Your Obamacare Exchange Plan Premiums/ Read and Weep


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The Exchange Plan Premiums – read it and (probably) weep.

Since Obamacare came out, I’ve repeatedly expressed the opinion that it just can’t work long term. I need to correct myself – now I’m not sure about the short term either. I just ran some numbers through the Kaiser Family Foundation Exchange Plan premium calculator and my jaw is on the floor. It says on the site that these are average premiums, so they can adjust up or down based on where you live.

I’m a 50 year old, non smoking male. The current premium for my individual HSA plan, with a potential $5,000 max out of pocket per year for claims is just under $167 per month. To reach the same (government subsidized) premium in the Exchange Plan calculator, my income can’t be more than $26,800!

– At $30,000 it jumps to $209
– At $35,000 it’s $277
– At $40,000 it’s $317
– And at $45,000 it’s $356.

There’s no premium subsidy if my income is higher than $45,970, and then I’d be stuck with the full $449 monthly premium, and a much higher potential out of pocket exposure of $6,350. In my part of the country, $449 is higher than what most employer sponsored group insurance plans would charge for someone like me BEFORE the employer contribution. Now keep in mind, these are for the Silver Plan, which has the second lowest benefit. How much more expensive would the “better” plans be? In EVERY scenario above, the Exchange plan’s out of pocket potential is higher than I have with my current coverage.

The Exchange plans are supposed to help everyone, healthy or unhealthy, to get “affordable, adequate coverage” if they don’t have other access to it. No one can blame people with pre existing conditions for jumping all over this opportunity (if they can afford these premiums). But with a “penalty” that’s but a fraction of what premiums will cost them, healthy people nationwide will avoid the coverage mandate and just pay the fine. Then see what the premiums will jump to in just a few years. Run the numbers yourself and see what it could cost you. If you’re in one of the few states where the premiums are already the highest, you might be OK. But I’ll bet that most of you will be as shocked as I was. Weren’t the Exchange plan premiums supposed to be more affordable? $167 / $449 – hmmm.

But for those of you who have individual coverage now, don’t fret, because, “if you like your current plan, you’ll be able to keep it”. Yeah, for now…

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  • Patrick Hasburgh

    Dude, you’re lying.

    • KCisKing

      Dude, no he isn’t, take the time to do the research. By you simply saying he is lying shows that you don’t know. If you would provide proof then you would be considered creditable.

  • k mackenzie

    I can honestly say no he is NOT lying I ran my income based on a single parent with one child and even with the bronze package paying 60% of medical out of pocket I would be expected to pay out per month $249 or more…which to me once I add in rent, utility bills, child care so I can work, gas to go back and forth to work, groceries to feed us would leave me out in the cold for signing up for insurance…What really sucks is I very rarely even go to the doctor when I AM sick or in pain, I haven’t had womans yearlies done in about 2 yrs, because I can’t afford it…I have worked since I was 14 and pay my taxes.. I am not eligible for Welfare, food stamps or other government help because my income is too high…and now with this “affordable Insurance” that I can’t afford I am going to have to pay a fine which takes even more money from me! This Obama care only helps the rich or the poor not the average joe! P.s if you notice you can only sign up if you have an email address and access to the internet…not everyone can afford that either..I don’t have it at home… I am lucky enough to have a friend who lets me use theirs when I need it…