Beckel’s Racist Rant

Jan Morgan

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Cracker is to white people what nigger is to black people.
So…. why is it Bob Beckel of The Five on Fox feels its okay to call white people who support Photo ID to vote, “crackers”…
If Sean Hannity called Black people who are against photo ID, “niggers”, how long do you think he would be allowed to keep his job?

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  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    Bob Beckel is a big liberal joke, and he should be fired from FOX for his racist remark. He is why I do not watch The Five, love the rest of them but cannot tolerate Beckel.

    • Scott Knowles

      But, by leaving him in, they not only can say they show both sides (which is rare to non-existent in the MSM), but also show how stupid liberals can be, especially when presented with facts.

    • Darb

      I disagree about firing Bob, I say keep him on so we know how ridicules these liberals are. Besides, every time he opens his mouth I get a big laugh about what an Idiot he is and he is too stupid to realize it!

  • Roscoe

    Bob has hopped on this administration’s hate-on train for Texas. It’s rather pathetic.

  • lee

    Bob Beckel is a pathetic excuse for a white man, he is completely ashamed of his own heritage, his people, and the goof and joke on him is that in the Black people of this nation view him as a man who if he dislikes his own race who does he thnk he is with his so called leadership in the black communities, this nonsense sounds like when white folks say well there jimmy you know there are good black people and then there are those Ni__e-s. He is not only pathetic he is a disgrace.

  • Carolyn Rollins

    Why are we using racial slurs like they do? Rise up and stop all racial diversities. God commanded us all to love one another. He didnt say just love a certain color of people. We are all responsible for treating each other kindly not based on how they treat us but how Jesus was teaching God wants us to JUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

  • Floyd

    The fact is any black person that wants an ID in Texas will get it. Idiot.

  • Sandie

    Really Beckel, you need to start living in the real world and see the truth. Stop living a fantasy! I really thought you had more sense.

  • John

    Bob is a #1 fool

  • Robert S Moulds

    Bob Beckel looks like a good ole boy fat pasty white wearing the suspenders and to use the slur cracker and not ones in super markets. Bob your as white as the rest of the news room look in the mirror. While they are concerns about the voting act the irony is that racial minority voters will get involved in voting and election work to protect their hard won rights. There fore making Bob look like a real good ole boy.

  • miprecinct9

    So you want vote? (Yes) . Are you a citizen? (Yes). Can you prove it? (No). I’m sorry sir, come back with proof you are a citizen, and you can vote, but only once per election cycle, next.