The Double Standard


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  • Kenneth Andrews

    Planned parenthood is a bit more debatable.. Should have said “drone program”

    • johnsonjay

      Yeah, right. The “drone program” is killing millions of kids…

      • Kenneth Andrews

        I’m only pointing out that drones are less debatable. Abortion is a hot button issue with no right answer. there are a lot of factors.

        scientifically at what point does a fetus become a child?

        obviously late term abortions are wrong. but can you say for certain that 2 weeks in that the fetus as a glob of cells counts as a human yet? when do the cells become a human? when does the brain start to function? when does consciousness begin. these are things that could be debated. just pointing out that planned parenthood isn’t the best way to point out hypocrisy.

        • Ron G

          Obviously Kenneth you are not a Believer, life starts at conception. We just think that because there aren’t any immediate consequences to an action or deed, God just doesn’t care about it. His law is unwavering, which is comforting when you consider how often people waffle back and forth. With God you know exactly where you stand at all times – forgiven! The really ironic thing is whether or not you believe while alive on earth is irrelevant to the outcome that according to the Bible every knee will bow before God in the end. Please keep an open mind and read the Bible – a book that will help you throughout life and into death.

          • Kenneth Andrews

            actually. yes i’m an agnostic son no true believer here. yet I know more about your bible than you. because if you read it is specifically says life begins at first breath.

            also the bible it self on occasion calls for an abortion or two. you know besides the calls for beating your kids with stones for disobeying you.

            The point i’m making here has nothing to do with magic fairy tales or rainbow shitting unicorns. but cold hard science. when scientifically can you prove it is a human. at that point it is wrong. but don’t call for things without putting yourself in others shoes.

        • Michael Dann

          Doesn’t life begin at conception? Isn’t that when the choice was made to give life? Aren’t the cells that form and divide in fact life? Those cells create a human, right? So logic dictates that the that those cells are human life.

          • Michael Dann

            My opinion is:

            The responsibility lies during conception. A sperm can not create a child on it’s own. An egg can not create a child on it’s own. Only after the egg is fertilized does conception occur.

            If a person does not want the child they must make a choice. Kill those cells or carry them to birth then give the child up for adoption. If a person chooses abortion, make no mistake, that is taking a human life. If the person does not believe that then they are fooling themselves.

            Planned parent is good for preventing pregnancy (contraception), sex education, planning to raise the child, etc. but not for abortion.

      • Bruce Stroh

        No, the drone program has killed only 617 children — so far…

        • Fischenbach

          And Planned Parenthood has only killed 54 million in my lifetime. Sad.

  • Budd Dunson

    You are absolutely right