Cantor and Boehner Plan Cheap Trick to Deceive Americans on Defunding Obamacare

A document House Majority Leader Eric Cantor distributed to all House Republicans on Tuesday, confirms that he is planning to MAKE IT APPEAR as though the House is voting to defund Obamacare while using a legislative procedural trick which would allow the Democrat-controlled Senate to strip defunding language from the Continuing Resolution.

“Many House Republicans have stated that they want to pass a CR that affirmatively defunds the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare,” Cantor wrote to House Republican members. “In addition to firmly putting the House on record, such an effort would force the Democrat Senate to confront the issue of defunding, providing Senate Republicans the opportunity to challenge Senate Democrats to join Republicans in blocking the further implementation of this awful and unpopular law.”
“Tactically, we want to engage this battle in a manner that unites House Republicans, provides as few opportunities as possible for Senate Democrats to duck the issue, and ensures that if defunding does not occur that Democrats are held to account,” Cantor added.
Cantor then laid out “The Plan” he and other members of the House GOP leadership will use allowing them to claim they support defunding Obamacare while leaving the fate of the defunding effort in the hands of the Democrat-controlled Senate.

First, he said the House will “simultaneously” consider a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government “at sequester levels” along with a rule, or a “H.Cong.Res. that would amend the CR to include full defunding language.”
The House would vote on the CR, a vote that would include the rule and then send it to the Senate, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can then remove the rule’s language after considering it. “The rule for the CR/Defund package provides that the CR cannot be transmitted to the Senate until the Senate has considered the defunding language,” Cantor writes in step number 4 of “The Plan” section of the document.
In step number 5 of “The Plan,” Cantor admits that the Senate can remove the rule language. “If the Senate passes defunding then it gets added to the CR as it goes to the president,” Cantor writes in step 5. “If they defeat it, then the Senate can consider whether they want to pass the CR. If they do, without amendment it goes to the president.”
Breitbart News reported on this plan from Cantor and others in House GOP leadership on Monday evening. After that story, a prominent House conservative source told Breitbart News that members who support defunding Obamacare are organizing and plan to whip against Cantor’s ploy.
“Expect a significant whip effort against the rule among the rank and file if they try to pull the trick on defunding,” the conservative source said.

Read more at Breitbart

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  • NukeWaste

    What fxcking axxholes!! The House has no concern about the Senate. Defund it yourself, you cowards. Read page 117.

  • Shorty Stuff

    They shouldn’t have to defund it. All they have to do is declare it null and void. It was a tax according to the Supreme Court. All new taxes have to originate in the House. Obamacare originated in the Senate, so it is an illegal bill … thus .. NULL & VOID.

    • tired

      let’s go one step further and resolve it all –
      indict 0bozo for fraud, treason, usurping the office of president, and breach of contract to protect and defend the constitution.
      When found guilty, ALL that he signed into law would become null and void.
      He would be replaced by Romney/Ryan until 2016…

  • bless2live

    Oh well ,they have our America in a mess anyhow! Bottom line, the day will come when the American people will do more than just talk ,vote and live with this regime!

  • Steve Harper

    These are the kind of politicians that need voted out, lied to get elected in the first place

    • carolchristine

      Yes but there is massive election fraud. Obama did not win this last election legally as far as I am concerned. And the Republicans did nothing about the voter fraud that took place all over this country.

  • hangman57

    Democrats screwed us passing the bill ,and now Democrats and Republicans are screwing us not defunding it.

  • Centurian2010

    The GOP doesn’t have more than a couple of true Conservative politicians left in the entire party. The reason I switched to Independent. Lying, traitorous scum, RINOs and democrats alike.

  • RIC54

    How much more are you going to take before enough is enough.They lie to us, have false flags. start illegal wars, militarize our police and start their own in house army, build fema prisons, destroy the constitution sign executive orders that makes Obama a dictator.One such order he signed when everyone was worried about Tryvon and Zimmerman was that the government owns all your possessions you own and you can be put to work and not compensated or can be called Slavery .You have nothing.So much more to say but if you haven’t figured it out by now then they have you where they want you. If we don’t stop being divided into different groups and not coming together has Americans then the forth Reich will rise again its happening right in front of you face right now.

    • carolchristine

      What law or bill did Obama put through that the government owns all of our possessions that we own and can be put to work and not compensated? I have never read or heard that. It sounds like something the communists in our government would do.Let me know please what executive order you read or heard of.

      • RIC54

        NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS ACT. Go to utube and put in Understanding modern martial law under Obama.

  • daveveselenak

    America, we are on our own as the two-headed, one party cabal couldn’t care less about “US.” A third party is needed but it has become so late in the game and the police state is in place that politics as usual will accomplish nothing! It doesn’t matter anymore who we vote in as they are controlled by the globalists. 1776…1776…1776!

  • Henry Felter

    The House Republican and Senate leaders are slime. The Senate would throw it out and ratify it. Quit playing footsies with the Demos, we see it and this election will have consequences for those that sold out the US people for whatever financial or power remunerative compensation that you receive. If no one gives donations to the Republican Party they will dry up and blow away

  • 1LTLos

    Defund and Repeal the damned thing Cantor and quit playing games — the days of having it both ways IS OVER !!

  • XXX

    I couldn’t say it better than hangman57

  • Kioga

    This is Deception of the highest order, Cantor should be removed as well as Boehner !
    We need them both replaced with anti-Obama Representatives. Americans deserve BETTER !

    • carolchristine


  • carolchristine

    John Boehner and Cantor and there are many more that need to go.

  • jq2intx

    RINO’s will continue to kiss the butts of Democrats, it is time to clean the house and the Senate. Rid the party of almost Democrats who wear Republican suits. If that doesn’t happen then it is time for a Third Party, perhaps the Constitution Party would be the ticket. Whatever it takes to get these people GONE! We also need to have the States call for a Convention to Amend the Constitution. If you have not heard of read the new book by Mark Levin you really need to get a copy and read it. In it he proposes amendments that will rid us of the IRS as well as return us to a Constitutional Republic.

  • rockyvnvmc

    Time for some Term Limits !

  • denvy42

    maybe its time to recall these two traitors