Political Theater Over Public Safety


Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Washington CeaseFire are encouraging businesses to become “gun free zones”…which leaves patrons in those establishments defenseless victims and could actually backfire with a rise in violent crime.

The Seattle “Gun Free Zone Sticker” available for businesses starting this week courtesy of Washington CeaseFire and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.
“While businesses have a right to refuse service to people, this is all about political theater rather than public safety,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Our lawsuit prevented McGinn and the city from imposing an illegal gun ban on public property, so he and CeaseFire are using private businesses as their surrogates in a campaign of social bigotry against law-abiding firearms owners.

“What the mayor and CeaseFire are deliberately overlooking,” he continued, “is that the kinds of crimes they are allegedly preventing – the mass shootings they blame on everyone but the perpetrators – all happened in so-called ‘gun free zones.’ Schools, the Colorado movie theater, Trolley Square in Salt Lake City and on and on; in all of these venues, firearms were prohibited, leaving the victims defenseless.

“If these businesses are willing to alienate hundreds of thousands of law-abiding potential customers,” Gottlieb observed, “it’s their bottom line that could ultimately suffer. But if someone is harmed in their premises because they could not defend themselves against a criminal attack, then the business and its owner should be held personally liable by the victims of this foolishness.”

So-called “gun free zones” have never been known to prevent a single violent crime, he noted, and even the CeaseFire president has acknowledged that “this won’t stop someone determined to cause violence but we hope that standing together and giving businesses a tool to say no to guns will change the conversation around gun violence.”

“That is dangerously self-delusional,” Gottlieb stated, “and it is one more exercise of symbolism over substance that makes neighborhoods less safe by creating risk-free environments for robbers, rapists and other criminals.”

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  • LibertyDwells

    The signs carry no legal weight, and Concealed Carry means concealed. So what they don’t know may just save your life…and theirs.

    • Scott Coleman

      That is my feelings. Many states where concealed carry is allowed, some of the businesses(like Pennsylvania; exact number of states I do not have) have signs that say NO FIREARMS. These signs do not carry the weight of law which means if they are not providing security and they are not actively searching for firearms, what they won’t know won’t hurt them. If the business somehow finds out you are carrying, then they can demand you leave the premises. If you refuse, then you are trespassing. That does carry the weight of law. I suggest you leave. Then boycott that business. When it comes to movie theaters, they will never search actively: they do not have the budgets for a security guard. Either way, they wouldn’t want to scare the public now would they?

    • astrojohn

      In Ohio, the signs DO carry the weight of law…

  • Max Kuenkel

    Here is the original download of the sticker above (so you can read the fine print at the bottom): http://www.gunfreeseattle.org/documents/Gun%20Free%20Zone%20sign%20–%20option%203.pdf They mention how car safety equipment has greatly improved over the last few decades. They also mention how attitudes towards tobacco have shifted to where society now mostly rejects tobacco use. Then they draw a parallel between those two things and guns, and they hope that “social norms and conversation about guns” might change in a similar manner.
    What are they missing here? Car safety equipment has advanced due to research. Tobacco use is largely rejected by society due to increasingly well-known facts about how many Americans die a slow death because of it (I think over 400k a year). Those are very specific reasons, and they don’t apply to guns.
    The fact that they somehow wish and hope that societal attitude towards guns would change in SOME SIMILAR WAY (?) shows how EMOTIONAL and indistinct their argument is: it’s about wishing and hoping. But it gets worse: there ARE some facts available: gun-free zones are more dangerous than gun-neutral zones! A high number of gun-free zones have turned out to be MASSACRE MAGNETS (and that includes Fort Hood, Texas). So they wish and hope, on the one hand, and ignore what facts there are on the other hand.