Clinton: It’s Easier to Buy an Assault Rifle Than to Vote in America

Jan Morgan

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Today at the MLK Celebration, former President Bill Clinton demonstrated once again just how little gun grabbers know about firearms and firearms sales in this country.
During Clinton’s speech today in Washington D.C., he made the following statement:
“A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than it does to buy an assault weapon.”
The implication here is that it is easier to buy an ‘assault weapon’ in the United States of America than it is to vote in elections.

Clinton’s comment came in reference to voter identification laws being passed all over the country that require voters to show government issued photo identification in order to vote.
Apparently the former President does not realize that federal gun laws also require people purchasing firearms to show government issued photo identification. In addition, firearms purchasers are required to undergo a background check.

If ignorance is bliss, gun grabbers must be the happiest folks in America… because they clearly live in a blind, perpetual state of firearms ignorance.

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  • Not Obauma

    A Fn stupid speach to give.

  • Randy

    Ex-president Clinton….Do you understand that it is easier to vote than buy an simple semi automatic weapon in the US.today because of the stupid laws that the democrats are trying to pass and stop law abiding citizens from buying guns…how is that right…we have had the right to buy a gun for how many years but, we always has to show ID for the gun sale and now you say that people can vote without the paperwork to show citizenship that they should have just to show they have the right to vote…what is wrong with this picture…..I think I know…

  • A Fascist-Satanic whore he is!


  • Paul Marcum

    Maybe voting should require a background check… Heck, so should running for president…

  • Yasmine

    Jan looks like NRA’s bitch to me

    • Is that all you got you dung eating troll? ha ha.. go away .. ADULTS are talking here.

  • Yasmine

    No one wants your guns you poor thing you

    • astrojohn

      …izzat so?

  • Budd Dunson

    remember when he would run for governor how he liked guns?

  • liberals are morons

    Yasmine you sound like a dumbass Bitch that will believe anything the liberal leftists tell you!!

  • Will B

    Seems like the legal gun owners know the gun laws and the Officials do not. There is a background check and A wait period. The fools running the country just throw anything at the issue no matter the effect. Their more concerned about us than the immigrants stealing money “welfare” or sending money to 3rd world country’s . Get priority’s straight

    U. S. Electoral College, Official – What is the Electoral College?
    Your vote don’t matter. Does your State Rep care what you think? NO……

  • Goonie Goo goo

    Apparently, running for President doesn’t require a background check either.

    • doodledandy


  • roystoll2

    What I think is infecting both of the Clintons is Amurotic Family Idiocy. Only somebody that is truly mentally deficient or a pathological liar would make an absurd statement like that.

  • astrojohn

    I guess he’s never bought a gun…what a fool!

    • doodledandy

      …weather he’s ever bought a gun OR not!

  • RosaRosaRosa

    How can America keep voting for these boldface lying politicians? Does the truth not matter to anyone anymore? Everyday we get fed the lies of the day and everyone including the media gives them a pass and no one calls them on the lies.

  • bet1125

    Billy, what difference at this point does it make!?

  • bucs66

    Same old Clinton, still lying! I had to show a photo ID and have a background check. You can’t trust anything the perp says!

  • poptoy1949

    Pure Horse hockey and he knows it. But Monica’s boy wants voted for Hillary and will pander himself to get them. He is disgusting for having said this.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Bill Clinton is wrong they are 20000 gun control laws in the United States further more unlike vote were you register to vote. In ordered to by a assault rifle or machine gun the paper work is pain in the rear so you gotta wanna shot them just ask the collectors at the big sandy shot in Arizona. You can go airsoft or air gun but they can cost you a pretty penny.

  • Imiss Freedom

    To be totally fair, we should make the requirement the same.

  • miprecinct9

    Funny, last rifle I bought required ID & and a back round check. I did have to register to get a voter registration card. Once per address change. Neither of those were overtly tuff to do. I can’t imagine how physically debilitated one would have to be, that they can’t accomplish a simple task, like registering to vote and acquire ID. I mean, if ya can file for subsidies, getting ID shouldn’t be insurmountable.