The Love of Romans and the Deceit of Wormtongue


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Much has been written about the demise of the Motor City, expounding on the inevitable result of progressive liberalism gone wild and the potential ramifications to our communities if we allow the same forces to remain in power.

Pictures and stories of the once-great American metropolis, brought to her knees, are staggering. As if the complete default of the city on its financial obligations wasn’t bad enough, Detroit continues to produce horrifying headline after horrifying headline, the most recent being a series of female victims who have each been found tied to a chair and burned to death in abandoned buildings throughout the city. It is hard to fathom that these stories are not coming from Mogadishu, but a major American city which holds a prestigious place in our history. How could a city which achieved such prominence become so godforsaken, both figuratively and literally?

G.K. Chesterton, once wrote, “Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her,” (Orthodoxy). Rome’s greatness did not lead to the adoration of Romans. It was because of the adoration of her citizens that Rome’s greatness became fact. How starkly apparent this axiom becomes when applied to entities like Detroit or the United States herself. Men did not despise Detroit because she was broke. She was broke because men had despised her. Too often the cart is put before the horse and the result is mistaken for the cause.

In what has become the definitive statement of his presidency, then-Candidate Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” just a few days before his election to the Presidency. We wondered, if he loves America, how can he seek to fundamentally transform her? And why would he want to? If President Obama was honest (and that’s a pretty big IF these days), he would probably quip something akin to, “I love the idea of America, but we’ve got some work to do.” In spite of all the reedy protestations of patriotism and forced flag-saluting, this President does not love our country. And neither do progressives (on either side of the aisle) who likewise support and seek the fundamental transformation of our nation. Their actions and their words demonstrate the truth of it. If you love your father, would you ever seek to fundamentally transform him or allow someone else to?

When President Obama and his progressive pals swear their love for America, they aren’t lying. But they aren’t speaking about America as it exists today; they’re referring to the America which exists on the whiteboards of Marxist professors and the crumpled handouts of community organizers all across this land. They love the America which punishes success and mandates mediocrity, which stifles dissent and suffocates with ideology, which protects the depraved while slaughtering the innocent. And so they see no cognitive dissonance between detesting America conceptually and mouthing mealy murmurs of love for their motherland. In textbook Alinski-fashion, they conceal their true intentions and thoughts to achieve their transformational trajectory.

This is why America as we know it is crumbling. Not because Americans hate this country but because too many of them love another America. A major component of what made this nation great was the pride citizens took in representing the values embodied by the United States of America and the love they shared of the liberty which these values protected.

Just as Detroit crumbled because the object of her citizens’ adoration shifted from those values which made her great to those which made her ill, this nation is fundamentally transforming to a new and different definition of “great”. Multiculturalism furthers this transformation by encouraging cultural relativism and a community of cultural silos whose inhabitants nurse grudges against inhabitants of neighboring silos. The attack on American exceptionalism is becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy by guaranteeing that America will no longer be exceptional for much longer.

If we are to avoid becoming a nation of Detroits, we need to evict self-hating, progressive politicians and bureaucrats from their positions of power. To get back to the equation which Chesterton identifies, we need to get a wide swath of Americans to love this country again in order to begin her restoration to greatness. This is nearly impossible in today’s political climate, for the simple reason that we have a legion of Wormtongues filling the empty heads of their supporters with self-hate and grievance, which fuels their desire to fundamentally transform this nation into something which turns the stomach of conservatives.

It is a brilliant turn of play which ensures no group will retain their love of country intact. Cauterize the wound by evicting progressive politicians and regulators and we just might start to open our eyes like King Theoden and realize how lovely this nation can be without the trappings of totalitarianism with which she is draped today.

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  • whitefeather

    First off, Progressives are Parasitic; “Think Cali, Chicago, Detroit, and now moving toward Texas. They go where the resources are, until they are depleted. Second, when you study Rome, you will find that Rome was garnering resources for itself in exchange for protection, that they rarely if ever provided. Sound Familiar? Additionally, Roman Citizens were held above all others so far as “Civil rights” for a better term was concerned. They embraced the spectacle of sport and holiday to divert their citizens attention, and introduced social welfare in the form of handouts (Daily Bread). They fell because they had it coming! We need to dig deep and change the course of our nation, by tossing this fraud of a president out on his butt, and relabling RINOs as Liberals….Then send all the people left of them to France, free of charge. It will cost less in the long run, I assure you.

  • philb

    Hilarious. Makes the assumption that “values” had something to do with Detroit’s demise. Not a word about the central bankers who control the money supply, the money powers who are pulling assets out of the nation and sending them offshore or overseas.

    • psychicbloodbrother

      Its not the what its the why……..Wake up Phil. The narcisistic personality disorder in our mainstream culture today is keeping folks for crtical thinking.

      • psychicbloodbrother

        Its not the what its the why……..Wake up Phil. The narcisistic
        personality disorder in our mainstream culture today is keeping folks
        FROM crtical thinking.

    • tannngl

      Have trouble with that money off shore? Wanna get your grubby hands on THAT money as well? Give me a break. Progs don’t believe in individual responsibility. You rely on guvmint for your needs. When you feed wild birds, they forget how to get their own food. Then when you quit feeding they die. Detroit ran out of feed. It died.

      • philb

        I do have some difficulty with that money offshore. I’d refer to it as a rather severe lack of patriotism, commitment or integrity (you choose), and yet another form of corporate ‘narcissism’. As for myself, I happen to categorize myself as libertarian, so the prog moniker is not fully perfect here. It is true however that we have all pretty much lost our ability to feed ourselves. We are all living in a kind of mega-zoo, eating processed frankenfood brought to us on a digitalized logistical conveyer belt. Detroit just happened to have their gravy train drained a little faster than the rest of us by the globalist money elite. I wish corporations believed more widely in individual responsibility.

        • tannngl

          I apologize for assuming your political leaning. But wouldnn’t libertarians care not about what an individual or a corporation does with its own property?
          Maybe you miss my analogy. The Detroit situation indeed has to do with values. The fraud, crime and graft have gone unchecked in the city’s government for many decades. The citizens as serfs of this governement needed only to be fed welfare in many forms to keep voting these Democrats in. And so it goes. I see it as a failure of values.

          • I would encourage anyone to watch the youtube video series titled “Confessions Of an Economic Hitman”, shedding light on how local or third world governments are routinely undermined externally by placement of profoundly corrupt or incompetent leadership. Detroit was undermined, and consequently imploded.

  • Ray_Downen

    How right the writer is who warns against Obamaland. We were once free and proud. With Obama in charge we are neither free nor proud. We urgently need a change in the White House and in the Senate leadership.

  • Robert S Moulds

    An interesting article about the fall of Detroit of course Detroit is not Rome. Rome was a successful city state that expanded into republic and than a vast empire from England to Turkey from Holland to North Africa. The Empire lasted over hundreds of years. Detroit on the other hand was fur trading post until the great lakes area was settled with industrialization the city grow into the motor city. Detroit has been reduced by race riots, changes in the public taste in cars, over active unions and corrupt mayors. I supposed that is what Detroit has in common with Rome corrupt leaders encourage people to leave damming both to decline.

  • California70

    No question about it, Obama has turned out to be a worse President thanJimmy Carter if that’s at all possible. Detroit is a complete failed mess thanks to the liberals and unions. But America isn’t going to get better as long as we have no jobs, and our young people so very under-educated as to not even be able to hold a job if they had one!

    Why are we building up China, a communist Country, to be better than our own Country? Right now America is more communist, and has less freedom than China. It’s a real pity that Americans are so stupid they have allowed this to happen to them. Wise up America…Hitler and Stalin were both Socialists….Hello!