The Lynching of George Zimmerman


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Getting out of the car against the advice of a 911 dispatcher: stupid, but not criminal.
Following the suspicious person you called police about: reckless AND stupid, but not criminal.
Killing the assailant in self-defense when he turns on you and starts bashing your skull against the pavement: tragic, but not criminal.
The jury in the Zimmerman trial had no choice but acquittal because there was no criminal wrongdoing.

(Reckless stupidity is not currently an indictable offense in Florida.) The duty of a jury is to apply the rule of law to the facts they are presented with, not to serve Zimmerman’s head on a platter to appease the angry mob.

But the angry mob is crying out for blood. What they thirst for is not justice, but revenge. Until George Zimmerman, the sacrificial lamb, is thrown to the wolves so they may satisfy their blood lust, there will be no peace.

What should have been a matter of justice has become a race hustler’s feeding frenzy. Applying the rule of law after evaluating the factual evidence is justice. Claiming that justice has been denied because they do not like the ruling shows that vengeance, not justice, is what they seek. That the documented facts do not support allegations of racial profiling means nothing. The false narratives promulgated by the media, spewing claims of racial profiling in an endless cine loop, is meant to indoctrinate the public, which will eventually accept this version as fact. As the public is misled and manipulated by the media, justice is trumped by a manufactured civil rights crisis. Truth be dammed, for Zimmerman will be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion, despite the jury ‘s decision.

As part of the media manipulation campaign, Zimmerman’s “whiteness” has been exploited, as though his Caucasian heritage makes him inherently guilty. By labeling him a “self identified Hispanic” and a “white Hispanic” his Hispanic heritage is both grudgingly acknowledged as well as diminished. Imagine if president Obama had been referred to as a “self identified African American” or a “white African American”. It sounds as deprecating as it is disingenuous.

Media pundits such as Juan Williams grudgingly acknowledge that the jury’s decision is correct, yet decry the lack of compassion it demonstrates. How do you put a compassionate spin on a verdict when the only two options are guilty or not guilty? A jury is expected to be impartial and unbiased, and not allow emotion to cloud their judgment as they evaluate the facts of a case. By design, compassion and emotion have no place in a fair and objective trial. After all, isn’t bias in favor of one party a bias AGAINST the other?
The average person who is angry about the outcome of this trial is angry because they have been led to believe that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin because he was black. When the 911 dispatcher asked Zimmerman whether Martin was white, black or Hispanic, Zimmerman responded, “He looks black”, as though there were an element of doubt. Zimmerman did not profile Martin because he was black; he profiled him because he was a community watch volunteer whose duty it was to profile ANYONE in his neighborhood who he did not recognize.

The racial profiling sentiment seems to prevail despite factual evidence to the contrary. In fact, NBC deliberately altered the 911 recording to portray Zimmerman as a racist. Had the network researched the situation before embarking upon their smear campaign, they would have discovered that Zimmerman was not a bigot. On the contrary, Zimmerman displayed an extraordinary degree of fellowship with and support for the black community. He dated an African American, donated his time to tutor African American kids, and he launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who had been beaten up by a white kid. As a registered Democrat, Zimmerman ardently supported the campaign of Barrack Obama. There is no evidence of overt or even covert racism. Yet, the justice department has set up a special email account to solicit tips from the public about anything Zimmerman may have said or done which could be construed as racist. When did a post trial witch hunt become part of due process?

Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama remains mute while the Justice Department and the mainstream media fan the flames of a racial conflagration. Lies and manipulations continue to incite wilding among feral Democrats. That this firestorm is predicated entirely upon lies leaves little hope that racial relations can be repaired any time soon. In the meantime, there will have been several murders of anonymous black children in Chicago who are no less worthy of this level of outrage, and yet sadly they are ignored because their murders don’t serve to advance the cause of the race hustlers whose power and privilege is derived from exploiting racial divisions.

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  • Ken H.

    Shouldn’t our White African-American (or whatever – is it White African? Or African White???) president be more sensitive to the plight of people of multiple racial descent? Certainly the confusion that got him elected as the first African-American president, even though he is white, should have heightened his sensitivity to how awful it is to have racial descent confusion be a factor in such important matters? It is about time that he spoke up on behalf of others who have been unfairly afflicted with racially-confused actions taken against them!

  • kelvin

    Can we just drop the whole African American logo ? your either one or the other , and if your African go back to Africa if your an American be proud to say so !!

    • IHateLibs

      Ive said that for Years. But It fell on Deaf and Racist Ears

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        When you allow so many stupid people in your country in your country and then allow them to kick God and your Religion out of the country, and force you to go against your religion and take over your government what else can you expect. Take a look at that Big Fat [ Blimp Sized Stupid Black Girl who was such a great witness in the Zimmerman trial and who now seems like Pier’s new [ Girl friend ] and all over T V even though She”s dumb as a stump. We need to keep our Guns and our religion and take our Christian Country back before it’s to late!

    • Lewtheprof

      You’re!!! We can’t have possession of an “either” and we don’t likely have possession of an “African” or an “an American” either, in spite of the implication your sentence (should have been two sentences) make to the contrary. In a nutshell, if you are trying to say ‘you are’ then you’re is your word, and “your” should never be!

      • bman

        u should rilly proof ur own critique of someone elses writing b4 u click the arrow to post it… “in spite of the implication your sentence … make to the contrary.” shouldnt that be “makes”? I could go into the reason why, but I would rather ask why you think that you’re criticism of someone’s writing skills is relevant to this topic. I know, you’re better than us, but keep your professorial corrections in the classroom (or on the various language and writing forums) where people are interested in you’re awesomeness!


        • freebirds


        • Lewtheprof

          The answer to your question is no. “Make” is the correct and proper form, relative to the thought amending parenthetical phrase; “(should have been two sentences)” which is placed within the overarching thought (statement) it is within. It (make) is NOT relative to the word “sentence” which is used before the amending parenthetical statement, but instead, the plural indicating word, “sentences,” used within the parentheses. Funny how you so conveniently “dotted line”ed out the relevant parenthetical portion of the sentence I wrote, the edited sentence you then used in your paraphrased sample to show my supposedly egregious error, funny indeed. All in all, a pretty juvenile and underhanded response…

          Using “your” instead of “you’re” is not simply a spelling or grammar error. It is a word use error that because it’s so carelessly and commonly misused, is admittedly understandable but still no more appropriate or correct. Using the correct word means the difference between a sentence that makes perfect sense and one which, if read as written, makes no sense at all. The biggest problem here is not those people who point it out to those who do it, rather it is those who through their groundless indignance, refuse to properly acknowledge [and work to correct] their error. They instead, misdirect their energy into a tactic of; belittle, berate and finding anything they can to get back with some petty “dig” in against their accuser by equivocating their mistake with some minor or perceived but non-existent error,, just as you have done here. There is no sense of superiority or act of gloating found by me in being able to point this out to someone, just as there is nothing noble or harmless to be found in those who stubbornly insist on participating in the ongoing and shameless butchery of the English language, no matter the venue…

        • bluejacket

          When you have no valid counterpoint, attack the speaker.
          (Liberal manifesto)

      • freebirds

        I understood what Kevin was saying just fine. And I truly believe everybody else can to. This isn’t an essay. Were not in school. Please leave the corrections for your students.

    • Dr. Dorothy Holtslander

      There is a misconception in this country that all racists are white, Southern, and Conservatives.. Racists come in ALL colors and from every state…What about the racism of Sharpton and Jackson? They are not only racist through and through, they DEPEND on enticing other racists to make a living! If you hate someone because of the color of their skin YOU ARE A RACIST! If you hate me because I am white…I love my country.GUESS WHAT….yep you are a racist! BTW, George Zimmerman’s Great Grandfather was BLACK!
      I love my country…and I have never been ashamed of my country before, well, that changed after this Administration started tearing it apart. I am ashamed of the Constitution being desecrated, I am ashamed of the lavish lifestyle of the occupants of the White House while so many are wondering how they will feed their kids, I am ashamed of the blatant contempt they show for our military heroes and our citizens, and I am, ashamed of the lawlessness taking place now in reaction to an INNOCENT man being found Not Guilty!

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Kick all God hating, Homosexual, Muslims out, Keep our Christian Country our great religion that does not force us to sell or own anyone and who does not allow sex with children whether they are girls or boys, and inform everyone we will keep our guns and everyone who is not a criminal or Insane can do the same and our government will not have a list of who owns guns or what kind and those that don’t like it can leave with Obama, older, Biden, Pelosie, Reid, Feinstin and Bloomberg, Oh and John McCain, Graham and all the other’s who ignore everyone except the sick nuts abov e and some others we ll know who are nothing but sick criminal Black Racists!

        • Flobill


    • Seeker1212

      I Agree, we don’t want Half Americans living in this country.
      I would add that you don’t have people in South American countries identifying themselves as anything as half of ethnic description,, only in this country is it brought on by the race haters.

    • Melinda

      I agree unitl we are all Americans period there will be racism. You divide yourself from the others when you add the african part. I thought thats what blacks wanted to be like and treated like everyone else. Not special or different. I think the adding the Afro part came from Jesse Jackson who along with sharpton would be without jobs if they werent yelling race and stirring up trouble.They have used the Martins and this case to further their bank accounts and sadly the sheep are following.

  • The Bee Guy

    Where has this type of attitude gone?

  • David

    I emailed the account they set up and gave them a piece of my mind. No reply yet….. 🙁

  • cabman86

    The mob is wanting revenge for someone they would have never known if the media had done the job it was supposed to do. The media did their best to try to incite riots since the start of this case

    • gunnerv1

      Remember the motto “If it bleed’s, it leads” and if it leads, it sell’s more “copy”. (even if it is pure B.S.).

      • paintinc56

        MANY white victims have bled & the media could care less! Go to WND .com & search black violence. People haven’t got a clue how out of control & dangerous black racism has become because almost no one will report it or admit it.

  • therain

    Wasn’t he on his way BACK to his car when he got jumped?

    • hornman2


  • sunjune

    Unfortunate incident for all involved. Too bad it resulted in the death of a young man that had not yet lived.

    • erasmas

      “young man” caused his own death by his attack on Zimmerman. If the ‘young man’ had been minding his own business and not looking for some “whitea** cracker”, this might not have happened. No, Trayvon was looking for someone to attack and just picked the wrong person. Whether you like it or not, Trayvon was RESPONSIBLE for his own death. It wasn’t Zimmerman’s fault, it wasn’t “society’s ” fault…..it was Trayvon’s. You reap what you sow.

    • violater1

      While what you say is absolutely true had Trayvon just kept on going and left the area rather than coming back to attack this man as he did he would be alive today! More than likely he was already high on Purple drank and smoking weed as that is what he had the Arizona Tea and Skittles for and had the authorities checked for this in his dads house they would have found Robotussin DM as well the thord ingredient for the poor mans PCP!

    • paintinc56

      Too bad that 6’2″, 160 pound, thieving, dope smoking, violent young man chose the wrong VICTIM to attack.

  • Chief47

    If the feds prosecute Zimmerman, there is going to be a white backlash in this country that has never been seen before. Obummer and his cronies have promoted a racist attitude towards whites that has this country on the brink of a racial war. When it comes, the blacks had better look at their percentage of the population and wonder how the hell they will avoid being decimated to an almost non-existent percentage of the population. And then the angry whites are going to start going after the liberals who promulgated all of this racism against the whites. Fair warning is fair warning. They had better sit up and take notice before it is far too late.

    • violater1

      They even have one of their own Pastor Manning a very intelligent black man warning them of what you stated and in a nutshell he has told them that it is of their own doing and when it happend there will be no stopping the blood letting that will occur! He has stated that he has seen the enemy and it is they themselves and not whites!

    • paintinc56

      Unfortunately you are wrong. The vast majority of light skinned races in this country are thoroughly indoctrinated into the “white” guilt way of thinking. GUILTY no matter how much you grovel, apologize, vote for black presidents, worship black athletes, actors or singers or give till you bleed to help a bunch of lazy, thieving, too stupid to leave when a hurricane is coming & you have been warned for days blacks in New Orleans, ect. That is why we gather on these sites, we are labeled bigots by the mainstream for getting angry that blacks commit 45% of their crimes against whites & having the audacity to point out that FACT.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Why are so many Black Racists and a few Low life Whites marching, stomping screeching because a young Black Long time criminal Racist who beat up old men driving school busses and little kids, buying and smoking dope, trying to buy guns on the
    internet, getting caught with a bag of women’s jewelry and buglary tools at school
    [ I guess he could have been a cross dresser] but never heard it said or denied! But Black racists and a few White Low Life’s march, stomp, Riot, steal and burn things down. It would be so easy to stop if the Police and national Guard and private would shoot and kill as many as possible!

    • Wayne

      Bingo!! You got it right down to a “T” Robert.

    • Independentrd

      Because the mainstream media and particularly NBC ans Sharpton lied for sensationalism and to further their own agendas. NBC edited the 911 tape so the public heard a different version than the actual and the general public gets their news from those networks, so they are forming opinions and judgements based on lies and omission by the networks and race baiters.

  • gmalarki

    It’s just another part of the Detroitization of the whole nation under Obama. One of the factors that helped destroy Detroit was the highly racist decisions handed down by the city’s Recorder’s Court. The court’s decsions-making process became so lopsided, the state legislature abolished it.

  • Wayne

    Being this is a Nation of laws and George was found not guilty how about arresting all of the protestors and charge them with being enemies of the Constitution? That’s what Homeland Security is all about, finding and prosecuting terrorists both foreign and domestic.

    • Michigan_REB

      How about spending the time and money to truely investigate Holder and Obama? Where do you start? Fast and Furious, Bengazi, Nsa spying, IRS nonsenmse. The many violations of the constitution. SO who shouod be investigated, charged, tried, and convicted? The community, City county and state as well as Zimmerman should sue these genitic material donors for failing to provide adequate supervison or up bringing? And they should also Sue Al not to Sharpton and Jesse Jerkoff just because they are who they are.

      • violater1

        Yahop mountain dew! Affirmative Reb!

      • Lewtheprof

        I’m still waiting to see (hear) if an investigation resulting in arrests and conviction will come as a result of the Black Panther’s declaration of a bounty for the death of George Zimmerman. I’m betting they’ll get a pass (again)…

    • paintinc56

      Or at least arrest the roving gangs blacks that are viciously attacking “white” victims.

    • violater1

      Theoretically you are right! However barry the fairy has perverted the DHS thouroughly creating an arm of his personal army that will have proven themselves to be anti american visa vie their attacks on citizens and businesses taking their weapons of self defense! Katrini actions in La. for one prime example!

  • HongryHawg

    Because of the criminal hypocrisy of the liberals and many blacks on this thing, it will be a long time before it fades. Those who want blood and chaos will beat the drum until they figure out that they aren’t going to have it, other than the sporadic mayhem for which this isn’t a cause but a reason to raise hell. To the part of our society in touch with reality, justice has been served. That those out of touch deem otherwise does not make it any less so. As for myself, I’m moving on. Nothing can be gained by responding to the haters. Like liberals, they choose not to hear. It’s nothing but politics to them, and with leftist politics their is no reasoning; only disruption.

  • Randy131

    I listened to the 911 tapes with George Zimmerman talking to the dispatcher, and never heard the dispatcher tell George Zimmerman not to leave his vehicle to follow the suspicious person, which a good neighborhood watch person is suppose to do, without confronting the suspicious person. The dispatcher did ask George Zimmerman if he was following the suspicious person on foot, which he affirmed he was, and was told by the dispatcher that he need not do that and that he should return to his vehicle, which George Zimmerman said okay, and told the dispatcher he was returning to his vehicle, because he lost the location of the suspicious person anyway and asked where the officer en route would want to meet him, which the dispatcher told George Zimmerman he would meet him at the complex’s mailbox section, which George Zimmerman was on his way to that location when after 4 minutes of Trayvon Martin not being in sight of George Zimmerman, he reappeared after following George Zimmerman and attacked him. These 911 tapes are public record and anyone is allowed to access them and listen to find out just what is on them, and the demeanor of the people being recorded on them. It makes a big difference when listening to these tapes first hand, and helps one understand why the jury found George Zimmerman innocent of all charges, even innocent of racism, as the FBI discovered when ordered by the DOJ to investigate for any federal crime pertaining to racism.

    • violater1

      Been there done that also myself listened to tapes that is! Also read the transcripts of them as well!

      • Randy131

        Then what is your opinion of George Zimmerman? Here is some more information about him.

        See If You Can Guess Who This “Racist” Is?

        He is a registered Democrat. Because of this, he supported and voted for Barack Obama in the past elections.

        Within his community, he personally worked and fought for the
        homeless, many of whom are of African descent.

        When a Caucasian man, in his town and without provocation, beat a homeless African American man in a bar fight and was apparently given a pass, due to the fact that the assailant’s father was a cop, this registered Democrat and Obama supporter tirelessly went to work.

        He publicly demanded that the father of the assailant needed to be disciplined, citing that the police gave the son preferential treatment.

        He then further argued that this high-ranking police officer’s son needed to be arrested as well.

        Again, this man is a registered Democrat. A supporter of President Barack Obama.

        He was identified as a “crusader for racial justice” by Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller and many within his community.

        However, his mission didn’t stop with public demands.

        He printed and distributed copies of fliers to neighborhood churches on bright, fluorescent-colored paper, demanding the community to “hold accountable” the officers responsible for any misconduct related to the beating of the homeless man. (See content of flier HERE)

        Who is this man?

        Who is this champion of the left?

        Who is this soldier for racial justice?

        His name…is George Zimmerman!

        And now, the media and many others call him a racist. Buyer, beware.

        July 18, 2013 by Jerry Johnson

        • Lewtheprof

          It all just lends further painful proof that; “no good deed goes unpunished,” and to that I might add, especially when done for liberals and their more often then not, ill conceived and executed, fruitless causes!

          • Randy131

            Unfortunately you are completely correct!

        • violater1

          Does not surprise me but what you want to bet he moves to the middle or right after these life altering loving(faciciously) events and actions of the left!
          While on this subject it solidifies the fact that liberals suffer from mental disorders they are more than willing to sacrifice their own to accomplish their sick agendas! Another case in point is that all of the mass killings have been from the liberal left all the way back to Lincoln assignation! Check it out for yourself!

    • paintinc56

      The brain de ad masses, white & black, are MUCH too lazy to look or listen to the FACTS of this case. They would rather listen to the race pimps/white elitist media LIE, just like they did when they voted for ObaMAO.
      How’s that black worshipping, Obama voting working out for you George?

      • Randy131

        It’s amazing how the race baiters make up lies when they complain about George Zimmerman, saying things that never happened or claiming things that George Zimmerman never said, as one can determine by just listening to the 911 tape recordings between George Zimmerman and the dispatcher, all of the tapes prove what George Zimmerman said was the truth. But one thing is for sure, George Zimmerman has learned a lot of lessons about those he once looked up to and sided with.

  • coastx

    This is a good read, but it’s not reality.

    Zimmerman was and remains an AGITPROP Psyop. Trayvon Martin doesn’t exist and never did. Senior Martin is a Mason. See at http://youtu.be/d7NQWqjiSUc & Agitation Propaganda http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/9224/agitprop

    REALITY Radical liberal politics is a #MarxistAgitationPropaganda and #InverseMorality repatriation psyop in perpeyuity, and Zimmerman/Martin is a #MarxistAgitationPropaganda gun control psyop.

    Hot looking author, BTW.

    • erasmas

      Yeah, year, and the earth is flat and you got hijacked by aliens when you were young.

    • hunterson1

      Your doctor told you not to take those voices in your head seriously.

    • paintinc56

      Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere or at the KOS?

    • Independentrd

      Anybody really under stand that, other than Jan being good looking?

  • Thundercrush

    Well written article Caroline!!

    • Caroline_Visser

      Thank you 🙂

  • Kenneth Duncan

    And the only reason that it is working is because of the arrogance coming from the black family in the white house.

  • Rattlerjake

    Get the F*CKING story right. Listen to the 911 tape! Zimmerman was on foot when he called 911. After talking to the operator he headed back to his vehicle, then was jumped by Martin.

  • God Loving Patriot

    The majority of America which by the way includes a very large percentage of black people are sick to death of hearing the type of hate filled bigoted racist theology being espoused by the likes of the mainstream media and those like them (Jesse Jackson. Al “not so sharp” Sharpton, obama ect.) that continue to espouse their hate filled bigoted racist theology because they are of a mind that the people of America somehow owe them something and of course they must keep the low information hate filled racist on the racist bigoted government plantation.

    Hear this mainstream hate filled bigoted racist nit wits, you and those like you are owed NOTHING except the same hard time the world deals to the red, yellow, white and yes black people of the world. Get over yourselves, cease with the bigoted hate filled racism and the continuous pitty party in your efforts and the efforts of the ilk like you so love to embrace.

    If you IDIOTS wish to be on a government hate filled bigoted racist plantation there is one in South Africa or better still your racist leader obama’s home land Kenya with all your names on it. Get on a plane immediately and leave your passport at the gate when you arrive , we here in America will not miss the insanity of you hate filled racist bigots.

    • paintinc56

      NO, they are NOT sick of it, they eat it up like candy. NO, the majority of blacks are NOT tired of it, they revel in it, young, old & everything in between. Blacks have been brainwashed into thinking they are picked on victims & whites have been brainwashed into feeling guilty for being born with light colored skin for over 50 years now. The virulent racism & HATRED for ALL other races coming from the self segregating black community is wide spread & well accepted. Whites ACCEPT the narrative that blacks have a RIGHT to steal from them, rape them, viciously beat them & murder them as penance for “what WE have done” to them . Trayvon had a RIGHT to attack Zimmerman & pound on him because Zimmerman had the audacity to follow him. That is the MAINSTREAM, well accepted way of thinking & that is why the MAJORITY of whites & 99% of blacks are outraged that the jury didn’t set aside facts & do the “RIGHT” thing.

      • God Loving Patriot

        Tell me then, what exactly is the right thing? Seems to me that the right thing is exactly what happened. You may count me and the black folks I know in the minority as you have put things, because our justice system has worked precisely as the system was designed to work, like it or not.

        The central message here should to be that our justice system worked perfectly and while a number of white people (which includes Caucasian, all Caucasian Latinos, and Caucasian Middle Eastern persons) and a large number of Black people certainly not 99% are disappointed with the outcome, that is the way blind justice works. Blind justice works much like God the Father, there is no color involved only facts and if those that are upset by the outcome of the trial of Mr. Zimmerman would simply put aside their emotions and weigh the severely lacking evidence (facts) presented by the prosecution they will arrive at the same conclusion the six jurors arrived at.

        God the Father knows exactly what happened and He alone is the one that will serve up justice to whom justice is to be served to. We as people are not perfect today nor we never will be.

        On a separate note, any person, no matter their race, creed or color that enters my home uninvited or is of a mind that they have a right to violate my person, my family or my property will most certainly have a very very bad day. The moral of the fore mentioned sentence, they will most definitely encounter the same fate that young Martin faced. Yes I am one that clings to my God, my guns and my liberty, violate my person or my family or enter my home or my property uninvited and whomever is stupid enough to do so will definitely meet one of my firearms first, then very shortly after meeting that firearm, they will meet God the Father.

        Warning, if you see my firearm, you will be hit by the business end of that firearm. Word to the wise and those that feel lucky, I do not miss………

  • erasmas

    Caroline shows some sense that is rare in news people. She recognizes the truth. Zommerman was certainly STUPID on several counts, but NOT CRIMINAL. He was getting the C**P beaten our of him and he did the only thing he could possibly done to preserve his life. I’ll bet that if Zimmerman has been black and Trayvon had been white, none of these blacks would have said a word in criticism, not even the Obaminator whose group provided financial funds to support the racial harrangues, nor would Holder have uttered a peep. The Obaminator is too interested in setting up his dictatorship. He and his ‘friends’ have already gone far beyond the powers granted to them by the Constitution, and are going farther each and every day. Just think of it…drones ‘watching’ over the citizens (translate that to “spying on” the citizens. NSA snooping on our conversations, IRS targeting conservatives for increased audits. Looks to me like it is getting close to time for the 2nd war of liberation from the oppressors of this citizenry. Never forget that the prime reason for the 2nd Amendment, which the Obaminator, his democrabic pawns, and Holder are trying to get rid of, is to provide the citizens of this country a means to rebel against a tyrannical federal government. We were created as a Republic, not a feudal dominion, yet that’s what the democrabs want to set up. Their desire is a caste system, with them as the elite class and all the rest of us as the peons. Didn’t work with England, won’t work with us.

  • foxxybey

    The government who tried to lynch Zimmerman should have to pay for armed guards where ever he goes. It’s only right and fair since they put his life on the line.

    • Michigan_REB

      Take the ones waste their time protecting the excuse for a president and his tribe.

      • violater1

        Reb you beat me to that response my feelings exactly obama the chickenshiit has double that of any past president number is 62 wheras past presidents got by with 31! That should tell us something about ole chicken shiit neck!

    • Independentrd

      And NBC pay him and his Tamil;y a decent wage for the rest of his and their natural lives and 10 times that to his heirs should he be murdered because of their lies.with no taxes because it’s a settlement. Maybe the govt should pony up the sme as they were pushing the lie as well.

  • JB Andrews

    Can’t wait for the first victim family to sue NBC, MSNBC or CNN for inciting the violence!
    It would be great to see the media executives go to jail. They deserve to be there after this race baiting and fact falsifying.

  • hunterson1

    Zimmerman was not reckless or stupid. He was not inflammatory, much less racist.
    He is a neighbor who cares. He is one of many tens of thousands of Americans who care for their community and volunteer their time to protect it.

  • IHateLibs

    Every One, of those Blacks, Sharpton, Senators, Holder, and the Hundreds upon Hundreds Crying Racism on Zimmerman , have shown US, the US Citizens, who the REAL Racists are in this Country. Its ALL of THEM. No Bones about it

  • violater1

    If ever anyone needs lynching it is not Zimmerman but at least 3 individuals obama halbreed, holder also halfbreed and the moron Jealous head of the NAACP GROUP OF Swine! lets also include Jessee jackson and moron al sharpton!

    • paintinc56

      Seen this posted by someone else & loved it, use it from now on to describe the NAACP, NAABB, National Association for the Advancement of BLACK BIGOTS.

  • voncile fullwood

    he needs to take Obama with the rest of them he started all this,and back into away when the going rough,the he sends Holder to do the job which neither one should have been involved in then Obama meets with Sharpton in Orlando and smiled for the camera,he is a sneaky slimy weasle

  • SilverHairedSaint

    If Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., is looking at what is happening here he must be so saddened that his understudy’s have rather than fight against racism; they’ve fought to keep racism alive and well, and that they’ve made promoting racism a cash cow. Shame on Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the others who hold sway over the black community and have used that influence despicably; to incite rage and through that rage collect money allegedly to be used to fight against the very racism they encourage and promote.

  • maddad1947

    Reckless Stupidity is also not a criminal offense in Washington DC

  • Martha Maria Balsinde

    I’m quoting words well said;
    “What they thirst for is not justice, but revenge.
    Until George Zimmerman, the sacrificial lamb, is thrown to the wolves so they may satisfy their blood lust, there will be no peace.”

    Now is everyone ignoring that this “innocent child” was using and selling drugs, and there’s evidence on his own Facebook and Twitter sites, so how blind can they be? Or is this an excuse they’re using to start a racial war? Because I don’t see the KKK threatening any body and since the shooting a little over a year ago there’s been Many incidents where you have more than one black man assaulting or shooting a white person, even a mother and a baby! GIVE ME A BREAK! Stop with all the threats and if it’s true that blacks believe in Jesus, with all their scenes of Gospil Churches, then why are all acting with so much hatred all the time?

  • Dr. Dorothy Holtslander

    The only reason this Administration id going after Zimmerman, is to keep the attention and focus OFF off the scandals facing them. They could care less about the death od Martin or the many deaths in Obozo’s adopted home town of Chicago. It is the thing they do best…divert attention from the economy, those killed in Benghazi, the illegal IRS deeds, and the illegal acts of Holder. The only thin Obozo had right was this..if he had a son, I had KNOW DOUBT he would be EXACTLY like Martin. Zimmerman is a means to an end for the illegal acts of this Administration.

  • RPW

    If reckless stupidity was a crime we would have to arrest at least 1/2 of our members of congress, most of the Obama administration and all of the people in this country who voted for Obama.

  • dangerouspatriot

    Do you know who the most racist people are in this country??? The black people like obama, holder, sharpton, jackson, etc. They are the ones who keep race-baiting and stirring up the populace against GZ and anybody else who differs from their opinions. How much longer are we going to put up with this illegal government?:? How much LONGER???!!!

  • Seeker1212

    Get your facts straight:, by listening to the audio of the 911 call, you can tell that George was already out of his vehicle, walking down the path when the dispatcher asked him if he was following the suspect, the dispatcher then suggested, (you don’t have to do that) she did not say (you should not do that), Georges reply was “OK”, which implied that he was headed back to his vehicle when he was surprised by Travon.

    Even after the trial with the audio of the dispatches, the forensic proof, and the witness testimony, the facts are being altered in the ongoing discussions and articles by persons that obviously did not follow the trial in its totality.
    It is these small innuendos that distort the facts and fuel the Race Hating.

  • ladyhuckleberry

    And ironiclly it’s the younger black kids that are teaching the older Blacks to have a change in their attitude: The older Blacks seem to be more accepting of Whites and other Races while it’s the younger Blacks that have the older Blacks turning on those very people that they were making strides to get along with. Those young blacks who’re the ones who have their hand out in unison with the Gimme, I deserve, you owe me attitude. I’m livin in a small town where the kids have made it a point to teach the older Blacks to forget about being nice to Whites anymore, take up space to where they push ahead in the line at the grocery store, and can’t even discpline the younger ones anymore. That said I’m willing to believe Trayvon Martin being high off of his tea , skittles, and cough syrup and when Geo Z approached him to see if he could help him bein that he’d never seen the boy in the complex before Trayvon Martin took it as Geo Z was being a smartass and took him down. It was only then that Geo Z was trying to defend himself only for tradgedy to happen. And now we all know the rest of the so called story as told by the Prosecution.

  • Deb

    Well said, It is because the black man has not forgiven the white man for what happened hundreds of years ago. Unforgiveness has taken root in these hearts. Everyone who is protesting. I would say to the Christians you better go to the book of St. Matthew and read chapter 6 vs 14-15 For if we forgive others their trespasses then will our Heavenly Father forgive ours. If we will not forgive our tresspassers then neither will our Heavenly Father forgive ours. Think very long and hard cause you and I all know we will all need to forgive someone and no one is worth keeping you out of the kingdom of heaven. When I got born again this was first thing and scripture GOD made me address although I tried to justify with GOD that I was one wronged. He did not care because hatred against person had taken root in my heart and it could not stay there. So pray GOD move upon those who are truly his and the ones not the the good stop following the bad like the false ones who bare titles of men of God but do not live it. God bless, Deb

  • Roberta Roach

    excellent post! although I don’t believe Obama is just standing by in the wings. I believe he’s fanning the flame…

  • Deb

    Did anyone see the post on fb going around that the black panther have posted a $10,000 dollar bounty for Zimmerman? Where is Holder? Someone needs to stop this craziness. Wondering how much Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson making on this one? Ughh!!! Will it be enough to justify that people are gonna get hurt and possibly some deaths because of all the hate. Guest

  • doug43

    Didn’t the 911 dispatcher ask Zim-man where the person of interest was and that got Zim-man out of the car? Then when Zim-man was heading back because the dispatcher suggested that the Zim-man not go after him…is when Martin attacked Zim-man!

    I will go back over the transcribes but I think that was how Zim-man got out of his vehicle in the first place and was attacked by Martin.

    The media will jump right in with bnoth feet with some of the truth…or a little twist here and a little twist there, and just enough to keep people wondering and the case alive! The bottom line is the jury got it right…Martin attacked Zim-man, Zim-man felt his life was at risk and shot ONE bullet…..and didn’t realize he had killed Martin! But the Race Baiting wouldn’t be honest with the people….there is to much money to be made from it.

    In this fight or any fight…”One Punch Could Kill”. In this fight one Shot, that may or may not kill…Killed! This was the chances Martin was willing to take…I personally don’t feel sorry for a Bully!

  • McFerguson

    Beautifully stated. I completely agree with your analysis. And I believe that Trayvon, already a street-wise kid, sized up Zimmerman as a soft, out-of-shape, “creepy ass cracka” whose ass he could whup without too much trouble. His judgment in taking the first punch was as flawed as Zimmerman’s was in getting out of the vehicle. Unfortunately this is the stuff of a tragedy in the making. But, if anybody committed a criminal act, it was Trayvon when he first assaulted Zimmerman. And everybody, despite what our pathetic Attorney General has to say, has the right to defend themselves.

  • bless2live

    Pretty much all outlaws except Zimmerman!

  • mangoman

    I still call a black man a black man. I personally ain’t never seen an “African American”…have you???

  • zoraida

    This was a wonderful comment , full of reality.

  • Veteranasm

    Strange how this trial got to court so quick, yet the Ft Hood murderer is still getting payed 6 grand a month for 4 years, when there 100’s of witnesses he is guillty , oh that’s right, he’s a muslim
    terrorist !!! Nothing to see here , move along !!!

  • Greg

    Very well written article except for one GLARING error!! HUGE error! Zimmerman was out of his vehicle already when he was told he did not need to be following Trayvon. IF you can still find the unaltered 911 tape of the call, (which I found on Sean Hannity’s website), you can tell he is walking and talking. I was a fire fighter emt for over 20 years. I KNOW what people sound like when they are walking and talking at the same time. Zimmerman was CLEARLY walking and talking. I picked up on that, the dispatcher picks up on that. He is told not to follow him and he says ok. Zimmerman stated to the police on the night it happened, and then again to Sean Hannity that he was going back to his vehicle when Trayvon assaulted him. Fix THAT fact and then the rest of this is right on the money. That FACT properly reported would certainly sway public opinion. That is why they have buried the TRUE 911 tape as far as they can get it. I hope those who did get copies of it were smart enough to save it. I do not understand why Zimmerman’s defense lawyers have not made more out of that.

    • Caroline_Visser

      Thank you for pointing out the “HUGE GLARING” error but you are 100% correct. I had not listened to the actual 911 recording and I made the mistake of relying upon someone else’s paraphrasing of events. I also agree with you that if everyone were to listen to the actual recordings, the verdict would not have stirred up so much controversy.

  • Lorraine E

    George Zimmerman is a patsy and is being used to incite racial violence in which white crackers are being robbed, beaten, and murdered. Those who are using an innocent man for evil purposes and obviously have much to gain from racial violence will be judged, if not in this life then the next, for they have the blood of innocent people on their hands. “Revenge” is never acceptable. Those inciting riots to “get revenge” must repent, stop the evil for which they are responsible, and undo the damage they have done, if that’s possible.

  • Athena

    Does Zimmerman’s arrest for pointing a loaded shotgun at the mother of his unborn child in any way change your opinion? When analyzed within the context of him picking up a woman and physically throwing her when he worked as a bouncer, attacking a policeman and killing Trayvon Martin, does it not seem to be a pattern of “thuggish” behavior on Zimmerman’s part? Do you think that Zimmerman has become emboldened by your support to where he feels he’s above the law or that he could have used the standing his ground defense if he had killed this woman?