Weiner Still Sexting and Wife Standing by her Philandering Man

Jan Morgan

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I’m not sure which is more disgusting. Weiner and his perverted sexting obsession or his ridiculous wife standing by his side as he publicly humiliates her by talking about his latest philandering scandal.

What is it with women who think they can’t succeed in life without riding the coat tails of a man, no matter how nasty and perverted those coat tails happen to be? Hillary Clinton is another prime example. How many years did she stand by her man as he publicly carried on one affair after another?

Anthony Weiner gave a press conference today in which he said he has had three “sexting” relationships since resigning from office in 2011.
According to Politico, Weiner was asked how many times he had engaged in sexting since resigning and told reporters “I don’t believe I had any more than three.”

This week Weiner revealed that he had carried on an sexting relationship with a woman through December 2012 after a website called The Dirty published photos and excerpts provided by the 22-year old recipient. This is the first time Weiner has admitted there were more such relationships taking place after his June 2011 resignation.

Its difficult to believe this man stands before the public with a straight face after his list of scandals and ask the public to trust him with a very powerful position. He has proven a continuous failure at the most important responsibility in his life.. as a loyal husband. If he continuously betrays and humiliates the one person in his life he has vowed to love and respect, how much more disgrace will he bring to the public he serves if elected?

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  • Bryce Henderson

    Not all women insist that their husbands love only them. Throughout history men have had affairs, openly or not, and their wives have accepted it. In some households men even had more than one wife.

    Say what you will about men and women who live like that, but it’s really none of our business. Consenting adults should be able to love whomever they wish.

    • jaws4316

      Yes, they should. However, the public has the right to know about their standards of morality (or lack thereof) if they are running for public office.

      • Bryce Henderson

        Agreed. If someone is dishonest then they need to be exposed.

        • ADRoberts

          Well, they have exposed Clinton, both Bill and Hillary, and now Obama. It has done NO GOOD. That is because to many Americans no longer realize that dishonesty will eventually come back and bite them in the *****. We are no longer a Christian country. That correlates with the decline of our nation in prestigue, wealth, influence, morality, death of elderly and unborn babies, drug use, sexual decadence, etc etc.
          We are sowing the wind. We will reap the whirl wind.

    • Rob Pobe

      In your case sheep and goats I would presume

    • ADRoberts

      Wrong. You live in a society. YOu should adhere to the rules and standards of that society. America in the last 3 decades is the ONLY country in history which has departed from that standard. Note that the muslim countries STILL do not allow ANYTHING that is not to THEIR standards. Visiting women and BETTER cover their heads.
      So you are out of touch of all of history. By the way, there is a reason why GOD made marriage between one man and one woman. He also placed special emphasis on having ONE wife in a society where multiple wives were common. He stated that the head of the churches should be the husband of ONE wife. It has to do with maintain structure, stability and security for the entire society.

      • Bryce Henderson

        Seig hiel!

        • mjnellett

          Bryce, after that stupid remark there is nothing left to say. By the way, STD’s usually don’t show up in a MONOGAMOUS relationship, unless someone is cheating, then it really isn’t monogamous is it?

          • Bryce Henderson

            I don’t think it’s stupid. The person I replied to sounds like a Nazi to me.

    • Cami W

      Bryce, perverts like Weiner are our business when they are candidates for local, state, and federal positions, if they can’t manage their on marriage vows and behavior, they can’t manage city, state, or federal business.

    • mjnellett

      There are laws concerning polygamy in this country for a reason. If a man isn’t satisfied with “just one women”, then why even get married?

      • Bryce Henderson

        Throughout the history of mankind there have been some powerful men who have had more than one wife. If everyone involved is happy with the situation then who are we to judge? After all, individuals own their own lives and we shouldn’t interfere with how they choose to live them so long as they aren’t trying to remove the liberties of others. Liberty 101 – what the Founding Fathers taught.

  • Of course she is but, not for the reasons given. She is a radical muslim that wishes to pull the strings of a city like New York. She will stay with Wiener for that reason after all he is no longer kosher.

  • foxxybey

    He sure has the right name for what he does, wonder if his first name shouldn’t be little?

  • Hoodoo H

    Holder must be protecting Weiner. ..
    That would be a WEINER HOLDER.

  • Rob Pobe

    It was either that or go back to sitting on Bill Clinton’s lap as his very own daughter

  • ADRoberts

    She is a muslim. Muslim women are trained to submit to ANYTHING their husbands do to them. Besides that, she was sent there by the Muslim Brotherhood and her radical parents to gain control of NYC or anything else this secular, Jew (who can’t make a living doing ANYTHING close to an actual job) happened to win a political office. And that is an important part of the muslims plan to impose Sharia. Look at all the muslims Obama has already put in office already. And even if you change HIM out, the next politician will have to deal with all the Arab. oil money pushing to keep them in government control.

    • ADRoberts

      Notice just how many commercials lately have had middle eastern men in the commercial. (Chevrolet) It will rarely be muslim women but you are going to see a lot of muslims because they have so much MONEY, our money.

    • Mary

      I live in another state but Iwas born in N.Y.C
      Do Not vote for this perverted pig .

      If you think N.Y. is in trouble now, if weiner is elected it will be the
      laughing stock of the
      entire country and another Detroit.

  • Jimmy Mac

    We can add a new word to the English dictionary-Hillarism: Stand by and be humiliated by your husband for political gain.

  • Robert S Moulds

    She is too religious for her own good, Islam or no Islam if I was her I’d castrate Anthony Wiener stick it in a blender and he’d be my eunuch diaper and turban. Lets see Bowzer and sha na na put it back together Carlos Danger.

  • charlie

    hilleity is teaching her to do that and she is teaching hilarity yo be a good mus slime

  • JRCancio

    Look at it this way, Weiner’s wife probably has grown tired and un-wanting of his deviant sexual activity and would rather prefer he gets his sex release elsewhere…with her lobbying background , with her husband’s soliciting sexual accompaniment is probably a welcome relieve. Who knows?…but of those two I could believe that…I would think with Weiner’s flipped middle finger he probably realizes his perverted texting middle finger has been tossed back his way by the voters. Once a pervert deviant – psychiatrist and psychology tell us – always a pervert deviant – they never change no matter how hard they try to hide the fact by marring a member of the opposite sex. Ever wonder if she allows and accepts his activities what her activities might be?

  • foxxybey

    The little wiener is what? LOL

  • machodog

    Her marriage to him is a marriage of convenience…to further islam. She’s a plant. She could care less who he philanders with and is probably relieved that it’s not her.