Traitor or Truth Teller


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How convenient it must be for a tyrannical government to simply stamp “classified” on any number of documents they want to keep from citizens. I understand the need for classified information, but if we allow this perjury by Clapper to go unpunished, what next? Certainly we can’t have live television broadcasting our secrets before the world, and it wouldn’t have been perjury if Clapper simply stated,” I can’t answer that question in this forum due to matters of national security.” Then the correct channels could have been utilized to assess the program’s legitimacy.

The fact that Clapper felt that lying under oath was acceptable creates a constitutional crisis, in my opinion. He should either be tried and, if found guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law, or resign in disgrace stripped of all benefits and privileges of office. There is no middle ground. He’s either a liar, an incompetent, or a conspirator.

As for Snowden … he exposed P-E-R-J-U-R-Y by those with the power to access every keystroke, random thought, opinion, conversation, or disagreement with the government anyone has had or ever will have. Those calling him a traitor aren’t thinking broadly enough about what he exposed. He exposed a government that has now crossed a very serious red line where they LIE before Congress without hesitation (Clapper, Clinton, Holder, Shulman, Lerner, Sebelius); a government that apparently has no hesitation to do whatever it pleases and without any oversight whatsoever—an absolutely chilling prospect and the very definition of tyranny. They do not fear the Constitution nor, apparently, a rising of the citizenry. How can anyone not see the danger in this kind of behavior in a government? How can anyone miss the implications of this kind of abuse of power? Snowden couldn’t go through “regular” whistle-blower channels because he was gagged with a security clearance that prohibited it. He knew his exposition of this perjury constituted in the minds of tyrants, high treason punishable by death with or without trial. My own opinion is that with this anti-American crowd from the Chicago cesspool, Snowden wouldn’t have made it home much less to court. Snowden knew he would be charged with treason but he also knew he needed to get somewhere safe in order for the truth to get out.

Snowden knew how impenetrable the obstacles were that he and others faced in their effort to legally reveal the extent of their government’s information-gathering. In fact, a handful of Democrats and Republicans have tried for years to get the attention of the rest of Congress, the press and the public they were legally bound not to reveal the details of the intelligence excesses they knew about as overseers of those programs.

Snowden didn’t poke America in the eye at all. He stood up for We The People against an out of control secret tyrannical government. History shows that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And our nation’s government is there.

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  • nbamron

    Jan, see my blog Ooobie on Everything http://www.ooobie.com/ — I am a retired diplomat and I’ve been writing about this same thing and come to the same conclusion. It will be the start of a new Dark Age if nobody will stand up and welcome Snowden in from the cold. Then it really will be the age of tyranny.

  • G W

    Snowen told the truth to the American People and for that I add to him the badge of honor called Patriot.

    • eganstew3

      Amen and amen. Proud of him.

    • angelkisz

      I so agree with you. He did the American people a huge favor.

    • Edward Ebersole

      Good man.

    • ADRoberts

      Snowden is a patriot and a hero.
      Obama is desperate to get him because Obama is afraid that Snowden has the files that prove his not not eligible to be president. Those files made3 Brennan into the head of the CIA. I certainly hop that Snowden gets them released before Obama’s hit team gets to him. Bit I bet that the NSA thinks they have covered all the possible places Snowden could have hidden the secrets he is holding
      Will someone wake up Congress and get them to act to give Snowden Amnesty. If anyone deserves it, Snowden does.

      • Clint

        Don’t look to Congress. Most of them are complicit in the treachery. Not all, but most.

    • Clint

      Let me tell you how we can know for sure that Snowden is a patriot. John McCain and Lindsay Graham both called Snowden a traitor. Case closed.

  • True American

    God Bless Mr. Snowden and DOWN with the current U.S. Government.

  • notislam

    Did you take close notice of how Egypt woke up and did not want the Brotherhood’s
    Sharia Law? I hope they can turn it around because Egypt has been a land of enlightenment and cosmopolitan people not what the Brotherhood /sharia and imams were making it .
    Here in the USA we have a similar situation. We have a Brotherhood/sharia president who does as they bid not what the people need or want. We have a Congress that is complicit in this , and a Supreme Court that is corrupt as well. I hope WE THE PEOPLE
    can turn it around and follow our CONSTITUTION -use the laws that are already there and run things as intended.

  • hangman57

    Snowden gave up his freedom and his country .To tell us how our Government has overstep the 4th Amendment and Americans rights.

  • some guy

    the way I see it, Edward Snowden is like a real life Jason Bourne in the sense that he is running from extremely powerful forces within our government that want to erase him at any cost. the scary part for Mr Snowden is that he does not possess the level of survival skills that his movie counterpart did.

    • Clint

      If Snowden deposited what he knows in the proper place to be exposed if O and buddies get too close, the rats can’t afford to kill him. Kill him and the truth comes out in all it’s ugliness.

  • blair152

    I don’t know if Snowden’s the former or the latter. I’m waiting for him to have his day in court. That’s the only way we’ll know for sure. Don’t jump to conclusions. Keep an open mind. Treason’s a hard crime to prove. The constitutional definition, (Article III, Section 3), says that treason has to be proven in open court with two or more witnesses to the same overt act. Snowden may have had help. One man can’t get all that information all by his lonesome. It’s impossible.

  • LibertyLane

    My problem is not with Snowden revealing information domestically, rather it’s with his revealing domestic problems and classified information internationally.

    • ezekiel22

      I feel the same way too. I think that the NSA doing that kind of snooping on all Americans wrong. I have known for years that the capability was in place to do as they did and worse still. Yet for them to basically do it because they could is not acceptable in any world. In the current way of things it is even worse.

      The DHS has conservatives, christians, veterans, Tea Party, and other dissenters on the top of their potential terrorist list. It does not take too much imagination to see how a profile of a person and their associates could be set up fast. For anyone interested including Clapper the real terrorists knew we had the ability and had already taken steps to circumvent the net. So why lie to Congress and the people?

  • Richard Cotromano

    I consider him a patriot,We need to stand by him and bring him home.If we don’t hold this bunch of TRAITORS in the WH responsible we’re finished.Trials and executions!

  • hitthedeck

    I believe Obama and his gang would prefer that Snowden is not apprehended which gives other whistle blowers with the impression that if they try to exposé government treachery they will also be branded as traders and put in a permanent state of limbo. Snowden’s predicament has already given Bengasi and IRS witnesses the fear of god with no one that they can trust for protection. We see a worthless justice department with a liar at its head and the IRS doing business like the KGB. For the first time in the history we see the head of the FBI who seems ignorant of what his investigators are doing and is clueless of who is in charge. We witness the head of the NSA straight out lie to congress. The treasonous progressives have infected the very halls of liberty and tomorrow is a day to be celebrated as Independence Day but from what we have witnessed in the last two years says that Independence is on the line and may be lost by treachery by a shadow government that is protected by the power of executive privilege.

  • poptoy1949

    I have studied this since it happened and as far as I am concerned Snowden did a good thing. I am a staunch conservative and that is the way i see it. I also like the idea that Obama is having a FIT about it. “The Poor Darling” !

  • Gr8dane

    Snowden chose honor over dishonor! For that, anyone who believes in this country and more importantly the Constitution will forever see him as a true US patriot.

    Tyranny by any government (especially our own) is not allowed on these hallowed shores! Fortunately he appears to live by the saying of Thomas Jefferson “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny, when the government fears its people, there is liberty.”

    As a vet, I am proud to call him among the brotherhood of patriots!

  • joe biglow

    The Ministry of Law and Order announces that it is necessary to destroy the Constitution in order to save it.
    A lie is truth… exposing the lie is treason.
    Long live Big brother.

  • philof

    I agree Snowden is a true hero! I only wish he had stayed in the country when releasing the information, as doing it overseas looks like he is a turncoat somewhat, of course there is the fact he was justifiable afraid for his life and the story being squashed by Obama and his media cronies!

  • reggiec

    Any government official like Clapper at any level that commits perjury and especially if that perjury is to cover up unconstitutional acts should face the following punishment in addition to any criminal fines or sentences.

    1. Loss of all retirement benefits.
    2. Prohibition from ever holding any government employment at any level for life.
    3. Open to civil suits if immunity from criminal prosecution is granted.

  • MV

    This argument about “traitor or truth teller” doesn’t seem to consider a 3rd possible answer: BOTH.

    Snowden may have done a heroic deed in releasing SOME of the information he got access to ….but he may have released other information that wasn’t illegal to collect, and in doing so, he aided and abetted enemies of our country. We don’t yet know the extent of information that China and Russia got access to when they went through his laptops that he put the information on….

    There is no justification for someone to commit serious crimes while reporting others engaging in serious crimes. I think Snowden is both hero and traitor. If he had stayed inside the US and had leaked/released the information in front of a Congressional Hearing…finding a sympathetic/supportive Senator like Rand Paul…then the chance that he would have released sensitive national security materials would be far less …and then there would be no reason to consider that some of his actions were traitorous.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Edward Snowden is traitor apart from endangering his fellow Americans overseas. He attempts to defect first to China from Hong Kong then Russia changes his mind and is attempting to go to Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba or Venezuela all left wing anti American countries and even they don’t want him.

    • SFS444

      Endangering who? You are naive. Who blew the whistle on a decadent power abusing agency breaking laws in America against its citizens its supposed to be protecting and no the NSA calls him a criminal? I guess they can break laws just like the ATF huh? You are a sheep and blind.

  • ADRoberts

    Snowden is a patriot and a hero.
    Obama is desparate to get him because Obama is afraid that Snowden has the files that prove he is not eligible to be president. Those files made Brennan into the head of the CIA. I certainly hope that Snowden gets them released before Obama’s hit team gets to him. But I bet that the NSA thinks they have covered all the possible places Snowden could have hidden the secrets he is holding.
    Will someone wake up Congress and get them to act to give Snowden Amnesty. If anyone deserves it, Snowden does.

  • James Kroeger

    Three cheers for Snowden. This country needs more whistle blowers! It’s time to awaken the sleeping giant!

  • SFS444

    He is a hero and a patriot with big balls in my book.

  • doug43

    I feel sad for this young man “Snowen”, he did what he believed to be in the best interest of America and the American people….but he is now and will continue to be a political pawn.

    The American people for the most part don’t care about what is happening right before their eyes. Pain is the only thing people care about stopping…if it doesn’t hurt them then so what (so they currently think right now).

    So even though this young man did what some of us believe to be right…he faces a nation without hope. He can’t find protection from the powers in Washington…no nation will actually go against America with its “International Basket of Fruits”.

    Sitting here writing about it won’t help his situation, writing my person (So claimed Representatives) in either House won’t help him….because the only thing they understand is Money for next Election! Washington to the highest bidder!!!

    The wrong question is being asked…the question should be “Now That He Has Stuck His Neck Out for America and Americans”…..will those in Washington on either side step up to protect him??? I don’t think so, unless it can cushion their re-election war chest!!! They don’t care about the American people and the manner in which Obama and his gang has taken steps to invade our lives with illegal procedures….all under the heading of the Security Act BS!! Both side knew that this was happening, they in Congress don’t just let things happen in Washington without them knowing all about it…they spend hours in Bars to talk about anything and everything….including National Security issues!!! A fly on the wall of their favorite bar will hear; “Look this can’t go any further than here”, “agree?”. Did you know that your department is in the process of “Top Level Security Disclosure” end of story!

    Sorry Edward you had your heart in the place, but you should have used your head and asked what if????

  • Nomen Nescio

    Just a little history story. Look Billy Mitchell up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mitchell

    The long and the short of it was that in the time between WWI and WWII, Billy Mitchell was the head of our military Air Service. He was a vocal critic of the Navy’s insistence on building more battleships rather than Aircraft Carriers.The Admirals told everyone that the battleships were invulnerable, but Mitchell knew better. Against direct orders, during a large training exercise, he had his planes bomb and sink a captured WWI German battleship…which was also said to be invulnerable.He proved that cheap wood and fabric airplanes could sink the Navy’s Queens of Battle. For that he was courtmartialed in 1925, and convicted. But he made his point and revealed a great vulnerability. 16 years after his courtmartial we had a fleet with both battleships and carriers. And that made the critical difference in our two-sided war. In the vast Pacific, we were able to seek out and sink Japanese battleships and carriers in places far removed from our homeland. Mitchell’s ‘treachery’ was what saved us in the Pacific. Now Snowden’s ‘treachery’ has exposed the treachery within the highest places within our own government, which has conveyed the possibility of limitless power. No rational person could think that any politician could resist using unlimited spying power to gain unlimited and unchecked personal power. Snowden is clearly a patriot and a hero, and will likely be killed for it.