Oklahoma Man Uses Gun to Save His Family During Home Invasion

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 4.51.50 PM2.5 million times last year, Americans used guns to SAVE LIVES! In most of those cases, the trigger was never pulled. Simply brandishing a gun stopped the attack.
Here is another case that demonstrates the importance of good law abiding citizens arming themselves to protect their families.

TULSA, Oklahoma –

Police are investigating after a Tulsa homeowner shot a man he says had broken into his home.

The incident occurred in the 1900 block of North Birmingham.

Tulsa Police got a 911 call at 4:45 a.m. Officers say a man armed with a rifle had broken into a home when a man inside the home fired once with a handgun, hitting the intruder in the upper leg.

When police officers and EMSA paramedics arrived, they found DeAngelo McBee, 18, lying in the street. EMSA took him to a hospital. Officers said McBee’s wound is considered non-life threatening.

Police say the homeowner told them once the man got inside and was making his way to a bedroom where the homeowner’s family was hiding, the homeowner fired his handgun.

Officers say they’ll arrest McBee on a burglary complaint once he is released from the hospital.

The homeowner was not injured.

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  • susan5042

    I will not comply to King Andy’s un-SAFE act!

  • ms_anthro

    One small semantic quibble: brandishing a gun is a violent crime. Brandishing (also called menacing) is showing or waving it menacingly to threaten or harass others. Drawing a firearm in self-defense isn’t brandishing, assuming it’s being drawn in under circumstances where lethal force would be justified. It’s just lawful use of a firearm.

    I know this probably sounds like nitpicking but words matter and the last thing we want is to give our enemies propaganda material to use against us. I can hear it now. “But those crazy gun nuts encourage brandishing! They think you should be able to wave your gun around in public if you get into an argument with someone!”

    • ms_anthro- For the record… “Brandishing” a gun is NOT a violent crime in most states. There are a few states where citizens are governed by liberal gun grabbers that classify brandishing an offense.
      Criminal statutes tend to be rather specific and not always the same, state to state… so for you to across the board declare that brandishing a firearm is a violent crime is erroneous.

      Generally, “brandishing” means to display, show or exhibit the firearm in a manner which another person might find threatening.

      if I have to pull a gun in self defense, I fully intend for my attacker to feel threatened. The way brandishing is used in this article IS self defense and YES some people do simply brandish the firearm hoping it will stop the attack and prevent them from having to pull the trigger, then face the full consequences that always accompany self defense shootings.

      • ms_anthro

        I’m not disagreeing that displaying your gun with every intention of using it is the way to go in a life-threatening situation. I carry concealed and am an avid shooter myself. However, you might want to check your terminology a little more carefully. Words matter. Language matters. That’s why a rifle becomes an “assault rifle” with the addition of a few scary black accessories.

        When you put your writing out for the world to see, you open it to discussion and dissection. We’re on the same team here and I’m merely offering a bit of constructive criticism. There’s really no need to be so defensive.

        • Benny-Sharon Henson

          My purpose is not to defend Jan or take sides, so in the spirit of your discourse, I would have to say that I believe that “brandishing” is a perfect word for the context in which she used it. In the context of an attack, which is the context of the sentence, it is the perfect word for illustrating the effect of showing yourself armed with the intention of defending yourself. On the other hand, I totally agree with you that language matters, which is why we need to stop letting liberals twist the meaning of words to make us quit using them. It makes my blood boil when I think about how easily so many conservatives allow liberals to intimidate them into not using words that are completely appropriate. It’s like allowing them to change the rules and mandate that we play by them. In that spirit as well as the context, I really do agree with the word “brandishing.” Just my thoughts! ~Benny

  • okielady

    Wonder how long it took the police to arrive! In a recent conversation with to young college students who are firmly against “guns in the home” I asked them to picture themselves at home taking care of their younger siblings and hearing or seeing a person breaking into their home. What would they do? They replied, Hide and call 911 and pray! My reply was “Oh, call a guy with a “gun” to come save you and pray he arrives before any of you are hurt” . They looked at each other and left discussing my answer. Have you ever noticed those folks so against guns seem to work in buildings with guards and live in gated communities or even have personal body guards? Hmm Thing about it.

  • Daniel from TN

    I’m glad the homeowner and his family are safe and police plan to arrest McBee. However, if McBee is Black or an illegal alien, then there is a possibility the homeowner will face criminal charges. That’s just the way things are done in AMERIKA today.