9/11 Bikers Send Strong Message to Muslims: Can You Hear Us Now?

Jan Morgan

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It was muslims who used our planes to kill 3 thousand innocent Americans on 9/11… It was muslims who planted bombs to kill and injure innocent americans in Boston… Muslims who murdered Americans at Benghazi on 9/11…It was a muslim suicide bomber that murdered 243 Marines in their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. It was one or more muslim terrorists that tried to bomb the New York Twin Towers in 1993. That, along with the successful destruction in 2001 was planned by Osama bin Laden. It was a muslim terrorist that killed 13 and injured 30 at Ft. Hood while he shouted allah Akbar.

Muslims have murdered 21,564 people around the world SINCE 9/11… Over the past 1400 years, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people.
It is the muslim brotherhood, that has a documented plan for the destruction of America from within..
Yet… it is Muslims in America who wanted to build a victory mosque at the scene of 9/11 in spite of protests by Americans that this was disrespectful and insensitive.

It is Muslims who planned a March on 9/11 in DC… not in honor or memory of those who died.. not a march condemning the 9/11 attacks… No… It was a continuation of Islamic forces in this country to shove their agenda down the throats of the American people.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 1.19.00 PMEnter TRUE PATRIOTS: the 9/11 Bikers!
Thank God there are Americans who put teeth behind their passion for this country.
These Bikers from around the country rose to the cause and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
This is our country.. It is not an islamic nation nor will it ever be.

Thousands of bikers from around the country rolled into the D.C. area today in a show of support for Sept. 11 victims and in solidarity against a controversial Muslim rally on the Mall.

The 2 Million Bikers to DC ride may not have reached their goal of 2 million strong, but the numbers were impressive and their patriotism undeniable. It was a sea of shining chrome and steel bikes that stretched almost a third of a mile from the starting point at the Harley Davidson of Washington store.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 1.18.27 PMThe bikers began departing from the store at about 10:30 in staggered groups of 50, stopped for traffic lights and taking an hour or so to get on the road.

Federal and local authorities denied a permit that would have offered the riders a police escort through traffic. This was disappointing to organizers who thought the denial was for political purposes. Of course the muslims were granted their permit to protest.

“We’re here for 9-11,” said national ride coordinator Belinda Bee. “We are going to have a peaceful ride. … But there are people who are sick and tired of their rights and liberties being taken away.”

According to the Washington Times, the National Park Service has denied any political motivation for refusing the permit. The Park Service earlier this year granted a permit to the Muslim group planning a rally on the same day to call attention to what they believe are social justice issues.

The American Muslim Political Action Committee has scheduled a rally to draw attention to what they call unfair fear of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Unfair fear… Based on the history of islamic terrorism in this country and around the world, its ridiculous to think that people would not be afraid and outraged at the religion that drives this kind of hate and violence against innocent people.

Dan O’Brien, 54, of Mansfield, Ohio, said he had been “looking for a ride like this” to honor the Sept. 11 victims, but the rally also spurred him to join.
“This is very disgraceful,” he said. “They picked a day precious to the United States and its citizens.”
Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 1.19.48 PM

Read more at Washington Times

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  • Gary Myers

    bikers have more back bone than most people in the world don,t piss them off they and we will always and forever sick togather

    • Charles Cleland D Deeds


      • Yes… and we need to do more than watch and vote… we need to impeach and recall.

        • bitterrootbill

          Precisely! And PDQ before POTUS can undermine the U.S. and her constitution any more than has been done.

        • Val Y

          Yes, impeach!

        • mirageseekr

          And throw Clapper, Holder and Alexander in jail as they have all committed perjury while testifying either to a judge or congress. The revolution is beginning this day I believe.

          • Barbara Chapman-Baker

            I believe as you do, but first we need to get rid of the instigator so that his little minions will feel a little freer to FINALLY tell (at least some of) the truth!

        • JRCancio

          ….and prosecute for acts and actions of treason against America as a Nation and the American people. Obozo-ssA gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. Obama has no ethics, is a proven liar, incompetent and childishly naïve…he is no leader. Obama I am sure doesn’t know shit-e from Shinola. Sure hope if there is another of these types biker events on 09/11 truckers would get involved too. Incredible American spirit and pride was shown this day.

          • bob bernstein

            i agree with your entire statement the idiots in this country elected an incompetent community organizer as president with no extended political experience no financial aptitude no military experience but through his ineptitude has done harm to this country that will never be repaired the debt we owe the world seventeen trillion dollars and rising will not be repaid in our lifetime nor your children lifetime or there children,s this imposter is the worst president ever elected in this country he makes peanuts carter look good yet the liberals voted him in for a second time the biggest joke of all is when he gets on a podium and starts with making a speech and starts as your commander in chief he is unable to run this country anymore then a sanitation worker can perform heart surgery he is a complete loser impeach him we have lost the respect of the entire world as a result of his incompetence

          • Junebug78

            He did not win the 2nd election, he stole it!

        • Ole White Dude

          Impeach, prosecute and incarcerate. To date; no Muslim has been brought to trial, convicted for the Sept.11 atrocities. To date, no Muslim has been captured or tried for the USS Cole attack. These atrocities are a decade old. WTF Obama. Wassup w/ that?

        • Name

          Yes you are right Jan. We bikers and other good citizen here in Colorado threw out a couple of 0bama’s politician stooges this week and replaced them with true Americans. If a state like Colorado can do this so can other states. If the people of Michigan has the same determination they could close down Dearborn Michigan where the musilms terrorize anyone that is not a muslim.

          • Sheral Schmidt

            Sounds like Dearborn could use a visit from the 2 mill and the truckers.

        • borgerboy

          “Pink Slips for Politicians” is a name I heard recently…and what was the count of the mooslims that showed up??

        • Jim Brossard

          Dear Jan Morgan,
          I am %100 behind Impeachment!
          Oh and I love your news reports!
          You are truly a great American!
          Please visit jimbrossard.com when you have a moment.
          Yours Truly,
          Jim Brossard

        • Donna Graffagnino

          Join the National Grassroots organization to Impeach Obama – Overpassesforamerica.com Find your state and get involved – people around the country are already taking notice, especially in DC

        • Donna Graffagnino

          Voting isn’t enough – it’s HOW you vote. Only We the People can impose Term Limits on Congress. I will not vote for any incumbent who has served 2 or more terms in Congress. Pass it on!

    • You got that right Gary!

    • dmbunce

      Just heard this morning on fox news……. The million muslim march actually had TWO in attendance! Way to go bikers! Keep em on the run!

  • Marek

    Bravo Bikers, bravo real patriots ! ! !

  • AMY

    Bikers Code/Creed…LOVE IT!!! Absolutely amazing!!! true brotherhood/sisterhood RESPECT!!!

  • Piotr Kuziw

    Ride safe brothers!

  • cobalt_blue

    In the words of Todd Beamer, “Let’s roll.”

    • Mnauha

      In his memory, that would make a great theme flag on the front lines…boots on the ground and rubber to the road. Thank you 2MBikers for showing us how it’s done…ride on! Truckers, load up and haul out…I know you’ll be there too!!

  • gritsngravy418

    No outrage from this White House or this administration (i.e., holder) over the date those muslim pigs decide to demostrate? Oh yeah, I know…if barry had a ‘son’, he would look just like one of those pigs…yeah, yeah…we’ve heard that song before…

    • Aristophanes

      obozo has made it pretty obvious what he wants. He is supporting the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and al-qaeda in Syria. That should make it pretty apparent that he is a muslim and trying to destroy our country from within. But, there are still so many people who are blind to this or, worse, are helping him achieve his goals (piglosi and reid come to mind). Hopefully, more Americans will wake up to this (especially Congress; but, I do not hold out much hope for that) and start working to stop him. I think the bikers are a step toward making people aware.. Did anyone notice how the lame stream media showed this ride? In honor of the victims of 9/11, no mention of muslims. Also, the channel I was watching, the woman did not even know how many years ago it happened. Lame stream media is showing it’s bias and ignorance yet again.

      • luvbeingbald

        A local syndicated radio station reported that only a couple of thousand showed up for the bike ride to Washington. How stupid do they think we are? I’m glad that we have social media, like this, where we can express the truth!!

    • Joe1938

      With its arse in the air and nose in the dirt.

    • Troy Jarmen

      “Where was the outrage??” is a simpleminded game. You think the White House should weigh in every time a few people gather to exercise their 1st amendment right?

  • Frank

    I appreciate their enthusiasm, and desire to see things set right, but it’s not (just) muslims we have to worry about. Our own government obviously had their filthy hands elbow deep in this situation. If you think asking “what price is a couple thousand lives when it gives us an open door to invade the middle east” is wrong, count how many more lives have been thrown away at our government’s bidding doing exactly that since then, and those are people who were lied to and signed up to willingly lay down their lives for an ideal that has nothing to do with what’s really going on. If we’re going to stop the bloodshed, we need to do it here first and clean house properly.

    • higgy01

      In other words get rid of the pro muslim brotherhood administration especially those in the WH.

    • Frank we need to clean house and yes our government is corrupt, but ultimately the ones responsible for 9/11 are the muslims who flew those planes into the buildings.. I do not defend our government’s foreign policy… I do, however resent the hell out of terrorist who don’t have the guts to face our military over their issues with this country and instead slither in the back door like cowards and blow up innocent people.
      In addition, it is not American foreign policy that is responsible for the 270 million murders committed by muslims… They have been murdering the masses since their very beginning 1400 years ago.. long before America existed much less had foreign policy to be an issue.
      I suggest you read the quran… I have read it and studied it thoroughly.. There are 109 verses in that book dictating hate, murder and terror against all non muslims… THAT, DAN, IS THE ROOT OF Islamic terrorism… not american foreign policy.

      • tompro97

        Very well spoken, Miss Jan!!!


        No the problem is NOT the Muzzies…it’s the ones allowing them to be used to bring the agenda of the NWO and that would be Obuttnugget and his cronies in the WH…and this includes Bill Clinton and the whole bunch of them since JFK and of course Reagan…

        • Get an education Thunderton.

          • Aristophanes

            Thank you, Jan. You saved the rest of us the trouble of responding to him.

          • Joe1938

            Jan, Another 2 cents worth: Thunderton has come very close to the real problem we have in our Republic. 90+% of the peopled referenced here, including the retarded puppet in the Whitehouse, are “tools” of a huge national-international machine that has pushed their “tools” into positions of power throughout our society from the local level through the federal level. Unfortunately for our Republic, there is not a penny’s difference between the old blueblood GOP rethread RINO “tools” and the socialist-communist-marxist-islamofascist donkey leader “tools”. Their objectives are the same and have been for decades. That is why our Republic is in grave danger of tumbling into the dustbowl of history to join all the other great nations and civilizations that had their turn at greatness.

      • Bob Howell

        I’d like to see a million qurans burning. It would make strong statement.

        • mirageseekr

          There was a preacher who was going to burn a quran for every life lost on 9/11 today, They arrested him on felony charges but will not say what those charges are. I would act shocked, but with all the lies and shredding of the constitution by the last few administrations I am not.

          • Anthony Allen

            http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/fla-pastor-arrested-burn-qurans-20230014 I had to look it up for myself and next year I’ll burn 2998 Qurans.

          • Bob Howell

            Just one or two people can’t get the job done. I believe it’s time that everyone who supports Constitutional law should come together in numbers and let the left know that we will be subjected to their satanic laws.

          • Aristophanes

            Maybe one or two people can’t get the job done; but, we have to start somewhere.

          • Bob Howell

            I am ready. Are you. I’ll certainly burn a Quran and video it and put it on the web for all to see. I wonder how many we can agree and do the same. I’m willing to try.

          • Aristophanes

            I don’t know if burning the quran is the way to go. Although, people (including the liberals here in America) have no problem with burning the Bible. There has to be a better way to get people to see what the muslims are really all about; but, I do not see it. Maybe, someone will come up with the answer and I hope soon.

          • Bob Howell

            Burning the Quran will certainly make a statement,. It’s a start in getting people to understand what we are facing. I posted a map of terrorist training compounds in the U.S. A search on the internet will show what is going on within the Muslim communities.

          • Suzy

            The problem isn’t with what was written on the paper. The problem is he had thousands of books pre-soaked in kerosene in his vehicle along with several boxes of bullets. People have blown up entire city blocks with less. He was arrested because he basically built a giant moving bomb and drove it around a town. Not surprisingly, some people have a problem with this. All it would take is one person running a stop sign and BOOM.

            He would have been fine if he had transported the fuel in an approved container and emptied it on the qurans at the site.

          • artios48

            Carrying hazardous materials on a highway. The Korans were soaked in kerosene.

      • Betty Dudley

        well said!!

      • Jeff Cavender

        That’s Jan!!! I vote Jan Morgan for President!!!… She’s beautiful with a brain, not to mention she can Shoot with the best of us!!!

      • Mnauha

        very well stated. ty!

      • Adwait Parab

        hello miss…….it is not fair to bring the issue of 270 million murders committed by muslims…….1400 years ago was a time of constant bloodshed and war. and in those times, you cannot deny the involvement of the white people as well…..you say muslims have killed 21,564 people since 9/11, please do not forget that the united state has wiped out over 200,000 people during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, and much earlier has been responsible for almost wiping out the native american population. you call yourselves colonialists, but you were terrorists in the eyes of the native americans.

        i do not want to accuse you in any way, i do not support terrorism in any form. i am a resident of India. we have millions of peaceful muslims. many of my close friends are muslim. so i feel you are being unfair to the entire muslim community.

        • Aristophanes

          Have all of your “peaceful” muslims done or said anything to condemn the terrorist attacks? I didn’t think so. All of your so-called peaceful muslims seem to be supporting the terrorist attacks. I am not surprised since the quran does tell the muslims to kill all the infidels. Do not even try to tell me I do not know the muslims, my daughter-in-law is muslim and you want to know what she said about 9/11? “I can understand why they did it.” She said more; but, I won’t go into it. Needless to say, my son let her have it (verbally) with that statement.
          Also, 200,000 people compared to 270,000,000. You’re kidding right? You want to go back to the beginning of U.S. history (indians) but, you do not want us to go back to the beginning of muslim history. How hypocritical of you!
          Sorry, Jan, he irritated me with this post, I just had to answer.

          • Lee Dutra

            Just my 2 cents worth. One thing overlooked with the 200,000 japanese killed with 2 atomic bombs…….It was determined before hand that given the Japanese will to fight to the last person, there would most certainly have been more than 1 million people killed in an invasion of the Japanese islands. The majority of the dead would have been Japanese, but untold thousands of Americans would have died as well. Killing is rarely justified except in war, but in this case it saved hundreds of thousands of lives. JMHO

          • Aristophanes

            Thanks, Lee. I thought of that, too; but, did not want to make my post any longer.

          • Adwait Parab

            thank you for your opinion aristophanes. and yes, about the peaceful muslims , yes, they do condemn acts of terror. Indian Muslims have no sympathy with any terror outfit or any terrorist.Such terrorists not only commit treachery with the nation but also dishonor Islam.

            about your views on quran, The verse of the Holy Quran is often mentioned to malign Islam. The verse does not say infidels it says idolaters. (9:5) And when the forbidden months have passed, kill the idolaters wherever you find them and take them prisoners, and beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent and observe Prayer and pay the Zakat, then leave their way free. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

            This verse, chapter 9 verse 5, is often used as evidence that Islam allows killing of non-Muslims, but what is not recognized is the context and history behind these verses. The history of this verse is that when Prophet Muhammadsa began preaching the unity of God he was persecuted for 13 years, much as Prophets Abraham and Jesus were. Since Muslims who are being persecuted are encouraged to leave for safer areas, rather than create disorder, Muhammad and his followers migrated to Medina. After they left, the Meccans attacked them in Medina on and off for a period of nine years until Chapter 9 was revealed.

            so even the bible and bhagavad gita have similar verses written in them.

            also, i only referenced US history because the author mentioned 1400 years of muslim history. there is no intention to be hypocritical.

            and about your daughter-in-law, well, she probably is one of the many poor, misguided muslims, who have learnt about islam from corrupt clerics. well, that is exactly my point : Do not judge an entire community based on your experiences with one or two individuals. thats all.

          • Aristophanes

            Maybe the muslims in India are condemning the terrorist attacks; but the muslims in America are not. Also, you are “splitting hairs” as far as the quran goes. Read what you posted – according to that infidels and idolaters are interchangeable words. I would still be considered an enemy of “allah” since I would not do what it calls for since I believe in Jesus Christ.

        • timpclimber

          But you or your kin probably would not be here today without the Atomic Bomb drops to get the Japanese to surrender. It would have taken between 500,000 and 1,000,000 lives to have caused the surrender of Japan. Terrible? Yes! But we didn’t start WWII. As for native Americans that’s a very complicated story and they had been slaughtering and raiding each other for generations before European settlers showed up.

          • Adwait Parab

            thank you for replying timpclimber. But the atomic bomb drops on Japan were unnecessary. Prior to the use of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US was destroying Japanese cities at will with conventional bombs. The Japanese were offering virtually no resistance. The US dropped atomic bombs on a nation that had been largely defeated and some of whose leaders were seeking terms of surrender.Japan knew that they would not win the war, they just kept on fighting in hopes of securing better surrender terms. of course you opinion may differ!
            and i’ll choose not to talk about native Americans, as you obviously know about it more than i do!

          • Adwait Parab

            also, please do not take offence at anything i may have written. it is my own opinion, i feel it is my duty to convince others about my way of thinking, that’s all!

        • Rights of the masses

          I agree. It’s generalizing that causes so much uproar. Like saying all Christians are crazy and hateful because of some radicals. You also can not say burn someones bible, and get upset when they burn ours… One big problem in America is everyone trying to dictate whatever everyone else is doing. Christians should know this. God gave us choice. Whether it is choice of religion, beliefs, or harboring hate. It is not for any of us to decide what is best for others.

      • Michael Dewey

        500,000 children dead in Iraq thanks to sanctions and Albright said it was worth it.

        Love seeing the bikers but the International Banksters are the enemy.

      • Joe1938

        Jan, The quran is a whitewashed version of the Koran. If one really wants to know the islam enemy, get a copy of the Koran and read it from beginning to end: Penguin Classics “The Koran” Copy write 1993
        A good eye opener reference for the ladies in the Koran is…
        Koran, Women, 4:34
        “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. God is high, supreme.”

    • Meg
    • John A Warren

      While I agree somewhat with your sentiments, I also dis-agree on many points. The most important of which is as follows: You believe that we service members have been putting our lives on the line for the last 237 years for nothing? We have been taking it to the enemy, keeping them off our shores at every possible turn. Only when we let our guard down are we attacked, 9-11-01 and 9-11-12 come to mind immediately. So don’t think that our service has been for nothing, we have been working to keep the enemy on their soil and dying on their soil. And yes we volunteer for it, because there are too many who won’t. As for our corrupt government, we need only look to the lazy POS’ who vote for their own gain, what those they elect will give them. As Jan Morgan says, we need to clean house, not only in the government, but in our streets as well.

      • Lee Dutra

        Semper Fi Brother. Well said

    • Adwait Parab

      Hear Hear!

  • Michael Dewey

    I love the Bikers but 911 has had a lot to do with misunderstanding Islam. It is only a small number of extremists who gave their lives on 911 to bring down 2 buildings. People really should check out American Foreign Policy over the last 100+ years: Major General Smedley Butler said in the 30s that all the wars he fought in were for Corporate Profit, Howard Zinn said about the same thing in History of America; and it still goes on today as John Perkins wrote in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, where he reveals if countries don’t like the deal the CIA is sent in…like what has happened in Egypt Libya and now Syria. And god only knows how many other countries.

    • Faeth DeHart

      Well said Michael! I love the Bikers too!!! I love that they rode anyway when they didn’t have a permit!! That was terrific.

    • DonnyB

      Howard Zinn? Really? The guy writing high school text books filled with Anti – American crap, turning our kids into good little socialist liberals? THAT Howard Zinn? Each one of these guys you cite has been discredited as a hack with an agenda.

      P.S. All Muslims aren’t jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims.

      • JRCancio

        You seem to forget, a Muslim tactic of waging generational war is to infiltrate a country en-mass peacefully, keep silent until their numbers grow; and then with sufficient militant mass they take over a country…all the while their silence keeps you passive until the day they attack cut off your head, rape your women and children, looks like they are into infanticide dismemberment while the child is still alive….now. Soon coming to America if we all don’t do something now…Saudi Arabia is behind all this trouble and time, no past time, to take the battles and the wars to them….

        • Michael Dewey

          The Corporate owned Media always has to make an enemy to keep what Ike (Ike wasn’t perfect, only the Lamb was.) warned about with the Giant Military Industrial Complex that we are now enslaved too which spends more on GUNs and Bombs than almost half the world! The biggest threat to the world is the International Bankers, who profited from BOMBING Libya back to the Stone Age, and who will know profit from rebuilding it. How did the rebels in Libya end up with a Central Bank within a month of the Bombings?

          • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

            Three Muslim savages were freed despite imprisoning, starving, and torturing a 15-year-old girl who was sold into marriage because she refused to work as a prostitute for her in-laws. Locked in a toilet for 5 months, the teenage wife was mutilated and burned with cigarettes, nearly starved, and had her nails and hair pulled out by her husband’s family.


          • Michael Dewey

            Have you ever heard of Michael Prysner who is an Iraq Vet who says all these 21st Century wars are wars for profit. What he says he did was as bad what you say about the Muslims. Please put down the stone. Or if you have the power push the button so god can sort it out.

          • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

            A muslim ran after the garbage truck, yelling, “Am I too late for the garbage?” The driver said, “No, jump in!”.

          • JRCancio

            Michael are your really this naïve or just plain stupid? No banks In Libya were targeted and destroyed and no bankers and the bank workers lost their lives; and, the value of money, gold and precious items don’t change – what an ounce of gold sold for today will probably cost the same tomorrow. Ignorance and stupidity and your lack of foundations understanding or economics aside (sounds like you missed those courses in university just like Obozo-ssa (he never showed up in class) or (maybe just like Obozo-ssA you failed the courses to busy smoking joints and running dope deals) – banks through out history have been funding all the advancements in human history, stabilized nations; and, the financed failures as well. Without banks and people willing to fund other people generating progress Michael you and everyone else would still be living in the stone age wiping you rear-ends with tree leaves. Why should not banks in Libya not open up…that is what banks do! And Michael just so you will know, bombs erode profit and therefor it is not in any nation’s financial interest to use them as there is no return on investment. And Michael, the original owners of all the major television companies included the United States Government who had a vested interest during and after World War II to curb and control American morale – they did this, including lying to the American public, systematically with the news media. And Michael stop with the worthless empty rhetoric using terminology like ‘stone age’ as Libya is still a part of the modern world.

          • Michael Dewey

            Hey, from the many sites I am on, mainly OEN.org and Truthout, many many writers much wiser than me or you found it very strange that Libya had it own National Bank, outside of the International Banksters of the Federal Reserve and Euro-zone nonsense. So within a month you can’t find it a bit strange that the rebels had their own Central Bank?

            The people who profited from bombing Libya back to the stone are the same ones who will profit from rebuilding it.

            Libya as Iraq before, should have gone before the United Nation’ Security Council. But war mongers love to rush into war for they are bought and paid for by the Giant Military Industrial Complex, which Ike tried to warn us about in his farewell address. Washington had the same kind of warning in his farewell address hoping we would stay out of foreign entanglement. Hell, even Madison had said something like this, “If America loses its liberty it will come from a foreign foe,” or such.

            I don’t have the quotes handy, but Jefferson and Madison both feared one called the money changers who are the Banks. America’s Congress has the right to coin money, but in 1913 they sold it out to the Private Bank of the Federal Reserve.

            I am in now way a great writer, but you are the one who should study up on the International Banksters ripping off the world.

            I thought it was great to see over million bikers in DC; just wish that the purpose was for what Iceland did when they skipped out on the debt and most of the Govt had to resign.

        • Dave

          Well said. I just finished reading the Quran. You can’t be a Muslim and love Christians, Jews, or any other person not Muslim. In fact, there are specific instructions given and they are anything but tolerant. Islam is a dangerous cancer.

          • JRCancio

            I too read the Quran/Koran. With that said the Quran however is the first of five books – the first is the book they present their enemies to pacify their enemies into thinking Muslims/Islamic are a peaceful and peace loving people. Read the other four and see what they are actually practicing through tactics and strategies including lying, stealing, raping, violence, torture, beheadings, dismemberment, murder as well as forced conversion to Islam and the Muslim faith. Those books proclaim it is alright to kill your mother and father, brothers and sisters, children and babies. And it allows them to steal from anyone; kill other religious leaders/priest and burn down churches. It gives them permission to look you in the eyes and lie to you; later sneaking back to kill you and your male sons, rape your wife and daughters and determining when they will live and die…it is all there. Research the five books of Islam/Muslims. You are right, if you are not Muslims they have permission to kill you…it is not Islam phobia they want to kill you…

          • Dave

            Thanks JR! I have so much to learn. One thing is for sure, I’m not afraid of too much, but I have to admit, I am afraid of Islam. It gives me chills when I remember the events of 9-11-01. Now they are suspected of starting the wildfires in the western states as acts of economic terrorism. This is a clear and very present danger. I wish they would all just go home and leave us alone, but that is against their religion. They exist to conquer and claim the world for allah.

      • Michael Dewey

        Its more about Oil than Islam. After WW2 we went in after Oil and never even tried to understand the many different cultures they had there. It wasn’t much different than stealing Native American Land. But hey, I agree with Marty Stuart when he sings in Badlands, “The second coming of the Red Man is closer than its ever been.” They will teach us how to live one with the land. John Trudell will help. Growing hemp for the paper, plastics cloths, and among many other things,, Bio-fuel could help restore good American Jobs. Instead of spending over $100 million a day for upkeep of a Bomb we say Iran is building, which they are not.

        Tell me who debunked the truth from Butler, Zinn and Perkins? I know enough about history to know they all spoke much truth.

        • lraivala

          You sir are clearly on some sort of medication, or at least should be. Butler, Zinn and Perkins are nothing but ideological hacks. That is like saying Michael Moore is a literary scholar which he is far, far from.

          • Michael Dewey

            Too bad you don’t know reality. Tell me right now who says John Perkins words are lies. Chances are though, that will tell you who has lied to you and many other Americans.

          • lraivala

            No one has lied to me about anything. I just logically think ad use my own mind and not the rantings of someone trying to make a buck of people.
            You do not have to tell me what our CIA and other foreign Intell. assests are doing *without congressional or We the People’s voice) which is criminal on its face.
            But, to listen and follow one of these 2 authors is simply mind numbing. The same can be said about Alex Jones, or a host of our so called conspiracy theorists, do you think they are all wrong in there assumptions too? My guess is NO. But, some of the things they rant about are.

          • Michael Dewey

            Around 20 years ago it was becoming clear to me that something went wrong from the 80s-94 when my social conscience woke up after returning from a couple years of having to work on the road in the IBEW: basically it was no one was minding their own business anymore.

            And on my own was growing a dislike for the Capitalistic Empire I was seeing. Then I think it was in the Times, maybe Joe Klein (not sure.) who wrote about how our over seas military bases mainly protected Corporate interests abroad, more than they protect the people.

            Had never heard of Major General Smedley Butler who “wrote war is a racket.” “A people’s history of America” by Zinn, had come first and it they both tied together, as does Perkins. Perkins knew all the back room deals for he is the one who had sold them. After 911 he knew he had to write the book, which they talked him out of once. He is lucky to still be alive, but chances are they figured they could just discredit him.

            And reading OEN.org the last 5 years, many well know writers, and some wise writers have been saying about the same things. DR Paul Craig Roberts for one, who worked in the Reagan administration and is very sick about what he has seen this Century.

          • Michael Dewey

            Its a known fact that the CIA overthrew a Democratically (or at least its leader.) elected leader in Iran in 1953, as they also overthrew one in Chile, on what they call the first 911 on September 11th 1973. There is no doubt in my mind that there were many other types of that crap.

          • lraivala

            Oh, I am not disputing that, but the authors you listed are nothing more than ideologs and hacks.
            We as a country need to stay the hell out of these internal conflicts, no matter how brutal they may appear from our perspective as it does not matter who we back or decide to take out of power the next person in line hates us as much as the one we are over throwing.

          • Michael Dewey

            Yes, as Washington said in his Farewell address, we should stay out of Foreign entanglements, Jackson said about the same in his, hoping we would try to be on friendly terms with all Nations. I see that as number one on the list of what America should turn around.

            With a look at history, those 3 writers sure look to me to be saying what has happened over the last 100 years, especially since after WW2. But don’t get me wrong, while living in Belgium most of the last 2 years, the Belgium people I talk to, are very grateful for America in the 2 WWs.

        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

          Yes, but you can still dunk a crucifix in a jar of urine and have it considered “art”

          In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S., the Obama Justice Department
          warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against
          muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights. By “spreading information
          considered inflammatory against Muslims” – even if it’s true – you could violate the civil rights
          act and be subject to prosecution.


        • Michael Dewey

          You can not get high from the male hemp plant. It was banned in the 30s by the paper and oil lobbyist. Ford built a car from Hemp plastic that was designed to run on bio-fuel from hemp.

      • Michael Dewey

        There was nothing anti-american in what I read in Zinn’s History of America. You must think Jackson Browne was anti-american when he sang in the 80s, “By all I know is right we will reap what we have sown.” Sadly its the people who are now reaping what the Corporations have sown.

        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.
        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

          Obama’s fellow muslims are buying 6 and 7 year old girls and raping them.


        • You read Howard Zinns “the People’s History of the US”?, that’s your problem, that’s the most Anti American piece of Communist indictrinational garbage I ever read. I read it to just see where the hell the left gets its hate for America, and there it was. You say you are tired of Right wing bigots? So someone who desires not to conform to the forced enslavement of Islam, and rather desires freedom, to you is a Right Wing Bigot? The only religion/political structure in the world that requires the murder of non conformers. Knowing this, one would be a complete idiot to even consider conforming. Sure there is Coorporate fascism in the world, spawned from swelling governments but, enter Islam and you give them the tools to enslave the population. Personally, I won’t take it sitting down, and neither will hundreds of thousands of bikers or the many many more who couldn’t make it. It appears the Muzzies and Obamas Communist regime will have their hands full if they keep pushing our buttons.

          • Michael Dewey

            If you think you are free from the Federal Reserves trash cash which continually funds a bloated military budget which now enslaves America, you do have a big tree in your eye.

            Why over we were told 20 years ago that e on the cold war, does the Nuclear Bomb still exist, with its over $100 million a day in upkeep costs?

    • Charles Wright

      Misunderstanding Islam? Really? No more Kool-Aid for you.

      • Michael Dewey

        My wife who married me was a Muslim for 26 years who never went out in public without her hair covered. We met on Facebook and she came to visit the States of confusion the fall of 2010. When she went back to Belgium where we are now, she decided on her own, because of the extremist to walk walk away from it. For most of 26 years she found a positive way out of her wild younger life. She tells me the Koran says they only reason to kill is in self defence, or in defence of your religion. Why don’t American (so called) Christians try that?

        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

          “My wife who married me was a Muslim for 26 years”

          Evil supports evil, or in this case marries it.

          • Michael Dewey

            She walked away from it because of the extremist as I said above, after she met me in the States and returned to Belgium. Here in Antwerpen are many Muslims who are great people. My wife is no longer a Muslim because of the extremist, which I feel I must repeat.

            I am sick to death of American right wing bigots.

            You should focus your time on American so called Christians who stole the Promised Land of America, when the Indians would have given it cities and farm lands had it come in peace, not after gold. That same crime has happened in the Middle East the last 60 + years.

            Why do you fight for Shell, BP and the rest?

          • bitterrootbill

            So, go somewhere else and spew your hatred.

          • Michael Dewey

            You could not be further from the truth of what I am trying to say. Nothing has changed since Major General Smedley Butler said in the 1930s that all the wars he fought were for Corporate Profit.

          • JJM123

            So you’re arguing your home of Belgium was defended in WWI by Corporate Profit.

          • Michael Dewey

            I am saying that those who believe in my country right or wrong are wrong. US backed Banker (who should be the enemy) are the cause of over countless millions of deaths since 1991. Yes, I am an American currently living in Belgium, and they are worried about what America will do next.

            Europe’s main Economic problems stem from them getting sucked into the Eurozone, as the US’s main Economic problems started back in 1913 with the set up of the Private Federal Reserve Bankers.

            If you can not see the Imperialism of America you are blind. But maybe America can take to heart Washington’s farewell address wish of staying out of foreign entanglements. That may very well be why Ike’s (he wasn’t perfect.) farewell address warned about the Giant Military Industrial complex America is now enslaved too!

          • Michael Dewey

            About Butler: he probably knew the causes of WW1 were from American Corporatist. I think the whole reason for the wars of the 20th Century, were because of the US breaking every Treaty every singed with the Native Americans. There is no hatred for Americans in that thought: its just how things add up to me of reaping what you sow.

          • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

            Islam is dangerous because Western man assumes it works by the same ground rules as the Judeo-Christian culture. But it doesn’t. Islam’s code of ethics was born in the caldron of seventh century middle eastern tribal warfare.

            Although we have strayed in recent years, our society is still rooted in biblical concepts. Obedience to the ten commandments ensures a peaceful culture with maximum personal freedom.

            A brief comparison with Islam produces a striking difference. Jesus’ summary of the ten commandments reveals a loving God worthy of a loving, whole-hearted response. Allah is an inscrutable deity too capricious for genuine respect, much less ardent devotion beyond dry rituals and blind obedience.

            The balance of the ten is embodied in the command to love our neighbor as our self. Islam’s definition of “neighbor” is vastly different from the Bible’s. No “love” is allowed for anyone who does not join the tribe of Islam. Instead, he is an enemy of Allah and subjected to slave status or executed outright.

            Islam is trying to take over!
            And we’re just letting it happen because we’re a “tolerant” nation!
            Well-meaning Westerners, ignorant of Islam’s global goals, fail to understand some of the terms used by Muslims. Islam’s world view is summed up in two phrases: dar al-Islam, realm of Islam, and dar al-Harb, realm of war. In the realm of Islam, all members are in full submission to Allah and subject to sharia law in all their activities.

            The other phase: realm of war is just that, Islam is basically at war with the rest of the world. And since Islam operates on tribal warfare rules, the rules of engagement can be a mystery to the Western mind.

            We have desperately tried to segment Islam into the “moderate” and “radical” wings. This fits the Western “multicultural” perspective. But in Islam, the fringe element is not the radicals but the moderates who must fear for their lives if they stray too far from the interests of the tribe.

            When Islam puts on a moderate, peaceful, loving face, it can only be for the purpose of Taqiyya. That is the Muslim doctrine that it is permissible to lie and deceive the members of the “realm of war,” if it advances the cause of Islam.

            If you consider the horrors committed by Muslims against non-Muslims in the last few decades, it is obvious how this world view plays out. When you connect the drive for global conquest with the promise of infinite pleasure in paradise, suicide bombers and overwhelming immigration infiltration make sense.

            In the new tract, Camel’s in the Tent, Jack Chick illustrates the insidious tactics of Islam in its war against the rest of the world. Many think that “terrorism” is Islam’s main tactic. And, since we have not seen any recent major terrorist attacks, then we are winning the “war on terror.”

            But we are ignoring the war of infiltration. By taking advantage of the West’s “tolerance,” Islam has opened another front in the war. This is basically a war of religions. It’s their god against our God. But the West has bought into humanism and eliminated the God of the Bible. Humanism’s main tool is democracy to solve the world’s ills. But when Muslim voters outnumber the others, then sharia will become law.

          • Rick DeYoung

            You make good, factual points and therefore, I’m afraid that Michael is too emotionally close to see facts.

            If after reading and reasoning through Ray’s comments, you can still objectively maintain your stance, then I’ll do as the rest of Americans have been doing for generations.

            I’ll respect it……

            Won’t agree with it, but will respect it.

          • Michael Dewey

            When a photo of a Soldier calling for more wars, claims Jesus is Lord, I only figure he does not know what the prince of peace is about in these latter days. The world has had close to 2000 years or more of war, and that should be enough.

          • Rick DeYoung

            From your diversionary response, I can only believe that you didn’t objectively read Ray’s post…..

          • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

            “I am sick to death of American right wing bigots.”

            And i’m sick of child molesting muslims and their supporters

          • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.
          • Aristophanes

            And I am sick to death of left wing wusses. Grow a pair, will you?

          • Michael Dewey

            Why do you send kids to kill and die for corporate profits? Hey how many nuts since Oklahoma City in 95, have killed how many. We would be safer by switching at least 75% of defence funds on rebuilding America. Guess you ain’t heard Merle Haggards song along that line, Youtube him it will blow your mind, or maybe open it.

          • Michael Dewey

            It takes more courage to stand for peace than to send kids to fight and die for Corporate profits. We could cut our military by 75% and still be safe. If we spent some of that on rebuilding America, we would also be safer from some of the nuts who can’t take it anymore.

        • Sarriah

          Read the koran, you idiot, and actually see what is in there. Muslims worship the moon god and in Yemen, muslim men, routinely marry and take to bed young girls years before puberty such as the 8 yr old who died due to internal injures from intercourse with her husband who is three times her age… this is in the news right now. Even Mohammad took a girl that was that young to bed married her at 6 and took her at 9 I believe but you can check that out for yourself as it is in the koran!

        • wolfdsm

          you have no say in this matter. you live in Belgium now so keep your nose out of it.

        • Aristophanes

          Wow, that explains it. Belgium. Enough said.
          Wait, not done. Why are you getting involved in American politics? I bet you would be the first to complain about America getting invoived in other country’s problems (and THAT I would agree with you, I am an isolationist).

          • Michael Dewey

            We have been Married since July 11 2012, with a couple trips back and forth due to paper work bs. I’d like to see America’s Health as good as it is here in Belgium, so that we could live there. Europe treats people much more human than what I have called a Police State that America has been for long enough. Only thing that trickles down in the states of confusion is more regulations on the people. Over 20+ years my friends have felt that. Since you asked, Though things are more relaxed here, my wife who married me, loves my family.

            I said I loved seeing over a million bikers in DC. Can I correct myself a bit by saying, they should have been out there when OWS was occupying where ever they could, rather than a senseless fear of Islam. There is a lot to fix on this melting pot flying through space and it starts with jailing the banksters oppressing the world..

            Iceland sort of did it but it is a small Island. Wish you would catch my drift, for there has never been so much on the line. And its not about Muslims who have every right to march, thanks to there being no law made about religion nor will there be any religious test to hold Political Office.

      • Michael Dewey

        Iraq had nothing what so ever to do with 911. You must agree with Albright that over half a million children who died in Iraq during the 90s was worth it! Bush wanted to Bomb Iraq, which was an International crime, for he broke American and International law by not going through the U.N.’s Security. That is a fact!

    • John

      Michael you are on the wrong page. The Islam religion is a religion of hate.

    • jrboozer

      Misunderstanding islam????? It was muslims who used our planes to kill 3 thousand innocent Americans on 9/11… It was muslims who planted bombs to kill and injure innocent americans in Boston… Muslims who murdered Americans at Benghazi on 9/11… Muslims have murdered 21,564 people around the world SINCE 9/11… Over the past 1400 years, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people.
      It is the muslim brotherhood, that has a documented plan for the destruction of America from within..
      Read more at http://janmorganmedia.com/2013/09/911-bikers-versus-islam-dc/#AOfRmKYC5JXBsLMr.99
      Nuff said!!

    • Dave

      Our government is corrupt. Our soldiers are following orders. I’m a history buff too. I liken this to the response Black Jack Pershing had to the Mullahs in 1911. He was following orders in the Philippines, was fired upon, and his soldiers were forced to defend themselves, period! Our country has been repeatedly attacked by Jihadists, both here and abroad. The conclusion is simple. No misunderstanding here at all. The Muslim community is reaping what it has sewn.

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.

      Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.

      Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’

      When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to ‘the reasonable’ Muslim demands for their ‘religious rights,’ they also get the other components under the table. Here’s how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).

      As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:

      United States — Muslim 1.0%
      Australia — Muslim 1.5%
      Canada — Muslim 1.9%
      China — Muslim 1%-2%
      Italy — Muslim 1.5%
      Norway — Muslim 1.8%

      At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:

      Denmark — Muslim 2%
      Germany — Muslim 3.7%
      United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
      Spain — Muslim 4%
      Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

      From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

      They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).

      France — Muslim 8%
      Philippines — Muslim 5%
      Sweden — Muslim 5%
      Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
      The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
      Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

      At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

      When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

      Guyana — Muslim 10%
      India — Muslim 13.4%
      Israel — Muslim 16%
      Kenya — Muslim 10%
      Russia — Muslim 10-15%

      After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:
      Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

      At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:

      Bosnia — Muslim 40%
      Chad — Muslim 53.1%
      Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

      From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:

      Albania — Muslim 70%
      Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
      Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
      Sudan — Muslim 70%

      After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:

      Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
      Egypt — Muslim 90%
      Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
      Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
      Iran — Muslim 98%
      Iraq — Muslim 97%
      Jordan — Muslim 92%
      Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
      Pakistan — Muslim 97%
      Palestine — Muslim 99%
      Syria — Muslim 90%
      Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
      Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
      United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

      100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace — there’s supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim:

      Afghanistan — Muslim 100%
      Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%
      Somalia — Muslim 100%
      Yemen — Muslim 99.9%

      Of course, that’s not the case. To satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

      ‘Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel. – Leon Uris, ‘The Haj’

      It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France, the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.

      • Michael Dewey

        Hey, instead of exporting warm lets export Thanks Giving Dinners all over the world? If they don’t like Turkey and all the fixing let them eat and call it what ever they want. America, thanks to as we are told we won the Cold War, has spent so much on Guns and Bombs, that its cities are in big trouble. And I ask, over 20 year we are told we won the Cold War, why does the Bomb still exist?

        My religion is Rock and Roll, as my wife’s is too. It does look to me as if most all religions have gone wrong. So lets all take enough time off to enjoy ourselves, while shutting down the Bankster who cause most of the crap nobody likes?

        • Michael Dewey

          My dream is to fulfill Isaiah 23:17-18 and 24:21-24 where the kings of the earth are thrown in jail and the profits of this Beautiful Planet are used for food and fine clothing for those who need it. Then we can have that big party of Isaiah 25, where we Celebrate Thanks Giving Diners of being passed over the insanity of our times.. That will be when the veil will be lifted from all nations eyes, and they understand what they have never heard before.-That last part about understanding has to be what is meant at the end of Isaiah 52.”-mcd

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      In the past 1400 years, muslims have murdered over 270 million people.

      Since 9/11, muslims have committed over 20 thousand deadly terror attacks.

      These murders have nothing to do with foreign policy and everything to do
      with the 109 dictates in their koran to murder all people who refuse to submit
      or convert to islam. Isalm will never peacefully coexist in any nation or with
      any other culture or religion. It’s past time to hold islam and those who align
      themselves with this barbaric theocracy/terrorist organization accountable
      for its bloody trail through history.

      • Michael Dewey

        In the Promised Land White Man killed over 500 million and broke ever treaty ever made with the Sioux and has Pine Ridge to starve!

        • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

          I love Christmas lights! They remind me of…..
          “the people who voted for Obama…….”

          They all hang together; half of them don’t work,
          and the ones that do, aren’t all that bright!

        • You are a Zinnzombie…

    • Raymond – Jesus is Lord.

      Gang of Muslim savages attack TV News crew who were doing a story about radicalization of young Muslims


    • JJM123

      Just guessing that Butler fought in WWI. Fought for Corporate Profit OR to aide our allies? Must call him a liar too.

  • scrappy

    Good job bikers I support yall

  • Lynne Spencer

    But it ISN’T Muslims who did this!!! It is AL QUAEDA that did it!!! Not MUSLIMS!!! Get it together!!!!

    • Liberty1776

      All Muslims believe in the Koran, the Koran teaches domination by killing. SO yes it is all Muslims, stop being so Politically correct.

      • That’s the point these idiots just can’t get through their pea brains.

    • rikker45

      but then al quaeda is made up of “muslims”.

    • rikker45

      the muslim brother hood has a set of plans to take over the U.S. and make us all muslims, or behead us as infidels.

    • Robert

      you don’t believe that lie do you? recommend more research – way more research. start here for factual muslim atrocities, but don’t stop there that will just be the start. best of luck to you especially when you see what happens in the next few years. shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/obamas-syrian-rebels-dismember-a-little-christian-girl-while-she-was-alive/

      • Lynne Spencer

        Read my reply to Bill Klinton…

    • Bill Klinton

      Sorry, but the type of person of why we’re in this heap of crap to begin with. Islam is not peaceful. The small number who do these things are never spoken out against by other muslims. Why? Because for the most part, they believe it is okay and called for. Wake up, stop caring if you offend someone. How about being offended that our freedom and way of life is being threatened by these types of people and our own government? That should get you even more you dolt!

      • Lynne Spencer

        Let me ask you all… How many of you believe that what Martin Luther King did was what he should have done by protesting the treatment of americans towards blacks? And how many of you believe that the way you all treated blacks was more then fine???? And finally… It is YOUR attitudes, and ignorant of facts, that promotes and expands racism!!!! Most Muslims DISTANCED themselves from the actions of a fascist few!!! Just like Germans did with Hitler!!! Think about it and get off your high horses! Cut them open and they bleed red just like you!

        • bitterrootbill

          Ahh…The race card slides across the felt once again. Kool-aid drinkers credo: No matter what the conversation, label them racists. You liberals/progressives are SO predictable.

    • DonnyB

      Not all Muslims are Al Quaeda, but all Al Quaeda are Muslims. See above.

    • higgy01

      Who do you think al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezboula and the rest are if not muslims. Read the teachings of Mohammed and Sharia law and jihad which all true believers in Islam subscribe to and then say it isn’t muslims.

      • Lynne Spencer

        Read my reply to Bill Klinton

    • daveachicagoareajamerican

      Show me evidence of Muslims discouraging violent behavior. Show me evidence of any Muslim group condemning 9/11, Benghazi, the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon in the 1980s, Pan Am 103, the dozens suicide bombings in Israel, the bombing of the disco in Bali, the explosion in the WTC parking garage, the train bombing in London, the beheading of the British soldier in London…and more. Where is the outcry from the Muslim community? Are they sticking up for their fellow Muslims by staying silent? Or are they too afraid to speak out?

    • lraivala

      And all muslims support and cover for Al Qaeda. prove me wrong. Name one incidence that was prevented because a muslim came forward and said I know of someone building a bomb and is acting strangely, or better yet, name one iman that has openly stated to his masses this is wrong we need to stop this stuff.
      So go back and put on your towel a little tighter as it might hold what little brains you have in the right place.
      Screw you.

    • Doc


  • Learning2Farm

    There is so much more to this than has been told. Interesting reading:



    https://www.facebook.com/1Exmo (Monsanto Exposed fb page)

    • ilhunter

      Try and focus…..Islam sucks. Too complex for you?

      • Learning2Farm

        Sorry for the links – apparently they’re too complex for you.

  • Learning2Farm

    There is so much more coming to light as time passes regarding 9.11. Here are a couple of links for example.


  • Jed54

    I wish I would have kept my mini bike ……. =^)

  • militarymother

    LETS ROLL……………………… RIDE FREE;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;RIDE SAFE

  • C. Bennett

    Thank you and Ride safe! Love from the LBK!

  • Johnny Geetar

    Down with Dune Coon-ism. Never met a towel top i had any use for…….

  • JOHN

    Dan, Where is your balls. Why don’t you say this to one of them in their face. You Jane Fonda loving lib. You will be picking your ass off the street.


    Just one more offer of thanks to these bikers who have the guts to do something more than just talk. Thanks for taking a stand and taking action.

  • americaisfucked

    Little kids on big wheels causing a minor stir in the neighborhood

    • ilhunter

      I can sense where you came up with your handle. Few ragheads cause big traffic jams.

    • Janet

      FIND U

      • americaisfucked

        who me? i did 11 yrs in the AF bitch

  • Kenneth Duncan

    I hear that there were 25 muslims that showed up. Good job bikers.

  • wdcraftr

    Next time get the Truckers to join too.. That would be awesome… 10 mile convoy through Washington.. Hope they don’t accidentally knock down Pelosi’s house while they are there, just to see what’s in it..

    • ilhunter

      Truckers! Clog the DC cesspool!!! Crud, now I gotta get a bike and a truck!

      • J. Brown

        Could employ a few workers short term, it’s a beginning.

    • Dan Sparks


    • hdwoman

      Great idea!!!!!!

  • A nice showing, but in the end what is it going to accomplish? The Muslims are here practicing their faith (and sometimes their terrorism) thanks to the framers’ polytheistic enabling (aka First Commandment violating) First Amendment.

    When the framers replaced the monotheistic First Commandment (as found intact in some of the 1600 Colonial Constitutions) with the polytheistic First Amendment, America was very quickly transformed from what had been a predominately monotheistic Christian nation to the most polytheistic (including Islam and its god Allah) to exist, with the possible exception of the Roman Empire.

    Consequently, while the bikers’ intentions were noble, until Americans (particularly Christians) realize what they’ve done to us and the genesis of it all, the Muslims are here to stay.

    See blog article “Swallowing Camels… Pt. 8: Article 6’s Christian Test Ban and Its Polytheistic Repercussions” at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/swallowing-camels-pt-8/, followed by “Swallowing Camels… Pt. 9: Amendment 1’s Government-Sanctioned Polytheism.”

  • MIK in IA

    Hurray!!! And have a safe trip home.

  • billconner

    Bold colors fly them true

  • rog363

    One thing you have to admit about Bikers, be they Republican, Independent, Democrat, whatever, they are all truly American first.



      • Mnauha

        Someone at your nearest Harley Dealer probably has one of those side seaters you could ride in grampa…never too old! God bless you!

    • Jeff Cavender

      Absolutely rog363!!! We are and will remain God and
      America first!!!

  • Janet


  • ilhunter

    I’m without a bike right now but with them in spirit and heart. The lack of news coverage is the next fork in the evil triad, congress the third.

  • higgy01

    “Unfair fear of muslims”. It was a muslim suicide bomber that murdered 243 Marines in their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. It was one or more muslim terrorists that tried to bomb the New York Twin Towers in 1993. That, along with the successful destruction in 2001 was planned by Osama bin Laden. It was a muslim terrorist that killed 13 and injured 30 at Ft. Hood while he shouted allah Akbar. And most recently again on 9/11 4 American citizens were massacred in Benghazi. In none of these incidents did the so-called American muslim population offer condolence or to help in finding the perpetrators. Instead, they wanted to erect a mosque next to the New York devastation to celebrate their success. These people also want to replace the United States Constitution with the barbaric Sharia law. And they claim our apprehension of muslims is unfair and unfounded.

  • Dave

    This is why I’m a biker!

  • higgy01

    Who? You, the AMPAC or both?

  • Formerparatrooper

    Thank God for people like these guys. Who stand up for what is good and right. To hell with the park police who would only issue pa permit to a Muslim group. It must be the Brotherhood from inside the White House pulling the strings.

    • Hoodoo H

      You ot that right, Brother.
      ALL THE WAY !!!
      GOD Bless America !

  • Richard C Peeples Jr


  • James

    I wish I could ride with them. I will stand with the last true American left in this country. This is only group that still has guts to stand up for rights.

    • Rexas

      Not the only group there is a lot of US and we include them as they do us.

  • Devilrider

    And remember, in Wisconsin there are more than 600,000 armed hunters. In Michigan, more than 700,000. Throughout the nation, more than 30,000,000 armed hunters. This does not include shootists, gun collectors, hobbyists, and other gun enthusiasts,. In short, if we assume that each hunter only has 4 firearms (which is laughable), that would mean more than 120,000,000 firearms in the nation ready to take on the Muslims. That number would more likely be closer to 1 BILLION firearms in the country.

    • nam_vet6869

      A sharpshooter with a rifle behind every blade of grass from California to Maine.

      • BD

        Use pig fat to lube your tools, nuts & bolts. Search for sbgo online.



    • BD

      750,000 hunting license issued in Pa. Florida has near a million active carry permits.

    • Jeff Cavender

      Ab so freakin lute ly!!! Think about how many that Texans have!!! I have to bid farewell to the _____ that think we will lay down and go silently into the night!!! Welcome to Texas Jan Morgan, you are more than welcome!!!!

    • Garry

      that would work fine if their agenda was invasion, however the plan is to send “refugees” in droves to get legal residency and/or citizenship then vote in a muslim government. time consuming but effective. These refugees have legitimate reasons to flee their countries but they bring their problems with them, the chief problem being the muslim faith.

  • John b

    Let us hope that we vote the correct way from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kekki

      That’s the problem…. the correct way is outside of the two party system and people in this country are too brainwashed to think outside of the box. The Dems and Repubs are all one in the same. A corporate funded puppet Government.

  • Myrtle Linder

    And Muslims running and destroying our country. On thing about bikers you can depend on them to defend those they love, they will not hide from the truth. They are not cowards, they will stand true to country and her citizens.

  • LFRD

    1400 year war between both of them (Shias & Sunnis) and they hate each other more than they hate Israel.
    Shias are Persian and more educated and intelligent –Iran
    Sunnis are Arabian–Obama is Sunni Muslin

  • Doc

    What ever happened to the muslim march?

  • Doc

    Muslims who refuse to clean their own house can expect to be swept out with the rest of the trash!

  • Geoff Gray

    Smack Down to the Million … Er … 25 Muzzies that dared show … And Smack Down to the O!


    Find those towelheads and stomp mudholes in their Muzzie asses boys…then go for the head monkey in office and put his ass in a cage where he belongs along with his buddy Joe and his transvestite bitch Moochie…

  • Greg T Albers

    Jan , I think you should run for President and have Judge Jeanine Pirro as your VP !

  • Glenn Green

    Islam is an evil false religion of murder and death and we do not want it here in America ever.

  • Michael Dewey

    Good bye but will leave you with a hard to believe truth in this blog.

    I very hard story to believe, but can help times like these days after the good news has been told all over the world, by revealing it’s all going to happen in the flesh this time, as it also did 2000 years ago. Too many people are looking up to the sky.

    This photo is going to turn out to good to be true. What it’s about is what was kept secret in Daniel 8:26 to be revealed in these latter days. In Daniel 8:9-14 stars and hosts were dragged out of heaven, by the horn which is today’s establishment, and born as human beings who have been getting trampled ever since birth. The stars and hosts were angels that were born as human beings.

    The good news of the Gospel has been preached all to all Nations so we are living near better days to come. The only thing that needs to be preached is the eternal gospel of Revelations 14, which is to fear god and give him glory, which to me, is to do deeds of compassion for those in need, which is true worship. Have as much fun as you can along this road of life while ya at it.


    Though I must tell you I am the prince of Daniel 12:1 who is the child of Revelations 12. The words I sung in 1994, to Little Texas’s God Blessed Texas, “Rocking down angels from the promised land,” woke me up, when I said, “That is what happened. We all came down from above. Boy have we been sold some trash about these latter days.”

    How about if we get Churches together in Communities, to hold a year of Jubilee right now? While a few times a week we celebrate being passed over the insanity of our leaders. This Space Cowboy believes it’s time to fulfill Isaiah 23:17-18, 24:21-24 where kings are thrown in jail and profits are used for that huge celebration in Isaiah 25, when the veil will be lifted off of all Nations’ mind’s eyes. That has to be when they will understand what they have never heard before as is written at the end of Isaiah 52.

  • Just Dave

    God Bless the Bikers!

  • The Bob

    Thank you Bikers. Please remember this fact, for each biker that made it, there were hundreds of Citizens that wanted to be there also, but were unable to make the trip. There must be a vanguard and today the bikers were it, they have the courage to lead, now we the citizen must have the courage to follow. Ride On.

  • Jim Maerk

    Proud of all the Bikers, God Bless Them and God Bless America!!!!

  • Connie

    I’m proud of these bikers. More people need to stand up and stop being afraid of offending Muslims. What about offending Americans? Thank you Jan for your strong voice. Too bad you can’t be cloned! Lol

  • jcwink

    Would like bikers to be elected to the US Congress!

    • KellyKAFIR

      Can you just imagine if some candy ass like Miss Lindsay started his crap and there were bikers in Congress? HAHAHAHAH



  • sherri

    damn, i live those bikers

  • sherri

    love those bikers

  • coastx

    Bikers formed a theater. Islam studied your behavior. There arms are bunkered in nearby Mosques. YOURS are locked away in gun safes and unreachable. THEY are in the Philippines in mission creep to the US. YOU are holding a motorcycle protest. America is the happy idiot culture of the universe. Amazingly stupid, you are doing a protest when you really need to be doing SYG. Just you’re too lazy to do the former. SYG training isn’t fun. It’s hard work. Mirrors and Brylcreem for YOU, America. Your day is coming!

    • American man

      Yea, right. We have been held back for too long. Amazing how Americans can do hard work when pushed.

      • coastx

        Ruby Ridge, Waco, OC, 911, Deepwater Horizon… Lots of push. Only 20% of registered voters in the US elected Obama. Figure THAT one out. This is hard work? This is lazy. Brylcreem award for being an American playah!

  • Stephen Smith

    why are we still at war with afganistan and iraq? why are we still there? bring home our troops, we need them here more than over there. disfund department of homeland security. hire more border guards. did we not win both of the wars over in the middle east already? would save how much a day not to have them there. spend the money over here doing better things..than over there. thank you to all the bikers that showed up in dc today…it is a shot over the bow of the current members of congress and obama boat. get some spine.

  • Colin Nunn

    America! HELL YEAH!

  • Yves Choquette

    USA sick to the bone. What are you going to do? Declare war to the 30 millions of Muslims in usa?

    I’ll give you a clue; ask your government to stop supporting the apartheid state of israel and force them to frankly negotiate with Palestinians. Ask your government to stop invading muslim country especially ones like Iraq who hope you know if your not too ignorant, have no MDW and no, was not involved at all in 9/11.

    • American man

      mdw? You are one stupid bastard!

    • KellyKAFIR

      There is no apartheid in Israel. And there are NOT 30 million Muslims in this country… that is YOUR country, Frenchy. Get your white flag ready again… We’ll come bail your stupid socialist asses out again just like WWI and WWII

    • cobalt_blue

      And Israel has TRIED TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE PALESTINIANS. They gave them everything the Palestinians wanted except one thing- the destruction of Israel. Your ignorance is astounding.

  • DTMax65

    God Bless the true patriotic spirit shown by the bikers of America God Bless all and thank you

  • Ralph43

    Because of them, politicians had to listen to us when we said NO to Syria and Obama had to back water. Thank you all who were there and those that were there in spirit.

  • KellyKAFIR

    Only one correction to the article: there have been over 20,000 attacks by Muslims in the world since 9/11…

  • Starr

    that wasn’t what this ride was about. it was about TAKING BACK OUR NATION, TELLING ALL in district of corruption that you MAY think we are NOT paying attention or in the know, BUT we are watching & we ready to stand up, say enough is enough..No matter what you FEED us on your bullshit MSM. We know about Benagazi & we want answers…WE have an idea what your on about in Syria…thank you to all the bikers who came out today, it been a long time coming, i was losing faith in our country & starting believe most americans are sheeple.

    Oh one more thing, it was also REMEMBERING the ONES who have been taken on both sides…in all unjust wars or acts of terror…for ALL the family’s who lost love ones, it’s NOT about what religion you are…and it seems like you haven’t read the 9-11 reports, reg that this was an inside job. Keep in mind, that your beliefs/religion don’t make you who are BUT YOUR ACTIONS do. We all bleed the same, we all turn to dust & we are made of the stars. When you start realizing that we are one, the world would be better place.


  • Jeffrey

    I thought it was the US government that blew up the World Trade Center, and the US government that bombed the Boston Marathon, and a US Government employee (via US Army) that shot up Fort Hood.

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      Satire? (I hope)


        Actually he’s not joking. The first may very well be true. Check out what was in building 6 and 7 (especially 7 – its important), and check out who bought WT1, 2, 5, 6, and 7. Its suspicious to say in the least.

        For the second, im not sure. I don’t think so.

        And yes, the third *is* correct. A US Army man was a Muslim convert and killed several at Ft Hood.

        He is definitely not joking.

  • Melanie Graham

    You Americans think that you are better than everyone else in the world. That you are good, proud Christians and that makes you right about everything. Well it is sentiment like these expressed in this article and in the comments that is what is wrong with the world. You are breeding hate creating an environment of intolerance and prejudice instead of acceptance and understanding. Muslims are being painted by the same brush, lumped together as all the same, all terrorists, all out to attack innocent Americans. Well guess what they aren’t all by any means. What happened on 9/11was a true tragedy and by no means did any of the people that died that day deserve to die, it was a great loss but do you really think that Muslims are the only ones who have killed thousands of people? People have been killing other people forever in the name of religion, wars have been started in the name of Catholicism, Christianity, Protestantism, etc, Christians have killed countless people in the name of their faith yet if this was a protest saying all Christians or Catholics or pretty much any other religion besides Muslim, the protesters would be called “anti-American” and there would thousands of comments on here with people screaming prejudice and calling for action. The people that died that day should be honoured and remembered but what about the thousands of innocent Muslim people who have died as a direct result of the war that started after 9/11? Who is grieving them? Who is screaming injustice and marching on their behalf? We are all part of the same world and having rallies against an entire group for what only some of its members did is wrong.

    • cobalt_blue

      Most religions have outgrown violence and death. But daily Muslims around the world kill and rape anyone not them. Come on, when they push the Buddhists to violence you know they are doing something bad. And for the record and for the most part WE ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. Get over it.
      And I’m not a Christian, I’m a Heathen, and I know what Muslims do to polythesist- just ask the Hindus in India.

      • Melanie Graham

        It is attitudes like that which proves your ignorance and that you are not better than others

        • cobalt_blue

          Facts are facts. You can’t seem to deal with the concept that Islam is a violent evil religion not fit for any free man, nor with American exceptionalism. When whatever crap hole you’re from puts a man on the moon and brings him back safely, come talk to me about being as good as Americans. When your craptastic culture saves the world, not once but twice, come talk to me. When your culture unites the world comet talk to me. Until then you sound like the little yappy dog trying to annoy a big one.

          • Melanie Graham

            No matter what you all are arguing that Islam is a religion of hate and
            that they are terrible because they are attacking people. I am not
            refuting that some have done some terrible things, what i am saying is
            that so have Americans. You mean to tell me there are no murderers in
            America? No rapists? no extremists, what about Oklahoma bombings, or all
            the school shootings? You guys are perfect? But nobody is saying it is
            the entire group of you, because that would be unfair just as you are
            being. All of these comments painting Muslims by the same brush is
            horrendous. And what are you all suggesting, that we exterminate them?
            Get rid of anyone who practices that Muslim religion? Because that
            sounds familiar, final solution ring any bells? The Nazi’s tried it and
            it didn’t work (thank god) because who is to decide who is worthy and
            who is not, surely not you. An entire group of people cannot just be
            obliterated because you disagree with their religion. Aren’t you
            supposed to live in the “home of the brave” and “the land of the free”
            so according to you that means free as long as you conform to what you
            believe. The individual and group of Muslims who are extremists and
            killing senselessly should be stopped no question, but not all Muslims
            are extremists. And Crap hole? I am not from a crap hole you ignorant, arrogant, person who
            has a bloated sense of American worth. You know nothing about me and yet
            you think you are the expert on this and that i am not fit to talk
            about it because I am not an American so therefore must be worthless.
            Well you are wrong, every person in this world deserves to be treated
            equally and fairly and just because you believe in this idea that
            somehow because of where you were born you deserve better than someone
            who was born in a different country makes you wrong. I am not going to
            argue with you anymore though, because I have read your other replies
            and I can respect people who argue out of knowledge or reason, I cannot
            respect you because you believe your ideas and opinions are
            the only ones that truly matter, you are ignorant and have an
            inflated self worth and argue based on hate. And I am Canadian by the
            way, not from some “craptastic culture” and am proud of it because I
            know I am from a privileged country who does good in the world without
            resorting to war at every turn and also know that I am lucky to have
            been born in the developed world but understand that my good fortune of
            where i was born does not automatically denote that I am better than
            those who weren’t. You could learn something from other “craptastic cultures” if you would ever stop talking and listen.

          • cobalt_blue

            You are proceeding from the false premise that all cultures are equal. They are not. To compare ANY western civilization to the backwards 7th century culture that is Islam is simply a joke. As for Cananda: Ah yes, Canada the 51st through 61st States of the USA (Nobody wants to claim Quebec.)

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      Uh, Mel, they attacked us. The worldwide Muslim community DID NOT mount an effort to find and remove these radicals from their ranks. Muslim congregations all over the world, including most in the US have been solicited for support of the radical Muslim Terrorists. When they do not separate themselves from the radicals; when they allow the radicals to live among them, they are going to be collateral damage…in both attacks against the radicals and the radical’s attacks against the “infidels.” It is the radical Muslims who use women and children as shields. It is the radical Muslims who set up their gun and rocket emplacements in residential neighborhoods hoping to use the death of those killed, when there are retaliation strikes, as news media fodder to raise world opinion against the US, Israel, and the other infidels.

      If they allow the wolves to live in their homes with them, the non-terrorist Muslim can expect little support when they are injured when the wolf-killers kick in the door!

  • foxxybey

    I wish I still had my bike, would have joined them. Anything to put down the Islamic idiot’s who worship the devil and do his will from their lying book the Quran, they need to obey our laws or go back to the dark ages they crawled out from. Their religion is one of hate, murder and rape and they prove it everyday and need to join their little god in the lake of fire if they don’t change.

  • john wharrier

    these guys are the backbone of the moral majority of America. the politicians certainly are not.



  • mattydma

    Bikers, who have a long history of being associated with gang violence, Nazism, and the Aryan Brotherhood. Such patriots, standing up for the rights of downtrodden white middle class males.

  • john wharrier

    The war begins at home to stop the surge of passive extremists jihadists mass producing,. putting up mosques taking over your towns and suburbs, increasing their vote power, with the intention of obliterating their host culture. while your crusader president distracts and appears to champion freedom overseas. Wake Up America!!

    • kekki

      They’ve already taken over parts of Western Europe. Men are beaten and women are spat upon in Muslim neighborhoods in London. In Parts of Sweden, they throw rocks and bricks at ambulances when passing through “their territories.” This is the new world we live in. Muslim leaders abroad have openly commented that they will not stop until their laws are recognized and they successfully conquer/convert the countries they keep occupying. This is fact.

  • tom

    ride on brothers wish i could be there im supporting our troops in Qatar wish i could be there

  • Lilia

    The issue I have with this entire article and attitude toward Muslims is the blatant disregard for the fact that this isn’t something that 100% of Muslims are involved with. Not every single person practicing this religion is doing so to conspire against America…it’s true that many attacks were done by Muslims under anti-American agendas, but it’s really regressive to place that kind of blame on the religion as a whole.

    Maybe if people stopped using their differences as a scapegoat to discriminate against each other, the world would be in a better place. Because you know what? THAT’S been going on since long before the current major religions were established. The violence we have towards each other isn’t about religion, it’s about the intolerance of people who aren’t the same. How sad is that? And here we are, as Americans behaving no better than the people who “supposedly” practice hatred and violence against all non-muslims. Because yeah, even though you yourself aren’t droning innocent people in the Middle East, it’s still our American dollars that are funding it. And even though you didn’t really go into detail about what this protest was even supposed to accomplish (I’m guessing to say that a lot of people really hate Muslims and they should leave??) it’s still bigotry and a social injustice to people who have just as every right to live in this country as you and me.

    • cobalt_blue

      Three thousand Americans were not killed twelve years ago by Amish. Boston wasn’t bombed by Shakers. Muslims are blamed because ISLAM IS TO BLAME. That’s just reality.

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      Lilia, let’s keep it simple, not every Muslim is a terrorist, but virtually every terrorist is a Muslim. If the “bad” Muslims are a small portion of the world wide population of Muslims then why don’t the ~90% + who claim to disagree with them, control them? The DISTINCT impression, judging by the numbers in the middle eastern streets on 9/11 doing their vocal throat warble of approval, is that a MAJORITY are cheer leaders for “Team Islamist.”

  • Ralph AFruggiero

    proud of my brothers and sisters in leather.was not there in body but was in spirit and pride.hope to get notice sooner if and when it happens again.will be there or die trying.
    ride on ride safe ride strong.

  • jujulynn

    God bless the Bikers

  • MrBobDiaz

    God Bless the Bikers!!!

  • Jay Walker

    “Posting Policy: We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.”

    Funny, but you’ll have tolerance for these things being put on your site in the first place. Christianity is responsible for just as many deaths as Islam, esp. considering the Crusades, the Inquisition, Nazi Germany, & the KKK, yet it’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid of Muslims? It wasn’t Muslims that did those horrible things recognized in the beginning of this post; it was terrorists using their faith as a BS excuse, just like Christians have done. This wasn’t my understanding of the mission behind the bikers’ ride; if it was, in fact, protest to the Muslims, now I understand why they didn’t get a permit. People like you just don’t understand that voicing ideas like this is as un-American as the terrorists’ beliefs; you’re helping them win by believing & spreading such hatred.

    • cobalt_blue

      The crusades were in response to the Muslim invasion of Europe. Islam is not s fit religion for a free man, and has NO place in modern society. As for Nazi Germany, that was a socialist/leftist movement, and the KKK is the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.

      • Jay Walker

        A) even Wikipedia, of all places, gets its info re: the Crusades more correct than you. B) Don’t speak on what Islam is/isn’t, unless you’ve studied it. C) It doesn’t matter whether it was left/right wing; it was still Christian & White. D) Oh, the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party, the party that PROMOTES immigration reform & is BACKED by unions, the party that put a BLACK man on the POTUS ticket at all, never mind got him into the office? Well, that just clarifies everything! Never mind everything else I said; it’s obvious you’re on something & can’t be trusted as coherent.

        • cobalt_blue

          Sorry, but the historical facts are what they are. The Crusades were in response to the muslim invasion of Europe that didn’t end until 1492 when they were finally forced out of Spain. Although it should be noted that a certain Wallachian Prince did a bang up job of keeping them out of his country until he was betrayed.

          And the KKK was created by Nathan Bedford Forrest and other southern democrats to be the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.

          And for the record, the Democrat Party is the party that has been infiltrated by communists spies and plants since FDR. It would seem that Joe McCarthy was right.

          I’m afraid your ignorance of history is laughable.

  • Gordon Harvey

    I do not fear muslims, I detest them.
    Regardless of the actual number of bikers on the ride, there are 100,000,000 other Americans who wish they were there and thank God for the bikers who were there in our stead.
    Wherever the muslim demonstration was, I hoped that the bikers would ride directly through it.
    Lock & Load people while you still have dry powder.

  • RJ

    Thanks for posting this great article Jan.Not only are you absolutely beautiful you are incredibly intelligent.I am so bummed that I was unable to make the ride.By the grace of God maybe it’ll happen again next year and I can.
    I totally agree with you-the gov’t is corrupt and We The People need to clean house on a local,state and federal level.Toss out EVERY incumbent and start over.God Bless America.OORAH!

  • Fr Jim Rosselli

    This is fantastic! Congratulations and blessings to all the 9/11 Riders. May the Lord (the
    real One) be with you and protect you and see you safely home.

    Makes me wish I could afford a motorcycle.

  • pointman49

    I believe a new American Tradition has been born & I am incredibly proud to see it~!
    “THE AMERICAN PRIDE RIDE~WE DON’T FEAR YOU”!~~Muslims or this Government~!!
    Viet~Nam Vet
    USA,1st Avn Bge
    2 Corps, Tour 69-70

  • I need me a bike. Time to go shopping.

  • freedom of speech

    I had posted on FB but a co-worker took offense with this, so I deleted it. It was a group of radical Muslims that brought war to this country with never firing a shot, yet began bringing America down. I just don’t trust many.

    • KaraChu

      Is the co-worker your boss? If not, then why let him censor your freedom of speech?

    • dan3333333333

      Flock your co-worker!

  • Yousef

    I am a muslim and I love America. Throughout the world, atrocities are committed by all powers, though we choose to respond only to the things which directly effect us. I hope one day the messages of peace in the Quran will surface, and we will stop destroying each other for natural resources.

  • Donnie Smith

    its about time someone makes a stand for what our fore fathers built this nation and our constitution on. hopefully they will make a mark its the values of this country that make it such a great place to live. Just a down home redneck hillbilly out of the hills of tennessse but will never let the politics of Washington define the way I live. YA,LL HEAR ME NOW!!!

  • Lin Latt
  • Lin Latt



    (Book 17, Number 4212:

    Ibn Umar reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) stoned
    to death the Jews, both male and female, who had committed adultery.
    The Jews brought them to Allah’s Messenger (may peace he upon him). The
    rest of the hadith is the same.

    Book 17, Number 4216:

    Jabir b.’Abdullah reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him)
    stoned (to death) a person from Banu Aslam, and a Jew and his wife.)

    မိန္းမဆိုတာ သဘာ၀ကိုကနစ္နာၿပီးသားပါ ခဲနဲ႔ထုသတ္တာလြန္ပါတယ္ ကေလးချမာသနားဖို႔ေကာင္းတယ္ဗ်ာ
    မိဘမဲ့ျဖစ္ရတဲ့ျပစ္ဒဏ္ပါသင့္တာေပါ့ ခဲနဲ႔ထုသတ္တာ အစၥလာမ့္လမ္းစဥ္မဟုတ္ဖူး အမုိက္ေခတ္က
    လူဆိုးလူရမ္းကားေတြလုပ္တာပါဆို မာမူတို႔

    Book 17, Number 4205:

    He (the narrator) said : Then a woman of Ghamid, a branch of Azd, came
    to him and said: Messenger of of Allah, purify me, whereupon he said :
    Woe be upon you ; go back and beg forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him
    in repentance. She said : I find that you intend to send me back as you
    sent back Ma’iz. b. Malik. He (the Holy, Prophet) said : What has
    happened to you ? She said that she had become pregnant as a result of
    fornication. He (the Holy Prophet) said : Is it you (who has done that) ?
    She said : Yes. He (the Holy Prophet) said to her : (You will not be
    punished) until you deliver what is there in your womb. One of the Ansar
    became responsible for her until she was delivered (of the child). He
    (that Ansari) came to Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) and said
    the woman of Ghamid has given birth to a child. He (the Holy Prophet)
    said : In that case we shall not stone her and so leave her infant with
    none to suckle him. One of the Ansar got up and said : Allah’s Apostle,
    let the responsibility of his suckling be upon me. She was then stoned
    to death.

    Book 17, Number 4206:
    ‘Abdullah b. Buraida
    reported on the authority of his father that Ma’iz b. Malik al-Aslami
    came to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said : Allah’s
    Messenger, I have wronged myself ; I have committed adultery and I
    earnestly desire that you should purify me. He turned him away. On the
    following day, he (Ma’iz) again came to him and said : Allah’s
    Messenger, I have committed adultery. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be
    upon him) turned him away for the second time, and sent him to his
    people saying: Do you know if there is anything wrong with his mind.
    They denied of any such thing in him and said: We do not know him but as
    a wise good man among us, so far as we can judge. He (Ma’iz) came for
    the third time, and he (the Holy Prophet) sent him as he had done
    before. He asked about him and they informed him that there was nothing
    wrong with him or with his mind. When it was the fourth time, a ditch
    was dug for him and he (the Holy Prophet) pronounced judg- ment about
    him and he wis stoned. He (the narrator) said : There came to him (the
    Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said : Allah’s Messenger, I have
    committed adultery, so purify me. He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away.
    On the following day she said : Allah’s Messenger, Why do you turn me
    away ? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma’iz. By Allah, I
    have become pregnant. He said: Well, if you insist upon it, then go away
    until you give birth to (the child). When she was delivered she came
    with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said : Here is the child whom I
    have given birth to. He said : Go away and suckle him until you wean
    him. When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with
    the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said :
    Allah’s Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He
    (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then
    pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he
    commanded people and they stoned her.

    Book 17, Number 4209:

    Abu Huraira and Zaid b Khalid al-Juhani reported that one of the desert
    tribes came to Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said:
    Messenger of Allah, I beg of you in the name of Allah that you pronounce
    judgment about me according to the Book of Allah. The second claimant
    who was wiser than him said: Well, decide amongst us according to the
    Book of Allah, but permit me (to say something). Thereupon Allah’s
    Messenger (may peace be upon ham) said: Say. He said: My son was a
    servant in the house of this person and he committed adultery with his
    wife. I was informed that my son deserved stoning to death (as
    punishment for this offence). I gave one hundred goats and a slave girl
    as ransom for this. I asked the scholars (if this could serve as an
    expiation for this offence). They informed me that my son deserved one
    hundred lathes and exile for one year. and this woman deserved stoning
    (as she was married). Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace he upon
    him) said: By Him in Whose Hand is my life. I will decide between you
    according to the Book of Allah. The slave-girl and the goats should be
    given back, and your son is to be punished with one hundred lashes and
    exile for one year. And, O Unais (b. Zuhaq al-Aslami), go to this woman
    in the morning, and if she makes a confession, then stone her. He (the
    narrator) said: He went to her in the morning and she made a confession.
    And Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) made pronouncement about
    her and she was stoned to death.

    Book 17, Number 4196:
    Huraira reported that a person from amongst the Muslims came to Allah’s
    Messenger (may peace be upon him) while he was in the mosque. He called
    him saying: Allah’s Messenger. I have committed adultery. He (the Holy
    Prophet) turned away from him, He (again) came round facing him and said
    to him: Allah’s Messenger, I have committed adultery. He (the Holy
    Prophet) turned away until he did that four times, and as he testified
    four times against his own self, Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon
    him) called him and said: Are you mad? He said: No. He (again) said: Are
    you married ? He said: Yes. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be
    upon him) said : Take him and stone him. Ibn Shihab (one of the
    narrators) said: One who had heard Jabir b. ‘Abdullah saying this
    informed me thus: I was one of those who stoned him. We stoned him at
    the place of prayer (either that of ‘Id or a funeral). When the stones
    hurt him, he ran away. We caught him in the Harra and stoned him (to
    death). This hadith has been narrated through another chain of

    ဟစ္တလာလိုလူမ်ဳိးေတာင္ကိုယ္တုိင္လက္ျဖတ္ခ်င္မွျဖတ္မယ္ တမန္ေတာ္ကိုယ္တုိင္လက္ျဖတ္

    Book 17, Number 4175:

    ‘A’isha reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) cut off
    the hand of a thief for a quarter of a dinar rid upwards.

    တမန္ေတာ္ကိုယ္ေတာ္တိုင္ ဖိနပ္နဲ႔ရုိက္

    Book 17, Number 4230:

    Anas reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) used to
    strike forty times with shoes and palm branches (in case of drinking of)
    wine. The rest of the hadith is the same and there is no mention of
    pastures and towns.


    Book 17, Number 4185:

    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as
    saying: Let there be the curse of Allah upon the thief who steals an egg
    and his hand is cut off, and steals a rope and his hand is cut off.

  • Lin Latt

    အစၥလာမ္ျဖစ္တဲ့အထိတိုက္ခိုက္ဖို႔အမိန္႔ရထားေၾကာင္း ေဟာၾကားထားပါတယ္

    Book 1, Number 0030:

    It is reported on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of
    Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as
    they do not declare that there is no god but Allah, and he who professed
    it was guaranteed the protection of his property and life on my behalf
    except for the right affairs rest with Allah.

    Book 1, Number 0031:

    It is reported on the authority of Abu Huraira that he heard the
    Messenger of Allah say: I have been commanded to fight against people,
    till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and
    believe in me (that) I am the messenger (from the Lord) and in all that I
    have brought. And when they do it, their blood and riches are
    guaranteed protection on my behalf except where it is justified by law,
    and their affairs rest with Allah.

    Book 1, Number 0032:
    is narrated on the authority of Jabir that the Messenger of Allah said: I
    have been commanded that I should fight against people till they
    declare that there is no god but Allah, and when they profess it that
    there is no god but Allah, their blood and riches are guaranteed
    protection on my behalf except where it is justified by law, and their
    affairs rest with Allah, and then he (the Holy Prophet) recited (this
    verse of the Holy Qur’an): “Thou art not over them a warden” (lxxxviii,

    Book 1, Number 0033:
    It has been narrated on the
    authority of Abdullah b. ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah said: I have
    been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is
    no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they
    establish prayer, and pay Zakat and if they do it, their blood and
    property are guaranteed protection on my behalf except when justified by
    law, and their affairs rest with Allah.

    တမန္ေတာ္မိုဟာမက္က အင္ပါယာတည္ေထာင္ခ်င္ခဲ့ပံုရပါတယ္ ဘာသာေရးနဲ႔အေၾကာင္းျပဳၿပီး

    Book 19, Number 4349:
    “What Allah has bestowed upon His Apostle from (the properties) of the people of township is for Allah and His Messenger”.


    Book 19, Number 4322:

    It is narrated by Sa’b b. Jaththama that he said (to the Holy Prophet):
    Messenger of Allah, we kill the children of the polytheists during the
    night raids. He said: They are from them.

    က်ဴးေက်ာ္စစ္တိုက္သာသနာျပဳမျပဳ ဒီစြႏၷသ္ေတာ္ေတြက သက္ေသခံေနပါတယ္

    Book 19, Number 4346:

    It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger
    of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: If you come to a township (which
    has surrendered without a formal war) and stay therein, you have a
    share (that will be in the form of an award) in (the properties obtained
    from) it. If a township disobeys Allah and His Messenger (and actually
    fights against the Muslims) one-fifth of the booty seized therefrom is
    for Allah and His Apostle and the rest is for you.

    ေခါင္းျဖတ္ႏိုင္တဲ့ စြႏၷသ္ေတာ္

    Book 19, Number 4360:

    The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said to Abu Bakr and
    ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with them): What is your opinion about these
    captives? Abu Bakr said: They are our kith and kin. I think you should
    release them after getting from them a ransom. This will be a source of
    strength to us against the infidels. It is quite possible that Allah may
    guide them to Islam. Then the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon
    him) said: What is your opinion. Ibn Khattab? He said: Messenger of
    Allah. I do not hold the same opinion as Abu Bakr. I am of the opinion
    that you should hand them over to us so that we may cut off their heads.
    Hand over ‘Aqil to ‘Ali that he may cut off his head, and hand over
    such and such relative to me that I may but off his head. They are
    leaders of the disbelievers and veterans among them. The Messenger of
    Allah (may peace be upon him) approved the opinion of Abu Bakr.

    အလာနဲ႔မိုဟာမက္ကကမာၻကိုပိုင္ အစၥလာမ္ကိုလက္ခံ၊ဒါဆိုလံုျခံဳမယ္ ဒါမွမဟုတ္ႏွင္ထုတ္မယ္

    Book 19, Number 4363:

    It has been narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira who said: We were
    (sitting) in the mosque when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon
    him) came to us and said: (Let us) go to the Jews. We went out with him
    until we came to them. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)
    stood up and called out to them (saying): O ye assembly of Jews, accept
    Islam (and) you will be safe. They said: Abu’l-Qasim, you have
    communicated (God’s Message to us). The Messenger of Allah (may peace be
    upon him) said : I want this (i.e. you should admit that God’s Message
    has been communicated to you), accept Islam and you would be safe. They
    said: Abu’l-Qisim, you have communicated (Allah’s Message). The
    Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: I want this. . . – He
    said to them (the same words) the third time (and on getting the same
    reply) he added: You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His
    Apostle, and I wish that I should expel you from this land Those of you
    who have any property with them should sell it, otherwise they should
    know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle (and they may have
    to go away leaving everything behind).

    Sahih Muslim


    Hammurabi Lawထက္ေတာင္ဆိုးေနသလိုဘဲ ရက္ရက္စက္စက္ကိုသတ္ျပစ္တာ တကယ္တန္းသူတို႔ကုလားအုတ္ေတြ
    ျပန္လာယူတာျဖစ္ဖို႔မ်ားပါတယ္ ဘယ္သူမွဘာသာေျပာင္းၿပီး၊ သတ္ခံရမယ္မွန္းသိလ်က္ တကူးတကလာမခုိးေလာက္ပါဘူး

    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 261:
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:

    A group of eight men from the tribe of ‘Ukil came to the Prophet and
    then they found the climate of Medina unsuitable for them. So, they
    said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Provide us with some milk.” Allah’s Apostle
    said, “I recommend that you should join the herd of camels.” So they
    went and drank the urine and the milk of the camels (as a medicine) till
    they became healthy and fat. Then they killed the shepherd and drove
    away the camels, and they became unbelievers after they were Muslims.
    When the Prophet was informed by a shouter for help, he sent some men in
    their pursuit, and before the sun rose high, they were brought, and he
    had their hands and feet cut off. Then he ordered for nails which were
    heated and passed over their eyes, and whey were left in the Harra (i.e.
    rocky land in Medina). They asked for water, and nobody provided them
    with water till they died (Abu Qilaba, a sub-narrator said, “They
    committed murder and theft and fought against Allah and His Apostle, and
    spread evil in the land.”)

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 794:
    Narrated Anas:

    Some people from the tribe of ‘Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced
    Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered
    them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their
    milk and urine (as a medicine). They did so, and after they had
    recovered from their ailment (became healthy) they turned renegades
    (reverted from Islam) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the
    camels away. The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so
    they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophets ordered that their
    hands and legs should be cut off and that their eyes should be branded
    with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not
    be cauterized, till they die.

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 796:
    Narrated Anas:

    A group of people from ‘Ukl (tribe) came to the Prophet and they were
    living with the people of As-Suffa, but they became ill as the climate
    of Medina did not suit them, so they said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Provide
    us with milk.” The Prophet said, I see no other way for you than to use
    the camels of Allah’s Apostle.” So they went and drank the milk and
    urine of the camels, (as medicine) and became healthy and fat. Then they
    killed the shepherd and took the camels away. When a help-seeker came
    to Allah’s Apostle, he sent some men in their pursuit, and they were
    captured and brought before mid day. The Prophet ordered for some iron
    pieces to be made red hot, and their eyes were branded with them and
    their hands and feet were cut off and were not cauterized. Then they
    were put at a place called Al-Harra, and when they asked for water to
    drink they were not given till they died. (Abu Qilaba said, “Those
    people committed theft and murder and fought against Allah and His

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 797:
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:

    A group of people from ‘Ukl (or ‘Uraina) tribe —-but I think he said
    that they were from ‘Ukl came to Medina and (they became ill, so) the
    Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) she-camels and told
    them to go out and drink the camels’ urine and milk (as a medicine). So
    they went and drank it, and when they became healthy, they killed the
    shepherd and drove away the camels. This news reached the Prophet early
    in the morning, so he sent (some) men in their pursuit and they were
    captured and brought to the Prophet before midday. He ordered to cut off
    their hands and legs and their eyes to be branded with heated iron
    pieces and they were thrown at Al-Harra, and when they asked for water
    to drink, they were not given water.


    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 795:
    Narrated Anas:

    The Prophet cut off the hands and feet of the men belonging to the
    tribe of ‘Uraina and did not cauterise (their bleeding limbs) till they

    ဘာသာေျပာင္းပါက လည္လွီးရန္လမ္းျပစြႏၷသ္

    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 776:
    Narrated Abdullah:

    Allah Apostle said in Hajjat-al-Wada, “Which month (of the year) do you
    think is most sacred?” The people said, “This current month of ours
    (the month of Dhull-Hijja).” He said, “Which town (country) do you think
    is the most sacred?” They said, “This city of ours (Mecca).” He said,
    “Which day do you think is the most sacred?” The people said, “This day
    of ours.” He then said, “Allah, the Blessed, the Supreme, has made your
    blood, your property and your honor as sacred as this day of yours in
    this town of yours, in this month of yours (and such protection cannot
    be slighted) except rightfully.” He then said thrice, “Have I conveyed
    Allah’s Message (to you)?” The people answered him each time saying,
    ‘Yes.” The Prophet added, ‘May Allah be merciful to you (or, woe on
    you)! Do not revert to disbelief after me by cutting the necks of each

  • Lin Latt


    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 260:
    Narrated Ikrima:
    Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ”


    Volume 9, Book 89, Number 271:
    Narrated Abu Musa:

    A man embraced Islam and then reverted back to Judaism. Mu’adh bin
    Jabal came and saw the man with Abu Musa. Mu’adh asked, “What is wrong
    with this (man)?” Abu Musa replied, “He embraced Islam and then reverted
    back to Judaism.” Mu’adh said, “I will not sit down unless you kill him
    (as it is) the verdict of Allah and His Apostle.


    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 259:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle sent us in a mission (i.e. am army-unit) and said, “If
    you find so-and-so and so-and-so, burn both of them with fire.” When we
    intended to depart, Allah’s Apostle said, “I have ordered you to burn
    so-and-so and so-and-so, and it is none but Allah Who punishes with
    fire, so, if you find them, kill them.”


    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 286:
    Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa:

    “An infidel spy came to the Prophet while he was on a journey. The spy
    sat with the companions of the Prophet and started talking and then went
    away. The Prophet said (to his companions), ‘Chase and kill him.’ So, I
    killed him.” The Prophet then gave him the belongings of the killed spy
    (in addition to his share of the war booty).

    ကေလးေတြမိန္းမေတြအက်ဥ္းခ် သံု႔ပန္းစစ္သည္ေတြသတ္ျပစ္

    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 280:
    Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri:

    When the tribe of Bani Quraiza was ready to accept Sad’s judgment,
    Allah’s Apostle sent for Sad who was near to him. Sad came, riding a
    donkey and when he came near, Allah’s Apostle said (to the Ansar),
    “Stand up for your leader.” Then Sad came and sat beside Allah’s Apostle
    who said to him. “These people are ready to accept your judgment.” Sad
    said, “I give the judgment that their warriors should be killed and
    their children and women should be taken as prisoners.” The Prophet then
    remarked, “O Sad! You have judged amongst them with (or similar to) the
    judgment of the King Allah.”


    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 65:
    Narrated Abu Musa:

    A man came to the Prophet and asked, “A man fights for war booty;
    another fights for fame and a third fights for showing off; which of
    them fights in Allah’s Cause?” The Prophet said, “He who fights that
    Allah’s Word (i.e. Islam) should be superior, fights in Allah’s Cause.”

    ေကာင္းကင္ဘံုက ဓားသြားေအာက္မွာရွိ

    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 73
    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Abi Aufa:
    Allah’s Apostle said, “Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.”

    ဂ်ီဟာဒ္မထြက္ခင္ၾကယ္ယာေတာ္တစ္ပါးနဲ႔အိပ္ၿပီးမွထြက္ေလ့ရွိ ဘာျဖစ္လို႔လည္းေတာ့မသိပါ

    Volume 4, Book 52, Number 130:
    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    Whenever the Prophet intended to proceed on a journey, he used to draw
    lots amongst his wives and would take the one upon whom the lot fell.
    Once, before setting out for Jihad, he drew lots amongst us and the lot
    came to me; so I went with the Prophet; and that happened after the
    revelation of the Verse Hijab (i.e. veiling).

    ျမင္းေပၚကျပဳတ္က်သျဖင့္ ဘာမဆိုင္ညာမဆိုင္

    Hadith 1:375
    Narrated Anas bin Malik:

    Once Allah’s Apostle fell off a horse and his leg or shoulder got
    injured. He swore that he would not go to his wives for one month and he
    stayed in a Mashruba (attic room) having stairs made of date palm
    trunks. So his companions came to visit him, and he led them in prayer
    sitting, whereas his companions were standing. When he finished the
    prayer, he said, “Imam is meant to be followed, so when he says ‘Allahu
    Akbar,’ say ‘Allahu Akbar’ and when he bows, bow and when he prostrates,
    prostrate and if he prays standing pray, standing. After the 29th day
    the Prophet came down (from the attic room) and the people asked him, “O
    Allah’s Apostle! You swore that you will not go to your wives for one
    month.” He said, “The month is 29 days.”

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    WoW! innocent PropHet HA hAA

    တမန္ေတာ္မိုဟာမက္ကိုယ္တုိင္ မိန္းမတစ္ေယာက္လက္ကိုျဖတ္

    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 792:
    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    The Prophet cut off the hand of a lady, and that lady used to come to
    me, and I used to convey her message to the Prophet and she repented,
    and her repentance was sincere.

    ၾကက္ဥတစ္လံုးခိုးရင္ လက္ျဖတ္

    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 791:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah ‘s Apostle said, “Allah curses the thief who steals an egg (or a
    helmet) for which his hand is to be cut off, or steals a rope, for which
    his hand is to be cut off.”

    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 774:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    The Prophet said, “Allah curses a man who steals an egg and gets his hand cut off, or steals a rope and gets his hands cut off.


    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 787:788:789:790:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:
    Allah’s Apostle cut off the hand of a thief for stealing a shield that was worth three Dirhams.


    Volume 8, Book 81, Number 769:
    Narrated ‘Ali bin Abi Talib:

    I would not feel sorry for one who dies because of receiving a legal
    punishment, except the drunk, for if he should die (when being
    punished), I would give blood money to his family because no fixed
    punishment has been ordered by Allah’s Apostle for the drunk.


    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 820:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

    The Prophet cursed the effeminate men and those women who assume the
    similitude (manners) of men. He also said, “Turn them out of your
    houses.” He turned such-and-such person out, and ‘Umar also turned out
    such-and-such person.


    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 817:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

    Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Do not praise me excessively as Jesus, son of
    Marry was praised, but call me Allah’s Slave and His Apostles.’ (O
    people!) I have been informed that a speaker amongst you says, ‘By
    Allah, if ‘Umar should die, I will give the pledge of allegiance to
    such-and-such person.’ One should not deceive oneself by saying that the
    pledge of allegiance given to Abu Bakr was given suddenly and it was
    successful. No doubt, it was like that, but Allah saved (the people)
    from its evil, and there is none among you who has the qualities of Abu
    Bakr. Remember that whoever gives the pledge of allegiance to anybody
    among you without consulting the other Muslims, neither that person, nor
    the person to whom the pledge of allegiance was given, are to be
    supported, lest they both should be killed.

    if any person
    gives the Pledge of allegiance to somebody (to become a Caliph) without
    consulting the other Muslims, then the one he has selected should not be
    granted allegiance, lest both of them should be killed.”


    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 808:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet said, “The boy is for (the owner of) the bed and the stone
    is for the person who commits illegal sexual intercourse.’


    Volume 9, Book 89, Number 258:
    Narrated ‘Abdullah:
    The Prophet said, “A Muslim has to listen to and obey (the order of his ruler) whether he likes it or not.


    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 809:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    A Jew and a Jewess were brought to Allah’s Apostle on a charge of
    committing an illegal sexual intercourse. The Prophet asked them. “What
    is the legal punishment (for this sin) in your Book (Torah)?” They
    replied, “Our priests have innovated the punishment of blackening the
    faces with charcoal and Tajbiya.” ‘Abdullah bin Salam said, “O Allah’s
    Apostle, tell them to bring the Torah.” The Torah was brought, and then
    one of the Jews put his hand over the Divine Verse of the Rajam (stoning
    to death) and started reading what preceded and what followed it. On
    that, Ibn Salam said to the Jew, “Lift up your hand.” Behold! The Divine
    Verse of the Rajam was under his hand. So Allah’s Apostle ordered that
    the two (sinners) be stoned to death, and so they were stoned. Ibn ‘Umar
    added: So both of them were stoned at the Balat and I saw the Jew
    sheltering the Jewess.

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 810:
    Narrated Jabir:

    A man from the tribe of Aslam came to the Prophet and confessed that he
    had committed an illegal sexual intercourse. The Prophet turned his
    face away from him till the man bore witness against himself four times.
    The Prophet said to him, “Are you mad?” He said “No.” He said, “Are you
    married?” He said, “Yes.” Then the Prophet ordered that he be stoned to
    death, and he was stoned to death at the Musalla. When the stones
    troubled him, he fled, but he was caught and was stoned till he died.
    The Prophet spoke well of him and offered his funeral prayer.

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 803:
    Narrated Ash-Sha’bi:

    from ‘Ali when the latter stoned a lady to death on a Friday. ‘Ali
    said, “I have stoned her according to the tradition of Allah’s Apostle.”

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 813:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

    When Ma’iz bin Malik came to the Prophet (in order to confess), the
    Prophet said to him, “Probably you have only kissed (the lady), or
    winked, or looked at her?” He said, “No, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet
    said, using no euphemism, “Did you have sexual intercourse with her?”
    The narrator added: At that, (i.e. after his confession) the Prophet
    ordered that he be stoned (to death).

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 814:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    A man from among the people, came to Allah’s Apostle while Allah’s
    Apostle was sitting in the mosque, and addressed him, saying, “O Allah’s
    Apostle! I have committed an illegal sexual intercourse.” The Prophet
    turned his face away from him. The man came to that side to which the
    Prophet had turned his face, and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have
    committed an illegal intercourse.” The Prophet turned his face to the
    other side, and the man came to that side, and when he confessed four
    times, the Prophet called him and said, “Are you mad?” He said, “No, O
    Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, “Are you married?” He said, “Yes, O
    Allah’s Apostle.” The Prophet said (to the people), “Take him away and
    stone him to death.” Ibn Shihab added, “I was told by one who heard
    Jabir, that Jabir said, ‘I was among those who stoned the man, and we
    stoned him at the Musalla (‘Id praying Place), and when the stones
    troubled him, he jumped quickly and ran away, but we overtook him at
    Al-Harra and stoned him to death (there).’ ”

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 815:
    Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid:

    While we were with the Prophet , a man stood up and said (to the
    Prophet ), “I beseech you by Allah, that you should judge us according
    to Allah’s Laws.” Then the man’s opponent who was wiser than him, got up
    saying (to Allah’s Apostle) “Judge us according to Allah’s Law and
    kindly allow me (to speak).” The Prophet said, “‘Speak.” He said, “My
    son was a laborer working for this man and he committed an illegal
    sexual intercourse with his wife, and I gave one-hundred sheep and a
    slave as a ransom for my son’s sin. Then I asked a learned man about
    this case and he informed me that my son should receive one hundred
    lashes and be exiled for one year, and the man’s wife should be stoned
    to death.” The Prophet said, “By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, I will
    judge you according to the Laws of Allah. Your one-hundred sheep and the
    slave are to be returned to you, and your son has to receive
    one-hundred lashes and be exiled for one year. O Unais! Go to the wife
    of this man, and if she confesses, then stone her to death.” Unais went
    to her and she confessed. He then stoned her to death.

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 821:
    Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid:

    A bedouin came to the Prophet while he (the Prophet) was sitting, and
    said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Give your verdict according to Allah’s Laws
    (in our case).” Then his opponent got up and said, “He has told the
    truth, O Allah’s Apostle! Decide his case according to Allah’s Laws. My
    son was a laborer working for this person, and he committed illegal
    sexual intercourse with his wife, and the people told me that my son
    should be stoned to death, but I offered one-hundred sheep and a slave
    girl as a ransom for him. Then I asked the religious learned people, and
    they told me that my son should be flogged with one-hundred stripes and
    be exiled for one year.” The Prophet said, “By Him in Whose Hand my
    soul is, I will judge you according to Allah’s Laws. The sheep and the
    slave girl will be returned to you and your son will be flogged
    one-hundred stripes and be exiled for one year. And you, O Unais! Go to
    the wife of this man (and if she confesses), stone her to death.” So
    Unais went in the morning and stoned her to death (after she had

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 825:
    Narrated Abdullah bin Umar:

    The jews came to Allah’s Apostle and mentioned to him that a man and a
    lady among them had committed illegal sexual intercourse. Allah’s
    Apostle said to them, “What do you find in the Torah regarding the
    Rajam?” They replied, “We only disgrace and flog them with stripes.”
    ‘Abdullah bin Salam said to them, ‘You have told a lie the penalty of
    Rajam is in the Torah.’ They brought the Torah and opened it. One of
    them put his hand over the verse of the Rajam and read what was before
    and after it. Abdullah bin Salam said to him, “Lift up your hand.” Where
    he lifted it there appeared the verse of the Rajam. So they said, “O
    Muhammad! He has said the truth, the verse of the Rajam is in it
    (Torah).” Then Allah’s Apostle ordered that the two persons (guilty of
    illegal sexual intercourse) be stoned to death, and so they were stoned,
    and I saw the man bending over the woman so as to protect her from the

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 826:
    Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid:

    Two men had a dispute in the presence of Allah’s Apostle. One of them
    said, “Judge us according to Allah’s Laws.” The other who was more wise
    said, “Yes, Allah’s Apostle, judge us according to Allah’s Laws and
    allow me to speak (first)” The Prophet said to him, ‘Speak ” He said,
    “My son was a laborer for this man, and he committed illegal sexual
    intercourse with his wife, and the people told me that my son should be
    stoned to death, but I have given one-hundred sheep and a slave girl as a
    ransom (expiation) for my son’s sin. Then I asked the religious learned
    people (about It), and they told me that my son should he flogged
    one-hundred stripes and should be exiled for one year, and only the wife
    of this man should be stoned to death ” Allah’s Apostle said, “By Him
    in Whose Hand my soul is, I will judge you according to Allah’s Laws: O
    man, as for your sheep and slave girl, they are to be returned to you.”
    Then the Prophet had the man’s son flogged one hundred stripes and
    exiled for one year, and ordered Unais Al-Aslami to go to the wife of
    the other man, and if she confessed, stone her to death. She confessed
    and was stoned to death.

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 842:
    Narrated Abu Huraira and Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani:

    A man came to the Prophet and said, “I beseech you to judge us
    according to Allah’s Laws.” Then his opponent who was wiser than he, got
    up and said, “He has spoken the truth. So judge us according to Allah’s
    Laws and please allow me (to speak), O Allah’s Apostle.” The Prophet
    said, “Speak.” He said, “My son was a laborer for the family of this man
    and he committed illegal sexual intercourse with his wife, and I gave
    one-hundred sheep and a slave as a ransom (for my son), but I asked the
    religious learned people (regarding this case), and they informed me
    that my son should be flogged one-hundred stripes, and be exiled for one
    year, and the wife of this man should be stoned (to death).”The Prophet
    said, “By Him in Whose Hand my soul is, I will Judge you (in this case)
    according to Allah’s Laws. The one-hundred (sheep) and the slave shall
    be returned to you and your son shall be flogged one-hundred stripes and
    be exiled for one year. And O Unais! Go in the morning to the wife of
    this man and ask her, and if she confesses, stone her to death.” She
    confessed and he stoned her to death.

    ကုရ္အာန္နဲ႔တမန္ေတာ္မိုဟာမက္ဟဒီးစ္ေတာ္ေတြရဲ႕ ရွရီအတ္ေလာေတြက

    Volume 9, Book 89, Number 251:
    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, and whoever
    disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint,
    obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me.”

    Sahih Bukhari

    ဟဒီးစ္က်မ္းမ်ား > http://www.usc.edu/org/cmje/religious-texts/hadith/

  • An unwanted supremicist ideology promoted by corrupt and inept Governments.

  • Friedhelm

    But 9/11 was an immense victory though. Nothing wrong with celebrating that.

  • Thank you, for this excellent write up! The credit given to us bikers did not come from any mainstream media but Patriots such as yourself who love America and who will stand up and be counted. America has been infiltrated and assaulted by Muslims and we’re not going to take it lying down! Yesterday was an awesome showing! Bikers from just about every state rode into Washington DC to honor those who were murdered on 9/11. Yes! I was there and I will go again and again until those who claim to be our representatives get it through their thick skulls, it’s time for real change or they will be voted out!

  • Michael Dewey

    – Iraq Occupation Veteran Mike Prysnor, December 20, 2009:
    “I threw families on to the street in Iraq only to come home and see families thrown on to the street in this county in this tragic, tragic and unnecessary foreclosure crisis. I mean to wake up and realize that our real enemies are not in some distant land. They’re not people whose names we don’t know and whose culture we don’t understand. The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify. The enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable. The enemy is the CEOs who lay us off from our jobs when it’s profitable. It’s the insurance companies who deny us health care when it’s profitable. It’s the banks who take away our homes when it’s profitable. Our enemy is not 5000 miles away. They are right here at home. If we organize with our sisters and brothers we can stop this war. We can stop this government. And we can create a better world.”

    • Taskmasterendgame

      Michael Dewey
      Nice post
      An insight many Americans need to read and understand
      “The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify”
      The enemy is among us !
      Stop this War !

  • True American

    I support these bikers, if they ever do a march again and I can get my motorcycle license by then I will be counted among them. More Americans need to acquire the gumption and backbone that these bikers have other wise when these heroes pass our country is doomed.

  • Angela Brakeman

    Thank you for expressing my thoughts so eloquently! 9/11 is a very sensitive day in American history. There were are 364 other days available for them to make a cause for their Civil Rights Issue. If they had picked another day, maybe they would not have met with such animosity…. Maybe.

    Impeach, Hell Yes!

  • Lester Peoples

    Thank You Jan for sharing, and Every biker who found time and Effort to rally together for all Americans unable to be there with you but our Hearts were there honouring those who died needlessly, not in a war but by terrorist Muslims who want to build a Mosque there Now’ dedicating a win after their so called achievement. God forbid, this never happening!

  • Norch

    wow… the support for this article is truly disturbing. It wasn’t Muslims that killed all our those innocent citizens, it was pissed off HUMANS. They use their religion to justify what they did, but the cause is America’s always present hand in making sure there’s ZERO stability in the Middle East and elsewhere. Do you see the Swiss getting attacked? How about the Aussie’s, Kiwi’s, Brit’s, etc? No, we apply pressure to every unstable global situation and push people to the extreme. Don’t make the mistake of calling this a Muslim attack , and if you do, keep in mind: Us Christians killed tens of millions of people in the name of Jesus during the Crusades. Nazi’s murdered millions of Jews… wars of these types start with a small spark and can quickly turn into a wildfire fueled by hate and “righteousness”.


      You’re joking right? Nazi’s used religion and hatred of the jews to promote religious homicide. They had an agenda – to wipe off the entire Hebrew population from the earth. Christians/Catholics did the same exact thing in favor of the Holy Land – wipe out the entire Jewish and Muslim population in those areas.

      Muslims have the same goal – wipe off the entire “infidel” population and dominate with their religion in all four corners of the world. If you look in France – Muslims protest regularly and burn cars and businesses. England has a minor Muslim parliament along with Islamic riots frequently. They torched things – killed people with car bombs. The heathrow airport has had so many bomb threats in the past, security is now super tight there.

      Australia has its own homegrown Islamic terrorists as well, and a statement recently released from the administration told Muslims and immigrants to get out of the country if they weren’t going to learn their language, promote peace in the country, and practice terrorism there. They basically said “You’re for Australia or youre barred”. no second chances.

      The Swiss have guns. Okay? Every citizen is trained in them. They don’t have a chance. If they were to even do something remotely stupid, they would be brought down with 100 bullets, no joke.

      If you think about it, it was INCREDIBLY insensitive to choose that day to “rally for Muslims”. Their fanatic from that religion killed 3,000 people. 3,000 people that could be alive today if the government and greedy bankers didn’t have something to lose. It was insensitive to choose to build a mosque less than 3 blocks from Ground Zero, where over 1,000 people’s ashes lay.

      No, they have no heart. Absolutely not. Their laws are absolute and show no mercy to those outside and inside their religion.

      What i believe is, the government or rather, the greedy bankers, chose to use the ONE thing that they had at their disposal: The Muslim hatred of America and infidels. Their propensity to commit suicide was perfect. They used them as a cover – but all it did was remind people about how many people Muslims have killed in the name of Allah since 1400AD.

      No, my friend. 9/11 is for America and America alone. Not for any other religion, not for any other country. Its a day to stand and remember how many people’s lives were sacrificed because some people wanted to destroy evidence of financial fraud and collect insurance. Its the most horrifying thing one can ever think of – that lives were given in vain.

      • kekki

        Amen! The Aussie’s have their act together. That country should be a role model for us.

      • Matthew Thomas Smith

        And you have the same goal. get rid of the muslims!!!!! Disgustingly so. You are all hypocritical bigots.

  • readtheword

    Controlled demolition… could be used for twin towers or USA.

  • bear

    Many in Canada support you,wish we could have joined you.

    • Matthew Thomas Smith

      Not me brother, not me. This is the biggest bunch of bigots I have ever seen.

  • daveveselenak

    … if only we had representatives like this in WDC, we would not have the scum that now resides in “Moscow West!”

  • Benchmeister

    BRAVO ZULU To ALL the bikers!!!!
    But only 21,564…. way more have died due to our fake war on drugs since 911

  • bless2live

    Not given a permit to our (American citizens) bikers is adding ingredients to the “Big Black Storm” that lingers over this regime!.The “Big Black Storm” will continue to intenseify over Washington DC until this regine is gone! Don’t doubt me or the “Tens of Millions ” American citizens. Tens of thousands fought,bled, and died for Americia’s “Freedoms”! We American’s feel exactly like our ( ancestors) mothers and fathers did and will rise to the occasion and will defend and keep our America! God Bless the USA!

  • riversong1220

    This makes my heart soar to see these Patriots riding to honor the victims of 9/11.
    Gasoline to DC-$200 Hotels & Food- $500,
    Sending a message to Muslims in the US- Priceless!

  • Troy Jarmen

    If this whole event was orchestrated just to yell at Muslims, then it was a display that should worry all of us. Did they ride FOR anything or was it just about things they’re against?

  • Troy Jarmen

    What “message” does riding from point A to point B send?

  • Chelsea Kapfer

    Has any bozo on here counted how many deaths Christianity is responsible for? When you hate an entire group of people based on the actions of a few you are degrading the constitution that you pretend to stand for. check yourself.

  • sherry

    maybe the truckers should all make a big run to washington they thought the bikes were a problem

  • Expat Reverend

    “Posting Policy We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.”

    In spite of the ‘Posting Policy’ I’ve just quoted off the top of the comments, this is one of the most disturbingly hate-filled thread of comments I’ve seen in a very long time. How is terminology in some of these comments like “muslim pigs” anything like appropriate? The whole premise of the article is fear-filled and hateful.

    It’s a twisted logic that blames one demographic for a whole nation’s (or world’s) issues. As a conservative Christian American minister living in Europe I find myself constantly defending the US from people of many nations and cultures who consider much of the suffering in the world to be our fault. With things like this article and comments showing the breathtaking depths of Conservative America’s self-righteousness, it’s no wonder. I’m saddened and embarrassed by all of it. Even if the hate attributed here to every Muslim around the world was legitimate (which I will emphatically say it is not!), it does not give license to hate in return.

    I do think a mosque at ground zero is inappropriate, but it is ignorant and hateful to call it a “victory mosque”. It’s worth pointing out there were innocent Muslims among the dead at the World Trade Center. No community of faith has a spotless history or bloodless hands. Look at the Crusades, and how the Jews were treated by the Christian Church in Europe over the last 1400 years! Most mainstream Muslims are no more violent or hate-filled than most mainstream Christians. It’s extremes and extremists that are the problem, whatever their faith or culture.

    I’m sure I won’t convince anyone by any of the things I’ve said, but as a Christian and an American I couldn’t be silent. I have to ask you to consider and deal with your own hate before you condemn the hate you assume is in others.

  • Smiley

    So laughable to read that article (well as far as I could stomach) and then read the posting policy below 🙂 yeehaw for hate!

  • Dragan Blagojevic

    And Serbian’s get bombed by nato for fighting muslims!

  • Taskmasterendgame

    I just deceided to become a Biker and mount Ol Glory to my new Harley !
    God Bless America !

  • rifflizard

    I`m sick and tired of being “politically incorrect” I`m tired of having to be “tolerant” to all those who wish to take advantage of the American people. I`m tired of having to stand by while the media makes hero`s out of murderous Muslims, but tramples on traditional Jewish and Christian values. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! This rally is what I see as just the tip of the iceberg. If we stand together, we can take our country back from the politicians and the Muslims which the politicians are so busy trying to appease. The only way this country can fall or fail, is from the inside, and that`s only if WE let it.

  • Stupid Repellent

    The author of this is very uneducated…Thank God she’s not a teacher!

  • Chris

    So much religious hate going on. So much ignorance. There are many more times Muslims in the world than there are Americans, a populous equally diverse in their beliefs. It is the extreme minority that believes in violence. Take the time to educate yourself. How much time have any of these ‘bikers’ taken to understand the cultural rape the middle east has been through the past 80 years. None. They’re too busy enjoying the sun and motorcycles that cost more than a house costs in Afghanistan.

    • Michael Scheck

      and yet you just did the same..did you take the time to educate yourself on these bikers??

  • Grace

    This is a horribly disgusting, racist, ethnocentric, ignorant article! The people who committed the terrorist acts such as 9/11 were Islamist Extremist, who don’t follow what Islam truly is, which is a peaceful religion. Maybe when we describe the many crimes that don’t make mainstream media committed by Christian Extremism we should leave off the “Extremist” part as well and blame all Christians for the acts of a few. If you blame all the members of a religion for the atrocities committed by a few who claim to be of that religion, no one and I mean no one could be considered innocent. America is supposed to be a place where everyone can practice the religion of their choice so believe it or not there are many, many American Muslims and they deserve just as much respect as any other ‘true’ American! Don’t buy into these long instilled stereotypes perpetrated by the unbalanced media. Educate yourself! Learn more about a religion before you bash it, don’t take the media at face value especially heavily biased and racist articles like this!! Do your own research and see the real statistics about who really commits most of the terrorists attacks in the US and the World. And I also see for yourself how the beliefs of the Islamist Extremist Terrorist groups do not match up with what Islam really teaches. And ignore absolute crap like this article.

  • Donna Graffagnino

    To the Government, this was a warning shot. If we come back again, the number of bikers will pale in comparison to the number of We the People who will show up and TAKE BACK our country, by force if necessary!

    • Matthew Thomas Smith

      We stole the Country from the Natives lol Lets all start packing then.

  • Sagebrush6

    I think it’s time for the muslims to go back to the big sandbox. We could have the 72 Virginians show them the way. Or the bikers.

    • Jim

      are they going to bike across the atlantic?

      • Sagebrush6

        As long as the muslims go, who gives a rats azz how they get there?

        • Matthew Thomas Smith

          You are very simple minded. What makes you think someone is a bad person because they are muslim? You are a bigot. lol

          • sagebrush6

            If you subscribe to and believe in the following, you have a serious behavioral problem. You are not a nice person.

            is the religion of peace – right ?
            WRONG !

            I have said it
            before & I will say it again – Islam Does Not Mean Peace. Islam is a Vicious CULT & a way of life.

            This is the 21st
            century, not the 1200’s.


            Islam only means peace to Muslims who blindly submit. To Christians
            Islam means war, persecution and death.

            The Qur’an says: “Fight
            and slay the pagans [Christians] wherever ye
            find them and seize them, confine them, and lie in wait
            for them in every place of ambush” (Surah

            Kill the unbelievers wherever you
            find them. Koran 2:191

            Make war on the infidels living in
            your neighborhood. Koran 9:123

            When opportunity arises, kill the
            infidels wherever you catch them. Koran

            Any religion other than Islam is not
            acceptable. Koran 3:85

            The Jews & Christians are
            perverts, fight them. Koran 9:30

            Maim and crucify the infidels if
            they criticize Islam. Koran 5:33

            Punish the unbelievers with garments
            of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water

            & melt their skin &
            bellies. Koran 22:19

            The unbelievers are stupid; urge the
            Muslims to fight them. Koran 8:65

            Muslims must not take the infidels
            as friends. Koran 3:28

            Terrorize & behead those who
            believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.
            Koran 8:12

            Muslims must muster all weapons to
            terrorize the infidels. Koran 8:60

            Women contaminate and defile – Koran:
            Sura 2:222, 4:43, 5:6

            Women are inferior to men – Koran:
            Sura 2:228, 4:11, 4:176, 53:27

            Men are the maintainers of women
            …. if a woman does not obey their husband, they are commanded to beat
            them – Koran: Sura 4:34

            “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets
            our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers,”

            Move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your
            existence until you reach all the power centers. Until the conditions are ripe,
            they (the followers) must continue like this. If they do something prematurely,
            the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere.

            A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo lists ICNA as one of “our
            organizations and the organizations of our friends.” The memo says its “work”
            in America is “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western
            civilization from within.”

  • Sagebrush6


  • the last

    Patriots, everyone of them. GOD bless America, down with the satanic cult of mu-slimes.

    • Matthew Thomas Smith

      Your opinion is laughable at best.

  • STS2(SS) Veteran

    I served 5 years in the military. The first two years under George Bush, the last 3 years were spent under Obama. I watched the Reenlistment Bonuses disappear, I watched the man power go away. I watched the funding go away. Every time we were hoping to hear of some relief coming our way, all we heard was more talk of budget cuts. Couple that with every lie I can remember him saying, every breach of his constitutionally limited powers he exercised, NSA, and his disgusting acts of treason against our good men during Benghazi.. well I just bought a new Harley myself, I guess I’ve got something to ride for. There more than a few things going wrong in this country that I feel we need to stand up for. Keep me posted.

  • troye68

    We owe the bikers, especially those M/Cs prepared to T.C.B. for giving the Muslims pause to consider the potential outcome of pissing off the wrong people on the wrong day, but what we need to do is identify the real issue. Wahhabi Muslims who wish to impose Sharia Law, and Zionism. Not “Jewish People” but Zionists, to include Christians like John Hagee, have lead America into military action after military action where no genuine threat to American Sovereignty was evident. Not all Muslims support terrorism or the fatal rape of 8-year-olds like the little Yemeni child bride this week. But very little is done by those Muslims who wish no harm on innocent people against those who do. As for the Qur’an, radicalized Muslims have misapplied a directive to “Make War On The Unbeliever”, WHEN MUSLIMS ARE ATTACKED, to mean that they are directed to initiate hostilities. As long as America supports the occupation of Palestine and ignores the injustices perpetuated by Israel against the Palestinian people in their rightful homeland, we will continue to be drawn in, time and again, to their sectarian wars. Ask yourself this: When was the State of Israel established? A) At the end of WW2 following the defeat of Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Then ask yourself this: Why were Palestinian homelands taken away from Palestinian people and resettled by European Ashkenazi Jewish people given that Hitler was no longer in power and thus the “coast was clear”? The architects of the “Final Solution” were no longer in power, so for what reason did the Ashkenazi Jews need to not return to Europe? Moreover, we are reminded to “Never Forget” the Jews’ treatment in National Socialist Germany, yet on a daily basis, the basic human rights are denied the Palestinians.

  • IraqWarfighter

    It makes me sincerely proud to be a biker.

  • Kim

    The bikers did have a police escort on 495 in Maryland, my husband was one of the officers escorting them to the VA line. May God restore out country in Jesus name!

  • mitch

    Comments so far are more of the same-nothing original.. we elected the president and the congress and are unwilling to get involved enough to get them out- bigger problem is that the morals of this country are corrupted and we forget what it right from wrong, and only worry if it feels good or not- The only hope for America is to turn back to God and what is right. the congress only ever acts like the people that elect them and keeps them in office I would be curious to know how many complainers have not voted…..yea I’ve heard it all, it does not matter, only one vote yada yadda yaaddda. Start writing to your congressmen senators and president let them know of your displeasure then pray for them…Guess what God can change their hearts much quicker and better than public opinion.
    It would be great to see our current president impeached- and the abuse of position stopped. but only congress can do that so if you are not willing to let them know-that is a sure recipe that nothing will happen.
    Let it start with you are you getting government handouts- stop
    Do you lie to make yourself look better or get more-stop
    Do you say one thing than do something else – stop
    Why would you expect anything different from your leaders?

  • jolyn52

    Bikers are the most loyal!!! When they have a cause….there is no stopping the bikers. I was so proud on 9/11 that so many had so much PRIDE in our country.!! Please don’t stop. Next year we want to ride!!

  • Mohammad Namani

    1940s – nuked Japan.
    Death toll: 145,000 to date in Nagasaki, 250,000 in Hiroshima

    1947-49 – U.S. helps command extreme-right Greece party in Civil War.
    Death toll: about 70,000 contributed by US-backed forces

    1948-54 – CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion in Philippines.
    Death toll: about 11,000

    1950 – Independence movement crushed in Ponce, Puerto Rico
    Death toll: conservative historians estimated about 8,000 peasants

    1950-53 – Korean War
    Death toll: about 1,776,000

    1952 – CIA overthrows Democracy in Iran, installs Shah
    Death toll: about 20,000

    1954 – CIA directs invasion of Guatemala after new Democracy there nationalized U.S.-occupied lands
    Death toll: about 140,000 missing and dead

    1958 – In Lebanon, marine occupation against rebels
    Death toll: about 2,000

    1960-75+ – Vietnam War including Cambodia and Laos
    Death toll: about 4,502,000 including civilians and resulting famines (conservative estimates)

    1961 – Cuba’s Bay of Pigs Invasion fails
    Death toll: about 4,000

    1963 – In Iraq, CIA organizes coup against President and agrees to back formerly exiled Saddam
    Death toll: about 7,000 including civilians

    1964 – In Panama, troops kill protesters against US-owned canal
    Death toll: about 1,000

    1965 – CIA assists Indonesian coup
    Death toll: about 900,000

    1966 – Troops and bombers threaten pro-communist parties in Dominican Republic
    Death toll: about 3,000

    1966-96 – Green berets in Guatemala against rebels, US backs pro-American forces in country until 1996
    Death toll: about 200,000

    1970 – Directs marine invasion of Oman
    Death toll: about 2,000

    1973 – CIA directs coup to oust elected Marxist president in Chile
    Death toll: 30,000… 3,000 later disappeared under US-installed dictator

    1976-92 – CIA assists South-African rebels in Angola
    Death toll: median estimate at 550,000

    1981-90 – CIA directs Contra invasions in Nicaragua
    Death toll: median estimate at 30,000

    1982-84 – Marines expel Lebanese rebels, aided by Israel
    Death toll: 40,000

    1987-88 – US intervenes for Iraq against Iran
    Death toll: about 150,000 during time-frame, 100,000 during Desert Storm, 350,000 from resulting famine

    1989 – US invades to oust CIA-installed Panamanian government gone rouge
    Death toll: 2,000

    1992-94 – US-led occupation of Somalia during civil war
    Death toll: 50,000 in combat, 300,000 by starvation

    2001+ – US Occupies Afghanistan
    Death toll: 120,000 including civilians and combatants and resulting Opium Wars

    2003+ – Iraqi War
    Death toll: 665,000 also by starvation, displacement

    TOTAL: 10,431,000

    And that doesn’t even include POWs, classified information, and WW2 pre-nuke!

    May God destroy USA and those bastard who play victim while they are killing whole world. go read your studies you sionistic bastards and stop acting God

    • Matthew Thomas Smith

      Youre statistics are strong, and I definetly don’t agree with the groups view on this situation, but I would pray that God destroys no one group of people for any reason. There are many great Americans, as well as many great Muslims.

  • The Dick

    I think muslims have just murdered 21.000 people since 9/11. It must be 2 Million

  • Laura Hightower

    The bikers set a precedent for us all to follow… don’t compromise what you believe in! My husband rode MC for years and I am very proud of this group of people Hooray for them!! 🙂 .We all need to follow their lead now and not let ANYONE ever lead us… as lambs led to slaughter!! Laura~

  • Guest

    America bombs other counties all the time. And America is a prodominently Christian Nation. This does not mean all Christians are missle happy, and oil hungry. The fact that the people who commited these acts of violence against “Christians”are muslims, does not mean that all muslims are horrible, hatefull, anti-american people. The people just happen to live in a part of the world where the majority of the population are non-christian. There are extremists of all religions, not just from muslim Countries. I mean this out of all repect, the fact that a whole religion is being blamed for this is very simple minded. The Nazi’s were white Christians, and they murdered 5.9 million people due to “ethnic cleansing” within 10 years. I would hardly say that you, nor I are reponsible for that due to our religion or beliefs. And America is built of many religions that are non-christian. New York has way more Jewish settlers then any other religious group, so no, the US will never be a “muslim/islamic country”. Its basically a christian country run by Jews. America is Israels number one ally. Enjoy it.

  • Matthew Thomas Smith

    America bombs other counties all the time. And America is a prodominently Christian Nation. This does not mean all Christians are missle happy, and oil hungry. The fact that the people who commited these acts of violence against “Christians”are muslims, does not mean that all muslims are horrible, hatefull, anti-american people. The people just happen to live in a part of the world where the majority of the population are non-christian. There are extremists of all religions, not just from muslim Countries. I mean this out of all repect, but the idea that a whole religion should be blamed for this is very simple minded. The Nazi’s were white Christians, and they murdered 5.9 million people due to “ethnic cleansing” within 10 years. I would hardly say that you, nor I are reponsible for that due to our religion or beliefs. And America is built of many religions that are non-christian. New York has way more Jewish settlers then any other religious group, so no, the US will never be a “muslim/islamic country”. Its basically a christian country run by Jews. America is Israels number one ally. Enjoy it.

  • Torch Onepercenter

    We need to ARREST, TRY, & HANG several of those oath breakers who have committed TREASON, to send a message to the REST of those in Washington that treason IS a crime punishable by DEATH!!

  • Anti Hate
  • johnhorse

    Time to RECALL ALL THE POLITICAL HACKS NATION WIDE starting at the White House.Thanks to Colorado WE KNOW IT WORKS.Time to show ALL the Politicians that THEIR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES and it is time to ANSWER TO WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Walter

    Only when the US Government admits that it’s Muslim terrorists who are our enemy will progress be made. If the Ft Hood murderer isn’t a Muslim terrorist, according to DOJ, then no one is.

  • Robert S Moulds

    If I was a anti American Muslim and saw those bikers I’d be too scared to terrorize any one and get myself to the church on time. In any case it was orderly and impressive unlike the 90 minute bigot in Glasgow football (soccer). Where gangs fought over Celtics the Catholic team and the Rangers the Protestant team the problem solved its self when the Rangers went bankrupt their by ending the 90 minute bigot. In any case Muslim kill more of their own than any one else and are more a danger to themselves