What THEY Did to YOU When YOU Weren’t Looking

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Revolutionary Wars have been fought over much less than what YOUR government just did to YOU.
While many Americans were enjoying the last days of summer vacation, our representatives, (Obama, democrats in Congress and Republicans) just participated in their most deceitful act to date.

What they did while YOU weren’t looking, was pad their own pockets with more of YOUR money and put into place special protections for themselves from the consequences of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws they have placed on us. Congress has exempted themselves from one of the most punishing aspects of Obamacare.

Back when the President pushed Obamacare through Congress, Republicans inserted a key provision requiring that every Congressman and staffer on Capitol Hill would be subjected to the same healthcare mandates forced on the hardworking, tax paying, law abiding American people
Of course, President Obama, made sure this did not apply to him or anybody working for him in the White House.

That was BEFORE the bill passed, when they still needed to get it through. Now that they know what’s in it, they want no part of it. Let the American people have it.
In fact, Congress was so terrified of Obamacare, staffers in BOTH parties in BOTH chambers of Congress threatened to quit if forced to endure Obamacare.

The result: President Obama and his administration RULED last week that Congress and their staff would be exempt from Obamacare.

They will dispute this and claim they are being forced out of their cushy government health insurance plans and into the Obamacare health exchanges. This much is true. But there is a dirty, dirty secret.
You are still paying for their insurance.

If a regular citizen makes $100,000 a year working for a private company and loses his insurance because of Obamacare, he must pay out of his pocket for the insurance he will be forced to purchase from the exchanges.

However, if you are a sainted Congressional staffer earning $100,000 a year and enter the exchanges, guess who picks up the tab for your new insurance plan? That’s right, your employer, the federal government, the lowly taxpayer.

In other words, under Obamacare, the only people forced into the exchanges whose insurance will still be paid for by their employer will be members of Congress and their staff.

Just thought you should know….. in case… your anger meter needed a bit of a boost. This one should send you in to the overmodulation area of your meter.
If it does not, you must be a serf who gets your jollies from abusive strong arm slaps from the federal government.

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  • Jay Michael Devereaux

    While you were sleeping, while you were not paying attention, a slow and insidious coup de Gras has occurred in America. the power of the people has been stolen by tyrants and rulers far worse than King George and his Merry cohorts. Even now while you are being entertained by that panel on the wall or that box on the stand with subterfuge and distraction, those in power have now become your masters. So I ask you…… when will you stand up and take back that which was stolen from you?

    • abc565

      REVOLUTION !!!!

      • cjoakwood

        About time

  • Floyd Burdett

    “TAKE the MONEY, and RUN!” is their MOTTO!

  • The time for talking is over, now armed resistance is mandatory.

  • trunks_cscs

    They are all crooked, the Democrats and the RINOs who do nothing other than pass themselves off as Republicans to collect the only thing that matters to them, a paycheck!

  • A patriot

    By the time the slime slithers back into DC from their 5 week summer vacation, that none of us can afford, they wii have amassed so many tragedies and emergencies and distractions that no one will remember this theft. It’s how these crooks have always operated, and 80 percent of this scum will be re-elected.

  • curious citizen

    Looks like they illegally had a meeting amongst themselves to vote on something that benefits them and not the citizens of the USA, Isn’t this like taking advantage of the offices they hold for personal agendas?

  • Vad Right

    I think we should all stop write smart articles day and night and watch politicians tv and internet that boast and whine about Obama and his overreaching powers and how bad it is to trample constitution and human dignity. We need to act. It’s about time . Take your guns and let’s go

  • Barry Kaplan

    Actually, if the exchange plans are individual plans, it’s illegal for the employer to pay ANYTHING toward the employees’ premiums. When a company has more than 2 full time employees, the only health insurance that the employer can contribute to is GROUP insurance, not individual.

  • whitefeather

    Meanwhile; while you are watching this debacle, there are Conservation Groups dictating to your Council Members how they will proceed to govern your community. Don’t believe me? Check out the http://www.tpl.org/ website interactive map and click on a dot near you. Then search that area adding “controversy” in the search bar. This my friends, is how Agenda 21 is being implemented via “Remote Control.” I did a Presentation on it last night…..Powerful Content, and there were many council members that perked up! It seems they like counting beans, but hate losing control. ;))

  • txlady706

    Class action law suite against the government requiring all FEDERAL taxes be remitted for the passed 20 years, or whatever is considered a generation. Then, eliminate the IRS and ANY agency like it. In addition, they need to be locked up for as long as they have been in politics professionally and participated IN ANY CRIMINAL activity.

  • scrambo

    let’um eat cake…..break out the guillotines…

  • trooper4truth

    Repeal Un-affordable care act and spot remove the rhinos!

  • cbailey

    wouldn’t have expected any different.