Bikers Versus Islam

Authorities confirm that over 800,000 Bikers are now on the road!
From LA they pour out, from New York they fill the roads, the Mid West, like a moving sea of humanity witnesses the Patriot Tsunami as they roll on towards Washington DC!
And still they come, on Harleys on every brand known, the Biker Patriot Army rolls on towards DC in an unstoppable tidal wave of metal, fumes and leather to pay homage and defend the honour of all the people of EVERY nationality who were butchered by Islamists on 9/11.
Not since the Revolutionary War have so many fighting men took to the road in America!
Never have we seen the likes of such a vast citizen army mobilize and deploy in defence of all the free world holds dear and our Governments despise…FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!

Source for this article: Patriot Action Network
This article submitted by
English National Resistance

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  • James Jones

    As one Harley rider to the thousands….RIDE ON BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE ARE UNITED…..RUBBER SIDE UP

    • RabidBear

      Rubber side up? Pretty sure you meant rubber side down, at least thats where I prefer my rubber when riding

      • Mr Manager

        Hes not really a biker.. LETS GETTIM

        • CD Buchanan


    • TimS

      Rubber side up? That would be a sight…My gut hurts from laughing…

    • Paul K.

      Shiney side up…..rubber down…

    • Dianna Nottingham

      You are a “Harley rider” and you are saying…RUBBER SIDE UP…. try again pretty boy!

      • Larry Fries


    • TimSingleton

      Say whatever the hell you like, friend. You are on the road? We appreciate it.

    • Deborah Preston

      however you said,my American brother…your heart is in the right place…Prayers for those who ride for our freedom.

    • Bhagavat

      Rubber side up? As one Harley rider to thousands? Where the hell do you ride newbie?

    • Bhagavat

      Posted from smart phone outside Starbucks

    • eric

      its shiny side up

    • Alicia Richmond

      James, rubber side down means “safe travels”. Rubber Side Up is a bike shop for parts for broken scoots.

    • Aristophanes

      C/mon people. Criticizing because of “rubber side up”? Really? Are you really that petty? No wonder conservatives can’t get their act together – too busy criticizing a trivial error.

  • Dfallis

    The guys and gals, rock. I love them and am so proud of them!! Ride on!! You are the BEST!

  • Kristin Thomas

    I have seen quite a few bikers from area in Virginia heading that way, passed one yesterday with the POW and American flag on his back. I asked him if he was headed to DC. Shook his hand and said THANK YOU, ride proud for those of us who can’t be there. He smiled and said I will. Great moment of pride.

    • Sabine

      Let’s donate some money to a biker who is headed to DC? Even if we can’t go, we can help them with expenses.

  • Jessie

    Every single time I see a photo of these bikers I get choked up. 800,000 strong and counting, may they have a safe journey. United We Stand, and now United We Ride!!!

    • AlunD33

      Same here brother!

    • Mark Anthony Jones

      Me too! While they are there, please God, let them take back our Whitehouse and the capital buildings and run a lot of people out of town.

      • cattnipp

        calling for an overthrow of our elected government is called TREASON

        • princesssong

          I think they have already captured that title in the WH, so I think this will be called TAKE BACK THE USA..

        • YoureNext

          “calling for an overthrow of our elected government is called TREASON” …So is a blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Anyone who supports the deliberate act of ignoring those two articles is a TRAITOR and needs to be tried and EXECUTED.

          • cattnipp

            I hope you keep that in mind when the GOP/TeaParty again questions the Public debt and causes the credit rating of the United States to be downgraded….the Constitution says that the public debt should not be questioned.(you can bet the farm they did not question when they and Bush were running it up)……………. and the NSA was set up by Bush 2…… and the GOP has been sounding the alarm that ‘their coming for your guns’ in my memory since JFK was running for office in 1960……. funny that their sweetheart Palin disarmed the citizen militia in Alaska during her half term as governor.

          • 66lima
          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            Seriously, blaming the ones that don’t want to spend to oblivion? The PRESIDENT damaged the credit, twit.

          • cattnipp

            the credit was damaged BECAUSE congress said they did not wish to pay the bills they helped Bush run up….. unless Obama signed a law that would help the rich steal more from the poor

          • Musteno802

            The bills they helped Bush run up? Wasn’t it Democrat Control in Congress, both the House and Senate when Bush left? And doesn’t mean they were controlling the purse strings as you so eloquently put it earlier, during his administration? You do seem full of contradictions my dear.

          • Aristophanes

            Wow, you really have been “brain”-washed. You believe every bit of crap that obozo and the liberal democrats have been feeding you. In a way, I envy you. I sometimes wish I was that dumb and oblivious to what is happening to MY country. Fortunately, I am not and I will fight any way I can to stop obozo et al from destroying my country.

          • Charlie_Tuna

            I don’t think that cattnipp was/is brainwashed. I feel somebody slipped some LSD into his KoolAid.
            I am waiting for cattnipp to say that Billery (Hillery and her baggage, Bill) along with HappyHarry Reid, and their botox queen, Nancy Piglosi are the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to Congress!
            They are as big a problem as Barry Sotero and his wife… Moochelle.

          • Stephen Hooper

            “sometimes wish I was that dumb”

            Don’t worry, you are.

            If wishes were fishes…The whole world would eat, unless fishing was controlled by republicans.

          • Rich

            How do you steal something from nothing?

          • cattnipp

            “The one’s who don’t want to spend to oblivion” ??? they have already done that…. when Clinton left office there was a SURPLUS in the annual budget…. but Bush and his cronies started 2 wars ‘off budget’ a program to enrich the pharmacy companies by making the taxpayers pay for drugs for those on medicare while making it illegal for the government to negotiate for more reasonable prices on those drugs…. and gave the obscenely rich a tax holiday…. when Bush left office there was a 1 Trillion dollar annual deficit in the budget, still 2 wars ‘off the budget’….. Obama put the wars on the budget and has cut the annual deficit by 1/2……. during the time he was doing this the GOP has spent millions of taxpayer dollars hiring their friends to argue in front of the supreme court that giving equal rights to all was against the principals of the American people….. and voted 40 times to take healthcare away from the American people who are not as rich as they are….. voted to save money by taking food stamps away from poor military and other families and then turned around and increased the Farm subsidies by TWICE the amount they saved by refusing food to hungry children….. and many of those same congressmen collect millions from those farm subsidies they increased…… they also overturned the law that Obama insisted they pass that stated that it be illegal for congressmen to participate in ‘insider trading’ just as it is for the rest of us…… but they overturned it so they have the right to do all the insider trading they want —— and you claim the black guy is the problem ???? racist just a little or just not so bright???

          • Mark Stanek

            Awesome post and on point… as a moderate, the more I hear from forgetful neo-cons and tea-tards, the more I want to lean left… Thanks for making it easier for me you hillbilly idiots.

          • Aristophanes

            Does not sound like a moderate reply to me – sounds like a liberal. Liberals love name calling and posting stuff that is all one sided and cannot see that obozo is doing much the same only on a much bigger scale. Also, I prefer to be a “hillbilly idiot” instead of a really stupid liberal idiot. I am also sick of hearing about Bush when obozo has managed to damage this country so much more. But, then, I do not expect liberals to see that either. Must be nice going through life with your head in the sand.

          • Teresa Gonzales

            You picked a much nicer place for some heads than I would have thought they’d be in…or up.

          • Aristophanes

            Nice one, Teresa! Got a picture in my head and laughed. Thanks.

          • Stephen Hooper

            I prefer to be a “hillbilly idiot”

            Well done sir.

          • Aristophanes

            As usual, for left-wing idiots, you did not bother reading the whole reply. I just love the one liners and useless comments you are making, stephen. You are giving some comedy relief to the issue. Also, you are assuming things about me instead of getting the facts. But, then, that is always the way the left-wing trolls work.

          • Elizabeth Durbin

            I always was told that two wrongs don’t make it right. Stop being so discriminatory. Our societies problems are partly based on discrimination like yours. Obama is not Afro-American. His mother is Caucasian, and so many try to hide that fact including himself. Why would he do that, but that he does not like that side of his family!

          • Aristophanes

            Who said anything about a “black guy”? Conservatives are intelligent enough to know that the so-called black guy is white, asian and black. You really are a racist, aren’t you? Can’t see that, though, can you? Talk about the kettle calling the pot black (I suppose that is racist to you, too, eh?). Rant all you want, I do not see any FACTS in this post, just wishes. Even if, by some remote chance, all you say is true – how does that compare to obozo? How many trillions has he added to our debt? What has obozo taken from the military and their families? How many wars has obozo started? But, of course, you liberals can not see what the democrats are doing. Then, again, maybe you do, you are just too stupid to see that the dems are doing the same things you are accusing the Republicans of doing. What a hypocrite.

          • Bob Martinelli

            Look it’s the old “turn it around on them and call them racists” then we won’t stand out so much as racists!” argument. Nice try racist.

          • Aristophanes

            Have a problem with reading comprehension, bob? Let me spell it out for you in caps: O-B-O-Z-O I-S N-O-T B-L-A-C-K! He is mulatto. Sounds to me like you having a little problem with understanding simple concepts. Unlike you, I really do not care about color. I hate the, white, asian, and black part of obozo. Maybe, you should not post at all since you just removed all doubt about your lack of intelligence.

          • Stephen Hooper

            You are appropriately named…you are a comedian. Funniest thing on four legs.

          • Aristophanes

            That is your argument, stephen? When you can’t refute what is true you come up with pathetic 2 liners? Unfortunately for you, Aristophanes is still smarter than you and he is dead!

          • Bob Martinelli

            Ah my post was deleted. It had to do with things you can put in your mouth, right wing racist.

          • Aristophanes

            Cool, I hit a nerve, you left wing bigot. If the fact that I hate obozo makes me a racist, I will proudly wear the title. Unfortunately for you, though, I hate the white, asian, and black sides of obozo. it is a shame though that you lack the intelligence to come up with a better comment then what was obviously an obscene comment. But, I expect nothing less from a left-wing nut. You see, I am getting to you without any obscenities at all.

          • Aristophanes

            Oh, I forogot to add, bob – have a nice day.

          • Stephen Hooper

            No facts? Did you read the post you are responding to?

          • Aristophanes

            Read my post again stephen. Having problems with reading comprehension? Did you read the post you are responding to?

          • Me

            Ironic you bring up Clinton… when he was in office the Republicans controlled both houses. When Bush was in office the Democrats controlled both houses… so who really was responsible for the surplus and debt? Hint, look at Detroit… the answer lies therein.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Not really, Clinton got done most of what he wanted, save health care, and he got himself in a mess by allowing the republican led repeal of Glass-Steagall, which eventually led to the near ruination of the US economy. Bush contributed to the debt by getting us into two off book wars which republicans are now blaming Obama for by saying he raised the debt by over spending. The reality is, 4 of the six trillion in debt we have incurred are costs and interest related to Iraq and Afghanistan and tax breaks for the wealthy. The other two trillion went to trying to save the economy, the banks, and the auto industry. To come back and say now, “Obama extended the Bush tax cuts, so they must have been a good idea” is disingenuous because the only parts renewed applied to those earning less than $250,000 a year. As far as being a tyrant? If you are still alive he’s doing a terrible job of it. And what about the economic woes? Have you taken a look at the DOW lately? Worst…Socialist…Ever.

          • Phil

            Each party can criticize the others’ overspending. So I will just emphasize the bottom line – Each of Obama’s first 5 years ended with a Trillion+ deficit. Bush’s largest deficit was about $400B (less than half that of Obama). Just saying that Obama’s military excursions are “on budget”, doesn’t pay for them, any more than Bush’s which you allege were off-budget.

            Just imagine owing another $200,000.00 beyond your annual tax liability (if you actually pay taxes). That’s what every man, woman & child owes to satisfy our $17 trillion of accumulated debt. Does it register at all with you that Obama has accounted for nearly a third of that – versus every President since George Washington?

          • Stephen Hooper

            Your analysis is wrong.

          • BUSHBGONE!!

            You can’t be serious?? The President damaged the credit? I hope for your sake, you mean GWB. Otherwise, TTM, you need to go away. Go far far away.

          • Musteno802

            Were you going to present an argument or just outrage that your vote screwed up the credit rating? Just curious….

          • Aristophanes

            Are you still pulling the blame Bush card? Our credit rating went down at least a couple of YEARS after your hero took office! When are you liberals going to grow up and start taking responsibility for your actions? I suppose Bush made obozo do that 800 billion dollars stimulus fiasco too? Wow, talk about childish.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Why yes, Bush did in fact stimulate the economy with approximately 831 billion dollars by leaving the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to be voted on in February 2009 in a lame attempt to save what little remained of his chances at a legacy. And he signed into law the Troubled Asset Relief Program that helped capitalize the banks, and bought 80% of AIG too (which turned out to be a great investment for America as it staved off a total collapse of the banking and insurance industry, and returned the country about 15 billion in profit.) Personal responsibility you say? How about having just one fact to stand on. Wow, talk about stupid.

          • Aristophanes

            831 billion compare to, at last count, 6+ trillion. Wow, the new math is working for you if you think Bush is more responsible for this debt than obozo.

          • Stephen Hooper

            You type faster than you think don’t you? It’s clearly laid out above, if you don’t see it, your stupid. What to do?

          • Aristophanes

            You must be a very insecure person or just plain bitter. I do not see in my posts where I started attacking you personally until you started. if you cannot have a discussion without ad hominem attacks, that just shows how stupid you are. It was laid out above that you blamed Bush for the debt that obozo has incurred. What is with you left wing nuts? Can’t you accept responsibility for anything and when someone is pointing out the flaws in your post, all you can come back with are personal attacks? Go back to your drugs and your koolaid. i am done trying to have a discussion with a pathetic little troll.

          • bitterrootbill

            Well Stated!

          • Aristophanes

            Thank you, bitterrotbill.

          • Stephen Hooper

            And your entire post is an ad hominem attack. Your inability to understand the budget math is what is holding you back. Unless you have a specific argument to make refuting my assertions, of historical fact, why bother?

          • Aristophanes

            At least we agree on the “why bother”. Like I state previously, I am done with you pathetic little troll. Find someone else who will “refute” your so-called facts.

          • Stephen Hooper

            …sigh, the last resort of a weak mind.

          • Aristophanes


          • Bob Martinelli

            You obviously prefer not to follow the history of the credit crisis. It’s easier being stupid huh?

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            That was kinda weak Bob.. Try again?

          • Bob Martinelli

            No thanks,you’d have trouble understanding it all.

          • PJ

            The Gop and the Tea Party are now the same

          • jamohio

            The militia spoken of in The Second Amendment has No government control!! A citizen army of last resort is the description in Websters Dictionary!!

          • pewestlake

            So that’s what “well-regulated” means? [facepalm]

          • jamohio

            Yes, individual citizen militia meeting regularly and training together is well reulated!! Remember that every city or area could have it’s own voluntary militia and they were self run!! Not government run!! It is the citizens check on the government!! The Bill Of Rights are citizen Rights, Not government rights!!!!

          • pewestlake

            It doesn’t matter how many exclamation marks you use, you’re still going to be wrong every time you say that “well-regulated” doesn’t have anything to do with government. When you read “well-regulated” in the U.S. Constitution, it’s not referring to the local Rotary. The militias were regulated and commanded by the states, not the feds and not your favorite bartender. That’s how both the Revolution and the Civil War were fought, with state militias, all having a clear chain of command up to the several civilian state governments, except in those instances when authority was ceded to a national army for the purpose of logistical control. Of course, all this only refers to ground forces. The U.S. Constitution has always placed the U.S. Navy under the authority of the U.S. Congress.

            “Article 1, Section 8

            The Congress shall have Power…

            To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

            To provide and maintain a Navy;

            To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

            To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

            To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress…”

            The Second Amendment is not what you think it is. It really isn’t. It protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, not just guns. Arms is weapons of war. I have no problem with you owning and carrying a fully automatic AR-15, provided you fall under some measure of supervision. Even if that supervision is by a private militia, the licensing must come from government, and the militia will always be subject to Congressional authority. That’s how a representative democracy works. It’s not a free-for-all out here. Never was and never will be.

          • jamohio

            First of all, The Bill Of Rights are Citizen Rights and they’re sole purpose is to Limit government!! Not expand on it!! The reason politicians and judges constantly attack Our Rights is because they can’t stand not having control!! I stand by my conclusion on The Second Amendment and you should stop over thinking what is truly so simple!! The exclamation points are my style!! First Amendment I believe!!

          • pewestlake

            Well, I give you credit for being honest about choosing to maintain your constitutional ignorance. But if the Bill of Rights is not designed to expand on government powers, how do you square that with the opinion of people who (incorrectly) believe the Tenth Amendment creates “states’ rights?”

            As to your First Amendment rights, they only apply to government attempts to limit your speech, not private citizens. Since I am a private citizen (with no power to silence your contributions anyway) and this website is private property, invoking the First in this context is meaningless. ;-)!!

          • jamohio

            You sir are living proof to the dumbing down of America from the regressive democraps and the educational system controlled by the feds!! The Bill Of Rights are the Rights of individual Citizens limiting federal constraints!! I guess you couldn’t wrap your little liberal mind around that thought!!

          • pewestlake

            Never said the BoR wasn’t about individual rights, just wondering where conservatives think “states’ rights” comes from if not the Tenth Amendment. Last I checked, states were governments, too. If the BoR only protects individual liberty, where does the reflexive “states’ rights” mantra come from? If you were really reading what I wrote, and not just formulating your next insulting response, you’d see that I included the word “incorrectly” in my statement.

            Now, you can say I have a “little liberal mind” and come up with third grade-level names for your political opponents and use all the exclamation points you want, the simple fact is you haven’t read the Constitution enough to know what you’re talking about. That is obvious, my friend. Stop basing your arguments on corporate talking points and start doing the actual reading yourself. The Bill of Rights is not the only functional part of the document.

            Do the Amendments guaranteeing rights for blacks and women count in your mind or is it only about the first ten? Do you honestly believe the Tenth Amendment overrides Article IV and Article I, Section 10? Are you sure? If want to be respected as a citizen scholar, do the actual reading. I know it takes time away from your busy schedule of watching sports and insulting “libtards” on social media but see if you can fit it in.

          • jamohio

            You may have read, but absolutely don’t understand The Constitution or Bill Of Rights at the time of their writing or the worries of the men writing them!! I’ve shown you to be a liberal control freak with no comprehensive or reasoning abilities beyond what you’ve been told or taught!!Continue your rant if you choose!!

          • pewestlake

            You haven’t “shown” squat, cupcake, except that you’re an ignorant slob pretending to be a constitutional scholar who hurls insults at anyone who dares not to follow the jingoistic propaganda you swallow without critical thought. People who refuse to actually learn how the Constitution works but insist that they’re somehow more American than others are a bigger threat to America than terrorists will ever be. You’re not just unAmerican, you’re anti-American. A perfect tool for corporatists and their wealthy benefactors. You must be very proud of how you continue to divide the country into “patriots” and every one else. How manly. [facepalm]

          • jamohio

            🙂 Not a scholar but I do indeed understand both as written at the time!! Goobye!!

          • pewestlake

            No you don’t. Not even close.

            And good day to you, sir!!


          • jamohio

            Been interesting!! Take care!!

          • Stephen Hooper

            Yet your commentary does not bear out your assertion that you understand the constitution as and when it was written. You have put forth no valid reasoning on any subject related to this discussion and have continued to simply hurl insults and rely on mu-gunz…mu-rights…benghazi benghazi….

          • Stephen Hooper

            Yet you have not made a single good point.

          • Stephen Hooper

            You are absolutely positively within your rights to be wrong, and look like an idiot.

          • Nick

            Thank you for being intelligent. And just to be clear, I am NOT being sarcastic. I am genuinely thrilled to see someone who:

            A: Knows the constitution well enough to apply it to relevant arguments
            B: Knows it well enough to know which part to look up to apply it to the argument.

            I do think there needs to be some change in how arms licenses are handled though, with our government doing their best to record every single breath we take…It’s a hard line to cross. I think every person who purchases a fire arm should be required to have a background check, psychiatric evaluation, and yearly follow ups, to be paid out of pocket by the purchaser, but have the price regulated to a reasonable amount (Not $400/hr for a psychiatrist, etc)
            I think waiting periods could probably do with being made longer. But I am against a federal level gun registry (Even though the feds could just get each individual state to give them their lists, I would hope the states would refuse)

            I am against the people who want to REQUIRE everyone to own a gun, and I am against people who want to blame guns and video games for the nut jobs who shoot up schools.

            I have no idea how to solve these issues though, I’m not a genius, I just know that the way things are, and the proposals I have seen to fix them…don’t cut it.

          • pewestlake

            Thank you for the compliment and the thoughtful response. Intelligent conversation is too rare a phenomenon in social media and it’s refreshing to encounter a reasonable countryman.

            I want the military checks and balances that saved the Union from Confederate aggression back. As currently interpreted by the Supreme Court, the individual right, minus the requirement for a well regulated militia, means that the check against federal tyranny is non-existent. No matter how well-armed the individual citizenry is, without the support of state militia authority, there’s no way to be protected from Apache gunships, A-10 Warthogs, armed drones or Abrams tanks. If the military wanted to stage a coup in America today, the token resistance would fall like crooked dominoes.

            I agree that the extremists on both sides of this issue are wrong and completely missing the point. If the right to own guns for hunting, security and sports were properly interpreted as a function of the Ninth Amendment, the purpose of the Second would become clearer and we’d be on our way to reestablishing the authority of state militias and the military check against federal and rogue state aggression that they serve.

            Well-regulated can be interpreted all kinds of ways. We can separate weapons of war, that would require some form of militia membership (public or private under state licensing), from weapons of peace and rank them by various characteristics. For instance, a hunting rifle that shoots one round at a time and can’t be concealed could be made available to anyone with nothing more than a simple background check. Whereas handguns that have large clips and can be concealed could be made available to people who are willing to have the weapons and ammunition registered. And fully automatic AR-15s could be made available only to militia members who are trained and supervised, even if that militia is privately controlled under a state license. That’s just a for-instance. Once we get into the nitty gritty, regulations can be tweaked to suit each weapon type.

            There are reasonable options out there. We just have to set aside the fear mongers on both sides to find them.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Right, and the southern states wouldn’t ratify the constitution without that provision because they needed some way to keep the slaves under control. The slave states feared that through the federal government, free states would try any way they could to break slavery by weakening owners’ control over the slaves, and one way they believed was by taking away the slave owners guns. Slave states knew at the time the constitution was written that slavery would eventually have to come to an end, all of the writers, and most of the signatories at one time or another called slavery abhorrent, against the nature of god, and worse, but to get the darned thing passed they had to put in certain provisions, like the second amendment, that would protect them from easy political attacks on their way of life. These guys that wrote the constitution played political chess, you eat checkers pieces thinking they are cookies and drool on your cut off jeans. If you want to hear the private discussions of the parties, try reading some of the correspondence of Alexander Hamilton, who was Secretary (took notes of the proceedings) to the Constitutional Convention. Have an informed day!

          • Musteno802

            You are still fighting party politics. That is futile at best and the hope of both the left and the right. Besides, JFK would never be elected today. He was far far too conservative. Yes they are constantly coming for your guns, you should be wary of that. It is the only reason we have not been run over by government in much larger steps as is proved on an almost daily basis and no one knows it better than the politicians.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Right…Government hasn’t stomped on more of our rights because the government is scared of your gun. Are you daft? Do you really think that when they come for your guns that it will be a politician knocking on your door? Do you listen to the arguments you make or do they just spill out like so much word vomit?

          • Stephen Hooper

            The NSA has been around since before WWII beginning as the US Army signal corps, then becoming the Armed Forces Security Agency, and finally the NSA.

          • cattnipp

            don’t try to tell the RWNJs that…… they claim it is another of Obama’s treacherous acts against the USA….. and you are right, it was expanded by the G.W. Bush administration to include spying on American citizens BEFORE 9-11-01….. but according to the GOP that was Obama also, along with the phones for the poor program started during the Clinton years when the phone companies took out 90% of all phone booths making it near impossible for the poor to access emergency services……. and the questionnaire given to certain members of the armed forces beginning in 1994 asking if they would fire on US citizens.

          • Stephen Hooper

            They are actually Reagan phones.

          • cattnipp

            Thank you for the correction……. it was a good and humane thing to provide, or rather insist the phone companies provide….but the RWNJs will scream that it is a lie and an attempt to destroy Reagan’s reputation…..

          • Jason F.

            Our for fathers expected that one day we would have a government like we have today and said it would be our duty as american citizens to take back our country if you wasn’t so brain washed by O-dumbass and his administration you to would see they are the true threat to our nation.

            Jason F.

          • KeppitReal

            evidently you may seem to have form of knowledge but its seems broken or more like dumb to me, get it right. I serve this country for enough years to know that this nation needs a overhaul of government in every way and form and if you think its treason then Oh well i don’t really mind it’s your right to do so but remember those who fought for this freedom you have and now are being screwed over by our government and its own people because they don’t help us or appreciate what we Military brothers and sisters have fought for (FREEDOM from any government that no longer cares for the people but only for their money.

          • Elizabeth Durbin

            Especially the Islam communities. Dearborn, MI is full of them. TRAITORS!!

        • Eileen Dover

          No, it isn’t. We are called to overthrow our government if it becomes self serving and doesn’t serve the people.

          “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness”
          –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776.

          • cattnipp

            so you to believe that the fact that congress gets about 6X their salary in bribes and always voting in the best interest of corporations is treason to??? I am tired of the annual income of the top 10% of our people increasing by over 450% in the same time as the income (wages) of the workers has risen only about 7 % and the cost of living has gone up by 22% in the same time…….. This was never meant to be the Corporate States of America

          • Guest

            Go away Eileen. You really don’t know what you’re getting into

          • cattnipp

            why are you calling me Eileen….. ? strange folks who go by the name of ‘guest’ and calling me by the wrong name?….. oh gosh I am so impressed

          • Elizabeth Durbin

            Boy do you look like you have egg on your face. Ignored that there is an Eileen at the beginning of the posts.

          • reggiec

            He is just being the self centered narcissist like the false Messiah he and other brain dead liberals worship; believing everything is about him.

          • Nick

            Hehe…I think cat is confused because guest used the “reply” function to reply to cat, so it looks like he’s calling cat “eileen”. If someone replied to me and called me “Jimmy” I’d be confused too =p

            Side note…I really wish that there was a way for people to come together and have reasonable discourse and organize so we could do something about what’s become of our government…especially in the past 40 years, and the past 20 even more so =(

            When the government’s boot is on your neck, it doesn’t matter if it’s the left or the right boot.

          • KeppitReal

            You shut up please you have no clue, you sound like someone who sits at home and cares only about your butt and none other.

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            Go Away “catnip” you really don’t know what you’re getting into

          • cattnipp

            because REAL AMERICANS like you do not believe in freedom of speech unless that speech is in total agreement of what you determine REAL AMERICANS should hate on ???

          • jamohio

            You poor soul, you have that so backwards but in your dumbed down world I can’t expect much real thought from the regressive left!!

          • Stephen Hooper

            Dumbed down…Funny. You know…we’re the ones FOR education right?

          • Musteno802

            Actually it is the left side that is working to shut the freedom of speech down with attacks on the first ammendment, mainly through the religion aspect of it, and then through attacks on the 4th ammendment. You really should pay more attention.

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            Nope Kit.. We just send kids like you back to their room. Here’s wisdom for you. There are those of us that do not HATE anyone in particular, We, rather, are against our government getting out of control. YOU, in your teenage wisdom, choose to focus hate of people, rather than situation. and thus, by attacking people, you entirely miss what you intend to get rid of.
            Incidentally, I, personally, find you quite amusing 🙂

          • dave

            cattnipp you really need to learn about economics. money has always spoken in this country. from the day the pilgrims came here until now. money speaks. the good thing is that any US citizen can represent our country. money puts you in office and intelligence tells money that it needs to take care of the people that slave for that money. I don’t care where in the world you are or what type of government you are in. money makes the rules. the rich will always get richer. what amazes me is that the poor think they can change that. the rich will never give their power away and it cant be taken. if force were used they would just buy defenses, if you try to use the law or politics then they just buy the system. you can only change your status.

          • hateobummer

            Dave, you are one of the sheep that drank the Kool-Aid and just what school did you go to anyway??? I mean I was taught it was and always will be “WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE” so I am trying to figure out exactly what your thinking and just when was the last time you spoke with anyone in the service? I know I have many friend’s and a few family members in the service you might want to check with them and see if they stand with or against ” WE THE PEOPLE” I’ll give you a hint it is not the latter no matter what you think or what line of crap obummer try’s to feed you his trusting sheep

          • cattnipp

            Dave the poor do not care that the rich have more money….. they do not even care if their supervisor gets paid as much per week as they earn in a year………… but when their supervisor makes as much per minute as they make in a year….. well, ya have to draw the line somewhere—– there have been recent studies that have proven that our elected representatives in congress do not represent the people….. they vote 99.9% of the time in the best interests of the corporations that are paying them the most bribe money————— that is no where near being a government ‘by the people, for the people’ which is what the USA claims to be.

          • Musteno802

            No you don’t have to draw the line somewhere. The fact that there is no ceiling on pay if you use your God given talents to promote yourself is one of the greatest benefits this country is su[posed to have. I do agree with you that corporations are out of control and they were never intended to be a functioning part of a free market system, the system we are Supposed to be running our economy under. Neither are we supposed to have a central bank (The Fed Reserve). However it is the politicians being bought off that make this happen. Therefore it still lies with the politicians. And it is through the bleeding heart liberals that the left is able to commit more of this travesty than the right ever could. Although the right is more direct, they are simply to obvious, which would lead one to believe that perhaps they are not all disimilar in their interests as we would be led to believe. Especially as it is both the left and the right that gain from regulation as far as money is concerned.

          • StedyRuckus

            And why shouldn’t the workers who build fortunes for people on the their backs not the have the right to organize and demand fair pay?

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            We done got invaded by occupiers…lol

          • jamohio

            I thinks some are students trying to get extra credit from “professors”!! They force themselves on you then bully and belittle you!! Lib standard opperating procedure!!

          • StedyRuckus

            Thats not what the founding fathers believed, otherwise we’d all still be singing God Save the Queen.

          • Stephen Hooper

            I am an economist, and that was just stupid. Ask King Louis XVI if power can be taken from the rich.

          • THUNDERTON

            Yo catnip…i’m tired of libtards like you trying to troll your influence against constitutionalists… the Congress and senate are both corrupt with few individual exceptions in that statement BUT it is the monkey in charge, who is spending all our money on fifty vacations a year and sending support money to the raghead tools that are in Syria killing and dismembering small children and all paid for with our tax dollars, and he will continue to do so until he is impeached and brought to trial for crimes against humanity. So get over yourself cause you’re far more ignorant than you show even here…

          • cattnipp

            wow….. I guess we are back in the days of slavery…… a White POTUS takes over 360 days of vacation by the 6 year mark, almost always takes Air Force One, because he can and not a word is uttered….. but a Black POTUS takes 92 days of vacation before his six year mark, almost never takes Air Force One because the smaller plane costs less…. and the black guy is the one complained about….
            BTW, the POTUS can ASK for the taxpayers money to be spent but he does not carry the national checkbook or credit card….. congress votes to spend money……. and is also supposed to vote to pay they bills they approved (it is stated in the Constitution like that)….. take a beginning civics class so you don’t have to be schooled by the stupid libtards like me

          • bitterrootbill

            Just as I suspected; a race-baiting Socialist!

          • Bob Martinelli

            Name calling catch-phrase dependent dolt. Try a rational argument you old fart.

          • iron

            because we all know how he follows the constitution to the letter.

          • Musteno802

            Actually there were farm more white slaves in colonial America than black slaves. Of course this is a forgotten part of history. There were wealthy black colonists who owned many a white slave. Your claim on slavery, whatever demographic you choose to let other people segregate you into, has no merit.
            Your statement on the vacation time and use of Air Force one are entirely incorrect, or you are lying. You choose.
            However you are correct in the use of funds and we all agree that Congress has failed us every bit as much as the current Dictator in charge

          • margie320

            i must be a white slave cause I am receiving a slave pay. Can’t even afford to live alone without my children helping me pay my bills… The Gov. isn’t any help either…

          • Joshua Meyer

            When a person cannot live from a full time job, I call THAT slavery.

          • Joshua Meyer

            And Jesus rode a Triceratops!

          • David Alexander

            but NONE of Bush’s vacations were anywhere near Africa….nor did they cost $100 million…EACH….he went to his private ranch in Texas///meanwhile….Obama globetrots and does absolutely NOTHING…where is this change? oh yeah….he “changed it from bad to worse….and then there is the matter of more scandals than any single President in history…yeah he’s a role model……IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH

          • Terri Bruce

            Bush and family took 3 vacations to Africa..check your facts.

          • Joshua Meyer

            And what else did Michele Bachmann teach you? Her husband’s gay was prayed away?

          • StedyRuckus

            Try again. Bush and the First lady made a combined 7 trips to Africa on the tax payer dime.
            Secondly – Obama’s trip didn’t cost anywhere near 100 million, it cost less than 1 million.

          • Stephen Hooper

            The President’s (regardless of which president) trips routinely cost taxpayers about $5 million per day. Since Obama’s trip to India netted us 50 Billion in new trade and 50,000 new jobs according to the OMB, I’ll take that trade.

          • Louise

            cattnip, people are afraid and by rights they should be. It has nothing to do with who is what color and shame on you for saying it.

          • Stephen Hooper

            I think catnip got the racist thing form a posting calling the President…monkey. Hard to get any other meaning from that.

          • Doug

            The “white” president (not that color has anything to do with it) took most of his vacations at the ranch, working most of the time. He also provided free food and housing for all the secret service.
            Now our current Vice Pres. owns housing and RENTS it to the gov. for his secret service details….. and the pres. runs up multi billion dollar bills

          • Stephen Hooper


          • A REAL AMERICAN


          • kathy

            Your caps lock appears to be stuck on, it’s the key on the left middle of your keyboard.

          • Stephen Hooper

            There are no decoys for AF-1. The vacation numbers catnip gave were correct. No matter who the president is, whatever plane he is on is AF-1, If it’s a helicopter its Marine one. The President has no real choice but to take the 747 when he flies, since he is obligated to take the White House Press Corps (40 or more) with him as well as more than a dozen staff. You realize no president is ever on ‘vacation’, right? No president carries money they have a body man for that, besides, its not like he runs to the 7-11 for a hot dog. Complete lack of understanding about how things work is the reason we can’t have any reasonable discussions about anything with people like you. It’s sad really, you don’t even know what you don’t know.

          • Joshua Meyer

            Um, black POTUS is also white POTUS. People would not call him black if his genetics favoured his Mother’s side.

          • Joshua Meyer

            Compared to the Son of a Bush, Obummer has had WAY less days off golfing and photo-opping ala-Putin style. Sucks that Tea-publicans have to see that there IS such a thing as a hard-working, self-made person of non-caucasian heritage ascending to their utmost potential. Their whining reminds me of the lament of the GOP’s in the movie Trading Places.

          • Nick

            I don’t agree with how you are presenting yourself or your information, BUT:

            I think Obama is being mentioned right now…because he’s the one in charge right now. Don’t assume that because someone despises what Obama and his administration are doing to this country, that means that they loved Bush…

            All politicians lie, unfortunately it’s to be expected. And I agree that there ARE racists who hate Obama simply because he’s black. BUT. I hate Obama because he’s cost us American lives, based on lies (Just like Bush), he’s taken away our civil liberties (Just like Bush), he’s trying to force the passing of bills that the majority doesn’t want (Just like Bush). But the most frustrating thing to me is when I see racists who are FOR Obama. A black congresswoman (Eleanor Holmes) quoted as saying “I don’t want to go to war with Syria, but if Obama wants to, I will vote for it so he doesn’t look bad” It’s the same as when people ignored Bush’s idiocy because they believed the BS the FBI/CIA lies, simply because they didn’t want to look dumb for supporting Bush to start with.

            As for congress voting to spend money…Bush went to congress about Iraq, and THEY voted for it…several deployments Obama has sent out were not voted on by congress. He brags about how he goes around them if they don’t agree with him, and has used EOs to bypass them on issues like Gun Control, Mortgage Interest for Fed Insured Mortgages, Climate Change, shrinking VA benefits, cutting military health care, etc.

            Obama and Bush are both incompetent, lying, traitorous sacks of crap. Just in different ways.

          • cattnipp

            contrary to their own belief the RWNJs are not the ‘majority of the people’ ….. just why do you think they are passing all the voter OPPRESSION laws…… http://underthemountainbunker.com/2012/11/27/gop-leaders-admit-new-election-laws-were-aimed-at-suppressing-democratic-voters/
            And while you are blaming Obama for every death in the Bush started wars the GOP is screaming that Obama is a traitor for pulling out of Iraq and planning to withdraw from Afghanistan.

            Obama is making me so mad I could spit over the Syria issue….. just what part of the ‘people’ of Syria fighting against Al Qaeda and the other rebels….. and the rebels saying that they “accidentally” discharged a chemical weapon given to the by the Saudis (who got them from the USA) brings him to the conclusion that it was Assad that dropped the weapon—- Obama is capable of being an ass on his own….. no need to cast blame on him for what the GOP has done

          • Nick

            I agree that Obama is fully capable of digging himself and his administration into a hole, even if he’d been handed a perfect country (Which he obviously wasn’t, our country has been in decline for a long time, before Bush Sr even, we just hear about it more now because of how quickly information moves these days)

            But it really does bother me when people blame SOLELY the POTUS for crap that goes down. For example…when GWBush was POTUS, republicans controlled congress untill mid 2005 (I believe, it may have been early 2006) and then the democrats took over. Both groups royally $#[email protected] up things in our country. Just different things. The republicans are openly for large corporations and a very religious based domestic and foreign policy. The democrats are openly for raising our debt ceiling so we can spend money we don’t have to take care of people using a system that is WAY too easy to fraud. With our current system, we, as citizens, are screwed either way. It’s just a matter of viewpoint as to HOW we are screwed.

            As for the “voter oppression”…Bush Jr won in Florida due to voter fraud and everyone flipped crap…Obama won his elections in part due to illegals voting, dead people voting, Black Panthers threatening to kill people who didn’t vote for him (They were not charged with anything for this…imagine if the KKK had stood outside voting locations threatening to kill anyone who DID vote for him…you know as well as I that they’d have been in jail same day)

            Both of them were elected under false pretenses and false voting numbers. Obama just seems to get a pass from democrats for 99% of things he does, in the same way that Bush got a pass from Republicans. Neither of which is OK.
            Obama sends millions to Syria to “Help voter fraud” and BILLIONS in F16s to Egypt, and weapons to Syrian rebels who are openly Al’Qaeda. Obama is openly supporting radical Islamists and if anyone speaks out, they’re “racist”.
            Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush all supported Iran and Iraq with weapons for them to kill each other with, and as soon as “the people” found out about it, everyone had a $hit fit. But there is still decidedly few news networks that will cover all of Obama’s BS he’s pushing.

            My opinion about the current administration not wanting to have voter ID laws is: They rely on a large amount of illegal’s votes, felons, repeats, etc. And they are scared that if voting is more difficult, the people that they pander to will be too lazy to go through it to vote. As a general rule, the democratic party in government relies on people who NEED the government because they are on government handout programs (And a lot of them have no desire to get off of them) The liberals who are in charge, whenever they are, do their best to make the government bigger and bigger so they can create generations of people who think they “need” the government to take care of them.

            On the flip side of the coin, Republicans CLAIM to want smaller government, yet they don’t hesitate to give themselves raises, take money from large corporate lobbyists, and do nothing to make the government more efficient to save us some money.

            I wish people would realize that the way our country is going, it literally doesn’t matter who is in charge, we, as citizens, have ZERO power over the direction of our society anymore. We mean nothing to them. All government employees’ decisions are based solely on what will continue to get them paychecks, and secure their re-election. NOTHING to do with what the constituents want.

          • cattnipp

            Thank you for that….. I really needed the laugh….. the Florida National Guard DID stand outside polling places in the less affluent districts in 2000, telling people of color they had no business there and to move on or be arrested for interfering in the democratic process………. AND the planes that Obama is obliged to send to Egypt are under an agreement signed by Bush….. were the “Black Panthers ordering people to vote for Obama or be killed” allowed to enter the voting booths with the voters….. which even family members are not allowed to do??? I have given myself a huge headache dealing with the people on here, so will most likely not respond to ANYTHING for at least a few hours if not days…… I wish you all peace

          • Nick

            Tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you’re obviously unwilling to fully read and comprehend things that are said to you. I plainly stated that our government is full of self interested ass holes…and you respond by saying that…the government controlled military targeted blacks in an election…ok? I never said it WASN’T done. I said that there weren’t WIDELY publicized CIVILIAN instances of WHITE supremacists intimidating BLACK voters during any recent election. Obama and his administration have made it clear that violent Black groups, and violent radical Muslim groups are friends of the administration. They decide that they’re not happy w/ the Martin/Zimmerman trial, so they threaten to launch federal investigations? They allow, and do not condemn voter intimidation, but only if it benefits them. If you’re going to “QUOTE” my post, you should actually quote it, instead of typing what YOU read out of it. You actually think if an elderly white person went to vote, and saw huge groups of white-hating black supremacists outside the locations, they’d go inside?

            This country has no sense of balance. It’s either “We all hate whitey” or “We all hate minorities”. No one wants equal treatment, everyone wants SPECIAL treatment.

            Maybe you should be mad that no one did anything about what you claim the national guard did, instead of using the past as an excuse that it’s OK that Obama and his traitorous administration do what they do. Just because we’ve had criminals in office in the past who got away with crimes, doesn’t mean that Obama and his lackeys should get away with it to. The past is the past, and we can’t go back and fix it. But we shouldn’t allow crimes that are occurring NOW go unpunished because of what happened in the past.

            You probably have a headache from trying to come up with an argument that isn’t opinion and conjecture, and failing.
            Just go hop on the bandwagon of “I love Obama for no reason” and “I hate Bush because it’s cool to hate Bush”


          • cattnipp

            There are many people in this world that have no concept of how to behave in polite society…. the KKK AND the NBP and the ‘Christian’ Right being prime examples…. I can not change that.

            you are correct I an just TOO STUPID to understand that giving someone who looks or thinks differently than you the EXACT SAME rights you enjoy would be giving them ‘special privileges’ …. please, please, PLEASE accept that I will never understand and quit trying to explain this to me………

          • Nick

            Why do you assume that I “enjoy rights” that you are talking about. You assume that I am white? Why? Because I think that everyone should be held to the same standards, and given the same treatment and rights? Because I don’t agree with race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson?

            Seems like you’re the racist one, friend.

            I love that you’re trying to be sarcastic about you being stupid, and your posts are filled with grammar and spelling errors. It’s quite entertaining to watch, really. =) It adds to the entertainment value that comes from you ignoring all the valid points everyone makes, with you instead preferring to rely on your caps lock and failed sarcasm to get your “point” across.

            Perhaps once you’ve graduated middle school, if you study hard, you’ll be able to have a polite conversation that consists of facts and is based in reality. Until then, enjoy being a racist, ignorant fool =)

          • 52, working white libertarian

            You will never understand because you can’t see many people work very hard to get what they have (what you call rights). You are a racist, communist, idiot, and I hope you get exactly what you want, only when it happens, it will look very much like Soviet Rule, because there will be nothing left “TAX”, and only politicians will be rich, and the poor will be much worse than you can imagine. Go Visit Ukraine! Idiot!!!

          • cattnipp

            Writing an Executive order directing that congress investigate possible ways to decrease the number of guns in the hands of those who should not have them and other ways to increase gun safety is hardly going AROUND congress—– Bush wrote 290 Executive Orders in his eight years….. (including one that made provisions for the government to attach all property of a person SUSPECTED of indirectly contributing to an organization that opposed the US government of spoke out against the current policies of or the wars begun by the US government and strip them of all rights as well as citizenship) —— and Obama has thus far written 162 ……. MANY (if not most) Executive Orders written by BOTH were simple things such as closing government offices for 1/2 the day on Christmas eve, and strong suggestions that congress look into specific issues of interest to the American citizens and it’s governing powers.

          • Chris Ballenger

            I fought for this country. I watched my friends die over here fighting bush and cheyney’s false flag war in the name of corporations like exxon mobile, bp and haliburton brown & root. I saw the slaughter with my own eyes. Is it still my country too? Or are all of the brainwashed christian rednecks just claiming it all for themselves?

          • Michael Switalski

            you really are a dumbass, don’t call yourself a Patriot.

          • Chris Ballenger

            If that’s thew best your feeble mind can come up with then you are not really worth a response. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll stop calling myself a patriot when start showing signs of intelligence, monkey boy. Because you and I both know that’s NEVER going to happen.

          • Bob Martinelli

            Yeah Chris, why call yourself a ‘patriot’ when the word has been destroyed by idiots like Micheal Switalski. These are the same people that don’t admit that raping and killing native Americans, slavery, pillaging of islands, Vietnam or Iraq were anything but bulls*** wars. The same idiots that think the bible is real and their ‘God’ is better than anyone else s. It is an IQ problem. They don’t have the capacity to realize patriotism is actually pointing out the good and the bad in your country. Like what might have caused islamists to go ‘nuts’. It would take to much work and unfortunately they don’t have the brain power. So if most of these idiots here that think this has anything to ‘patriotism’ are the ‘patriots’, I’m happy to not be part of this self aggrandizing fake BS lot of waste. Enjoy your delusion morons.

          • Louise

            Chris, where do you stand on the question,” is our government representing the people of the United States”?

          • Doug

            I thought we went to war in Iraq because of WMD’S that are a violation of too many things to list. Funny how people forgot they found WMD’S and equiptment to make them…..guess what ?…they sent most to Syria and here we are dealing with basically the same weapons and the same people… Bush didn’t lie.

          • StedyRuckus

            They thought they had WMDs because Bush 1 and Reagan sold them to Saddam in the first place. Bush 2 did lie to go to war. It was the first thing on his agenda when he took office even before 9/11.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Uh…no they didn’t. Quote Donald Rumsfeld re WMD’s. “well…we were wrong about that.”

          • Christian Patriot

            Please don’t paint all Christians with the same brush. I am Christian and I agree with nearly everything you just wrote (except for the way you spelled Cheney and you seemed to be throwing all Christians into the same bucket.)

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            you just fibbed

          • benny

            Impeachment is an indictment and means nothing. The trial in the Senate could convict the President. Now if you were not so ignorant you would know that the constitution gives the President the power to pardon himself. Read before you post bs. Also your Republican controlled House hasn’t got the balls to even bring an impeachment up for vote.

          • Doug

            Clinton was impeached for far less than obama has done………

          • StedyRuckus

            That should tell you more about the Gingrich-led House than it should tell you about either Obama or Clinton.

          • cattnipp

            Clinton was brought up on charges of impeachment by the House……. but the senate did not convict him of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” and he was not removed from office….. and to all the RWNJs….. being black while POTUS is neither a High Crime nor a Misdemeanor…. as much as you believe it is.
            AND evidently neither is being an ass while POTUS, or Bush would have been ousted, which would have certainly set legal precedent to impeach Obama, who is pushing the agenda of the weapons makers instead of leading the USA in a reasonable direction at the moment….. (like Bush, making more money for Cheney instead of promoting the best interest of the country)

          • Nick

            Dude…you have some very valid points, and I do agree with several things that you’ve said. But you have GOT to stop bringing up the fact that Obama is black. There ARE some idiots who hate him because he’s black. But there are also MANY who ignore his faults and give him special treatment BECAUSE he is black. Good example is the rodeo clown who was forced to resign because he made fun of Obama. In the EXACT same method he made fun of GWBush, Clinton, Bush Sr, Raegan…ALL of them. Nothing was done differently…but because Obama is black..he was called “racist” and lost his job…

            It’s gotten to where black community “leaders” like Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright, Obama, Holder, and others have made this country scared to say any negative word about someone who happens to be black, for fear of losing our job, being attacked, or permanently labelled as a racist. Black Panthers put out a $10,000 BOUNTY on George Zimmerman’s head…which is illegal, but was allowed. Spike Lee tweeted an address and told people to “go deal with Zimmerman”…it turned out it wasn’t even the right address…and Lee was not charged with inciting violence.

            There are plenty of problems with our legal system being racially bias in some places, but it’s a self perpetuating cycle when “leaders” like the ones mentioned want SPECIAL treatment, and not EQUAL treatment. Bill Cosby, and Colin Powell are great examples of REAL black leaders.

            Both sides need to stop bringing up the fact that Obama’s black. Those who hate Obama because he’s black need to stop, and just point out all of his BS, so their comments won’t be thrown out as racist. And those who support everything he does without question (Eleanor Holmes) BECAUSE he is black, and they feel that because they’re black, they HAVE to support him. Also…folks who AREN’T black need to have the courage to stand up to him and hold him accountable WITHOUT bringing in the race card. It’s hard to do when Obama and Holder are obviously making an effort to play up the “Black President” card, instead of just being PRESIDENT…who cares if he’s black, blue, green, white, yellow, red, he’s just as bad as Bush, Nixon, Ford…

            You’re right, his faults CAN stand on their own, but it’s hard to criticize him without being labelled a racist because we don’t agree with him. If a black guy disagreed with Bush, he wasn’t called racist. Why am I called racist for disagreeing with Obama? It’s a double standard.

          • cattnipp

            please do not group Obama with the likes of Sharpton, who just loves his own drama series and his own voice…. Jackson, who when he ran for POTUS I worked in a predominantly black area of the city and never spoke to one black who had much besides “Why does Syria want that fool in the White House?…. Hell NO!” and Farrakhan who’s only saving grace if to prove white men do not hold a monopoly on ignorance…… Obama is FAR from perfect but does not approach their level of …. oh pleeze…
            And you claim the NBP was ALLOWED to place a price on Zimmermans head………. did they present themselves for arrest and get told that what they had done was acceptable?….. Nope

          • Nick

            There are thousands of murders every day. White on black, black on white, pink on blue, green on yellow, every persuasion. Obama takes the time to comment on Zimmerman (Who has less white blood than Obama, but looks more white), but doesn’t comment about the 2 black teens who shot a 16month old baby in the face when they tried to rob a lady who didn’t have any money. His comments are about race, pure and simple. He was shaped by Reverend Wright, and is friends w/ Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, all of them. Present themselves for arrest? Wtf? Yeah, they broke the law, and then went and confessed. Lol…they are being told that what they did was acceptable by not having any action taken against them, when it’s a widely known fact that they were putting out a contract on someone’s life. By ignoring them, our government, and law enforcement, have said that it’s OK for groups to hire assassins to kill people they don’t like.

            Don’t pretend that people who are black can’t be racist. Ignorance and hatred is not ONLY a white thing. Bigots come in all colors.

          • Doug

            Can’t say it much better than Nick already did. I don’t even know
            where you came up with this “black” crap.
            By the way,this Bush/Cheney thing is a load of crap too.

          • kcb777

            Right on brother! A South African that has served with and supported US armed forces in AFG for the past 5 years. You dont have to know more than that. Ride free and state your claims – I am also a biker.

          • carolchristine


          • Musteno802

            It is so because the government regulates in their favor. More the left than the right. Although the left spend an inordinate amount of time and money blaming the right for it. Independent is the only way to go. But we have the RIGHT in this country to get rid of the EMPLOYEES we put into office when they do not do their job in representing us to OUR best interests instead of our own.

          • Stephen Hooper


          • John Gallion

            Corporations have no power that governments don’t give them. Pull your head out of your ass!

          • keppItReal

            Totally right on the Head.

          • Kari

            and then who steps in and takes over? Could be a lot worse! Think about it…what? skin heads? Immigrants? I am open for suggestions

          • Leigh

            Even if the current situation does appear to you as the same situation the founding fathers were in back then, the whole point of the bravery involved in the American Revolution is the fact that what they were doing was treason. If England had won, the American patriots would have been hung for treason. Until the current government is overthrown, talking about overthrowing it is most definitely treasonous.

          • Rich

            Words are not treasonous. Actions are treasonous. Heard of the 1st amendment?

          • Joshua Meyer

            The government is a wholly owned subsidiary of transnational, plutocratic, neo-liberals. TREASON is Citizens United. A patriotic brand-name for the worst thing that could happen to OUR country.

        • Mark 2112

          standing by and being trampled and allowing it to happen is called Obama Supporter.

          • cattnipp

            yes…. how dare he say we need to feed the starving children here in the USA when it is better for congress to cut 450 million from programs that will do just that and add another Billion to the farm subsidies…… which many of them already personally draw millions from annually….. how dare he believe that a woman’s doctor is a better judge of what health care she needs than her employer…….. or that you should be able to practice your own religion instead of being FORCED to worship as your employer wants you to

        • Janet


        • Teresa Gonzales

          What our elected government has been doing is called treason!

          • cattnipp

            I agree, congress openly taking bribes to always vote in the interest of their corporate masters should definitely be classified as treason

          • Teresa Gonzales

            I would like to see every member of congress who has ever voted in support of enacting unconstitutional legislation impeached at the least, if not imprisoned. That includes Mr. Obama. It would make a fine start to cleaning up the mess we call government and stand as a warning to future leaders that actions have consequences. I can dream, can’t I?

          • Stephen Hooper

            So every Representative and Senator that has ever voted for any law that was stricken by the SCOTUS should be hanged? Good idea. Dipshit.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Again, words have meaning, and a government can’t commit treason against itself.

          • Teresa Gonzales

            I agree words have meaning. I used the word according to it’s definition.
            trea·son/ˈtrizən/ [tree-zuh] noun
            1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
            (The government of the federal republic of the United States has indeed been overthrown, from within. The current government doesn’t even bother to pretend to adhere to the Constitution, the supreme* law of the United States of America, from which the government’s powers were established.)
            2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
            (We the people are the sovereigns of our elected officials, not the other way around. Members of our government have a social contract with the American people to represent and serve them by protecting their rights. The goverment has certainly violated their allegiance to the sovereign people of the United States of America by allowing our rights to be usurped and circumvented, while catering to their own and special interests.)
            3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence;breach of faith;
            (needs nothing more said)
            *supreme is another word that has meaning.

          • Teresa Gonzales

            and you should watch your mouth!

          • Stephen Hooper

            Or what?

        • Talon Trevor MacDonald

          Cattnipp, Calling for the over throw of a Tyrannical Government is how we GOT the country. Even Lincoln said that the people have the RIGHT to undo the government at need. It is the very reason for the second amendment, and the first. The Second, that we may be armed against Tyranny. The First, that we may SPEAK our minds.
          It is ONLY treason if you attempt to overthrow a LEGITIMATE government that has done no wrong, or violate Oaths that state you support the government above all else.
          The Oath Military people, Justice Department Agents, The FBI, Police Departments, Sherriffs Deputies et. al. swear to ALWAYS, and Invariably demands the protection of the Constitution of the United States first, and always.
          Thus, demanding the removal of this President that has VIOLATED the Constitution and the Rights of the People is By NO means Treason, but Appropriate action
          T. MacDonald Killey, Colonel, United States Army (retired)

          • cattnipp

            but Obama has NOT violated the rights of the people….. give me your list of EXACTLY you believe Obama has done….. and I will google right past the GOP propaganda and find out when the program started because I don’t think any of you are capable of it…….. even congress has admitted Obama has not committed an impeachable act

            News Flash….. it is NOT against the law to be POTUS while also being black

          • THUNDERTON

            hey stupid…check the code…if you aid and abet the enemies of the US, you have committed treason and as well guilty of sedition…end of subject. Oh and btw moron…Islam IS the enemy of the US.

          • cattnipp

            just WHEN was Islam declared to be the enemy of the USA ??? so I guess the Pentagon selling weapons to both sides in the conflicts in the Middle East could be a problem then …. hmmm and Bush/Cheney using government planes to fly around and pick up members of the richest Saudi families and the relatives of OBL after grounding everything on 9-11-01 wasn’t exactly legal either…….. Ahhhhh now I know why the USA is bankrolling the genocide of the Palestinian people….. but why are we trying to get involved in a civil war in a Muslim country, can we legally do that? is it legal for our oil companies to be buying oil from Muslim countries and enriching them……. Is it legal for US corporations to open sweat shops in countries that have Muslims……is it legal for us to keep embassies and consulates (like in Benghazi and Tripoli) open in Muslim countries? and if so wouldn’t the GOP cutting the budget for their security be aiding the enemy? ……… you are so right ! I must be a moron, I am getting so confused by this

          • Stephen Hooper

            Hey moron, Islam is a religion. People are enemies. And it’s not the end of the subject because some lame brain says it in capital letters. Words have meaning. Sedition: If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States (ya not the government you disagree with, or that your 8th grade education tells you somehow violated the constitution, even though teh SCOTUS disagrees and they are on your side, bot the official elected government of the US), or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

            That’s you, lily liver. git yer gun, and come and get some.

          • bitterrootbill

            Ah, yes…The ole Race Card gets dealt once again. Not surprised in the least bit. Your Socialist ideals don`t float around here, Pal, so why not just take a hike? Jerk.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Logic and facts are a bitch.

          • BUSHBGONE!!

            Oh please please please, tell me ole wise one, how our President has violated our constitutional rights. This I gotta hear.

          • Talon Trevor MacDonald

            Simply looking at your name tells me that NO matter what Anyone says, you will shift the blame 🙂 Poor kiddo.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Can you point me to where your thesis at the US army War College is published I’d be interested in reading it.

        • dave

          you need to look up the word treason. they are not riding against the government, they are riding against the idiotic decision of the government. only an ignorant person would allow muslims to march on 9/11. It does not matter their purpose. this is a slap in the face to America and if I still had my bike I would want to be there too.

          • cattnipp

            to the truly ignorant a person breathing that does not agree with their program of hatred….. is a slap in the face……. so you claim that in the United States a person should NOT have freedom of religion….. unless they are of the Christian ‘church’ then they should be able to use tax money to indoctrinate other people into Christianity

        • jamohio

          Not when the government becomes tyranical!! Once again, this is the reason The Second Amendment is in place!! Enemies; foreign and DOMESTIC!!! And it’s why No Infringement is allowed at the federal or State level!!

        • KeppItReal

          Wrong its called the declaration of independence, we have a right to abolish any government that is not standing for what is right in this nation, we no longer control our government they now control us because they have to much power because we have not stood up for whats right and just in this nation because we want our comforts more then we want whats right and just and now we need to stop being sissies grow a back bone and take back what our fore-fathers fought and died for our freedom, to live the way we were intended to live Under God not under oppression.

          • cattnipp

            This has been going on for the past 35 years !!! but nobody noticed it until Obama was VOTED into the White House by “the people” …… I wonder what has changed to make those so content under the program for so long, suddenly become upset? hmmmmmm I just can’t put my finger on it

          • chap

            what changed is the speed of what is happening has excellerated 20 fold

          • Stephen Hooper

            Wrong on slavery. Wrong on women’s suffrage. Wrong on minority voting. Wrong on segregation. Wrong on gays in the Military. Wrong on Gay marriage. When are you conservatives ever going to actually be RIGHT?

          • Gary Morin

            With the likes of Boehner and Bachmann, they’re still not getting it right and don’t look like they’ll be getting it right anytime soon. Living under THEIR god would be living under oppression and tyranny – of the stupid and uneducated.

          • Stephen Hooper

            You so love the founding fathers…Smoke this.

            As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries. -John Adams, Founding Father

          • Gary Morin

            WHOSE G-d? yours? mine (the G-d of Jews being the true one)? Tealiban members are anything BUT Christian, Christ-like, religious, or spiritual – just maniacal and plain ol’ nutty.

        • shermonator

          change your name from cattnip to craknip because you are on drugs, i am from Australia and even i think you are a total moron.

          • cattnipp

            I am sure you are much more aware of what is going on day to day on my continent……. and I am just heartbroken, because your opinion means everything to me

        • carolchristine

          Even when our government has gone against it’s own people and the Constitution. We have Tyranny right now. Wake up.

        • WORSEKarma

          No, no it’s not. Maybe you should bone up on the actual Constitution and Federalist Papers, rather than guzzling the Obammiecrap dished up by the Propaganda Ministry, sweetie-poop-yummers.

        • Elizabeth Durbin

          That is what Islamic believers are doing, calling for treason and replacing it with Sharia Law! The bikers are taking it back!

          • Stephen Hooper

            That comment wins stupid of the day.

        • Aristophanes

          How can it be treason when it is not our “elected” government? Nice try though, cattnipp.

        • Treason is defined in the Constitution as one of two acts: making war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to the enemy. In both cases the Supreme Court has clarified the meaning. In the Aaron Burr case it was held that you actually had to take up arms against the USA to commit the former. In a later case it was held that a formal Declaration of War is required to violated the second cause.

        • Erwin Dale Brown

          You just saying that implies ignorance, great ignorance. You should stop posting until you have gained knowledge. The federal government is hired by the states to represent us and to manage national business like feeding the homeless, repairing roads, bridges and dams. Making sure education in America is well funded. Be a watch dog over the ever grasping nature of industry. Protecting our public lands from industries that would destroy them. The are employees of the states, nothing more. Now they are “up for review” to see if they have been doing their jobs well or do we need to cut away some of the fat? Too much catnip can make you crazy anyway.

        • Jason

          Read your constitution first before commenting… We the people have the right to overthrow the government when we feel that we are threatened.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Ya…no, we settled that in April 1865.

        • Janet Peticca

          It is no more treason then what our President has done!

        • Mark Anthony Jones

          TREASON is what is sitting in the Whitehouse.

        • Dwight Sanders

          The only & best place to overthrow the government,is at the ballot box.

        • Maureen McManus

          It’s treason if the government are trying to destroy your country and ruin the very fabric of your existance. NS

        • John Gallion

          The treason belongs to the thieves, November criminals and globalist patsies in the government! Hang ’em high!

        • machodog

          Electing a foreigner and impostor is TREASON. A traitor to your own kind. I see you voted for obama.

          • cattnipp

            a person born on US soil, and being the parent of a US citizen makes a person a US citizen, regardless of the color of their skin. You were okay with McCain and seem to be okay with Cruz, although neither was born in the United States, so I can only surmise that the skin-color is your issue……. and I have not seen anywhere in the voting laws that YOU PERSONALLY are supposed to dictate who I vote for….. or even that you have the right to pass judgement on how I vote…. I vote my conscience, because I possess one…. and it is quite frankly NONE of your damn business——- you do not yet have the FREEDOM to execute those who vote against what you would like—- QUESTION… did you pray to God that the right man be elected to office and then get angry when Obama was elected? God does not exist to answer to your dictate, sir.

        • lessthantolerant

          Why would it be treason to wish Obama was hanging from a post, this POS deserves it!

      • princesssong

        alright Mark!!

      • Faybear

        We have never “lost” the White House, nor have we ever “lost” the capital building. How do you lose a building? We elect officials to temporary jobs. Then we vote them out if we do not agree with what they are doing. If we run people out then we are no better than the Egyptian thugs who arrested their first democratically elected president and congress because they did not like the way things were going.

        • Stephen Hooper

          Turns out Democracy is a bitch.

    • Detroitheat

      The same here bro, it`s a thing of Beauty……

    • Silly goose

      I like fanasty also

    • princesssong

      I think there are supposed to be 2 million bikers before it’s finished. I hope so.. and tons of them are FORMER military ya know? VROOM VROOM

    • MsPatti

      I get teary also when I see the pics. GOD SPEED!

    • Samuel Sgarlata

      I feel the same way Jessie

    • Patriot

      Research what happened before we blindly follow. America is the greatest country in the world. Let’s refuse ignorance. Bikers vs. Muslims was not what happened. This article is simply dumb.

    • desuhu61

      The pictures on the computer are great, but I’m wondering if this actually happened, as there was nothing shown on TV on any news channel showing that this actually occurred. I can’t believe if there were that many bikers riding in Washington, D.C. that this wouldn’t have been shown on at least one news channel. I’ve asked questions about it, but so far, no one will respond.

  • Don

    Make us proud and keep us strong. You are the backbone of this Great Country. May God grant you favor and keep you safe.

  • AW

    While I do not ride anymore, this is one of the greatest things I have seen. Thanks to all the great people making a commitment and following through. You are all true Americans!
    Ride Safe!

  • SonsOfLibertyRiders

    thats memorial weekend 2013, rolling thunder. they had 600,000+. please correct your story. there should be a nice size group in DC on Wed. it will be helpful to post accurate information for them…………thanks

    • cvmoonshadow

      I think they were just looking for a picture that would match the story. No worries there will be more pictures to come from this event. Thanks you for your Rolling thunder on Memorial Day.

  • Christine


  • Paul Cline

    I am proud and wish I could be riding into DC tomorrow, but I do have to agree with Sons of Liberty Riders. Most of the photos that I have seen in relation to this run, have been photos of Rolling Thunder demonstrations on Memorial Day. Please give credit where it is due. I am a member of Rolling Thunder Chapter 5 Ohio.

    • Deb Ewing

      I thought so….:( Thank you for riding with Rolling Thunder, and God bless those who ride today.

    • Sporkster2

      agreed the organization it’s self has already debunked this photo. two days ago.

    • Christine

      Here is a link to a real video of some of the bikers today.


      • princesssong

        Christine, I am snagging this if that is ok for FB..

    • Daniel

      Also pictures of the Patriot Guard Riders. PGR member from Missouri.

    • princesssong

      They don’t have the new pics yet Paul, they will though!!

    • Stephen Hooper

      It sucks when actual patriotism is co-opted.

  • Guest

    my goodness, I love this! Washington about to find out what America is all about.. and I still can’t believe they are planning to build a mosque at ground Zero… and that plane part they found at the site, was put there as a reminder of what they did and are proud of..

    • chakalakaboom

      I am sure the people would not mind if they had a small pig for a short time. If that is what it takes to stop them from building a mossque at ground Zero then it would be worth the fine and jail time.

    • cattnipp

      There was never a plan for a mosque at ground Zero….. there was a Muslim group that wanted to build an ALL-FAITH Community Center because they wanted to honor all the people who died there…… of every faith. It was the promoters of hatred who screamed from every rooftop that they were wanting to build a mosque as a slap in the face of the USA………. while I love and appreciate the many who are showing their actual patriotism on this ride…. I fear there may be some who only wish to cause trouble and disrupt the march to stamp out hatred

      • Eileen Dover

        911 is not a day any Muslim with half a brain should want to march on Washington. If they want to march for peace on the anniversary of a day that many Americans lost their lives to a group of hate filled Muslims, and while their peaceful Muslim brothers in the Middle East are slaughtering Christians, they can pick a different day.

        • cattnipp

          just what part of “Million American March against Fear” and protest against the NSA spying do you not get……. but Americans should not go to Washington to protest NSA because that makes them Muslims…….. so confused here…. it has been called the million American March against Fear since mid Februrary……. and if you are upset that some Americans are Muslim….. remember some of those killed by the rockets and the implosion of the 3 towers were also Muslim…..The USA only has about 2.3 million Muslims in total do you really think there was ever a million Muslim march? …….. but anything to promote hatred I guess, so many Americans thrive on it

      • Willard Romney

        cattnipp, RELAX. There is no such thing as a “Bikers vs Muslims”. The picture they show is from a 2005 Bike Rally to honor vietnam vets. The people who follow this page are really SLOW thinkers who’s simple minds are easily manipulated

  • SonsOfLibertyRiders

    to pass along information for Riders heading to DC. Latest: It appears
    the DC police will assist in making sure the riders have smooth passage
    in DC. , good luck. This is NOT a SOLR event, but we do have people from
    SOLR going. We will pass along ONLY credible info. It is important to
    do this, as riders may be checking social media for assistance or
    update. So, if you posting old Rolling Thunder pics or video, please
    dont………..thank you

  • Denise

    I will be going to a meeting place just to wave my American Flag at the riders as they leave for DC

  • Brian

    True Patriots….ride safe my brothers. Injury keeps me home.

  • ChiTownSounds

    It’s SO awesome to see 800,000 Americans band together over SOMETHING! I applaud them for being part of the FEW in this country to actually stand up and “DO SOMETHING”. But ISLAM, as a religion, isn’t the problem. They were Radical Islamists. People kill in the name of Jesus Christ all the time, but we don’t ride against Christianity! Like I said, I’m all FOR banding together as a COUNTRY and standing up for something… but we also have to make sure that the message is clear! What I read was “Bikers vs Islam” and thats a bit general! Why not Bikers vs Radical Islamists or Bikers vs Terrorism… something to make it clear that this isn’t a battle against a whole religion but against those that take their religion too far… ANY RELIGION! This is taken from FreeDictionary.com —> Islamist – a scholar who knowledgeable in Islamic studies <— this is not your enemy! We are a country BASED on Religious freedom. We can't go waging a war on a whole religion based on the actions of a few. Islam is the 2nd Largest religion behind Christianity. Those 11 men represent a fraction of a percentage of their religion…. It would make no sense to condemn them ALL as a whole! Just my 2 cents tho, and they are probably falling on deaf ears! :/

    • Ole White Dude

      Islam is a cult and an idiological political theocracy. Or theocrazy. If the 11 represented a fraction of a percentage, who were all those tens of thousands of Muslims celebrating, chanting and dancing n the streets of Baghdad, Damascus, Fallujah, Kabul, when the three towers fell?? Muslims celebrated around the world even right there in Dearborn Michigan You keep believing that media hype bullshcitt about Islam. If it’s such a fine “religion” (NOT even) then pack your happy ass and go to Syria and fight for the brother hood. No, they’re entire doctrine is one of harshness, intolerance, subjugation of women/children, female castration ( didn’t know about that one huh?) and hatred. Peaceful religion my fat white patoot.

      • ChiTownSounds

        We’ve been in their country stealing from them in their faces for decades, of COURSE they are gonna “thank God” that we’ve finally felt some suffering! And I’m not claiming to support EVERYTHING about their religion, I am saying we as a COUNTRY are BUILT on the ideology for being able to practice your religion without being treated differently. If Muslims are such a problem in this country, why do we have more DOMESTIC BORN TERRORISTS than Muslim born? My only point here that i was trying to make is that we shouldn’t condemn a WHOLE RELIGION based on the actions of a FEW! Are ALL Baptist churches responsible for Westboro Baptist Church? Widen your vision sir, the world is much different that what YOU believe!

        • jdangiel

          We actually have more now grown domestically either from their communities or numbskulls who converted. Islam is not just a religion, but a sick excuse for culture that comes with the package. Nobody is buying your tripe.

          • ChiTownSounds

            I don’t want anyone to buy ANYTHING except the fact that ISLAM is NOT the problem… it’s the individuals that practice it at it’s most EXTREME! Is that SO hard to comprehend?

          • desuhu61

            That is hard to comprehend when everything about Islam is violence and hate.

          • cattnipp

            no……. you are TOLD that Islam is all violence and hate…. educate yourself my friend

          • Clint

            Take your own advise. It will open your eyes.

          • cattnipp

            I spent many year studying the bible because I wanted to know the truth……… and when I became afraid as ordered, because of the incredible EVIL that the Muslims were bringing to our beloved country I bought a copy of the English translation of the Qur’an…… it is a beautiful book…. I now own 3 copies and have it on mp3 files so I can listen to it when I have a panic attack….. it calms me and brings me to a more peaceful state…… about 80% of it is the same stories as in the bible but it always speaks of the mercy that God has for those who show mercy to others…. I LOVE the Qur’an …… and do not send me a phrase from the Qur’an and claim that it means evil….. the book speaks of peace

          • Steve

            I live in a Muslim country and people here are much more about eating fried chicken and making babies than about violence and hate.

          • Willard Romney

            Christianity is responsible for More Deaths than any Religion, and it isn’t even close. Was Hitler a Muslim? NOPE! He was a Christian

          • chap

            hitler was an occultist..do the research he killed real christians

          • cattnipp

            like the christian ‘churches’ that my father used to drag me to that were actually pedophile networks??

          • Mark 2112

            yeah, you really need to come out from underneath that rock you inhabit

          • cattnipp

            so if someone in a ‘christian church’ rapes a 10 year old…. that is okay and if she complains it is because she is disgusting and lives under a rock???? I will let my therapist know that you have solved my issues

        • tflore

          Freedom of religion. That is absolutely correct. Bigots and racists don’t care about anyone else’s freedoms except their own. Trying to explain to them how to act and be a decent human being is wasting your breath. They’re also the same people who say they hate Obama, but can’t give a credible, truthful reason. They can give only rumored hype from the right wing media.

        • Clint

          Have you read the Koran and the teachings of Mohammad and the leaders who followed him? If not, you do not know or understand the reasons why they do what they do.

          • tflore

            You obviously haven’t read the Quran either. The book is not about hate. Some extremists have interpreted that way. The same way Jehova Witness have interpreted the Bible to suit their needs.

          • Stephen Hooper

            And Westboro BC.

        • Nick

          I agree that we shouldn’t judge the many on the actions of a few, but at it’s core, Islam is a violent religion. Not to the extent that these radicals have been taking it, but it does condone enslavement and murder of those who won’t convert.

          Also, our country was based on the Puritan’s wish to BE ABLE to persecute based on religion, not to be free of persecution. The puritans thought that England WASN’T strict enough, so they left to be able to form a government that could be allowed to persecute those who didn’t follow their religion as strictly as they wanted.

          Not saying that we should do the same, or that they were right, just pointing out that the common idea that the puritans came here to ESCAPE religious persecution is false.

          The problem with 90% of organized religions is, if you follow their text to the letter, the big ones, Christianity, Islam, Judaeism, all of them condone and encourage murder and enslavement for those who don’t follow the rules. Stoning a woman for wearing pants, stoning gay people, stoning someone who cheats on their wife. If those religions were followed “Correctly” according to their texts, we’d still have crusades. The problem w/ Islam is that it’s based mainly in 3rd world countries where the populace is too uneducated to make rational decisions about right and wrong. Their Imams tell them that Allah says to kill everyone who isn’t a Muslim, and treat their women like crap, so they do. *shrug*

          • Stephen Hooper

            ” but it does condone enslavement and murder of those who won’t convert.”

            So does Christianity and Judaism.

            Jesus: Love thy neighbor as yourself.
            Crowd: But what if they’re gay or worship other gods?
            Jesus: Did I f*@king stutter?

      • Arty Fact

        Well said.

      • ciplez

        lmao this coming from a christian I presume? How long before you people realize you’re all the problem, pointing the fingers at each other but never account for yourselves. And to add hilarity to insult, you both prey/pray your power away to the same demonic ‘god’ – fire god, thus, you’re full of war and hate. Wake up and realize you are god..

        • Duke

          BAHAHAHAHAAA!!! WOW! what a pile of BS!!!!

      • Skot

        “they’re entire doctrine is one of harshness, intolerance, subjugation of women/children, female castration ( didn’t know about that one huh?) and hatred”

        First learn how to spell. It’s spelt ‘their’ entire doctrine…..secondly, I hope you realize that, by your own words, you just described White America. If you start from the genocide of the Native-Americans, to the mass murder of millions of African-Americans in White America’s mad and greedy rush to get rich quick, to the scores of wars that America has started in the past century alone, the policies that have left a trail of murdered men, women and children from Vietnam to Cuba, from South Africa to Hiroshima, from Korea to Nicaragua, from Iraq to Libya, from Afghanistan to Congo, from the Middle East to Turkey, from the Philippines to Russia; everywhere White Americans have ventured, death and destruction has inevitably followed. Even domestically, American deaths from firearms has exceeded all the deaths from all the wars we have EVER been involved in COLLECTIVELY and yet we remain in denial. 9/11 was orchestrated and engineered by the Israelis. The Arabs were just the convenient fall guys. If you care to learn something, look up ‘Operation Paperclip’. You might be surprised at this recently declassified CIA document about how White America government officials planned to attack their own citizens and kill fellow Americans, blaming it on the Arabs…(sound familiar?)..and as for castrating women, why don’t you ask the Africans, that were hung by the neck by the thousands for doing nothing more than looking at a white woman before you even deign to mention that word, how they feel? You want to talk about religions? Don’t even get me started on the (Christian) Spanish Inquisition or the (Christian) Manifest Destiny or the (Christian) Massacres in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants…..but then like all white Americans, I suspect you already know all this, you just don’t care. Stop propagating the hatred and start putting your hatred in a bag and throw it away……

        • Stephen Hooper

          ^^ Little bit crazy.

      • cattnipp

        like the GOP? or rather the TeaParty…. a corporate backed organization that waves their guns and claims that corporations should be able to write our laws for their own protection….. oh yeah and that THEY SPEAK FOR GOD???

      • Clint

        That would circumcision instead of castration. I’m sure that is a typo caused by your blood boiling, as mine is right now as I type. Treating people the way Islam teaches it’s followers to do is barbaric and something you would expect from people of the dark ages.

        • Maureen McManus

          They are still in the dark ages, that’s the problem…We’ve been there and i don’t think any of us would like to go back to
          the future because that’s what they are aiming for.

      • redcoalcarpet

        You are ignorant and I will pray for you…

    • latte

      Christianity is completely opposite of Islam. Christianity teaches love your neighbour, Islam teaches kill your neighbour if they don’t believe in your god. Islam allows 40 year old men to marry and have sex with 8 year olds just like their Mohammed. if you would look around the world Christians are being killed every day for their faith, especially in Islamic countries. When was the last time you saw that happening here? Your 2 cents really you need to get with the times here and see the real truth.

      • ChiTownSounds

        Complete opposite? Wrong! Like I said below, Christians have killed more in the name of THEIR God than we can even imagine! It’s part of the reason it’s so widespread! It took for people like MLK to come along and spread the PEACE & COMPASSION that the Bible teaches for us to actually embrace it. The Bible talks about all kinds of wars waged just to promote Christianity! We are not as innocent as you think, just like Muslims are not as GUILTY as you think!

        • Tobe Smith

          Sorry the Bible talks about wars in the name of God, but does not say anything I can remember about wars by Christians. All of the Biblical wars were waged on or by the Jewish people. And before you start yes, I acknowledge the crusades, they were started by the Christians, but are you really saying the MLK was the first Christian to preach peace? How about John Wesley or Martin Luther?

          • jdangiel

            The crusades were a long overdue reaction to Islamist incursions and depredations, and were limited to freeing the holy land, not conquering whole chunks of the world. And the western Europeans grew up and got over it. “They” didn’t.

          • ChiTownSounds

            If the crusades were about Muslims and Islam, why did it run rampant all thru europe? They weren’t muslim! They were about ANY religion that wasn’t christianity!!! “exerpt: The Crusaders ravaged the countries they marched through, killed 8.000 Jews in the Rihneland in the first of Europe’s pogroms, devastated the Mediterranean ports, fought amongst themselves as much as the Infidel, and fleeced their subjects to fill their coffers. Murder and massacre in the service of the Gospel was commonplace. Seventy thousand civilians were butchered in the sack of Jerusalem.[3] One crusading German Emperor drowned in Cicelia, a second held the King of England to ransom and a third was excommunicated as he set sail for Palestine.”

          • Chris

            Killed ‘8.000’ jews? Eight Jews!? You might want to proof-read your arrogant comments prior to posting in future.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Right…because some idiot may think that a person counting the whole number of dead Jews would need to round to the nearest thousandth of a person. Nimrod. I’m pretty sure any intelligent being reading that quote can get the meaning without your asshatery. You might want to stop posting trivialities altogether in the future.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Well they kind of were. Muslims had taken up residence in southern Europe, Spain, and what became Portugal (the Iberian Peninsula), northern Africa, and Islands in the Mediterranean. You might know them as Moors. Think Spanish Inquisition.

          • cattnipp

            as if the holy land belonged to the Christians alone and not to the Jewish or the Muslims who have historical rights to those same areas—— the 3 are sister religions, most of the beliefs are the same…. it is wrong for one to claim exclusive rights to the birthplace of all 3 religions

          • Stephen Hooper

            The crusades were barely a footnote in Turkish and Arab historical writings. The crusaders were merely a nuisance. You should really try to find some actual history to read instead of pulling it out of your…

          • ChiTownSounds

            Wars in the name of GOD… Who do you think they were taling about? exactly! I didn’t say MLK was 1st.. I said it was after him that we finally EMBRACED it as a WHOLE COUNTRY!

        • jdangiel

          Uh, actually, no they haven’t. Try again. Or better yet – don’t. And the bible does NOT talk about any wars to promote Christianity. It wasn’t even called that in the Acts – just “the Way”.

          • ChiTownSounds

            http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism <— just found this for you…. It exists… and has since religion has existed! What do you think the Crusades were all about?

          • Kent Grabau

            The Crusades had nothing to do with Christianity. It was due to Constantine. To give you the short version of the truth – Constantine was building an empire but was being hampered by the fighting between the Christians and the unbelievers. To quell the fighting he instituted a new religion, bringing aspects of both sides. Anyone who wouldn’t accept this new religion was killed. That was the Crusades. The new religion? Catholisism.

          • ChiTownSounds

            Correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t Catholicism a BRANCH of Christianity?

          • Kent Grabau

            A Christian doesn’t pray to a dead person, such as, Mary. Catholicism is a cult with a mix of elements from Christianity and traditions from the heathen world.

            Also, the Pope is a Head of State. That makes Catholicism more of a nation than a belief system, much like Islam but without the violence.

          • ChiTownSounds

            OK… but they are a BRANCH of Christianity (The belief in Jesus Christ) and they KILLED people to convert. So are you SUPPORTING what I said or trying to disprove it? I don’t get it.

          • Kent Grabau

            They are not a branch of Christianity. They call themselves Christians but they don’t know what that word means. Christians didn’t kill anyone in an attempt to convert them, only those who were following the new religion set up by Constantine did that.

          • ChiTownSounds

            Don’t you think that non-extremist Muslims are saying the same thing about the people who were involved in 9/11? That’s the point of their march on DC! Instead, people are looking at it like they are marching to GLOAT about 9/11.

          • Kent Grabau

            That could very well be. The problem here is that Islam is a violent cult and people are getting fed up with how our current administration seems to be in bed with it. From my background and training, I don’t believe the towers came down from the aircraft hits and I don’t think Islamists are really to blame. They’re a scapegoat, a fall guy. It’s unfortunate for them but there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. Because they’ve been blamed for it, they need to understand that emotions are going to run against them. It’s just human nature.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Your background and training in what? Structural engineering? Facepalm.

          • Kent Grabau

            Stephen, I’ve done more than most people have done in my lifetime. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the brightest minds and some of the most amazing people on the planet. Just being at the right place at the right time. I do have a background in structural design, metallurgy, fire science, electronics, aeronautical sciences, military tactics and training, film, and a few others. While in the military I held a security clearance a couple steps above top secret and worked in a facility 6 stories underground that controlled all of the US strategic assets.

            So, yes, I do have the background to speak about this issue.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Now you’re not only wrong, but stupid.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Wow, a total misreading of history. After the empire fell, the feudal kings eventually consolidated power and began to work out their differences where everybody got to keep their heads. This means they all had had a bunch of mercenaries whose only skill was killing other people wandering around the country side looking for trouble. Since they didn’t want them taking over their thrones, nor killing the peasants that were busy building their castles and tending their sheep and crops, they got the brilliant idea to send them to fight for their religious right hand, Pope Urban II after he proclaimed the first crusade in 1035 in what would become a 200 year long attempt to reclaim the holy land. The emperor Constantine the Great lived and died 700 years before the crusades, reigned from 306-337, and had nothing at all to do with catholicism except that he made christianity in general legal in 313. That’s the long version of you don’t know what the F*&k you’re talking about.

          • cattnipp

            killing others is a WAR no matter what you call it…. and there was much killing in the ‘Christian Crusades’

        • Stephen Hooper

          Well, Jesus kind of did the love they neighbor thing too, a bit before MLK, but f&$k that hippie commie crap.

      • desuhu61

        Read the article about the 8 yr. who was married to a 40 yr. old and died after their wedding night. You call that sane?

        • cattnipp

          I call that evil pedophilia, which is condemned in Islam as it is in all religions of sanity….. I must ask though when a Christian rapes a child…. when the Catholic priests made a practice of raping children….. did you claim that ALL CHRISTIANS partook of the practice???

        • Stephen Hooper

          AGAIN. There will always be pedophiles, but the practice of child brides in Arab culture was meant to protect the child from exactly this. Marriage brought the female child under the protection of the new husband, ostensibly using his stature as a Muslim man to avoid being raped and prostituted. Traditionally the husband would be expected to educate and protect the child until she was mature enough to bear children, waiting to begin sexual relations. Middle eastern culture is similar to Indian culture in that it was a difficult life, and male domination and lineage meant that the parents of female children didn’t get the benefits of the marriage in the same way a male child would be responsible for his parents in old age. They essentially had to pay to get rid of the responsibility for the female child, as under islamic law, they were responsible for the unmarried female perpetually. It’s sad that cultural bias leads us to believe that Mohammed was a pedophile based on the age of one of his wives, since I don’t believe the Qur’an mentions the age of her first sexual experience. It would be nice if stories such as this would disclaim pedophiles and pedophilia, and not take what was a fairly liberal custom and twist it to mean something else. Many of the child brides today are treated under the same conventions as considered proper even by our standards but you will never hear those stories. The validity and morality of forced marriage or child brides can of course be questioned, but it would be nice if some cultural context and sensitivity were used in any discourse on the subject.

          • desuhu61

            Sensitivity, are you freaking kidding me? You’re making excuses for a culture that condones child rape. There is no excuse in this day and age, or ever for that matter, for anyone to have relations with a child. Makes me believe you think it’s perfectly acceptable. What kind of person are you that you wouldn’t have sensitivity to the pain and suffering of that poor little girl. I have 5 granddaughters and if anyone violated them, I would kill them.

          • Stephen Hooper

            You don’t read so well do ya?

      • cattnipp

        no…….. they are one and the same…… they differ on Muslims not believing there is more than one God while Christians claim there are 3…. the father, the son, and the holy ghost…… also Muslims believe that God ‘spoke’ the virgin pregnancy of Mary into being and are disgusted by the Christian claim that God beget (sired) Jesus. If you were to read the Qur’an instead of regurgitating what you have been told to believe you would see that

      • Stephen Hooper

        Oh no, that’s not true at all. There will always be pedophiles, but the practice of child brides in Arab culture was meant to protect the child from exactly this. Marriage brought the female child under the protection of the new husband, ostensibly using his stature as a Muslim man to avoid being raped and prostituted. Traditionally the husband would be expected to educate and protect the child until she was mature enough to bear children, waiting to begin sexual relations. Middle eastern culture is similar to Indian culture in that it was a difficult life, and male domination and lineage meant that the parents of female children didn’t get the benefits of the marriage in the same way a male child would be responsible for his parents in old age. They essentially had to pay to get rid of the responsibility for the female child, as under islamic law, they were responsible for the unmarried female perpetually. It’s sad that cultural bias leads us to believe that Mohammed was a pedophile based on the age of one of his wives, since I don’t believe the Qur’an mentions the age of her first sexual experience. It would be nice if stories such as this would disclaim pedophiles and pedophilia, and not take what was a fairly liberal custom and twist it to mean something else. Many of the child brides today are treated under the same conventions as considered proper even by our standards but you will never hear those stories. The validity and morality of forced marriage or child brides can of course be questioned, but it would be nice if some cultural context and sensitivity were used in any discourse on the subject.

    • Arty Fact

      islam isn’t a religion, it’s an ideology disguised as a religion. It’s a form of governence directly opposite of democracy. The quaran states that it is incumbent upon all muslims to spread islam, and kill all infidels. Not and option,
      INCUMBENT. All muslims are the same. There are not radical and non-radical. .
      muslims become radical when they act. The plan is to befriend, gain trust and access, then kill. They have an expression called “taqquaya” (not sure of the spelling), that tells them that lieing, and deceit is acceptable as long as it spreads islam, and destroys non-believers. Infidels must submit or die. Don’t take my word for this. Investigate it for yourself. Regarding what the bikers are doing: I’m not sure what it will accomplish , other than symbolic satisfaction,but
      I appreciate their patriotism, and support there love for America. There is a quick tutorial called “Three things You should know about islam” on youtube. check it out for some insight.

      • ChiTownSounds

        So you believe everything you see on the internet too? How foolish! For every religion there are people who take it to the extreme. Christians KILLED ENTIRE populations worth of people if they didn’t convert. Without that, Christianity might not be as large as it is today! I’m not condoning their entire religion and what they believe in its entirety but they ARE a religion and majority of their followers are NOT bad. ALL muslims are NOT the same. If they were, this country would have crumbled by now with the amount of muslims living in this country! Why aren’t THEY taking every opportunity to RUIN this country? Why aren’t THEY doing more to bring down Christians? I appreciate these bikers patriotism as well, I love my country and want to see it prosper. But waging war in the name of religion is only subscribing to the ways of those radicals!!! :/

        • Arty Fact

          No, I don’t believe everything I see on the internet. I research stuff. I read the Queran. It’s starts out peaceful, but makes a very
          big transition as it progresses. I talk to muslims, I listen to people who have dealt with them, and fought them. They are taking every opportunity to ruin this country. They are very patient,and are currently setting up to RUIN this country,and the WEST in general. One of the ploys they have is to have eight or more children per family. Demographics play a big role. muslims have been waging war since 800 BC, and are still at it. Listen to Alan West. He’s a great soldier, and has a vast knowledge of muslims.
          Don’t call me foolish … your the fool.

          • prodrvr

            Arty, I agree with a lot of what you say, but it is 800 A.D. not BC. Christ came first as the son of God. Mohamed came 700+ years later and called himself a prophet.

          • Arty Fact

            Your right, I stand corrected…..

          • reality check

            you guys don’t have a clue, on the history of our planet and its first colonized civilizations,all religions and the beliefs of made gods, messiahs, and prophets, all started from what actually took place in ancient Samaria,their texts and witnessing is what all future civilizations have based what they interpret whats right.the muslim religion was the first to acknowledge one god, unlike the Egyptians, who worshipped everything…and the muslims where well before the invention of jebus. the muslim faith covered over 70 % of the people who inhabited this planet at that time.. yes they was in europe…the jewish people didnt like it, or the romans for whooping their ass on a daily basis,,,,,,so lets start a new religion…. and brainwash future generations into believing that god had a son,,,,, from a virgin,,,, virgins cant reproduce,,,, duhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! so lets quit dogging the muslims,,, they were here first,,,, but im not brainwashed,,,,, i dont believe any of it…..but those who are brainwashed,,, well whoever is supposed to be coming to get you all…… damn i wish it was yesterday…..because whatever your faith is,,,,,, you all ruin my everyday…….

          • prodrvr

            You are showing your ignorance. According to the traditional Islamic view, the Qur’an (Koran) began with revelations to Muhammad (when he was 40 years old) in 610. That is 610 AD (after Christ).

          • Stephen Hooper

            What he said.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Jesus Christ never referred to himself as the son of god.

          • Chris

            Well said. This arrogant troll doesn’t seem to have very much knowledge as to what he/she is talking about.

          • Stephen Hooper

            The culminating assignment of Lieutenant Colonel West’s career was his assumption of command of the 2d Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Infantry Division on June 6, 2002. He deployed with his unit during the Iraq War in 2003 and continued to command his battalion until he was relieved of command by the Army following a use-of-force incident concerning an Iraqi policeman; he subsequently retired in 2004. While serving in Taji, Iraq, West received information from an intelligence specialist about a plot to ambush his unit. The alleged plot reportedly involved Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, an Iraqi police officer. West had his men detain Hamoodi.Soldiers testified that in the process of detaining Hamoodi, he appeared to reach for his weapon and needed to be subdued. Hamoodi was beaten by four soldiers from the 2/20th Field Artillery Battalion on the head and body. West then fired his pistol near Hamoodi’s head, after which Hamoodi provided West with names and information, which Hamoodi later described as “meaningless information induced by fear and pain.” At least one of these suspects was arrested as a result, but no plans for attacks or weapons were found. West said “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.”

            West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003, West stated, “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers.” The charges were ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000.

            Dismissed to an article 32 hearing? Quite the great soldier. He couldn’t put two coherent sentences together regarding middle east strategy nor muslims in general. And you sir are a dolt.

          • Arty Fact

            I don’t know what a dolt is. I’m not into name calling. I do know that making rules up for war from some nice office somewhere, and fighting in a war are two different things. The only rules in a war are protect each other, and win. You talk like you’ve been in wars, like Alan West, and me. If you haven’t maybe should shut your mouth, until you get some experience. I’ll fight with Alan West any day., you stick reading news articles and acting knowledgeable. , and calling people of higher intelligence names.

    • James

      I’m curious as to where you get the “Fact” that “…People kill in the name of Jesus Christ all the time,…” I see reports frequently where Muslims terrorize and murder Christians, burn their homes and churches, behead them with machetes, etc. Where do you get the information that people kill in the name of Jesus Christ all the time? Are you a Muslim by chance?

      • charlie

        of course he is a mus-slime the only good muslime is a dead one

        • ChiTownSounds

          ^^^^^^^^ That is the definition of ignorance right there.

          • Chester O. Emmons III

            Theses Muslims asked for this! To have a march on 9/11 is disrespectful to the lives we lost on that day. They had 365 days to pick and many places in the world to do this march. Quite frankly I believe this group of Muslims are the extreme ones you talk about. A “non-extremist Muslim” would have had this march in Detroit the capital of Muslim brotherhood.

          • ChiTownSounds

            Marches happen on the Capitol. WHO marches in Detroit or any other city, about NATIONAL problems? From what I’ve read, they appear to be trying to re-create the same million man march that african americans did in search of peace & equality. Don’t forget, 9/11 changed the lives of non-radical muslims as much as it did the rest of the country. Now THEY can’t go anywhere without the likes of those who have responded to this post, raging over something they had no knowledge, control over or say in.

          • Stephen Hooper

            Did they not lose lives also? Did no good and faithful muslims die as passengers on the planes and occupants of the buildings? Are those people not Americans too? Your rhetoric is chilling and as ignorant as I can imagine.

      • ChiTownSounds

        No, I’m not Muslim. I just don’t subscribe to the idea that 100% of ANY religion is ALL the SAME WAY… Look at how all of us CHRISTIANS fight over silly things like Race & Class! You want a list of people who have killed in the name of Jesus/Christianity? Here you go: Paul Jennings Hill (he was a PASTOR), David Koresh (I hope you remember HIM), Marshall Applewhite (Remember that guy? Mass Suicides?), Jim Jones (Self Explanitory), Benjamin Smith (Remember his shooting spree? Matthew Hale inspired him thru religion)… Do I need to continue? All i’m saying is it’s not ALL MUSLIMS. Why can’t anyone fathom that?

        • Chris

          Do you care to provide some cold, hard staststics? Instead of trolling around posting about how Christianity is on the same level as Islamism, you should provide some evidence.

      • Stephen Hooper

        Didn’t one of those christians bomb a few abortion clinics? And kill a couple of doctors?

    • Clint

      Where are the statistics on people who kill in the name of Jesus Christ? Christians are killed and tortured daily for no other reason than they are Christians and will not deny Jesus Christ.

      • ChiTownSounds

        You should SCROLL DOWN… I’ve already been asked this question. Since you want all your information handed to you on a silver platter, I will copy and paste what i said. Here is that post: “Paul Jennings Hill (he was a PASTOR), David Koresh (I hope you remember HIM), Marshall Applewhite (Remember that guy? Mass Suicides?), Jim Jones (Self Explanitory), Benjamin Smith (Remember his shooting spree? Matthew Hale inspired him thru religion)… Do I need to continue?”

      • Stephen Hooper

        And Muslims are killed and Jews, there are Buddhists being murdered, and Sikhs, and Hindus too. Atheists have been hunted for centuries by all parties, not to mention your great religions, especially christianity wiped out the Caribe, the Incas, the Aztecs and the Maya too, all in the name of Jesus. If you are trying to expound on the general evils of all religion you are doing a brilliant job.

    • ChiTownSounds
  • iCaree

    that’s an old picture of Rolling Thunder.

  • kerri

    Time to take back our country!!!!!!!!!

  • RonH

    They make me proud to be American, seeing Great Americans standing up for America !

  • Proud EOD Dad

    God bless those bikers!! Lord, keep them safe and keep them strong!
    “Thank you” to all that fight and defend our Great Country.

    Ride on!

  • Frank Roberson

    Please understand that these people represent the ones who are able to mobilize quickly due to not having to work, age, and other factors. Washington is going to get a taste of what CAN happen. Multiply this exponentially if we all truly get PISSED OFF!! (not saying many are not) If you think a few folks hit the streets in Egypt, well, that was nothing. There are a whole bunch of Second Amendment believers out here whom have not been fully engaged, yet!!!

    • Alicia Richmond

      Most bikers I know have excellent paying jobs ranking from C-level executives, down to office managers and mail room clerks. If you are going to own a car and a really nice touring bike like many of those in the pic are riding, you have to have a great income. I’m thinking this group also represents some working bikers that took vacation time to join the ride.

      • Clint

        I spoke to one biker this past Monday and he said he was definitely going to D.C. for 9/11/13. By the way he is a mechanic with a full time job.

        • Alicia Richmond

          My husband works as a field agent in a telecom company. I myself am an office manager of a small software business. At the company I work for, two programmers here and the president of the company all own Harleys too. My hubby and I ride with a Harley Owners Group chapter sometimes, and with CMA (Christian) other times.

          • pam

            I am a CMA sister here in Florida!!1 GOD!!Our Nation!WE pledge..RIDE-HONOR!!PRIDE!!Gratitude!Thank you all

      • Squeek Ster

        Thank you Alicia!

      • Frank Roberson

        Alicia, please see my reply. I put it as a reply to myself since I received several comments similar to yours. My apologies for the unintended perception it created.

      • Frank Roberson

        Alicia, I certainly did NOT mean that bikers are broke. I’m sorry it was taken that way.

    • Clint

      I spoke to one biker this past Monday and he said he was definitely going to D.C. for 9/11/13. By the way he is a mechanic with a full time job. That is the only part of your post that I disagree with. It’s true some can’t go for various reasons, work, age and physical problems. The bikers who will be there are a small fraction of the American patriots who would mobilize to honor their oath to the U.S. constitution.

      • princesssong

        Amen Clint!!

      • Frank Roberson

        Clint, I certainly did NOT mean that bikers are broke. I’m sorry it was taken that way.

        • Clint

          Frank, I didn’t take it that way. I was just pointing out that real American patriots come from all levels of American society and prosperity, rich and not so rich. f I gave that impression, I am the one who should apologize. Frank, I think one of the problems we encounter on these posts is, there are just entirely too many “smart alecks” who jump on everything we type so they can keep something stirred up constantly. Again, I didn’t think that at all, fellow patriot.

    • princesssong

      and tons of the former Military Frank, with knowledge of HOW TO WIN THE FIGHT!!! HOORAH!

    • Squeek Ster

      I dont think you meant what you said.

      • Frank Roberson

        Please read it again…I did not, nor will I ever, put down bikers.

    • Frank Roberson

      I want folks to know that I was NOT saying anything derogatory about bikers. I meant simply that there are many who are unable to participate for different reasons. I, for one, cannot due to my health. Would I.?…DAMN SKIPPY!! Would others ? Of course. I thought that my remarks were clear but the opening statement seems to have been misinterpreted by some For that, I do apologize. Simply as a point of clarity, I have been riding since I was a teenager and after heart surgery, not bypass, sold my bike. Many bikers not only have means, but, resolve and should be commended for both. Again, my apologies if anyone thought I was slighting or demeaning bikers in any way, shape or form.

  • Margaret Lynn

    This is a meme, this is not anything to do with an accurate count of just how many bikers are now, or will be shortly, in DC for this 2 million biker ride event. Please be more accurate, lest you end up looking just like the godvernment controlled media, just keep it real and give a recent picture, okay ?

  • Pamb

    “taken” to the road, not “took” to the road….but other than that, GREAT!

  • jscusmc69

    AND this is just the start—now I want the TRASH in DC to PICTURE the SAME AMOUNT OF ARMED AMERICANS coming for OBAMA and his MINIONS—-I really DON’T think there would be ANYWAY for the D-of Corruption and ALL of the FEDERAL COPS,and OTHER FEDS there that COULD STOP US ARMED VETERANS and REAL AMERICANS—OH did I fail to mention that WE DO have the MILITARY on OUR SIDE–


  • Joseph111

    GOD Bless all those men and women bikers!!
    Wish I could be there right along side of them!!

  • Robert

    i love it – islam treats women like trash and thinks they’re going to take over the world through their violence against humanity but the fight is on and they’re going to get their butts kicked in america – they should really watch out because this ain’t easy picken’s over here like over in the middle east and africa. we’re going to kick their butts!!

    • Navroz

      i have seen christian people acting more brutal with women but we dont tag all christians for the act of some. you should also start thinking about that as far as kicking is concerned so you should ask your own army to lick their own boots instead of interfering in the matters of Iraq, Afghanistan and other muslim countries

      • Latte

        Navroz I am sure there are Christians who on occasion have mistreated a woman but it is not accepted nor backed up by the Holy scriptures as it is in Islam. I hope Islam gets wiped off the face of the earth. It is pure evil!

        • Stephen Hooper

          Of course it is, the Bible is one of the most misogynistic books ever written. You’re poor understanding of your own text is appalling.

  • onlyvato

    I hope & pray they “Kick These filthy muslim’s @$$!!!

    • Navroz

      before that kick ass of US army out of muslim countries because they are not their father’s property

  • But REALLY, what is this going to accomplish? Virtually nothing because the Muslims are here practicing their religion with the blessings of the framers and their polytheistic promoting Constitution.

    See blog article “Swallowing Camels… Pt. 8: Article 6’s Christian Test Ban and Its Polytheistic Repercussions” at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/swallowing-camels-pt-8/, followed by “Swallowing Camels… Pt. 9: Amendment 1’s Government-Sanctioned Polytheism.”

  • JRCancio

    Stand tall, stand proud, stand free…stand for the Americans dead killed by Muslim/Islamic extremist: and, eat meals all day that contain pork all and ask for the grease to go…How dare Muslim’s march on this day…what monumental gall and then Muslims wonder why they are hated. It is not just on 09/11 3,000 Americans died they want to take over our nation and they want us to die. I can just imagine a Muslim starting a situation that provokes a biker; and just how far up his rear-end the head of the Muslim will be. Bacon grease anyone? Since 09/11 29,437 terrorist attacks and almost 430,000 killed by Muslims/Islamics…and still the world does nothing…that nothing won’t be a problem with the bikers.

  • Rob

    Ride safe and free guys.
    UK bikers salute you ✌

  • rrslack48

    This is SO FREAKING AWESOME ! I would have given ANYTHING, to have been able to have gone on this ride !

  • Deb Ewing

    I like to believe that these bikers have a more honorable and worthy goal than simply being “against Islam” because that’s ill-intentioned, uneducated and lame, and NONE of the many bikers (or muslims) that I know are that feeble. I think they are honoring our dead and our military and those affected by 9-11, some of whom were Jewish and some of whom were Muslim. Like this: http://www.religionnews.com/2013/09/09/muslim-mother-seeks-justice-for-the-son-she-lost-on-911/

  • Judith Miller

    I love America rise strong

  • Charles K Johnson

    I pray they have a safe ride. The Islamic Muslims thought they would go to Washington DC .With their Muslim brothers already there. And take over but the might of God is at work. on the bikers side.

    • David Granmadave Schein

      good luck with your crusade…

  • al

    nice to see only wish I could be there aswell
    from a Harley rider in the uk

  • Gil
  • Joe Sal

    Against Islam? Why? Muslim firefighters also died on 9/11 and muslims all around the world also suffered from the terrorist attacks. Millions dead from the war on terror. It should be a ride against the TERRORISTS. Someone got thier personal agenda on the plate and got everyone to go with it. I thought biker community was smarter than this.

  • Bonsai Chick

    I doubt highly that the Muslims Islamo-fascist are going to reach that 1 million mark. I doubt they come even close to the presence the Bikers will bring. Boo! Islam Boo!!

    • David Granmadave Schein

      way to go, racism! yeah… oh, wait.

      You do know the vast majority of Muslims are not islamo-fascist, right? Islam isn’t the problem, it’s racism and bigotry- the same kind of stuff that led to the 9/11 attack in the first place (the attackers subscribed to a bigoted interpretation of Islam).

      But, yeah, keep up mentality like that and no demonstration for peace and remembrance will ever get traction.

  • Sharon Peterson

    “Justice for Benghazi” already has a permit and have invited these bikers to join them on the West Lawn. http://specialoperationsspeaks.com/articles/the-911-justice

  • Steppenwolf

    “Get your motor runnin”
    “Head out on the hghway”
    “Looking for adventure”
    “In what ever comes our way”
    The Rolling Thunder is on its way !!!

  • joe
  • mouse

    i’d like to see some real-time footage of the staging area….bring it on media! much better then watching the big bo tune in & lie on tv tonight.



  • mbiajc

    I pray all will be okay for these bikers, Any where group of Muslims are, there is bound to be trouble, and of course the American Patriots will get the blame. I hope it goes well.

    • David Granmadave Schein

      wow, dude, that’s a pretty racist comment. Remember that they used to say the same thing about Bikers.

  • Steve Saunders

    Bikers Rule

  • Steven C. DePater

    This whole article is terrible. It’s not Islam that caused 9/11. It’s not the entire muslim population that caused 9/11. It’s the horrible acts of only a few. Why blame 2 billion innocent people for that? They’re normal human beings who do not deserve to be branded as terrorists.

    • ChiTownSounds

      Check out below… I’ve been saying this all day! :'( Some people just believe what they believe and are ignorant to anything outside their beliefs! (look up the definition of Ignorant, I am NOT calling people stupid)

  • Christine

    Here is a real video of some of the bikers today.


  • Kickinmg

    We make this ride in peace and to respect the fallen from the attack on 9/11. We are not here to antagonize or bother the Muslims.
    We do ride to give this miserable administration a message, that today WE THE PEOPLE ride in PEACE today to respect our fallen brothers and sisters after the horrible terrorist attack on America on this day twelve years ago.
    WE THE PEOPLE ride in peace today, but we can return to reclaim our country. If we return we will bring enough Patroits to take our country back. We are millions YOU are few.

    • patriot in arms

      Well said brother im right beside you

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.i will be with my biker brothers on Wednesday 09/11/13 in Washington dc.together my brothers they can,t beat us.american veternas/citizens up.muslums down.were the turbans meet the road

  • Serafine Laveaux

    I only wish I could be riding with them. So proud of these folks!

  • PAPDRetired

    Heard there were only 500 Muslims so far. Dam, I love this country.

  • Larry Szczepanik

    hey brothers, take a dead pig and throw it, they will

  • Michele Cox Sanchez

    watch them crazy Islamic people will bring weapons and try to take over our country.

  • Michele Cox Sanchez

    people quit nit picking . rubber up or down is still rubber one the ground for a purpose.

  • Jerry

    Makes you think of C.W.McCalls Convoy with the Truckers, only its the Bikers for a Patriotic cause. God Bless.


    Enough of the 1,000,000 what-evers for what-ever. Let’s show what 5,000,000 Americans for Freedom looks like in one place. Lets make Woodstock look like a family picnic. Let’s put enough people in one place for the right reason that will dare every politician in Washington to vote against any bill that takes back our country.

    We have to stop this penny-ante petition stuff and get serious. These patriots on wheels have the right idea. Now let’s keep it going by doubling down on it. We need to put 1,000,000 plus in the streets, the parks, the city squares in every large city across the US. That will be the way to show the politicians that we have stopped talking. Now we are doing. And they can only guess what the next move will be!

  • Maggie McGee Bishop

    I have tears in my eyes reading this. Maybe there is hope for America after all. Let their bravery and patriotism filter down to all of us, young and old. We can come together and make a difference.

  • jason camp

    shoot i see that many bikers im like god i bet there is a few kilos of meth if u added it all up thank god i quit a few yrs ago

  • marineh2ominer

    For at least ONE day Washington DC will be full of REAL TRUE American Patriots , some bikers may well be outlaws , but they ALL love their country , that is much more than can be said by those criminals in DC actually running , or pretending , to run our great nation . THEY in fact are the REAL outlaws .

  • daveveselenak

    While I agree that this is a grand enterprise, it is not going to change the communist regime now in POWER; what is needed is a national one day work stoppage . These lilliputians need to start fearing all “US”, not just the bikers. States should start manning militias and also use nullification as a way of stopping the ongoing tyranny. This two-headed,one party cabal needs to be made to leave what has become “Moscow West” and controlled by the Politburo! It is a sad day in AMERIKA when we must rely on the Soviet Union and Putin to do the right thing rather than the Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his band of homo and lezbo commie-army!

    • Matt Croyle

      Communism is actually brilliant in theory, but wouldn’t work because jealousy will never cease to exist. Oh, and by the way, the “Soviet Union” doesn’t exist anymore. The cold war is over.

    • Jesse D

      Thought patterns like that is what is wrong with America today.

    • Stephen Hooper

      ^^ whaddadouchebag.

  • Matt Croyle

    “Islamists” isn’t even a real word, you stupid redneck assholes.

  • Silly goose

    And I am winning the lottery

  • Silly goose

    Anyone who believes this is nuts

  • Pat

    Surely they are not riding against an entire religion? Islam is not the problem. People kill in the name of God and Jesus Christ, but we don’t blame all Christians for their actions. It’s like blaming every Jew for Israel’s chemical attacks on Palestinian woman and children.

  • Jesse D

    Also, why is this a vs Islam thing, it was a fist full of Muslim extremists that did the attack. You don’t blame an entire religion for the actions of a fist full of it’s followers. What are you going to do next vs the jew’s…..oh wait, that’s been done and we all know were than went. Know your history, do not repeat it. I still think it should be bikers vs Christianity, because those are the real crazy ass people there. http://i.imgur.com/jts2GoL.png

  • Dave Plever

    Not sure of this is actually a photo of the event. There are a bunch of rally photos floating around pretending to be of the event. It is an awesome turn out none the less. Wish we could be there!

  • jack ac

    Now if only all the bikers were actually working like they are supposed to, but I understand i guess when you are on government welfare you can afford to ride on a work day

  • Joseph Davis


    mass of motorcycles and people fill the Pentagon’s North Parking lot
    May 29 as hundreds of thousands of riders from throughout the country
    gather for Rolling Thunder 2005. The annual ride, which began in 1988
    pays tribute to those killed in Vietnam and remembers those missing from
    all conflicts. Photo by Tech. Sgt. Cherie Thurlby, USAF

    ^^^ the caption for the 2005 picture they stole the above image from.

  • Meeeee

    is this really happening?


    My “GOD” watch over them.

  • Can’t ride anymore, body all tore up and I divorced the buttwipe who had the bike, but guys and gals on this trip, PLEASE take our family’s hearts and prayers w/ you. Show those “interlopers” and non-Americans, don’t mess w/ us, we can and will “mean business”!!

    Everyone who said this is right – it is a thing of Godly beauty, to know that so many are willing to ride to see our country stand against the enemy, united and strong. God and the Angels be w/ you all, and may the cops NOT hassle you.

    • Stephen Hooper

      You know the other group are Americans too, right?

      • No they’re not. Christians threw Timothy McVeigh under the bus 5 minute BEFORE the cop knew who he had arrested, and disowned him and cheered when he got the death penalty.

        I’ve yet to see ANYPLACE where the Muslims, IN LARGE NUMBERS, like the Christians did, throw all these bombers and what-not under their “bus” and denying them as MUSLIMS. Not to mention, in LARGE numbers, and in PUBLIC, come out against all this violence, instead of dancing in the streets of an AMERICAN city, whenever we get attacked. (Dearbornistan)

        Don’t bother answering, I’m not going to be forced to defend this nor answer you one further word. No, they’re not Americans, until they assimilate into AMERICAN culture, not us into theirs. No sharia law, no stonings, no mutilation of female genitals, no “honor” killings, (altho there’s no “honor” to them), End of message.

        This will probably be deleted, the truth is not allowed to be uttered. Surprised the first message actually got a chance to hang around long enough so you could write a stupid question back.

        • Stephen Hooper

          Apparently not.

  • fuckharleysfuckislamophobia

    Praise Allah! Allah akbar!

    • Stephen Hooper

      See if you were a Christian, you would say praise God, thank God. If you were Jewish you might say todah la’Adonai or hodu la’Adonai, and you would be talking about the same entity. Welcome to the real world. You all pray to the same god, but speak in different languages, so you argue over who is right, yet all are fools.

  • chuck

    Boy how I love America the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE whooop whooop

  • John F Gordon

    Betcha a dime to a donut that Obama goes to the golf course for the day.

  • Richard Chase

    you guys have fallen for a picture from rolling thunder 2012 not what is going on now.which is sad that people are being fooled like this.

  • jerry herring

    God be with our bikers love all of the riders! From Paris, Texas

  • Richard Chase

    photo is one from 2012 why make the real one look like something it isnt

  • scarletworm

    Oh yeah! That’s the America I know! Love it.

  • John Jones

    If barry o b a m a had a march… which one would it look like?

    • Stephen Hooper

      It would look like both, we are about inclusion.

  • Jo bob

    Hats off to all the bikers tell them rag heads to go back to Iraq this isn’t they’re country!!!

    • Chris Monroe


  • Chris Monroe

    i hope that the bikers outnumber the muzzie bastards by at least 4 to 1. assimilate or go back to the medieval shithole that you came from. don’t like my opinion? too fuckin’ bad. i could not possibly care less. i am not participating in political correctness.

  • justoneofmany

    Awesome! I would like to be with them.
    Ride safely by sisters and brothers, ride in the wind!
    oh…..and take lots of pictures.

  • Jeremy

    Noble cause for sure,but we must be careful to protect freedom of speech for everyone(even if we dont agree what is being said).Bt the way , the Civil War saw more men take to the road as patriots. Not the Revolutionary War.

  • Lonnie Ferguson

    of the whole year muslims want to march ,why pick 9/11 because they are trying to be arrogant intimidate the people of the united state,kinda like obama did using the irs to hastle tea party donators ,that because president obama plays dirty lies to we the people disrespect our flag when doing pledge ,he let our people in bingazhe die,set up our seal team6 that was involved in bin ladens death he let chatter of their where a bouts be known covers up for holder in the fast and furious because the sub commitee question where very little relivance to why the guns walked into the mexican drug cartels hands and then kill a border patrol agent so hope all the bikers get done what needs to but dc should have let them have a permit to rally instead of the muslims trying to make a joke outta 9/11

  • religionandhistory

    The bikers are there to receive the heartfelt apologies the “Million Muslims ” have written to innocents slaughtered by inflamed jihad minded haters of America , Christians and Jews ? The murderers on 9/11 etc. …Were they inflamed by Islam or Islams Clerics ? ( Their preachers and evangelists if you will …..Do they preach here and abroad both hate and the sword ? No Parallels if they do to the God of the Bible , or to Gods message of love repentance , mercy , full and free redemption by Gods provision of the One perfect sacrifice received by grace alone …. !!! God is Love , NOT Hate…. God commands us to love all as our brothers …..even this very hard task …to love our enemies ! Gods love will overcome and put out all the fires of hatred against Him ! Hate is selfish ..It is weakness….It destroys all who embrace it . I will follow my Redeemer …the eternal God , He reveals the beginning from the end …He is Love ….I will follow Love !

  • happybl

    ride on and may god be with you we all stand strong behind you!

  • ghost777

    Syria is not the problem. Obama and his thugs in the senate are the problem. The thugs are both democratic and republican. Mccain, Keary, etc etc. No one wants to go to war, this country has had enough war. We can’t fix Detroit and we are going to war? We need to stand up and fight.

  • Joyce

    ride safe my friends – I am English and would love to be on the ride with you –

  • Jeremy

    They shouldn’t be against all Muslims, that’s like saying since some Christians kill people we should be against all Christians, it just doesn’t make any sense. Also anyone who has actually researched 9/11 would know it was set up as an excuse for us to go to war in the Middle East just to keep oil profits flowing. People should be organizingand ggathering in Washington, D.C. to demand our government quit lying to the citizens of our country.

  • DeliaStclaire

    I am so proud of all the bikers standing up for freedom for all of us, my heart is with all of you, peace my brothers and much love, one love.

  • cattnipp

    There is no million Muslim march……. there is a march called 1 million against hate….. and I do NOT believe the bikers are in a counter protest over people objecting to hate……

  • Executive Officer

    Not since the Revolutionary War? Uhhhhh, only 100,000 men were armed at any one point in time and no more than 200,000 fought throughout the war. You guys are on the wrong path and for the wrong reasons. Just saying.

  • tflore

    Jan Morgan. Conservative. It figures. Conservatives spewing wrong information. Typical conservative tactics. Posting policy says they have no tolerance for racism, or discourteous behavior. I guess it’s ok as long as it’s directed at Muslims. Also typical conservative behavior. No wonder there were threats allowed against the POTUS in these comments. Sickening conservative behavior.

  • Mary Coon

    Both religious sides of the arguments in these comments are wrong and show only the ego of the person typing the comments. Whoever is typing a comment must be in complete domination and all must bow to their god and their way of thinking. It is how it has been from the beginning. I have to neither bow to Mohammed or pray to Jesus. I am not an atheist but I won’t kiss the asses of fools who neither study all the religions to know that there is a main core “God exists” but that no religion is the true and only way since all have been twisted by the teachings of humans. Until you all realize none of you are Gods and none of you therefore have the right to speak for God, you will all be damned for putting yourselves above the creator. Racism and sexism separate the people of the world enough (both of those are foolish also since we can’t choose how we were born and meant to be), but religion is the worst of them all and all of it is based on bullshit that contradicts itself over and over but the deaf and dumb will not listen or heed because they do not bother to understand more than what is important to their own egos.

    • David Carr

      Amazing how strongly you hate religion. Is this powerful hate born within your own heart, or influenced by the same dark powers that influenced Hitler? Or do you know? You say you are not an atheist – read the book of James: “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder.”

      • tflore

        By you saying that to Mary shows how “religious” you are.

      • Mary Coon

        Religion is not about believing in God/creator or a beginning. Religion is the human factor warping the minds of others to kiss the asses of the few who believe they are above God and can make the rules. Every translation throughout history has been to serve some egos purpose. Shall I remind you of all the versions and that the “good King James” version that is so popular omitted books (just threw them out) because they would teach people to be free thinkers and he worried that if they were free thinkers that they would not pay taxes to him. Faith is a personal choice and is from the decisions of sorting how the information is processed for that particular person. Hence, religion is not of God and is of mankind. Faith is a personal association of God and allows no ego of mankind between God and the follower.

        Now with that being said, “When did God die and leave you judge, jury and executioner? Beware of who you put above God as you are to have no other Gods before God ,,,including you.”

        You see me as a demon. I see you as a false prophet. Guess that puts us on equal footing that neither of us are God. Get it right and start studying and choosing what words have real meaning and truth for your life while talking to your God and not some hyped up religious scholar that regurgitates the teachings of someone who is trying to sway people to a religion instead of true faith.

        • David Carr

          I see from your responses that you’re a mentally disturbed and vulgar person, so I will not waste time answering your erroneous accusations against God, the Bible, and Christians in general.

          • Mary Coon

            Good!!! AMEN I won’t have to listen to you regurgitate someone else’s words as gospel instead of listening to what God tells me to do. I am probably as faithful as you just not as religious as you. Maybe more so. You need to find a dictionary and then do some prayer about the differences between the two words… religion and faith.

      • Mary Coon

        Why would I read a perverted twisted translation by man for their own personal gain and agenda? Thanks but no thanks.

  • Mary Coon

    I support the bikers but not against Islam over Christianity, but as Americans over our government’s tyranny and the blood shed they have caused while blaming others.

  • Freedom and Truth

    911 wasn’t Muslims.. Unless Cheney and Rumsfeld converted and we didn’t hear about it.

  • tim

    This bikers make proder than iv ever been to b an american an hopfully this shows the world that our government does not reflect our people stand strong patriots

  • Ruby Swafford

    Praying for protection and safe return God Bless

  • Heather Hines

    So proud of my country regardles. I pray God protect especially a close preacher friend of mine. Brother Carr.

  • TalkerCat

    ARE there a million Muslims in America?

    • Stephen Hooper

      8 Million is the last estimate.

  • Kevin Crook

    “butchered by islamists”, seriously? narcissistic capitalists, more like

  • ThanksALotDUMMY

    The Muslims are not the problem, the JEWS ARE. The Israeli mossad are the ones who blew up the WTC, not the Muslims. All of the evidence is right there in the public domain. Just ask MICHAEL CHERTOFF about it. You know who he is right? “Father” of the patriot act, and the former head of the Dept. of Homeland security during 911… oh yea, and also DUAL CITIZEN OF ISRAEL. You read that right, the HEAD of the DEPT. of HOMELAND SECURITY also happened to be a DUAL CITIZEN OF ISRAEL during the attack…

    What did the arab world have to GAIN from the attack on the WTC? Now, what did ISRAEL have to gain?

    Israel got a blank check and and license to take over the entire middle east, THAT’S WHAT. Israel has the strongest military in the entire world and it was paid in FULL, 100% by U.S. taxpayers!

    This is what this whole mess in Syria is about now. Israel “expanding” their boarders yet again. Just like they did in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and like they’re trying to do in Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan and Iran.

    800,000 bikers standing strong against Israel’s worst enemy… the arabs. Whoop-dee-doo. A legion of useful idiots hell bent of helping out the very country that bombed the WTC. The same country that controls the international banking system and has been raping everyone blind and destroying the economy as fast as they can. The same country that controls the mainstream media and lies through their teeth 24/7.

    Thanks so much for your support… Israel thanks you and asks that you send more money. Oh, and if you could send them more of your kids to die in their “land expansion” wars, that would be great too. Gotta stop those “terrorists”. Anyone who questions that is an anti-Semitic, holocaust denying, racist hate monger and a potential terrorist.

    God bless America, land of useful idiots.

    • Eileen Dover

      Congratulations for posting the biggest load of bull crap I’ve read on the Internet this week. Muslims caused 911 and anyone who thinks otherwise is a delusional idiot. I hope Israel makes a parking lot out of its neighbors. Don’t like what I said? Strap on a bomb and go blow up a bus like the scumbag Palestinians do. Oh, let me guess, only the Israelis do that, right? What a pathetic moron.

      • Stephen Hooper

        You started out good, then went all cray-cray.

  • TERRYtas51

    There is nothing ” GREATER ” Than to see The American People stand together, For their Country & What it stand for.

  • TrueFreedom

    Soooo Muslims told NORAD to “stand down”?

  • Jim M

    Ride with “Pride” and ride SAFE! My brothers on two wheels will have my spirit riding with them for freedom’s sake once again. Thank you all.

  • Janet


  • Tricia

    This shows America is strong but media sends the wrong message. Yeah for the support. Boo for the Headlines.

  • Cathy Quessenberry

    I am in tears right now. This does my heart good and gives me hope for our amazing Republic!!!

  • Matt Taylor


  • Billy Kieu

    I bet you “real American” can’t even recite the first five lines of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Emancipation Proclamation. Being born in America don’t make you a patriot.

    Now if you white people left my country, I would be so happy. Yours truly, a real American, a Native American.

  • Bill Goodwin

    Prove that there are 800,000 Bikers doing anything!! They will be lucky to get several thousand!!

  • 66lima


  • CD Buchanan

    Hmmm. Just a thought, but with this many bikers, we could take back Washington. I’d trust our road brothers and sisters more than the current line-up in Washington now! 🙂

  • Billy Kieu

    Get out my country you whiteys!!!
    -A real American, A NATIVE American

  • karla

    What “authorities” came up with this number? I don’t believe there are 800,000 bikers on the way to D.C. Probably only a few thousand

  • KindredSpirit

    When the hell did this become BIkers vs. Islam!?!? Sure lets put a racist moniker on it so the media can trash it and all those who rode. Some people will do anything to get hits on their site Unfreakinbelieveable. Thought it was to honor the victims of 9 11 and to show our dissatisfaction with this corporate controlled government. Hope it wasn’t your idea Jan Morgan. If so you’re no better than they are. Think about it.

  • truthwins
  • Seer1165


  • KindredSpirit

    pic above is 2005 Rollin Thunder,,,,,What a bunch of crap….whatever ya gotta do to get hits on your site..

  • Marty

    Every time I see a picture like this or watch a video I get welled up with pride. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of these bikers. I just can’t imagine 800,000 strong and growing. Can you imagine the sound of thunder when they start those engines. Just picture that wave of United States of American Patriots moving through the streets DC. What an awesome sight that must be. STAND TALL AND PROUD BIKER PATRIOTS. GOD SPEED. You are the voice of America. THANK YOU!!!

  • Gabriel

    SO 800000 bikers are racist and not good American patriots who love and care about the all the American people in this country. Interesting. The title of this article is wrong in many different levels. Not religious but I wonder when people will stop putting associated labels or attachments on other people for the crimes who usually are committed by the few. Peace brothers and sisters!

    • Stephen Hooper

      Not at all, a bunch of keyboard warriors are a bunch of racists and we are here to make sure they look as stupid as they really are. The bikers probably did not name this thread, they are busy DOING something for what they believe in. I’m sure the bikers are represented by a pretty varied cross section of the american public, but there are a hell of a lot of silly-assed trolls in here for sure spouting a load of crap from every talking point laden, hypocritical, bible thumping post.

  • Frederick

    @ Catnip

    The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

    The first thing that should grab you is that the story changed title,
    becoming more dishonest, thereby venting more rage in Sarah Palin’s
    direction. Examing the URL of the story tells the tale. Notice that the
    author changed the label of the disarmed group from “Defense Force” to
    “Civil Militia” in order to cause readers to wonder if Palin had
    disarmed ordinary citizens. Titles have been:

    Tea Party Darling Sarah Palin Disarmed Alaska State Defense Force

    The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia

    Given the nature of the website in question, we might well expect the next mutation of the title to be:

    Palin Takes Guns from Alaska Schoolhouse Defense League While Right Wing Racist NRA Klansmen Cheer

    Don’t laugh. I expect that title to appear at any time. Part and
    parcel of that site’s schtick is to paint all conservatives, but
    particularly Sarah Palin, with the broadly damning brushes of racism,
    “extremism,” violence and hypocrisy. These are pathologically broken
    individuals, based on the content of their stories, but fortunately,
    only what must be considered a “Low Information Voter” could possibly
    believe the nonsense authored there.

    The second thing one ought to notice is that the story cites the
    Anchorage Daily News story, but never provides a link to it anywhere in
    the text of the story, instead requiring readers to accept the premise
    and the facts as outlined in the Sarah Jones piece. The problem is that
    the Jones piece constructs an entirely fictitious narrative,
    positioning Governor Sarah Palin “disarming the militia,” against Sarah
    Palin the citizen, who is an advocate for gun rights and a longtime gun
    owner as well as lifetime member of the NRA, a fact they shamelessly
    mock. The object is to discredit Governor Palin by presenting her as a
    hypocrite, an accusation that can stand only if you believe the
    dishonest narrative presented by the Jones hit-piece. Since Jones
    provides no links to source materials, it’s easy to conclude that she
    had hoped she could simply create a believable impression and that her
    audience of dullard leftists would lap it up like kittens at a

    Jones screeched:

    “All you need to do in order to represent second
    amendment “freedom” is pose with guns and put cross hairs on your
    opponents. You can disarm the militia in your state without DESTROYING
    THE CONSTITUTION so long as you have an “R” after your name. Also,
    posing while leaning on the flag in short shorts helps (warning: do not
    try this as a Democrat or you will be branded a hater of the troops and
    an enemy of freedom).”

    Naturally, the posting features an image of Governor Palin with a
    gun, and the comments section is full of those self-same dullards
    posting their continued vile attacks against Sarah Palin, based on their
    hatred created by previous propaganda precisely of the sort that
    includes the very dishonest article on which they are commenting. Don’t
    bother trying to post a response pointing out the dishonesty, or the
    lack of an actual link to the story, because it will be moderated out of
    existence, and the parade of dullards will be prevented from ever
    learning the truth is that Jones has fashioned a whopper disguised as a
    news story based on contrived narratives and a more than four-year-old
    routine news story appearing without controversy on the ADN site. By
    the way, you can fully expect some of the dullards to make their way to
    this site to castigate me, as well as you. I also expect that at some
    point, Jones may get wind of this exposure, and she may then edit her
    story to include the missing link (to the ADN story — no, not her bio,)
    but I’ve captured the page as was for posterity. Naturally, I’m far from
    alone in noting the insanity of Politicususa, as the discussion among these Freepers has witnessed.

    Neither does it enter the Palin-hating minds that while carrying out
    what is intended to be a propaganda piece about Sarah Palin’s mythical
    hypocrisy on guns, it might be a good idea to at least pretend they
    wouldn’t hate her if she had taken one position or the other according
    to their fantasies. Sadly, they at once bash her for being an alleged
    “gun-grabber” while also bashing her for being a “gun nut,” if you
    follow the gist of their bizarre tale. This reveals the other truth
    about this twisted crew of leftist lie-volcanoes: There exists no
    circumstance in which they would not criticize Governor Palin,
    irrespective of her position on an issue, or the actions she had taken.
    No, they will hate her equally, every time, without fail. Some decades
    from now, when Sarah Palin leaves the stage for good as must we all,
    these whack-jobs or their brain-addled philosophical offspring will be
    there to dump on her. It’s the way they roll, and it’s merely evidence
    of another notion I’ve accepted as a truism for quite a long while:
    Liberalism and sanity are mutually exclusive frames of mind.

    Now, returning to my thesis, imagine you’re Governor Palin, more than
    four years after the fact, running into this absurd rearrangement and
    invention of alleged “facts” about you. What are we to conclude? I
    realize Governor Palin is an extraordinary woman, with amazing strength
    and resilience even in the face of this kind of garbage, but to realize
    that people actually concoct such junk, from the pits of the irrational
    hatred they bear in their souls, it must be disconcerting at the least
    to know that some who hate you do so with such fervor that they cannot
    permit even a glimpse of the truth about you to be known. This
    particular Jones article was pointed out to me by a Facebook friend, in
    whose time-line it had mysteriously appeared, under the innocuous
    heading: “News about Sarah Palin.” I’m not in the habit of polluting my
    brain with the sort of garbage that is produced daily by the cadre of
    leftist PDS-ers, never mind the bile-raising zoo at Politicususa,
    where decent people go only to see how the animals live, but I think
    it’s time for the rest of us to once again pick up some slack in
    opposition to it. What such stories reveal about Sarah Palin is
    absolutely nothing, save only her incredible endurance, but what it
    reveals about the drones of the left is a pathological hatred of reality
    so intense that they feel driven to create their own.

    Liberalism is a psychological disorder after all. ~Mark America

  • timmy

    9/11 was an inside job, maybe you should do something about it while you’re in DC instead of hating a color of people. isnt your president a muslim?

  • rational72

    Just wish the title of this was not bikers v Islam… It should be called bikers against bad people. There are plenty of peaceful people to be found in all religions. Or it could be called bikers against bad foreign policy. The sad thing is we are still upsetting people in several nations. Everyday we create more enemies abroad than we create friends. Thing is, we can replace a democrat with a republican, or a different democrat, or vis versa. However, we should not expect different results as long as the campaigns for both parties are being paid for by the same corporations. Vote 3rd party if you want a change in foreign policy, bombing remote areas of the world only brings us more enemies. For the article to use the word butcher is pretty extreme in itself. If thats the case our foreign policy has been butchering people, oops i mean spreading freedom to other countries for far too long. Peace brings more peace, violence will only bring more violence. Vote 3rd party!

    • rational72

      In fact the bikers should be marching besides these folks to show that good people, even big bad bikers, stand for peace and justice! They are marching to show that they love this country. You can get upset about it, but unless you get upset anytime you see a German, a Japanese, a Vietnamese, or etc…what’s the point? These folks are marching to show support for the US….and that’s a problem how?

  • Willard Romney

    There are No “Bikers on the Road”. That picture was taken in 2005 at a Bike Rally for Vietnam Veterans. http://www.defense.gov/News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=31546

  • Linda Furman Field

    I want to Thank All the Bikers who are making this Journey on behalf of 911,and for all of us that are not able to go with you,may God Bless,and Safe Journey to All

  • jaws4316

    I imagine a few thousand Muslims will show up to celebrate the day of terror that Islam inflicted on us. Probably more than a million bikers will be there. Of course the Lamestream media will inflate the number of Muslims by a factor of 10, while they won’t even mention the bikers, or if they do mention them it will be to point out how they rode into town without permission from the Government and the looted and pillaged the Capitol

    • Stephen Hooper

      Are you seriously that stupid? Please don’t reproduce.

      • jaws4316

        Too late A$$hole, I already have seven kids. I see from your posts that you are typical liberal retard. It seems all you can do is make fun of people and call them names or insult them. How about trying to think a little bit and actually contribute something reasonable and persuasive to the debate.

        • Stephen Hooper

          I did add substantively to the discussion, THEN made fun cretins for their dubfuckery. Have a white trash day!

  • rnorth

    I do not understand. Are the bikers riding to protest a religion or terrorists????

  • warrior_spirit

    I am a disabled veteran and a member of TOJMM in Florida. May God ride with our brothers and sisters and keep them safe. This is a trying time and we are In the end of days. Revelation is upon us and we need to rise up as a nation of believers in God and Freedom. I pray that the bikes stay upright and they travel no faster than their guardian angels can fly!!!

  • jamohio

    Makes me wish I rode a bike!!

  • Runulfr

    keep it roling bikers!!! support from Norway!

  • mechelle

    So why is this bikers against Islam. Islam teaches of peace forgiveness Allah’s mercy and kindness as well as is the fastest growing religion in the world. This kind of gathering seems to me to incite hate. I can say that from the comments alone that I have read here in this forum. When are we actually going to unite under our freedoms instead of taking them from each other?

  • shoaib qureshi

    after successful gay parades , now introducing “GAYS and LOSERS on Bikes” ….LOL this is so hilarious

  • pewestlake

    The Second Amendment is about arms, not guns and is supposed to serve as the military checks and balances to the political ones outlined in the Articles. It has been neutered by pro-corporate activist justices, along with the Fifth and Ninth Amendments (among others). The Tenth Amendment includes absolutely nothing about states’ “rights” but states’ “powers,” which are limited by Article I (Section 10) and Article IV. By a Constitutionalist, by all means, but actually read the document and learn how it works.

    The people both sides identify as the enemies of liberty only represent half of the equation, depending on which side you’re on. Liberals blame corporations and conservatives blame government. The reality is that both corporate and governmental power is used by corrupt banking elites to keep us divided for their own personal enrichment. When you call someone a “libtard” or a “rethuglican” you’re pursuing an agenda dreamed up in pro-corporate think tanks, focus grouped in Washington D.C. and New York City ad agencies, marketed by pro-corporate media and financed by private banking interests and the 300 (or so) wealthiest families that derive the most benefit from our manufactured hatred for each other.

    Stop the insanity. Bring corrupt corporations, unions, banks and non-profits to heel while putting the people back in charge:


    • armyvolunteernotvoluntold

      Banks are not so bad a business except they can be twisted into illegal fiat entities subsidizes by government. In essence a polluting huge government is a bank, but also a bank with “people”/slave capital. The rings are the various monopolies of trades, and the one ring of dissimulation and cover ups rules them all who cannot see.

      • pewestlake

        Community banks, public banks and credit unions are useful and necessary for industrial growth. However…

        Debt-backed fiat currency is the biggest scam in the history of free enterprise. Big banks launder money from violent drug cartels, hide profits to help corporations and the wealthy evade taxes, deliberately cause inflation to force the middle class to go into debt and then foreclose on homes they don’t even legally own. They also finance unnecessary wars and collect interest on war profits all over the globe. Central banks, big banks and the wealthy families that own and control them are the most prodigious source of human suffering in the history of humankind. That isn’t to say they don’t have help in government, but politicians are the supplicants, not the other way around.

        • Stephen Hooper

          We heard this already.

          • pewestlake

            If you’re referring to my having posted this comment twice, I thought my first version hadn’t gone through. And I already deleted the duplicate.

            If you’re referring to having heard critiques like this elsewhere, good, people can’t hear it enough.

            But if you “heard” it instead of “reading” it, that would truly be impressive! 🙂

          • Stephen Hooper


      • pewestlake

        Community banks, public banks and credit unions are useful and necessary for industrial growth. However…

        Debt-backed fiat currency is the biggest scam in the history of free
        enterprise. Big banks launder money from violent drug cartels, hide
        profits to help corporations and the wealthy evade taxes, deliberately
        cause inflation to force the middle class to go into debt and then
        foreclose on homes they don’t even legally own. They also finance
        unnecessary wars and collect interest on war profits all over the globe.
        Central banks, big banks and the wealthy families that own and control
        them are the most prodigious source of human suffering in the history of
        humankind. That isn’t to say they don’t have help in government, but
        politicians are the supplicants, not the other way around.

        • Stephen Hooper

          You started out pretty good, then went all talking point soup crazy. Slow down.

      • Stephen Hooper

        Good lord what the hell are you talking about?

  • armyvolunteerNotvoluntold

    Some need to tell catnip that a corporation is a legal entity and that government is the Legal entity to rule them all. Government/NSA is not people. Have u been in he army? There is no independent authorship with it. But catnip has never been in the army but demands everyone to be of a government army, snitching. No, when government treats me as enlisted personel sending children to war is when governent needs to go, and the like of catnip with it. But perhaps catnip like to enlist the butts of children like a vulgar pimp.

    • Stephen Hooper

      er…say what?

  • armyvolunteerNotvoluntold

    Islam is a fraud impersonating God. Funny how those anti corporate people are so quick to defend Islam, the very definition of a pirate boat religion.

  • Fiona Pitt

    Well done to all the American bikies and bikers. You are doing the free world proud

  • hobblergobbler

    I wonder if the Westboro Baptist Church will protest the ride.

  • Ronald Patrick Marriott

    Sheeple bikers blind as could be. …Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 – AE911Truth …
    ► 15:00► 15:00

  • Aaron Neis

    Christianity = Islam = Judaism = every other religion. They all sell false hope of an after life. You all keep praying for something better, I will enjoy what is and make a mark (as small as it will be) on the world. I will also hope that someday we humans will give up on our egocentric religions and realize there are 4 gods: Gravity, Magnetism, a positive force, and a negative force. (If you don’t know what I mean, look into physics…)

  • Krystal

    Have you checked out In Plane Site (a documentary)? I would be protesting the real culprits behind 9/11, not the islam extremists.

  • Joe

    These people have no right to blame muslims for the 9/11 attacks. The islamic faith is actually something quite beautiful and peaceful. Their love for their god is so great that they stop everything that they are doing just to pray, multiple times a day. Thats dedication. The terrorists who hijacked the planes were extremists. Im an atheist and damn proud of it but religion is a beautiful peaceful thing and i refuse to have or tolerate hatred towards a religious group. You are a racist if you blame the islamic faith for 9/11.

    • Paul Blair

      I blame the Islamic faith for giving sanction to the murder of non-believers… those who don’t follow the dictates of your factions interpretation of Islamic scripture.
      You call me names if you want to.

  • Lisa Thrasher Ferris

    I am so PRO this ride, but so CON all the fake photos claiming to be from this event. The photo above is from a 2012 Rolling Thunder event. Please, don’t bogart someone else’s accomplishment. There are actual photos out there, and THEY should be praised. Keep the focus where it belongs. On the PATRIOTS. The RIDERS. Those TAKEN on 9/11, and those FALLEN in the name of HONOR, PRIDE, and LOVE OF COUNTRY. God bless the riders of 2MBDC. Keep them safe, and let their voices and their motors ROAR!!

  • bigmellon

    They are not bikers they are sheep. Don’t they realise muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. Someone needs to wake these guys up

    • Flesh

      Yeah, if they are doing this it’s in complete ignorance. Muslims had NOTHING to do with any attacks on our country. OUR OWN GOV’T played a role in the attacks. There is more than ample proof to substantiate that claim.

      Unfortunately this is EXACTLY what the elites pulling the strings want, is people divided and ignorant.

  • Mike VP

    Love the ride but suggest you reconsider the title of your article. We are NOT “versus” or against Islam or Muslims, just those who bastardize its teachings to commit heinous acts of violence! It’s very important to make this distinction!!

  • Jack M Robinson

    May them all be blessed And ride home safe

  • Martin Morrison



    I don’t watch news or do Facebook that often. Why are Bikers going to confront the Islam people in Washington because of 9/11 I always figured everyone is there own person and deserve to be treated as such. Its not the other Islams faults that the other ones did something terrible. P.S not trying to start a fight just curious

  • Sue Rosinski

    I don’t think this is REAL! Been searching all over the internet and the only ones carrying the story are underground sources. Not word one through Any MAJOR NEWS SOURCE. Closest I got was Toledo News Now!

    • Aristophanes

      Duh! Because the liberal media is not going to acknowledge that conservatives know why the muslims are marching. Watch the alphabet news channels – I bet there will be all kind of coverage about the muslims and minimal coverage on the bikers.

      • Sue Rosinski

        Really? Even the “underground” sources say this will be a ride through! These bikers ain’t ridin’! No way to tell what city is in the background. There are no recognizable landmarks.

        • Aristophanes

          Of course it will be a ride through. Do you know why? Because d.c. would not give the bikers a permit! d.c. would not even help with keeping them moving by helping them through traffic lights and stop signs. Therefore, traffic will be tied up since the bikers WILL obey all the laws. d.c. did not hurt the bikers, they hurt the people who live and work in d.c.; but, I am sure that the permit department and obozo are hoping that the bikers will be blamed.

    • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

      It is all a
      TREASONOUS CONSPIRACY to destroy the United States of America… Don’t kid
      yourself! Left unchecked it will work! The Main Stream media are and have been
      complicit in this plot! President Obama’s deputy national security
      advisor, Ben Rhodes — brother of CBS News president David Rhodes — was
      instrumental in changing the Benghazi talking points in September
      2012. Add to this mix the fact
      that ABC President, Ben Sherwood has a Sister in the White House, Elizabeth
      Sherwood, who is Obama Special Adviser!
      Then Add the fact that CNN President, Virginia Moseley is married to Tom
      Nides who was Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary! Then add the fact that ABC
      News, Senior correspondent, Claire Shipman, is married to Jay Carney, White
      House Press Secretary! Top that off with NBC’s Senior Political Editor, Mark
      Murray’s wife, Sasha Johnson, is an Obama Political Appointee, as FAA Chief of
      Staff and NBC is owned by General Electric, and Parent Company
      of MSNBC and CNBC. General Electric
      received over 100 Million in free money from the Government which, in spite of
      a huge profit this year have, of course not been obliged to repay it and you
      have the final kiss of controlled and manipulated news for the masses!

  • dr

    i wish i still had my bike i would be there

  • AfriendofJesus

    Islamists? Or Terrorists? Those 2 words are very far apart. These people who committed this act are murders, terrorists, and insane. No different from the KKK who killed thousands of blacks in Jesus name. You people are sad brainwashed puppets!!!! WWJD?

  • DavidMeowie

    So much stupid on this thread.

    • Sue Stack

      So much stupid in the American race!

  • Sagebrush6

    Out standing ! Carry on !

  • Ray Chance Blakeney

    God bless the USA……God bless BIKERS!

  • Henry Michael Miller

    I just wish I could be there with them

  • Jeannie Wood-Ramberg

    Bikers vs Islam?? really?? so now its American vs American? Keep us divided..thats the American way it seems.

  • IgnoranceCausesHate

    I completely disagree with this mentality; it’s overgeneralizing a religion that is for the most part very peaceful. Waging a war against an entire religion because of a few disturbed terrorists is ignorant and hateful. I urge these bikers to keep open minds and take the time to actually educate themselves about Islam and what it stands for. ALL of my Muslim friends do not condone violence and were APPALLED by the attacks in 2001 as well as other various acts of violence in the Middle East.

    I’d lastly like to point out that Christian terrorists exist and that many of you, as Christians, do not associate yourself with these extremists, and nor should we do so to Muslims.

  • Carolyn Ellis Lawson

    Give new Honor and meaning to “Let’s Roll!”

  • John McIntyre

    Let us Roll to Victory in 2014. If every patriot can influence five voters to vote ,then conservative Christian Constitutional values can return to America. We the People can take the Senate and get a new leader in the House. God Bless America on this Patriot’s Day and Jesus is Lord! Respectfully; John McIntyre

  • Dan

    Your all sick bigots and you are the extremists who hide under patriotic pretenses shame on you and God have mercy on your souls!

    • Jerry Davis

      Dan, and you are asleep at the wheel, so to speak. islam is evil and cannot coexist with civilization; never has and never will. Go bikers and all true red, white, and blue flyin’ patriotic Americans! is-lame go away back to your deserts where you can continue degenerating your tweaked DNA in the heat of the burning day-star.

  • nancy

    Wish I was there

  • seekerofinfo

    I am not following here! What Islam are the bikers against?

    • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

      The sataniic cult of islam is NOT A RELIGION

      • pewestlake

        We sure do use terms like “militant Jews” and “extremist Christians” and even “radical Hindus.” Jesus said love thy enemy. That wasn’t optional. Way to bear false witness, proselytizer.

      • Stephen Hooper

        “This system accepts slavery” So does christianity.

  • duane

    just a small example of how many people will be there when the crap really hits the fan

  • DisgustedByIgnorance

    This is so stupid. What they are really should be making a stand against is the Jihadists / American haters……..not an entire religion. This is just racism and stupidity at its finest and hardly does anything for the memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11. This focuses more on hate. I’m not celebrating this. This is the most ignorant thing I have seen all day – but the day is early….I’m sure something else will surpass this by midnight.

  • Southern belle 1015

    Proud of everyone who participates! We ARE AMERICANS & we STAND UP FOR COUNTRY.

  • margie320

    You people got completely off the subject… It was supposed to be about the bikers ride to DC to honor our fallen on 9/11…

  • Marianne Marencin

    Less bashing of others! This is like high school drama! This is why OUR great country is in the shape it’s in! These bikers are showing ALL of us what UNITED WE STAND really means! I would be right there right now if possible! The government is meant to protect us, not to dictate our every move! It’s OUR country, not the politicians and it’s time to take it back and be heard!

  • Terry Kent Davis Sr

    Ride to live, live to ride, brothers!

  • Paul

    What an insensitively named article. I understand the cause- but this is pathetic.

  • Kayla

    A bit harsh to stride in pride against innocent people, whether race, religion are involved or not. Props to them but you are making it seem like “Islamists” (whatever that means) are on the attack again..

    If you were trying to pin the name on people who practice Islam.. they are called Muslims… It’s like saying hey you Christianist! Get off my lawn!

    • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

      WE should have enough sense to identify and classify
      islam for what it is! It is not a
      religion! It is a satanic cult of a
      government system to rule the world! To
      eliminate all infidels and establish a world caliphate for worship to their
      false God! Until we wake up and deal
      with this fact we are in grave danger! 1 John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is
      love. The common theme throughout the Bible is this… Faith and Love! The
      theme of islam is fear and hate! Perfect Love casts out all fear! islam is
      Anti-Christian! They call the U. S. the “great satan” and Israel the
      “little satan” Doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure
      out that islam is our enemy! We are at war! Not a war we, as Christians chose
      but war none the less! We must WAKE UP!

      • Stephen Hooper

        You know they worship the same god christians do…right?

  • Maureen McManus

    A sight to behold. It’s a case of, if you want a job doing…..do it yourself……well done all you bikers and anyone else who has taken this massive step for all our sakes. Please stay safe

  • Mike Ackermann

    I’d prefer Bikers vs Enemies both Foreign and Domestic, but boy this is impressive. Gives me hope….

  • ChiTownSounds

    ……….my point exactly!

  • Rebecca Fourcher

    Some of America’s Best

  • Nobody else is standing up for this country! good job!

  • sdfgh

    Cool waste of gas.

  • janjohansennnnnn

    They fight for our christian God while the muslims threat the civilized world and will enslave it.

  • Ben Enjerry

    800,000? Really? More like three-dozen Muslims and 80,000 bikers showed up.

  • Expect more of yourself

    Please do research to find out who was in DC for 9/11. This is silly misinformation. I will not bother you with opinion. Just find out what “Muslims” were there, and what “Bikers” were there. Be diligent in what we blindly “like” and “share”. Being ignorant is not what makes America great. And I totally believe America is great. Misinformation, ignorance, and hate finds any country at its worst. Being a patriot means having at least a shred of truth.

  • Esther

    There’s been nothing on the news has there? R they aware of this “happening?”

  • Tryba Chad


  • Marta Fraley

    I heard that a lot of our senators went home for their “Columbus Day” weekend !