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How would you like to see this message arrive in your e-mail inbox?

Or, have it flash across your cell phone or device screen as you open your text, Facebook, or instant messages?

How long before the combined powers of the alphabet soup government agencies not only collect, analyze and archive our Internet-based and other communications, but they block, remove them and use them against us without due-process, based upon the whoever the current “powers that be” are at that time, rules and ideologies, followed shortly by penalties, fines, and possibly jail time?

Our rights to free-speech, privacy, and due process have all been assailed over the last few decades and we need to lead, in the tech industry, in their restoration and protection.

“It’s not simply about violation of your First Amendment rights, Google, which is critical in and of itself, it’s more about the wholesale rape of your customer’s 4th Amendment rights. It is about the need for you to leverage the complete force of your industry reputation and power, along with all other tech leaders, to stop this practice altogether. As even if you are able to disclose how many times data is unconstitutionally snooped for “national security” purposes, this is only reporting how many times our rights have been violated — how many times we’ve been raped.”

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  • Liberty1776

    We continually are raped on a daily basis with a lame congress(3/4 seem to like Obama’s Marxism) and a Marxist president.
    The NSA especially can bite my ass because one day their will be war in this country and mark my words there will be a lot less government workers to fill these Nazi agencies!

  • marineh2ominer

    GOVERNMENT SECURITY AGENTS OF all GOVERNMENT agencies need to be our FIRST targets to open the way for media , political and indoctrination center personell when the SHTF .

  • David Chaney
  • Robert S Moulds

    It would have been a nice change if the NAS was either reformed or removed they are a liability to American domestic and foreign policy not to mention a den of traitors like Snowden.

  • reggiec

    Since I am probably monitored just because I go to sites like this I have decided to end any comments with the following message when appropriate. Including the “Add on for NSA”


    Add on for NSA

    I do believe that most terror, bombings of innocents and the
    killing of public officials is committed by fanatic Muslims and not conservative
    groups like the Tea Party or conservative militia groups. Attempting to find
    terrorists by tracking everyone’s emails, what they purchase or what words they
    use that trigger deeper investigations is idiotic. Hell, just this post has
    several words and phrases that are listed as triggers by DHS, DOJ and the NSA. God
    help anyone that might comment on the situation if someone tried to kill Obama.
    Hi Janet, Erick and whoever reads this
    stuff at the NSA.

  • bobby lynn

    hey nsa!~ kis my lilly white ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gepops58

    Only a very insecure thinking person is worried about what its public is talking about in private, the current administration is apparently the most paranoid and insecure bunch I think I have ever seen in politics, kind of reminds me of Nero or Hitler…..they however had lots to worry about

  • Andrew Abraham

    I will run though proxy servers for days at a time and insist on HTTPS when browsing. Likely won’t stop the commies at the NSA but sure as anything i’m gonna make it as hard as possible for them

  • SFS444

    Its almost time to pick up arms and fight for our independence again.

  • Goengo

    I doubt that day is too far behind. Congress needs to assert their powers and reverse this trend of administrative overreach. The current administration is unilaterally doing so many things that require a vote from Congress; if Congress does not soon put down their collective feet and insist that this stop, they will find themselves too powerless to bring this practice to an end.
    So far, Congress has neglected to even complain, as far as I can see. What will it take for them to do their duty before we are living under a completely totalitarian government?