits are hard to break.” If this is the way that Kerry wants to start his tenure at State then it will be a rough ride for the man and us.
    As long as the State is in the mood to tell the truth concerning where people were maybe they can release the locations of people on 9/11/12. We already know Obama was asleep when the phone rang. We know that Shrillary was busy covering her rear when the call came as well.

  • Chris Monroe

    well, i guess it would have never made news if not for “an inconvenient camera”.

  • George Gilbert

    Kerry has ALWAYS been a LIAR. And, hes also a TRAITOR

  • Bob

    Our government lied to us? And this surprises who?

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Kerry is usually on his yacht, drunk off his ass like a kennedy. This is no surprise. Democrat scum.

  • Ross R Blankert

    This is the same yacht he bought out of Mass. to keep from paying a high tax on it.

  • SFS444

    Well thats shocking but after all this is the same frankenstein creature that lied before congress.

  • noweareman

    ol’ Horse Head does it again!

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  • mrsgunnut10

    Did “Hanoi John” Kerry’s wife pull a Hillary stunt to get the pressure off of John, who maybe was supposed to be at work “Protecting” this Nation of ours?? Hillarys accident sure took the pressure off of Obamass after the Benghazi Fiasco, for awhile anyway.Hopefully she is going to make a come back. I don’t mean to belittle her if she is really sick. John , however, is a devious person and will use anybody to gain popularity and make himself look good to his peers.

  • Antogeny

    Why shouldn’t he play while Egypt burns? His boss plays while the whole world burns!