Denial is a River for the Obamatollah


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As Michael Goodwin wrote today in the New York Post, the Obamatollah gave another one of his “high-minded nothingness” lectures the other day, this one on Egypt, with such platitudes as, “The Egyptian people deserve better,” and then planted America squarely on the fence, declaring, “We don’t take sides with any particular party or political figure.”

Oh, really? It’s too late for that bullshit, don’t ya think?

First, the Obama took sides AGAINST the democratic movement in Iran who, in the millions, called out for American support and acknowledgment, and we all know how that turned out.

Then, the Obama took sides to drive Qaddafi from office … and America had no plan for what would happen there.

Then, the Obama took sides when he rushed to drive Hosni Mubarak from office. Egypt had NO PLAN for what would happen next, and the O-Hole had NO PLAN for what would happen if Egypt had no plan.

Last, but not least, Obama then took sides to drive Assad from office … and perhaps the only “plan” the O-Hole had in that regard will, no doubt in my mind, prove to be a MAJOR FACTOR and the catalyst for the bloodshed in Benghazi. He had NO PLAN for what would happen if HIS PLAN failed, and so now … not only do we have four dead great Americans, but hundreds of unaccounted-for missiles which will NO DOUBT find their way into Israel as well as shooting down some jetliners full of people.

Obama welcomed the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to the White House on multiple occasions, giving them and the Jew-hater Morsi the respect and stature they craved, and even as strong opposition to them spread, Obama was silent. His hand-picked Ambassador to Egypt, who is now persona non-grata with the interim government and military, condescendingly dismissed those demonstrators and got cozy with Morsi and the Brotherhood.

The Middle East is burning, and we may soon see an all-out civil war, which puts our true friend and stalwart ally, Israel, right in the thick of things. Such are the results of leading from “behind”.

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  • jjkhaywood

    The appointed Cabinet is as radical as it can get. Now most all with treasonous acts on their Resume, continue to hold office. And the Senate will never get the 70% to impeach.

    The public fed propaganda and censorship, the kibble keeps them following.

  • Robert S Moulds

    Barack Obama is learning what George Bush or Bill Clinton could have told him they are only bad choices in the middle east. Their is not allot Barack can do America needs Egypt Morsi or no Morsi shame the democratic process was undermined there. In Syria he has two evils the Syrian army who are most likely used chemical weapons they have aircraft and artillery on one hand. Rebels who kill Christians just because they are a minority who would gladly use chemical weapons if they had them and the means to deliver them on the other. Not to mention a Russian naval base on the Syrian coast which is why George Bush avoided bombing Syria at Dick Cheney’s suggestion. As for Iran the military option is going be to expensive and difficult.