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Every time there is a mass shooting and its believed an AR 15 is involved, News Anchors, Reporters, and Commentators, spread the epidemic of stupid with their language and gun talk that clearly demonstrates most of them have scant knowledge on the subject of firearms.
I have listened to news people, who are PAID TO DELIVER FACTUAL INFORMATION TO THEIR VIEWERS, consistently refer to the AR 15 as a “HEAVY WEAPON… AN ASSAULT RIFLE”… An AUTOMATIC RIFLE… A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.. Bill O’Reilly even questioned how Nancy Lanza could have legally acquired such a heavy weapon in a state with such strict gun control laws.

It is one thing to not have knowledge on a given subject yet earnestly seek it. That is commendable.
It is another to act and speak on that subject as if you are knowledgable, using wrong terminology with the intent to sensationalize or push a personal agenda.

My AR is not an assault rifle.
It is not an assault weapon.
It will never be used to criminally assault anyone.
My AR will only be used for defensive and sporting purposes.
It is simply a modern musket.

In addition, the fact that I go to the gun range on a regular basis, does not make me an American of questionable character. The fact that I am a gun enthusiast and may legally own multiple guns/rifles does not make me a criminal or someone who should be closely watched by the government.

90 million gun owners with over 300 million guns KILLED NO ONE LAST YEAR.

Owning an AR 15 is a legal right. Owning an AR 15 does not make me a dangerous gun fanatic any more than owning a Corvette over the usual less expensive average sports car makes someone a car dangerous car fanatic.

I am not ashamed… I am proud to say I own a Bushmaster AR 15.
To all the businesses who are pulling them from their shelves, I say, SHAME ON YOU for buckling to public pressure. The Founders would be so proud that you bravely stood your ground for the 2nd Amendment. You will never get my business again.

To all the Americans who are rushing to the stores to buy the AR and ammo before both are no longer available, I say, smart move. The public hysteria will most certainly lead to a ban on these amazing rifles… at least until the next mass shooting with a revolver, knife, or some other weapon. Then there will be a ban on those. (sigh)

Back to the irresponsible news anchors:
If these news commentators are going to talk about firearms and expect their positions to be taken seriously, they should at least become semi-educated about rifles or keep their mouths shut.

Words like “assault”, “heavy weapon”, “military style”, in describing semi-automatic guns and rifles in relation to the recent mass shooting, are either used intentionally by news anchors to sensationalize or it is a clear display of ignorance on their part.

Neither is acceptable. (c) 2012 JAN MORGAN

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  • Bill o’rielly should know, at very least, that an AR 15 is not a “heavy weapon”. Didn’t he claim to be a marine? I feel that bill has gone to the left completely. May he get a warm welcome when the horns sound.

    • Woods Dweller

      I never liked Bill Ever….

    • Lewtheprof

      Bill is a wannabe rational thinker. Too emotionally unstable for my taste in who I’d want to have there representing what rationally arrived at conclusions look like.

    • Troyboy

      No , bill never claimed to be a marine , but he has stood up for our military while others put it down .

    • astrojohn

      You can bet Billy will be on his high horse again tonight…

    • David S. McQueen

      Well, Bill O’Reilly does tend to have some confused thoughts (he DID attend Harvard, after all). Bill also claims Obama isn’t a socialist because “he hasn’t taken my TV away”.

    • Chiefbuck

      Dustin, As a O’Reilly fan who catches his show at least 3 times per week let me assure you that in my opinion he tries very hard to be accurate and fair. OK, he is a tad obnoxious but when dealing with progressive liberals you need to cut them off from time to time. The loons who keep calling the AR 15 an assault rifle know full well that it isn’t but it easy for them to use it as a prop to push their anti-American socialist agenda. Bill is a total supporter of our military and as a retired, disabled 28 year vet I certainly appreciate his stance.
      While the latest models and modifications of the AR 15 do make it more reliable, I still wouldn’t take one if it was given to me. There are several other weapons that do the same job and cost far less. It all depends on what you want to use the rifle for. But one cannot deny how popular the 50 year old rifle basic design has become. Plus the rifle seems to be a good investment.
      If you would like to speculate on an empty headed loudmouth, how about Bob Beckel, who claims to own a shotgun and have served time in jail. He was unaware that in order to purchase a shotgun a background check is necessary and that a convicted felon cannot own a gun.

  • Cynyster

    My Thoughts…
    I reject the notion that most Americans are either to stupid or to irresponsible to own a firearm.

    I reject the notion that our government is more responsible than I am.

    I reject the notion that I must “Compromise” my safety due to the negligence or malfeasance of others.

    I reject the notion that the police or government employees deserve better than I.

    I reject the notion that restricting or banning any firearm makes me safer.

    Up is not down.
    Wrong is not right.

    “Shall not infringe” means you will not hedge, limit, restrict, regulate, or discourage my God given right to

    KEEP (store in my home in my car on or in my property) &
    BEAR (Carry, hold, transport)

    ARMS (pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Lever action, single action, double
    action, pump action, Semi automatic, Fully automatic, Belt fed)

    The Government is NOT better than me, and should not have privileges that I do not enjoy.

    Those that want to ban guns.. Look at what happened to other countries that
    banned guns and looks at the millions of lives lost that it cost!

    • I think they are starting to go after the words “Well Regulated” … Our government needs a commission to understand the 2nd Amendment (45 words) but not to pass a 2200 page Obamacare….

      • politicstick

        “Well regulated” (In that day) meant/means “disciplined”.

        rant: OFF

    • Perfectly stated!

    • JayelK

      Actually, I understand the 2nd Amendment to mean that ‘because’ …a well-regulated militia being necessary’, the public shall retain their right to bear arms. Meaning that the public must remain armed to resist any heavy-handed use of that ‘well-regulated militia’ by the government against the people.

      • badbob85037

        That’s not what your children’s history or social studies text books say. Review these textbooks then do what I and like minded people do. Get right in the LYING school boards face

    • badbob85037

      I agree with all statements but your first. My proof is obama elected to a second term doing nothing but cause misery, pain, loss of income, freedoms and liberties to every American in this nation and all our allies well being. Not only the ones that voted for him shouldn’t posses firearms but the ones to lazy to vote at all as if they are to lazy to vote they would be to lazy to seek proper training making them an accident waiting to happen.

  • James

    I own a Remington 742 semi-auto 0.30-06. It holds 4 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber (5 total). Back when Columbine happened, there were some ignorant politicians that were calling my hunting rifle a watered down assault rifle. All I could do was watch the tv with utter amazment as these so called “educated” men and women spouted such ignorance. I was 22 when I bought that rifle, and I still own it. Will iter shoot up a school, theater, or mall? Never! Will it continue to help me put food on my table during deer season? Oh hell yes!

    My question still remains is when are the mental hospitals going to open back up so that the mentally ill can be placed there under strict supervision instead of getting into their parents gun cabinets and shooting up the whole town?

    • thanks for sharing that story with us James

    • I’m very familiar with your rifle as several of my friends own them. Your rifle is a popular hunting rifle and after market companies made 10 round magazines for the 742 and the updated 7400.
      What I want to know is this? Why is it that your rifle is considered a hunting rifle but my AR-15 that I use for coyotes and deer is considered an “assault rifle?”
      I’m not slamming you James, but I know for a fact that your .30-06 is far more powerful than my .223, yet my rifle is going to possibly be banned and yours will be fine to own!
      This sucks…

      • Mathchopper

        Wierder things than this happen when you hafta deal with Democrap political insanity.

      • Lil Nemo

        To answer your question – it is the looks, nothing more. The AR-15 resembles the military M-16 in looks but has a totally different lower body that allows single fire only. As to the ammunition, the AR-15 is a .223 caliber which is just a whisker larger that a .22 and the projectile is slightly heavier and the propellant is greater. I have a bolt action Remington 03-A3 that is a 30-06 – that may have been a military firearm and therefore can legitimately be considered an assault rifle.

        • politicstick

          To add:
          “Assault” rifle has been defined already, as a rifle (the M-16, M-4 etc) that has a “select fire” switch on the side of the lower receiver. It enables the user to “select” one of three options; single (semi-auto), burst (three shot burst), and “full auto” machine gun.
          That’s it……NOTHING TO DO WITH LOOKS! PERIOD!

        • badbob85037

          Assault Rifle is a weapon that fires full auto or has a selector switch allowing full auto. Semi-auto Assault Rifle is a scare word coined in the Brady Center’s back room along with Saturday Night Special, Plastic Gun, Cop Killing Gun, Cop Killing Bullet and all the rest. You see when you pay yourself $900,000 a year to head your none profit organization as Sarah Brady it takes a lot of fear to keep those donations coming so Sarah can keep living in the life style she is a custom. Having to do with disarming America she is sure government will look the other way allowing her to lie lie through her teeth making it the perfect con game for a murdering criminal.
          Example 1. A few years ago Sarah said child death rates are sky rocketing when anyone who checked the stats knew it was falling. She took the age a child becomes an adult 18 and hocus pocus turned it to 26 that would include most gang and drug related shootings.
          Example 2. After the Fort Hood shooting the Brady Center came out saying that the shooting proved the gun crowds saying of more guns less crime was a lie since this shooting happened on a a well armed military base. The media spread the lie and never as now a word about military bases inside the US are gun free zones.
          Example 3. Cop Killing Gun. The Brady Centers web sight went on and on about these weapons of mass delusion. It gave 2 links for more info but neither link went anywhere. You will find on every page the word DONATE but never a way to write them to ask them to explain their bending of the truth. Once they had an e-mail address to ask them a question if you had trouble donating. That’s when I gave them my 2 cents as must of a few others as the link was gone in less than 24 hours.
          If anyone has any information on the deadly cop killing gun please share it as I have been around guns my whole life but between this and bolt action .50s that shoot jetliners out of the sky I know nothing put up against an expert as Sarah

      • MikeHatton47025

        The answer to your question is very simple..it LOOKS like the MILITARY FULL AUTO WEAPON! Most people wouldn’t know a semi from a full auto! (they probably think “semi” means a big truck!) The non-shooting public needs to be schooled in the difference!

        • JayelK

          Mike – you hit the nail on the head. Education is the key. We need to push our local school districts to include Hunter Safety classes as an optional part of our school curriculum. If we can educate the young, they can shame their parents into becoming educated.

  • sanity

    Yes it is, it was designed for the military…there is no other purpose then shoot people, whether you choose to only shoot them when they are coming after you, or when you are going after them is your call, but the gun is an assault rifle in every sense of the word


    • mort_f

      Yes, every gun was originally ‘designed for the military’. Add the blunderbus to your list. But so was the turbojet engine, the 707, the intgrated solid state circuit as well. One can get even more in depth, think of the aluminum alloy used for your pots and pans. Note that an AR-15, as sold in the civilian market, is incapable of automatic fire which the military requires because the majority of soldiers cannot hit the side of a barn with aimed fire.

    • tim

      Moron prog, EVERY gun type made and sold today to civilians has at one time been used by the military, but NONE of them including the AR-15 are assault rifles. Assault rifles are full auto capable, which means they can fire a full magazine of bullets with one pull of the trigger in a few seconds. Assault rifles have been banned in the USA for general sale since 1934. Wikipedia “assault rifle” before illustrating your extreme ignorance.

    • tetons9

      sanity, you have not chosen the correct name. It should be insanity! You have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. i think the name for that is ignorance.

    • No, not really. “Assault” is an action work, ascribed to human beings. You wouldn’t use the word to describe what one animal might to to another. Assault requires intelligence. A gun, of any sort, is an inanimate object and has no brain or intelligence, and is incapable of “assault”. It’s a logical fallacy. . . look it up! It’s not about the AR 15. . . it’s about the lack of respect for the lives of others that is being fostered in America.

    • Rcorley38

      So is a 12 guage shotgun, or a 22 long rifle if you choose to use them as such.

    • Scott Worne


    • Lewtheprof

      That would be ‘than’ not “then,” for starters. “then” is what happens at a certain time and does not introduce a comparison, as does ‘than.” Second of all, as it is sold today, it absolutely WAS NOT designed for the military. It is essentially a civilian-ized version of a “designed for the military” military firearm, lacking the capabilities the military requires for any weapon they would ever even consider using in modern day battle.

  • AR15 owner

    Oh, sanity. You’re quoting Wikipedia? Genius. It must be the truth…

  • Neil Tarasoff

    I enjoy this publication, Jan!

  • Most of those running their mouths are so scared of guns they wouldn’t touch one much less know the difference from one to another Jan you’re right as usual and I know this some sites are saying that they no longer offer clips for them any more.

    • rocketman

      What sites are not selling the clips? I have not had any trouble finding mags for AR15 or AKs

  • USAF04

    Well said. I’ve just about given up on O’Reilly after his latest comments. Just read that Cheaper Than Dirt is no longer selling/shipping bulk ammo. As for “assault weapons”: My GreatX2 Grandfather’s .45X70; My Great Grandfather’s .30X40 Krag; My Grandfather’s .30 Enfield; My Father’s M1A1 were all considered to be “assault” weapons. Any item used to attack a single person or large group by definition is an “assault” weapon. Thanks Jan for spreading the truth.

    • rocketman

      No I just ordered 1000 rounds from cheaper than dirt they are still selling bulk have no plans to stop..! Actually 762×39 is cheaper than last time and for all you panzie gun activists what part of shall not be infringed do you not under stand? There are no legal gun laws look up the dick act of 1902, it reaffirms the 2nd and states that no gun laws can be written or enforced as they are un constitutional.

    • badbob85037

      Those rip offs at Cheaper than Dirt should be going out of business any day now but will re-open under a different name after the ones they bleed durn the so called shortage will go else where.

  • mwarmack

    When is the news media going to be held accountable for there errors in reporting ? They should not be allowed to hide behind ” the rush to get the story out”. If you do not know the facts do not report on it. I for one have had enough of this style of reporting.

    • astrojohn

      What NEWS MEDIA?? Our local paper had TWO days of coverage of the Lebron James wedding (that finally took place after two kids, but I’m not judging…). And on the FRONT page, no less!!!

    • JayelK

      They will be held accountable when we collectively hold a ‘TV Boycott’ against bias in news reporting.

      We should pick a day or a week, when NO ONE turns on the TV, in protest to the garbage coming from mainstream media.
      Then, go after their advertisers (if they have them).

      If they advertise with the garbage slingers, we can boycott them too.

      We need to start using the left’s methods to make our voices heard.

      • badbob85037

        I haven’t watched a national TV station in years and a 5:00 news in even longer. With all the news they want you to believe, their mindless shows’ and laugh boxes who would want to.

      • Independentrd

        The left’s methods will not work with the right. The right can not compromise among themselves, let alone others. Some one comes up with a good candidate, Everything he says agrees with A’s goals but one item, So be Refuses to vote for him. Another candidate agrees with A on that item, and all others but one, so again, no vote. What happened to the best candidate available. To me, the right seems to be, “all or nothing” They don’t win because the cant agree among themselves as to the best available. Do the not know the left’s secret (that’s no secret) that you win, not by big steps, but by little ones. Insert your doctrine into the4 school system a little at a time until you have changes that would have been unacceptable a generation ago. In a generation, those kids will be teaching a new generation. in another generation the majority of higher education professors will be those kids. They’ll be teaching things few remember as being false, After all socialism and communism sound real god from a silver tongued orator. People argue against it? Those are old, senile people who don’t know any better, even though they’ve always failed

        Obama did get one thing partially right. Most refuse to read beyond the first sentence. The first colony was founded on Communism, but it failed! The first winter, have the colony died, either from starvation or disease.

        Then they decided to try capitalism. The colony flourished! they had surplus food and were comfortable for the winter (well as comfortable as you’d expect under those conditions)

        Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and see what they resort to, to implement their goals.

        We have a very long way to go to catch up with many generations of indoctrination to undo and they can not be undone by just showing them the truth.

        They have been working for many generations and now control the school system. How do we start there? Have you seen the teacher’s guide for Common Core? It’s a thorough indoctrination into socialism. The meanings for WWI and WWII are missing much. WWII details the use of “the bomb” not the freeing of Europe. How do you overcome these? It certainly is not the “all or none” approach of the GOP

    • badbob85037

      They will be held accountable when Americans start reading the documents that founded this nation and realize what is not only their right but duty. Then the media will be the first on a long list.of ones needing to be held accountable.

  • tim

    Nothing new here, the media lies about most everything, another good example is illegal aliens, the media doesn’t even use the term illegal alien, instead they are now “immigrants”. All these media lies are how Traitor in Chief Obama got re-elected.

  • I couldn’t have said it better Jan. I am sick of all this misreporting and ignorant news people.

  • You go Girl I am backing you up all the way and the same goes to my AR (Armalite Arms)
    I think I got the last Lower AR in Ct today. All Dealers were out and I mean OUT. I did know of one that was close until this morning and was having a sale do I called 15 min before the opened and to my surprise had one lower AR receiver in stock so I snagged it. YES!
    You rock girl and if you are ever in CT … Lets go to the range.

  • tim

    I own an M-25 with G2 stock and several other weapons but not an AR-15. All this talk about wanting to ban them has me looking to buy one.

    • Good luck. Most of the gun stores have sold out thanks to our president. Even the ammunition for them is now harder to find.

      • tim

        Sort of my point, Obama is the best gun salesman ever!

      • Independentrd

        I’ve had no problem finding them at good prices. The “Bushmaster” of Jan’s is available for well under $1000. (usually more than several hundred dollars less) Ammunition is readily available. bought by the case you can get FMCBT for 30 some cents per round. Useless for hunting, but great for long rang (if you call 200 to 300 yards long range) target shooting. Lighter (55 – 60 gr), flatter shooting for 200 yards are available for about the same price. They are a good small game rifle, target shooting, or plinking. For animals as large as a white tail, you need to be much better than the average shot and know where to place that shot. For hunting you will need a clip that only holds 4 or 5 rounds, depending on state..

        All things considered, I don’t see the AR15 as very practical, but it’s fun to shoot, and even with cheap ammunition you can go throuh a lot of money in a hurry.

        The only ammo that is over priced and hard to find are 22 LR RF.
        although so called self defense ammo is pretty high priced. I purchased a box (of 20) 357 HP. I found I had 2 boxes (of 50) exactly the same make for notably less.

        But FMJ loads for 38, 357, 9mm, 223, 5.56, 308, and 30-06 are available in bulk at reasonable prices with reloadable brass casings.
        Even Half Jacket HPs for most pistols are fairly cheap.

  • tenndoug911

    Unfortunately a madman that uses a gun to kill several people gets the national spotlight for weeks and the attention of every imbecilic politician trying to look like a champion of the people. The citizen who uses his gun to stop a violent criminal in a situation that may have escalated into a mass shooting is never recognized for his valor . No victims to see, no story to sensationalize . The lack of a high body count does not hold the media or the public’s interest and besides it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative anyway. England took action several years ago banning most firearms. now they have bombings by radicals instead. nice trade, huh.

  • dupper89

    heres the problem though. iam not trying to piss in your wheaties and i own a couple guns myself but the ar 15 ALMOST fits the discription of an assult rifle. it must be a shoulder fired weapon, it must have an intermediate-power cartridge (ie 5.56mm/.223 remington), ammo must be supplied by a detachable magazine, it should have a firing range of at least 1000 feet, and it should be selective fire. you can modify an ar 15 to be selective fire.now this is the general term for an assault rifle not our governments.theres is more strict. ar15’s are bad ass but the question is do we really need them? would i own one hell yea! but iam more of a lever action man myself.

    • tim

      You can illegally modify lots of guns to be “select fire”, such as an auto loading shotgun, are they assault rifles also? Select fire is a waste of ammo unless someone with a machine gun is shooting at you.

    • Rcorley38

      Great that you are a lever man, however do not try to take away my right for an AR which is what I am.

    • Scott Worne

      Once they take away semi-auto’s they will be coming for your lever actions. Get your head out of the sand.

    • mcintosh

      I own a 30.30 Winchester, that use 150 GRAIN SOFT POINT that will well over 2000 feet and hold seven one in chamber

  • Obama planned to take away our guns during his second term all along. If it hadn’t been this tragedy, it would have been another one.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the killer was brainwashed by liberals looking for a way to give the anti-gun movement momentum.

    For those who might laugh at this, consider the Rosa Parks “back of the bus” incident. While I’m glad such poor treatment of blacks is no longer allowed,

    the Parks incident was a staged event. http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/rosa_parks_naacp_pawn/

    • Keith Blalock

      It’s funny you say that Mark. Well, not funny ha ha. I had the exact same thought as far as the shooter goes. Another of Obama’s sons he will never have since he is a homomutant. ( I know that’s not a word but it seemed to fit).

  • Birdman53

    This was a very good article, Jan. But sadly, as Ron White would say,”you can’t fix stupid”. These people will never try to understand the difference in weapons, because they don’t want to. To them, guns are evil. It was amazing that on the same day as the massacre in CT, a man in China went onto a school and stabbed 22 children. Guns are banned in China, yet mass murder still happens. And the only place I saw this news was on Facebook. I didn’t even see it on Fox. It’s just so sad.


      I heard it on Fox, and saw it on several internet reports. In Fact the one about the stabbings in China was in a couple of my newsletters the day following the shooting in CT.

  • ImListening

    Spot On

  • Walker

    To me, an owner of several guns, we need to look at clips capacity, not the gun. Nobody needs 30 rounds in a clip, except law enforcement and the military.

    • Steve j

      It’s not a bill of “needs”, and this type of aquiescing to mob hysteria woul be pointless. 3 10 rounders add about 1 second of pause between volleys.
      Especially in an ar type, straight pull mag release. Have you ever shot one? Have you ever seen anything so ergonomically easy?
      Besides, that would be the tip of the slippery slope.
      For confirmation of that one needs look no further than California. They fell for this and were promptly “bait and switched”. And on that matter you can just forget about anything being “grandfathered” if they know you have it they will be taking it.

    • tim

      The Second Amendment was written so civilians can protect themselves from the military, which means we should have the same small arms capability they have.

    • Rcorley38

      Why not?

    • Scott Worne

      Walker, someone with your ignorant way of thinking neither deserves to own a gun and should not own a gun. First, they are called magazines, not clips. Who are you to say that no one needs to own anything to do with guns? You are obviously clueless about the Second Amendment and firearms in general. It is morons like you that are destroying this country.

    • anarchyst

      #1. It’s a MAGAZINE, not a “clip”..
      #2. Why should “law enforcement” have a greater advantage than the citizenry?

  • Chinner08

    It’s refreshing to hear common sense from a media personality. Thanks for your courage to speak out on this!

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Wow, nothing better than a beautiful lady with a weapon and knows how to use it. Finally got my wife shooting last year at 53 years old. I also got my 10 year old daughter shooting. Gotta take care of my ladies!

  • donttreadonme

    sooo sexy

    assault weapon ? what assault weapon?

  • chris

    The power of the sword, say the minority…, is in the hands of
    Congress. My friends and countrymen, it is not so, for The powers of the
    sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to
    sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed
    to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous
    and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it
    feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own
    bosom. Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and
    every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans.
    The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the
    federal or state governments but where, I trust in God, it will always
    remain, in the hands of the people.

    Tench Coxe

    The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

    The second amendment necessitates that the people be armed equal to the military to; overthrow tyranny in government and deter invasion. They will shout and they will pout and yes some of your beloved GOP and Dem lawmakers will back stab you and vote for disarmament. Disarming us of our semi automatic military clone (modern musket) rifles IS disarming us and there may come a time when people are forced to make the hard decision to stand up to the legislators and their goon squads who would seek to render you defenseless.

    Make all the quips you want about tanks, drones, missiles, and machine guns they all require operators. I would even say that Obama doesn’t command the moral authority among the enforcers to order them to turn their weapons on us. I actually hope obama tries to go all out with confiscation by executive order, maybe then it would light the lazy tinders of protest and disobedience (peaceful and otherwise) that we so desperately need. If they could have taken the guns from us don’t you think they would have already, I mean when has something as paltry as the law stopped any of our so called “leaders”? You don’t have to gear up to fight but standing up and say, “I will not comply, period” will do more than lobbing rounds at some jackbooted thug, but then again it may come to that if we become totally disenfranchised.

    Weapons owners as a group might not agree on everything, but always remember that we are the majority in this country no matter what talking heads on the “mainstream” might have you believe.

    Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a
    day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and
    pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove
    a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery
    Thomas Jefferson.

  • I’m not a fan of AR, but that doesn’t make them ‘bad’. It means they’re a machine, built and activated by the human hand and mind, which was itself created by the hand of God.. It’s a conglomeration of metal, plastic, whatever else is to be found. The goal of the LIberal on this is to demonize both people, and machines. Even though that little machine is ‘fearsome’ because of the way LIberals brand them as evil, I’ve never seen a gun kill anything. At all, period.I HAVE seen people killed by the projectile which issues forth from the muzzle. I have seen things happen because a HUMAN finger pressed the trigger of said weapon. What the Liberals of America are trying to do, is disarm the citizens, so they people of their choice, like Hugo Chavez, Mexicos’s President, Hamas, Al-Queda,, Muslim Brotherhood, all these guys that want to rule the world by killing, beheading anybody who doesn’t look or think like them. In short, all sane people everywhere. Barry-get your head on right, or it might get removed when you’re Camel Jockies come through. Maybe you could get a machine gun issued to you? For you own personal use. But if you use it for just target shoots, watch out for some of your overzealous ‘ites’. When they say no guns, they are, stupidly, say ALL guns. Of course, we all know that when the guns are ripped from our dead hands, that will be the last freedom left to the United States of America. Remember, save one for yourself! Liberals are worse at torture, but can still do some damage. Oh, yeah-Viva WinRemSavSmiWestT/V, and all our gun makers-MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY, BLESSED NEW YEARS!!!

    • Lewtheprof

      You know, it is a strange way of thinking for a group who is otherwise so very humanist in their ways of thinking. They put their faith in humans above anything else to know better and do what is right, and yet here, humans are stupid or gullible enough to be lured, seduced or become enchanted enough by an “evil machine,” the “assault rifle,” to do its purely evil bidding in perpetrating its mass killing “atrocities.” Yet another incongruity in the supposedly superior level of rational thinking liberals unfailingly credit themselves with,,, but clearly don’t actually have.

  • Joe

    Jan I agree with you 110%. Only the weak minded zombies can.t see this. Thanks for an awesome article.

  • I can’t think of any reason I need to own my AR-15 (1) assault rifle. I
    don’t pretend to need it for self defense. I also own several handguns.
    Any of my handguns would be adequate to allow me an opportunity to
    defend myself or another person from virtually any aggression by another
    person. Indeed, I could have easily halted any of the recent gun based
    rampages by any of those deranged lunatics with just one of my handguns.
    I wish I had been there.


  • JimR

    I am a new follower of your articles. I have looked up several and have found all of them very informative and well written. Thanks for the great work

    • Lewtheprof

      It’s why I do, and she never fails to tell it straight!

  • Lewtheprof


    As if the anti-gun fanatics (liberals) care in the least about “the truth” or “the facts” in any matter when their revelation would most certainly run counter to the agenda at hand. These people practically lust after these events, and can’t even wait for the smoke to clear before starting up the anti-gun chants to each other with renewed fervor. If embellishment by the media is what it takes to whip up the low IQ, liberal emo masses, then embellishment is what we’ll see and get, and nothing anyone can say or do to shame them into doing some truthtelling will have the slightest effect, as these amoral people have no shame!


  • Robert S Moulds

    While every one has to their opinion on the subject the AR 15 was a space age product of the Armalite division of Fairchild industries. The semi auto gun was developed from the AR 10 in 1958 by doctor Eugene Stoner. Armalite developed the AR 5 and AR 7 survival rifles the AR 7 was iconic in the Jame Bond novel and movie from Russia with love. While the colt automatic M 16 and M 4 are assault rifles the AR 15 is not since it is semiautomatic and intended for the civilian market when it entered it in 1963. If they class guns on cosmetic grounds they could call the Umarex steel storm airgun an assault rifle capable of 300 rounds semiauto or 6 round burst automatic for $139 though you have pay extra if you trip it up.

  • David S. McQueen

    The gun control issue is a red herring. Obviously, we have a Constitutional right to own guns. The SCOTUS agreed that it’s an individual right (Heller). Common sense dictates that disarming law-abiding citizens won’t make them safe from criminals with guns. The point REALLY is governmental control over private property, even property you have a Constitutional right to own. See also Kelo v. City of New London. John Locke wrote about natural rights, among them the right to own property. The founding fathers agreed and incorporated some of Locke’s ideas into our Constitution. A basic tenant of Marxism is that no one has a right to property. Theoretically, the state would “temporarily” control all means of production (including property), then, eventually, give it to “the people”. And throw in beach front property in Arizona and a set of steak knives. The Obama regime seems to be heading that way with gun control (a baby step).

  • KayDeeBeau

    Thank goodness for the clasp on my purse – otherwise I don’t know what would keep my pistol from jumping out and going crazy wherever I am…..

  • Scott

    Jan, I like the way you think. Bertrand Russell said something that is unfortunately too true; that “Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth, more than ruin, more even than death.” On that cheerful note…

  • anarchyst

    The term “well regulated” as used in the Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with laws and everything to do with being an accurate marksman.
    The 18th century definition of “well regulated” was “well disciplined” and having the ability to make accurate shots–nothing else. . .

  • Frdmftr

    See you in Tucson next month, Jan.

    One cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.
    Nor can one disarm a free people and expect them to remain free.
    –Donald L. Cline

  • Sunshine Kid

    The advocates for gun control laws should look at how effective they are: North Korea has highly restrictive gun control laws, and their murder rate is 15.2%; the USA, in contrast, is 4.8%, and Switzerland, where people are required to have a gun, is 0.7%.

    Of that 4.8% of the USA’s murder rates, the majority of murders is done in the cities with the highest gun control laws, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

    Just do a search for “murder statistics” (over 5,000 results) to verify the above.

  • rickyc

    Hi Jan –

    One great thing the ovomit administration has done for me- my Evil Black Rifle is no longer an Assault Weapon – I now own a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).


    Section C of solicitation number HSCEMS-12-R-00011 is pretty specific. Here is a direct link to the Section C PDF(246KB). My emphasis in bold. Notice the term assault weapon or assault rifle is not used anywhere in the document. The “assault weapon” terminology is only used for non-LEOs and non-military who own those firearms.

    The scope of this contract is to provide a total of up to 7,000 5.56x45mm North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) personal defense weapons (PDW) throughout the life of this contract to numerous Department of Homeland Security components. …

    In paragraph 3.1 under requirements and testing standards we read…

    DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.

    Isn’t that inconvenient for the gun control politicians? In requirement paragraph 3.9.10, they find a need for a 30-round magazine.

    The action shall be capable of accepting all standard NATO STANAG 20 and 30 round M16 magazines (NSN 1005-00-921-5004) and Magpul 30 round PMAG (NSN 1005-01-576-5159). The magazine well shall be designed to allow easy insertion of a magazine.

    In paragraph 3.21.2, they again specify the requirement for a 30-round magazine.

    The magazine shall have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.

  • Glenn H

    I own several guns but do not own an AR15, not because there is something wrong with the rifle, I just do not have a need for one.
    I do have a Mac 90 which is a simi auto version of the AK 47. I prefer it to the AR because it has more power and is generally a little more reliable!
    If one of these are ever used in a mass killing they will surely be banned because they are imported and look just like the guns those crazy Arabic fools are always holding over their head and spraying bullets at who knows what!

  • Johnny Maier

    A girl who can shoot and knows them. wouldn’t happen to be single would ya? Jokes aside a well written article on a heated discussion. I’m ecstatic to hear you refusing business.