Zimmerman Juror to Tell All

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One of the jurors who found George ZImmerman not guilty of murder and referred to Trayvon Martin as ‘a boy of color’ has signed a deal to pen a tell-all book about the trial, it has emerged.

The woman, identified only as ‘Juror B37’, signed the deal with her attorney husband and Martin Literary Management president Sharlene Martin, MediaBistro reported.

Along with five other jurors, Juror B37 found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in February 2012.

In previous reports, B-37 has been identified as a white woman who volunteers at an animal shelter and who is married to an attorney with two adult children.

During her voir dire – in which attorneys question would-be jurors to determine if they are suitable to take part in a case – reveals that she called Martin ‘a boy of color’ when asked to describe him.

She added that his killing was ‘an unfortunate incident that happened’ and said she believed there were riots in Sanford, Florida after the killing – which is not the case.
She was also vocal about her hate of the media – saying she refused to read newspapers as they were skewed.
Literary agent Sharlene Martin said that the juror’s book would explain why the group of six women reached the decision to acquit the former neighborhood watch volunteer.

Zimmerman could bring his OWN lawsuits over how his case was handled, his lawyers say – as they reveal they plan to move ‘asap’ against NBC for editing 911 calls.

‘My hope is that people will read Juror B37’s book, written with her attorney husband, and understand the commitment it takes to serve and be sequestered on a jury in a highly publicized murder trial and how important, despite one’s personal viewpoints, it is to follow the letter of the law,’ she said.
She added that the book has the potential to open discussions about how laws might need to be revised in order to fit with modern society.

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  • Marlin208

    Laws need to be changed? To benefit who? Let me guess.

  • charlie

    WE need to design a new set of laws. Start with about 15 or 25 basic ones, pass them and then remove all other laws and start over. Most every thing can be covered with 25 laws that are written properly. then at the same time do away with 90% of the govt agencies and institute a federal sales tax removing all other federal taxes. Make all govt jobs be at 90% of the pay in the public arena, Congress and senate pay be at average wage for the country as a whole, a limited budget for ea office, NO retirement beyond social security for any public position. and that would be a good start. and all retirement changes retroactive to 2000. this can be done if not before then after —

    • foxxybey

      Charlie 10 would work just great and have been on the books for thousands of years. Get my point?

      • charlie

        got it. thought of that but knew it would not work for lawyers they would need twice as many as necessary. i guess the 1st one should be –NO lawyers in govt

        • Rattlerjake

          That is our biggest problem. Our government has been flooded with lawyers and THEY right the rules and they interpret the laws they right meaning they can do as they please but we can’t. We should not allow any lawyers in government.

        • foxxybey

          No need for lawyers with just the ten original’s rules. Wonder who fought to take them out of the schools out of public view and out of the court rooms? Oh lawyers and a crooked supreme court judges who can’t live by them and would be out of work if others did.

  • Cami W

    What the jurors said was, Trayvon Martin was shot while committing a felony assault, kudos to the jury for examining all of the evidence.

  • Mike White

    You gotta give us at least a clue as to what B37 means by our needing to revise some laws to fit modern society and her going against her feelings and having to follow the law. Something smells here.

  • Mark Lauer

    Two words for her; PLEASE DON’T!

  • foxxybey

    Case sould have not gone to trial until the media and race baiters entered the picture and if obozo and his clown holder decide to try him again, they are the hateful racist I believe them to be and will prove it and should be run out of office for their biased ways as leaders of all the people not just there to hurt white men and women. Obozo forgets he is half white but appeals more to the uneducated people that the demo-rats keep caged in there free society so he thinks he is all black now, LOL

  • BigD9105

    No juror should be able to write any damn book. That should be a law for their souls seeking fortune at the expense of others. She will open a can of worms for herself as well as her dumb A## attorney husband and kids. May the Lord watch over them.

  • USArmy1181

    I think any juror who identifies themselves is asking to be a target. The race baiters and those who didn’t like the verdict will target them and quite possibly do them harm.

  • eganstew3

    Those on the jury need to protect themselves, I do not trust our government, the very government that allowed Stevens and other to be killed. The government that gave guns to Mexico and boarder patrol agents were killed. The government will kill anyone who stand in their way. I also pray the Snowden finds a safe place otherwise he will be martyred as well. I pray for Zimmerman and his family that they will find a safe place to live and go on with life. I pray for Martins parents that their hearts will be pricked and realize what they and their son did to Zimmerman and to the black community.

  • Actually there were riots in Sanford in the form of flash mobs. Direct result of the chief of police saying that there was nothing to arrest him on. By the by I do believe that the chief is also vindicated by this verdict. Although I would not blame him if he spit in the mayors eye.

  • bless2live

    The more the racists are violent, the closer they become to being extinct! Don’t burn the American flag that feeds you, honor it, for without it ,you have no say!