School Bus Driver Texting While Driving Bus Load of Kids

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Another example of an irresponsible adult who clearly has no respect for the value of human life. It’s bad enough that this woman is risking her own life and the lives of other people who are driving the same roads….. It is beyond outrageous that she is additionally risking the lives of innocent children entrusted in her care while riding her school bus.

The Florida school bus driver has been suspended after she was caught on cellphone video allegedly texting while driving a bus packed with middle school students.
In my view, SUSPENSION is not sufficient. She should have been fired immediately and charged with criminal negligence and endangering the lives of minors.

Venus Cotto-Silva’s daughter, an eighth-grader, captured the video footage last Friday of the Hillsborough County school bus driver allegedly driving with one hand on the wheel while looking down at her phone, which was in the other hand.
“When she showed me the video, I just couldn’t believe it,” Cotto-Silva said.

A Florida law to ban texting while driving goes into effect Oct. 1, although bus drivers will be exempt.

The 14-year-old girl says she was shooting video to try to gather evidence that the driver curses. Instead, the video appears to show the woman drifting into another lane while texting. Then, it appears the driver finally looks up from her phone and suddenly grabs the wheel with both hands just in time to avoid traffic.

“The scary part is, see how quickly she grabbed the wheel?” Cotto-Silva said, pointing to the video.
Calling it a violation of policy, the school district said in a statement, “Clearly the driver is looking at her cellphone. That’s a dangerous distraction for any driver, but the potential danger is greater when you have a bus full of children.”
The suspended driver has not been identified.

Mayors across the country are now rallying for tougher laws.
“We realize it’s up to us as cities and as a nation to put an end to this epidemic,” Austin, Texas, Mayor Lee Leffingwell said.
Despite the driver’s suspension, Cotto-Silva is still concerned. “Not only are they going to kill the driver, they’re going to kill those children on that bus,” she said.

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  • anoesis

    A school bus driver has to have a Commercial Driver’s License which is a Federal document. IT IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW TO TEXT WHILE DRIVING A COMMERCIAL VEHICLE!!! This mother needs to take this up with the Department of Transportation, Commercial Vehicles Division. It’s not JUST a Florida jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of that counties’ school board.

  • Brian McCool

    We need to focus on the real culprit here; smartphones, not the bus driver. We need smartphone control. We obviously need to limit the number of characters that a phone can display; perhaps limiting a phone to showing just numbers. Nobody really needs a phone to show anything but numbers.

    • astrojohn

      My old Moto Flip-Fone is the solution! As long as the magazine doesn’t hold more than…oh wait, wrong thread.

    • Yeah right. It’s the smartphone technology that’s at fault.

  • Fischenbach

    The transit industry has had a large number of these incidents and the major companies, like First Transit, Veolia, MV Transit all have policies that require drivers to store cell phones where they can not get to them while driving. We have fired drivers caught texting or talking on their phones while driving. The culprit is the driver, not the technology. There is nothing that can come over that phone that is worth losing your job for, or dying for.

  • Sandy129

    There are two pictures that I saw and the other view shows two vans facing one another. It appears to me that she was parked. The picture on Liberty Alliance shows the other traffic nearby and it sure looks like she is parked and in that case would not be putting anyone in danger. However, if I am wrong she should be fired.

  • I drive one of those buses and no way would I do that. I agree, She should be immediately fired with no chance of being re-hired and, brought up on more serious charges. It’s hard enough to navigate through traffic, some adults respectful and others texting away and others thinking I’m late so get out of my way, and then to add 60 some kids behind you, some being quiet and respectful and others thinking it’s just another playground so don’t watch.

  • If its like our district, they’re hard up for drivers who have to put up with today’s narcissistic and undisciplined kids, so the driver gets a slap on the wrist and told don’t do it again or else . . . we’ll slap the other wrist . . . a bit harder this time. But we need you, so be careful, will you.