TSA Treats Uniformed, Purple Heart Marine Like a Terrorist

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A wounded war veteran has described the moment security agents treated him like a ‘terrorist’ on a recent trip to California because he couldn’t raise his injured right arm in a full-body scanner and his dress uniform contained ‘too much metal.’

Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz was awarded a Purple Heart after he almost died in 2004 from an injury incurred from a roadside bomb in Fallujah, Iraq. The brave soldier recently traveled to Sacramento, California to receive another award as his district’s veteran of the year.

But, what should have been a celebratory experience was tainted when suspicious security workers at both the Sacramento International Airport and the California State Capitol Buildings subjected him to intense screenings and even ordered him to take off his uniform.

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  • Hoodoo H

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves, really.

    We cannot express how much you mean to us. Thank you so much for your service and dedication.
    You are a model Patriot.
    GOD Bless You and your Family.

    • GTMO

      As a carrier Navy man anyone who would subject a uniformed member of our services to such a ordeal should being taken out behind the building and taught a lesson on what America is really about..Have to agree with you, our Men and Women in uniform are what keeps us free not the stupid fools in Washington…

      • violater1

        Yes they need a good old fashioned asss kicking an then to finish a very strong dose of horse whipping for memory sake!

      • MDPatriot

        Sorry, but I would not be able to wait to take him out behind a building to teach him a lesson………it would be done right then and there! NOBODY better treat ANY veteran with disrespect in my presence!

    • mathis1689

      Son I’m sorry for what these TSA idiots did to you. Looking at this I felt like I was back in the 60’s for a moment.We were just treated like crap in a different way is all. From an old Marine to a young one-God bless,Semper Fi,and good job! I’m proud of you even if no one else is.

      • Mark Brown

        Yes, Mathis, you are correct, I was in the Vietnam class of 1970

    • Mark Brown

      Welcome Home Brother, Semper Fi! Just f ’em

  • Liberty1776

    F cukin TSA communist bastards, the IRS, TSA, NSA and most of those alphabet soup agencies are abominations to Liberty and Freedom!

    They will get theirs one day be sure on that!

    • Hoodoo H

      That time is coming.
      Be ready and pray hard.
      Keep your eyes on HIM.

  • Shorty Stuff

    I have refused to fly since the TSA took over. Everybody should boycott all airports and stop flying to get rid of these government thugs. It would probably only take 1 week of boycotting to throw them out.

    • Rattlerjake

      I will never happen. Americans are too spoiled and will not do with out any of their luxury conveniences. Instead they will b*tch and complain while the abominations in this country continue. I’m just waiting until the war starts and then we’ll be rid of this government scum!

      • RIC54

        Wait and see what happens when the free ride in life dries up.

    • Hoodoo H


    • mtman2

      Arm the pilots with special ammo that disperses on impact, to protect the fuselage; cockpits are locked from inside. Also do ladies have sole rights to seating and serving passengers?

      Why not great male waiters that are trained in multiple super serious martial + defense arts, real rugged guys -aka Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan style + level. Gal passengers might like a nice looking rugged but gentlemanly dudes waiting on them hand + foot, but could snap some peon terrorists neck faster than the eye could see. Just a couple on board, maybe with some secret surprises kept ‘classified’!!

      Bill Cosby figured it out over 30yrs ago on how to stop hijackers he said –

      “Give every passenger a gun as they get on and get’em back when they get off”!

      Of course that isn’t the real solution but does shed a different light the sit.!!

      Just my above suggestion is a step in a -serious security measure- , TSA can’t do anything once the plane takes off; that’s where the rubber meets the road.

    • BigDog1702

      I don’t fly any more because of the TSA .!!!

  • Pirinno

    Typical government workers, terrorize the honorable, while honoring the terrorists.

    • Liberty1776

      Filthy swine they are!

      • Hoodoo H

        Hear hear!

    • granny

      They must love feeling up the burkas.

  • dlzimbelman

    No Service Man or Woman should be subject to this. The DHS is a disgusting department and is dysfunctional on the whole. They are the ones who keep America safe?

    • max schlagzeuger

      no these are the ‘royal guard’ of hilary clinton and chuck schumer and the progressive socialist, democrat, liberal, leftist, bureaucratic minions who value political correctness as their god.

      • dlzimbelman

        These are the brown shirts and a part of the national police. Time to shed to yoke of oppression.

    • TSAZ

      NO, in fact they do not keep America safe but rather are forcing the citizenry to become subjugated to a totalitarian government such as we threw off over 230 years ago. It is high time that we rise up and throw off this government the same way.

      • dlzimbelman

        My question was sarcastic because I know they do just the opposite of keeping the country safe. You are correct that it’s time to feed the Liberty Tree and refresh the meaning of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

    • WABOBS

      STOP FLYING PEOPLE! This hero shouldn’t have been flying commercial in the first place if he was still in America! WAKE UP!

  • hfr49

    Some years ago when my wife and I were flying to Las Vegas, we saw a unit returning from Iraq, traveling together in uniform, made to remove their boots to pass through security on their way back into the country. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Totally insane!!
    This is why government must be controlled and people who say, “If it makes us more secure,” should be smacked upside the head every time they cede more power and authority to the government. The result is disgraceful action like this and other outrages each and everyday.

    • RIC54

      Smacked on the side of the head with a baseball bat.

    • jimmimac

      AMEN to that these are the idiots that are giving away our country to the evil left!!!

  • al

    Semper fi, I’d rather walk across U.S. than fly. TSA SUX!!!

    • mtman2

      A-men = bus, train, car, boat, bike, horse, small plane whatever worx-4-U!

      • Hoodoo H

        Beam me over Scotty.

      • jess

        some of us dont have that choice. my family is in Puerto Rico… i have to fly :/

      • Mark Brown

        I am a stubborn old fart and would have refused that unlawful order. The Oath we all took says we will obey all LAWFUL orders. Enough Said.

  • hangman57

    This is dishonorable .

    • violater1

      When have you known the Demoncraps liberal jackassses to ever have any honor! They by nature are lowest form of scum on the earth next and equal to muslim murdering swine! Prime example their famous slaughter of 58 million unborn humans whoch will rapidly overtake the slaughter by Hitler of 6 million jewish people bye 10 times! Then they can catch and surpass Stalins murders of 70 million! Therefore expect no honor from Satanic evil of and for which they exist!

  • TSAZ

    Both of my parents were Marines in WWII, my dad had his back broken while in the So. Pacific. This incident truly shows how totally useless the TSA is and why it should be disbanded immediately. The only people who can go through a TSA search without humiliation are the very people who should be most closely scrutinized namely Middle Eastern Females if full garb who could be hiding almost anything beneath all that cloth. I for one have ceased traveling on public transportation simply because my personal privacy is more important to me than the thrill of being “felt up” by some imbecile in a pseudo government agency.

  • KC135TopBoom

    A hero is treated like a terrorist because the TSA is pond scum.

    • Liberty1776

      The TSA is a Mirrored replica of your government. Did you know that all Veterans are put on a Black list as Grade 1 Potential Terrorists?

      Thats is what your (and my) government thinks about us!

      This government needs to be abolished by the hands of American Patriots to make this country Free with all the Liberties that are given us at birth.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      If I read your “handle” correctly; Thanks for fueling up the birds that got me out of some tight spots. Thanks for your service Brother and WELCOME HOME. Vietnam 68-69

      • Mark Brown

        Welcome Home to the both of you. Vietnam Class of 1968,1969,1970.
        I’m a slow learned.

  • Granny

    May All the commies burn in hell with their “leader”

  • Ronald Lee Heasley

    This is totally wrong,what in the hell they are thinking,and where the superviser on this issue. Where the man commander should get involved on this. The man is injured,a hero, and good man. The TSA need to wake up, and start useing comond since on there seaches, or is there a message that injured vets with exploves on them, that stupid

  • Obama Challenge

    while an unknown terrorist in the white house controls nuclear bombs and largest military in world our Veterans get no respect.

  • Dr. Death

    I’m confined to a wheelchair and forgot I had my old .380 Colt pocket automatic stashed in my fanny pack that’s mounted in the front of my chair, hidden by my legs. Breezed right through security at LAX and then again at Newark on my way home. A bunch of idiots.

  • haroldson

    respect should be shown to all veterans at all times

  • Susan

    TSA is unconstitutional by all standards. We no longer are a Constitutional Republic and we have no Rights. Marxists control our government and institutions—and are brainwashing our children to be little non-thinking Marxists.

  • ltfbhh

    The fact that TSA is doing this only proves that the terrorists have won. They have changed the lives of all Americans and put every one of us under government scrutiny. If that isn’t bringing down America, I don’t know what is. Instead of spying on all of us, what they really should be doing is focusing on radical Islam and profiling. Profiling has been done by all law enforcement for decades and is done in Israel. Not only is the process smoother, it is more effective. Unfortunately, with a Muslim in the White House our government does nothing but coddle them- all at our expense.

    • OzCop

      Actually, the coddling and prohibited profiling is yet another example of more liberal feel-good bs that is going to get us all killed, all in the name of political correctness…Liberals are killing this country and enjoying the fruits of their labor every time something like this happens….skru’em…

  • nomame

    Communist, Marxist, radical Muslim, and Fascist, Barack Hussein Obama II, Hates Marines, because they have killed his comrades, that is why he had a Marine presidential guard hold a umbrella over his head, the Marine was white also, and it was against protocol and he knew it.

    How many Muslim woman do they make remove their, Abaya, Burqa or Chador?

    Janet Napolitano, loves to degrade the American Military.(She is a code Pinko).

  • wilbert

    If civil war erupts, the US Armed forces will side with the civilians against DHA!

    • OzCop

      Unfortunately this logic is flawed…I certainly believe most of our military will indeed defend the citizens against an oppressive government, however, look at the influx of UN troops from other countries, along with Russian troops, training on our soil to fight citizen uprising against the government…This is happening in several areas of the country…

      • greg

        True, the other day we spotted a train heading north towards Bakersfield, CA. with hundreds and hundreds of plainly marked UN vehicles. All white with UN right on each door… Explain that Obama you POS!!!

  • Robert

    They do this to make the Muslims feel like we are not discriminating against them. How about we implement a policy that is compatible with reality? It’s the Muslims who want to destroy America, not service members who have risked their lives for this country.

  • sha49tn

    Typical! I wish that all of those who hate America, would pack up & move to a country that suits them better, & let the rest of us get back to what America does best~defend freedom! And, God bless this Marine, & all of our other military, current & past, I appreciate their sacrifices for me!

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    I wish I could stick my foot up the TSA “Enforcer’s” posterior. The punk never wore a MILITARY uniform and has no respect for REAL men. I officially getting pissed.

  • Wes

    This TSA thug along with his boss Janet Incompetano, should
    both be treated to an old fashioned USMC Blanket Party!

  • James Kroeger

    Time for TSA to go!!!

  • Gomer Wumphf

    The critical government problem not being focused upon today is “scandal” aggregation – secret courts, IRS attacks on conservatives and conservative donors, DoJ attacks on the press and failure to investigate obvious cases of voter fraud, EPA and OSHA attacks on conservative donors, NSA and FBI surveillance of everybody, USPS surveillance of all mail, IRS and Consumer Protection capture and surveillance of all credit and debit card transactions, Obamacare acquisition of all medical records, Democratic party demands for an end to fraud preventing voter identification laws, the ongoing militarization of police forces, etc. etc. etc. are all aimed at amassing power and attacking and suppressing all opposition.

    To assume these actions are unconnected, uncoordinated and undirected is lunacy. By far the greatest danger and damage is in the aggregate. Clearly America is certainly no longer the “sweet land of liberty”.

  • pysco

    TSA will not make a muslim woman take down her berka, they only search a small number of middle easterners, yet they will harass Marines, old women, children………..TSA is definitely waste of human beings, I wounldn’t even piss on them if they were dying of thirst.

  • Zoraida

    This is really a shame , what is happening in this country.

  • rs1123

    There was a time when these people would have been fired on the spot for treating a Marine that way. Now the President lets them stand in the rain and hold an umbrella over him.

  • william C

    You never EVER tell a Marine to take off his uniform. Does the TSA go out of its way to hire the stupidest agents they can find? When the civilian rebellion comes, TSA will be the first agency targeted, simply because they are the most direct contact agency of the government. After that will be the IRS (no one will file returns), then the NSA (no one will cooperate), and no one will speak to the CIA or FBI. It’s coming. I am not espousing civilian rebellion per se, but I can predict that it is coming!

  • luvzforplay

    The TSA is composed of a bunch of otherwise unemployables that could not find a job where it not for Government Employment, so far they have torchered children on what should be a joyous occasion of the first trip to Disneyland, made a older senior woman take off her diaper, and did there best to make others that were actually risking their lives fighting for this country because they don’t have the guts to fight ! The TSA should be disbanded , if you want to feel secure on airplanes let passengers carry weapons I doubt if you will ever have another problem !!

  • SuperDave2

    This MUST end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luvzforplay

    Also the TSA don’t target Muslims even though they commit the highest number of problems , because our idiot in charge doesn’t want to upset his brother Muslims !

    • BigDog1702

      Your so right on that and Obama is a Muslim and you can see why he doesn’t want to up set them . It’s time to Impeach Obama the Muslim NOW !!!

  • Robbie574

    TSA employees needs some common sense. Our uniformed men and women deserve much better!

  • hunterson1

    The Obamanation culture is one that hates our military and views patriots as the problem.

  • George

    The TSA could not catch a terrorist in a airport if that person was on every list known to mankind, and they walked in with a sign around their neck stating they were terrorist.
    The local TSA , at the airport near me, has failed every test run at that airport. They missed Knives, Guns, Fake bombs and people that were put on their terrorist list just for these tests. As for the older full body scanners that took very explicit and revealing pictures of human bodies, they told us these pictures were never copied, printed out and saved, that was a lie also.I have seen photos of people that were saves and even sold to third parties. As for baggage checks, this only gave them a license to steal what they wanted from our bags.

    I personally do not trust any member of our TSA team. They are made up of largely uneducated and poorly trained people and are for the most part, just plain power hungry jerks.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    When he was treated disrespectfully at the state capitol building – on the way to a ceremony in his honor – he should have told them to stuff the ceremony where the sun does not shine.

  • Clay

    I couldn’t agree more with most of the comments here, but what is utterly amazing to me, is you people elected this friggin’ sneaking republican authoritarian p.o.s. government. George Bush created this, and ya’ll rubber stamped it. Got no one to blame but yourself. back when I was raising hell when it happened, ya’ll all called me a communist.

    • marineh2ominer

      Bush is an idiot , Obam-ass is a cut and dried communist , over the two I would still choose the idiot if thats all the choices I had .

  • Jerry Jones

    I quit my job at American Airlines as FO of S-80 because my 4th amendment rights were violated every time I went to work. I say everyone quit any job where their constitutional rights are violated. I say Americans are spoiled and would sell their soul for a little pleasure. QUIT FLYING IN PROTEST!! I will never fly on a commercial jet again.

  • Jeff Santos

    There is Nothing that desearves more Violence, Even close to more racist, completely vulgar/profane and/or discourteous than to treat a War Hero in such a way! There is no dignity or self respect left in this government. Welcome to castros’ vision of america.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    …and his reply to them should have been F##K YOU!

  • digdeeper

    The TSA is an abomination! Several years ago I had a brace on my left arm for about 2 months, following surgery. I traveled every other week on business and one TSA agent tried to make me take it off …it had to go through on the conveyer. I insisted that it’s Doctor’s order to be worn 24×7.I suggested they could call my Doctor. They didn’t do that. Amazing that they just wanted to practice medicine without a license. The audacity to contradict doctor’s orders!! Abolish the TSA…they’re useless. Chertoff is making out like a bandit from t hose “peep show” machines. And they haven’t caught one real terrorist or foiled a plot.

  • Tommy Andkaer Carlsen

    those chaps. should really be asking themself, if they feel fitted , to preform the job they possess.

  • Gerry from TEXAS

    everyone removes their boots. Even me and I have been over there countless times. This is standard. Insult, no. Anyone can buy a uniform from the Army Navy and pose as a soldier. We have all read about the imposters countless times. I do not agree with the way they treated this Marie. All they had to do was ask him for his military ID and all doubt would have gone away. Had I been there I would have raised the roof.

    • Gerry from TEXAS

      marine. sorry.

  • John

    TSA is working on a better solution. Implant Sciences (IMSC) just had their explosive trace detector pass a key phase of testing for use in passenger checkpoint screening. This may help eliminate the need for things like taking off one’s shoes, and going through full body scanners as IMSC’s technology can detect microscopic traces of explosives on someone. Read more at http://www.implantsciences.com as well yesterday’s press release at http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=88760&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1836210&highlight=

    Their equipment has already been approved by the TSA for air cargo screening and is in use at some major shipping companies in the US. Once it finishes the process of being approved for passenger checkpoint screening it may be at many US airports before the end of the year, helping to eliminate situations such as this.

    • allessior

      That will be good John, but they will continue to do their “token testing”, which is basically grabbing an innocent grandma, kid, or white male, just to show how “fair” and “benevolent” they are. For example, when they ripped my bag away from me and started rummaging through it like I really had a bomb in it, only to find my NSAID cream.

  • silvernotes

    This act was dispicable, and the TSA people who did this should be fired. Let’s get some mental thinking back into policies and zero tolerance guidelines. People….use your heads!

  • granny

    Believe that people have lost their marbles, when it comes to the airports. The guy that’s patting down the Marine seems like he’s enjoying it. Must be BOZO’s gay friend. Maybe…..all those male TSA “patters” are gay. Must be the ones BOZO was talking about when he said he put people to work…..

  • eyeball

    OK! Lets have some of the TSA-holes go on over to Afganistan and ride around for a few days. Or else, have airports treat these hero-warriors with some respect and AWE for their sacrifice — take them to a separate area and have an older, experienced fellow do the screen. The TSA owes its LIFE to these servicemen and women. Lets give THEM the HONOR they EARNED!

  • USPatriotOne
  • Jason_L

    Welcome to the Police State, where illegal aliens are allowed a wide berth just in case one of them shouts “RACISM!!!” (or, in case of a Spanish speaker, “iiiRACISMO!!!”), but US Military Heroes are treated…well, like they’re treated above. Eyeball has it right: send some of these TSA “Agents” over to Afghanistan, Iraq….or any other hot zone for the United States Military, and let us see how long they last…

  • Scott Mullins

    My wife and I traveled to Bahamas a few years ago. At the airport, security checked her 3 times for illegal items.
    There were 4 Middle Eastern people that took the same flight, they never even gave them a second look.
    Now, If Middle Eastern men are blowing up and crashing planes, doesn’t it seem more likely they should check them?
    I just about went into space the third time they checked her and said why are you checking her when those people are the ones blowing stuff up?
    They just said they couldn’t profile.
    Safer? Not so much!

  • Diane Nixon

    When Civil war II starts, the TSA better have eyes in back of their heads

  • allessior

    Geez, these TSA goons need to go. I have the same problem. My left shoulder has had 3 rotator surgeries and 2 shoulder replacements, and almost every time I fly I get the twice over because I can’t raise my left arm over my head. Further, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and when I challenge the agents to profile vs. picking out the “token” for punishment, they tell me, “You would be surprised, we have terrorists that we catch that don’t meet the profile”, which is absurd. I then run down terrorist attack after attack and I ask them to point out one guy in those attacks who looks like me who was part of those attacks, and of course they just respond with glazed over eyes. In one incident, they grabbed my bag off the belt, brought it to the side, did not ask me if I needed privacy, and they just started ripping through my bag, tossing my intimates around like lettuce. They finally found my shoulder cream, perscribed by my orthepedist for pain. It is basically Tylenol in cream format (an NSAID). Boy, they really thought they had me dead to rights…”Finally, a blonde haired blue-eyed terrorist, oh yeah.” But alas, they were so wrong and soooo disappointed. One agent and TWO SUPERVISORS were overseeing the operation, and I could see them salivating over the possibility of “bringing the token blonde in.” They were so mad that nothing was found, that, instead of letting me go on my way, they demanded my boarding pass and driver’s license and walked away with them and did not come back for 10mins. When I reminded them about my family’s military background, saving the world in wwII, fighting and dying, and then fighting and dying in more recent wars, and how those who fought did so that WE did not have to be treated like criminals, how they fought so that we might be free and TSA agents could have jobs, they gave me their standard threat, “Sir, please be quiet or you will not fly today.” Folks, something happens to me every time because of my shoulder (I fly twice per weak), and these TSA goons ould care less. So it does not surprise me how they disrespected one of our heroes. The BO administration has it out for the military and they are SO MAD that they have not yet caught a blonde-haired, blue-eyed “terrorist”, and it shows during screening. I say, start profiling, go after the bad guys, leave the heroes alone.

  • Doc

    California is full of nothing but scum now.

  • marineh2ominer

    One thing to keep in mind , Patriotic American veterans are all potential terrorists , under the Obam-ass administration muslims however , are not . He is probably a dangerous Christian to boot .

  • Toosoon

    Unfortunately uniforms, medals etc. can be bought on Ebay. There is no way of knowing a real serviceman to a fake one. This hero should have been flown on a military plane and not a commercial airline, this goes for all military. However, if they must fly commercial, then they are subject to security screening just like everyone else.

  • AtomicRat

    TSA should be dismantled along with several other obummer terrorist organizations. The damn government has gotten so out of control and paranoid that the people will try to stand up for their rights, that they have to spy on US, not the real threats that may exist. As it stands now, the only REAL THREAT to OUR country is our own government. Should the time come I’ll be ready to lock and load. I feel a revolution may be coming…SOON.

  • BigDog1702

    This is disgraceful what the TSA is doing to our troops and our citizens , they all should be fired and Obama should be Impeached NOW !!!